Ever since Brad had visited the Bijou Theater over Christmas Break he couldn't get it out of his mind. All the men and all the cocks were constantly reappearing in his day dreams while he was in class. Sometimes he had to stay after class just to allow his cock to return to its resting state instead of being a huge bulge in his jeans.

The most vivid memories were of the Black man's cock up his ass and the businessman's cock in his mouth at the same time. It was an incredible feeling to be so full at both ends. Brad realized now that he wanted cock and a lot of it. He also realized that he liked cock from big, dark men, Black, Italian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Greek, it didn't really matter. He liked them big in cock size but also in body size. He wanted the man to be taller and broader than he was. He wanted a man and not the other students that he was around every day. He wanted a man who knew what he wanted and also knew how to get it.

Over Spring Break he didn't have a chance to go back to the Bijou since his folks had planned a trip for the entire family. They didn't leave him alone for a second to go try to find some cock.

By the end of April he couldn't take it anymore. He decided he would take the Amtrak train from Champaign-Urbana up to Chicago and go to the Bijou again. He wasn't going to let his folks know that he was coming up to the city, otherwise they would want him to come home. Brad wanted to spend as much time as possible with cocks in his mouth and in his ass. Although he really couldn't afford it he reserved a room at a Homewood Suites just off of Michigan Avenue.

Brad had turned 20 since the last time he visited the Bijou. He was just over 6' and had maintained his 170 pound physique he had gotten from swimming by working out at the rec center at least 3 times a week.

Brad packed very carefully, they were having a warmer than usual April so he decided he wouldn't take a coat. He didn't want to have to carry anything around with him this time. He wanted to make sure that he sent a message that he was in search of cock so he took one of his older pairs of jeans and put rips in each of the knees and put a small rip under the right rear pocket. He took a couple of different shirts just in case.

He made it to the station just in time. He had decided to take the 6:59 to Chicago, that would get him to the city by 10 pm and he should be able to check in to his hotel and be to the Bijou by midnight. As he boarded the train with his small bag he noticed that the conductor was a very handsome Black man in the usual dark uniform suit. Brad couldn't help but notice the impressive bulge in the man's uniform pants. Since Brad had arrived just in time he ended up needing to buy his ticket on the train itself.

Brad watched the conductor make his way toward him. He couldn't take his eyes of the man's crotch. Every once in a while the conductor would adjust himself as he moved toward Brad. When the conductor reached Brad he raised his eyes and looked at the man's handsome face.

"Ticket please."

"I don't have a ticket, I got to the station to late, I'll need to purchase one."

The conductor looked Brad up and down and then returned his gaze to Brad's eyes.

"You know kid, you're supposed to get your ticket before boarding."

"I know sir, but I just didn't have the time."

"So you expect me to do extra work just because you didn't plan to arrive on time?"

Brad noticed that the bulge in the man's uniform pants looked like it was growing. The conductor noticed Brad looking and smiled. Brad took out the amount of money that the ticket should cost.

"Kid, we haven't taken cash for a long time, you need a credit card."

"I only have cash sir."

"That's why you should have bought your ticket at the station. God damn college kids, not as smart as you think you all are. Come with me." The conductor walked toward the back of the car. Brad got up and noticed how hard and broad the conductor's shoulders were.

The conductor glanced back down the length of the car and then told Brad to go into the john and he would follow in a few minutes. Brad got all excited because he thought he knew what was going to happen. In anticipation, Brad took off his shirt hoping that was what the conductor wanted. The conductor entered the john and told Brad to help him off with his jacket. Brad did and hung it on the same hook as his shirt.

"Now unzip my pants." Brad followed the request. "Pull out my cock." Brad put his fingers through the man's pants and found the shaft of the conductor's cock and started to pull it through the opening. It was difficult because the man's cock was starting to stiffen up. "I think I can forget about the cost of the ticket if you give me a good blow job, how does that sound to you?"

"Sounds ok to me."

"I knew that you were a faggot when I caught you looking at my crotch. You really like what you see don't you kid."

"Yes, sir."

"Well show me then."

Brad grabbed as much of the man's cock as he could and brought it to his lips. He brushed his lips against the huge head of the cock. After a few seconds he flicked his tongue across the piss slit and then circled his tongue around the head.

"Stop fucking around kid, suck it."

Brad took as much of the cock in as he could and started to move his lips and tongue up and down as much as he could.

"You can do better than that." The man took the back of Brad's head and pulled him farther onto his cock. Brad gagged and the man told him to man up and swallow more of his cock. Brad kept trying and was able to get more past the back of his throat. Brad was having a hard time breathing and saliva was falling from the corners of his mouth. "You can still do better or I'm putting you off the train in Kankakee." Brad tilted his head forward and felt the cock go deeper in his throat. When he was able to do that he started moving his whole head and neck on the man's cock.

The conductor pushed Brad's head back and said "I want you to taste my cum and then I expect you to drink every drop, understand college boy?" Brad just nodded his head as the first burst of cum hit his tongue. To Brad it was both salty but sort of sweet. The next burst hit his tongue and he began to swallow since his mouth was filling with the man's seed. There were two more bursts and Brad was able to swallow it all. The conductor pulled his cock from Brad's mouth and stuffed it's still engorged state back into his pants. "I need to get back to work, go back to your seat." The conductor left the john and Brad put his shirt back on and went back to his seat.

When the train finally arrived in Union Station, Brad grabbed his bag and walked down the stairs onto the platform that led to the interior of the station. It seemed that Brad was surrounded by the type of men that Brad liked. Buff porters moving luggage. Handsome travelers. Custodians and maintenance men. All were moving around the station, Brad's eyes wandered all over the place from one hot man to another.

When Brad exited the station he decided to cab it to the hotel so that he would have as much time at the Bijou as possible. Since it was late, the drive to the hotel went quickly. Brad checked in and went to his room. He changed into the jeans he had altered and put on a pastel buttoned shirt so that he could open it up all the way if he wanted. He also thought the color would send a subtle message. He left his room and went down to catch another cab.

The cab driver asked for an address and Brad told him the address on Wells. The driver looked into his rearview mirror.

"Kid, do you know what that place is."

"Yes." The driver didn't say anything else on the ride to the Bijou.

As Brad stepped out of the cab he was surprised to see quite a few men entering the door to the theater. Last time he had been here it was just him. When he got in the line he unbuttoned the front of his shirt showing his six pack and pecs. He stood in line and finally made it to the man behind the partition. It wasn't the same man as last time and he was once again asked for ID. Brad turned to leave when a mountain of a man put his arm around Brad's shoulders. "He's with me."

"But he needs ID."

"He is with me, understand?" The man gave the man behind the partition $100, more than enough for both of their admissions.

"Have a good time."

Brad and the big man entered the dark movie theater but didn't even stop to see what was on the screen. Instead, the big man put his hand on the small of Brad's back and directed him toward the door leading to the area behind the movie screen.

The man nudged Brad to the right which led to the small outside courtyard. There were a couple of other men in the courtyard who seemed to have been waiting for the big man. They all looked like they came from the same mold. Tall, broad, hard bodied men wearing jeans and either leather vests or sleeveless shirts. It looked like they could crack walnuts in the crook of their elbows because their biceps and forearms where huge.

"Guys, I'd like to introduce my new friend to you. What's your name kid?"


"Well, believe it or not, they weren't going to let Brad in because he's not old enough, but I got him in. He seems old enough for us, doesn't he?" A murmur of agreement.

All of the men pulled out their cocks as Brad stared in amazement. All of them fit the bodies of the men they came from. Some were pink, some were dark, some were long and thick, some were short and thick but all were impressive.

"Kid, time for you to pay me back for getting you in. While you're at it, you can take care of my friends here too."

Of course Brad had to take care of his benefactor first. He turned his head toward the cock of the big man. The man was slowly stroking his cock bringing it up to its full size. Brad thought it was awesome. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and took the head into his mouth. With his hands he started to feel as much of the man's muscles as possible being on his knees. The big man put his hand gently on the top of Brad's head and slowly pushed more of his cock into Brad's mouth. The man didn't try to force it, he took it slowly so that Brad could get comfortable with the size. Slowly the cock made it deeper into Brad who was loving the experience.

A group of different man came out into the courtyard and watched as Brad took more and more of the big man's cock into his mouth. Each of them took their cocks out and started to stroke them while Brad choked down more of the big man's cock.

When it seemed to the big man that Brad had gotten most, if not all, of his cock into his mouth, he put his hands on both sides of Brad's head and started moving it back and forth on his cock. As he got closer to orgasm he increased both the speed and force of his movements. Brad loved every minute of it.

"Here it comes kid, get ready." The big man shot his load deep into Brad's throat. Almost immediately the men who had been watching shot their loads all over Brad's face and shirt.

He took off his shirt, wiped the cum from his face and put the shirt back on and turned to one of the big man's friends and took another cock into his mouth.

It had only been 20 minutes since Brad had arrived. What did the rest of the night hold for Brad, he couldn't wait?

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