Parker drove around for hours cutting through four counties with no destination in mind, for he was in shock, his mind a complete jumbled mess. He couldn't sustain any logical train of thought. It was late by the time he drove into the parking lot of his apartment complex in town. He scanned the parking lot as he drove in fearful of seeing Eli or Hunter waiting for him and relieved when the complex was its normal Saturday night.

Inside his apartment he found himself standing for several minutes at the refrigerator trying to make himself eat something but in the end he grab a beer and closed the door. He moved to the window and looked out into the night, watched a few cars or trucks come and go then he sat on his sofa staring at the black screen of the television. He reached for the remote and ran his finger over the on switch but left it off. He looked over to his old desk against the wall where his computer sat with the light green showing it was on but the monitor black in its sleep mode. He stared at it for a long time telling himself no, don't go over and turn it on but he couldn't stop himself. He was a grown man who could do what he wanted and he wanted to go online so he sat in his chair and brought up the internet.

Twelve miles outside of town in the small farm house Eli rented he lay facing Hunter, the two of them on his bed. They had had sex earlier then fell asleep. Eli had woke first and he had ran a finger over Hunter's face, lightly tracing the line of his jaw, the way it curved around, then he moved over his chin feeling the stubble of his beard beginning to come in again and he traced over the bottom lip and then the upper. Hunter wasn't fully awake when he brushed at Eli's hand trying to swat away at what was being a nuisance to him in his sleep.

Eli sniggered and ran his finger down Hunter's nose causing Hunter to open his eyes.

"You awake" Eli asked in a sarcastic tone.

"I am now" Hunter replied and he grabbed Eli's hand and threatened to bite the index finger.

Eli looked surprised then smiled as he watched his index finger disappear in Hunter's mouth where he felt it being sucked on. Hunter pulled it slowly out of his mouth sucking on it all the way. The warm smooth feel of it was enticing and Eli put his other hand to Hunter's chest and slowly let his fingers graze the skin as he moved them along Hunter's body, over his chest, stomach and through the pubic hair over his cock where he combed through it, circling them over Hunter's cock. Hunter pushed forward with his hips desperately waiting to feel them on his cock. Eli moved to Hunter and kissed him as he let his fingers moved along Hunter's growing erection. He wrapped them around the shaft and stroked it to full erection as they kissed.

Hunter rose up pushing Eli on his back as he moved on top of him. He pushed down between Eli's long legs and ground his cock against him. Eli wrapped his legs around his waist and hugged their bodies together. Hunter pumped his hips and felt his cock move over Eli, slide along his ass and when he pressed against Eli's opening he felt his cock penetrate through the tight ring and sink into him.

"Hunter..." Eli uttered as he felt Hunter's cock sink into his hole.

Hunter eased inward, slowly till he had all of his cock sunk into Eli and he lay fully on him savoring the feel of their bodies locked together. Eli hugged him tightly as they kissed with long gentle touches of lips on lips, on necks, around ears and along jaws. When Hunter pressed his lips to Eli's again with urgency he rose up and began to fuck, to drive his cock in Eli, pumping his hips up and down. Eli put his hands on Hunter's waist to feel the movement of his body, the undulating motion of his fuck. Hunter's pace slowly increased till he was driving into Eli hard, rocking the bed and both of them grunting.

Hunter heated up, his skin hot to the touch as he kept up his pace and Eli felt the rain of sweat as Hunter drove his cock faster and faster into Eli. Soon he was driving in short jabs, hard fast thrusts and Eli knew as well as Hunter that Hunter was going to blow. Hunter stabbed inwardly hard and held still as he pumped out his load.

Hunter always sweated a lot when he was on top for he threw everything he had into his fuck and when he was spent they both went into the bathroom and got the shower going. Once the water was hot the two of them moved under the spray and Eli began to bath Hunter, to run his hands over his skin, rubbing around his neck, down his chest and stomach around to his back and finally down to his cock, his sac and finally his ass, running soapy hands along cleft and quickly sinking fingers into his hole.

Eli moved behind Hunter, pushed him gently against the wall and drove his cock into his ass, sinking it all the way in one push. He held Hunter against wall as he fucked him, driving his cock through the soapy cleft feeling the suds run down his own legs as he drove inward each time.

"Fuck...fuck me" Hunter cried out and Eli held him by the waist and drove into him harder, faster, his pace unsustainable and he soon began to pump his load into Hunter.

After showering the two of them lay on the bed, both spent and exhausted and as they settled against each other Eli, then Hunter drifted off to sleep.

Parker watched videos, looked at pictures and even browsed a chat room watching the conversations unfold, the hookups, the teasing, and the way some just talked. But it was the videos he kept going back to over and over, especially the ones where guys enact a scene of one being forced to have sex, scenes of one holding the other down or tying hands behind their backs or the darker scenes, ones of bondage and masochist sex.

Parker struggled to remove his clothes as he watched, and he tossed each garment on the floor as he removed them till he was naked, his cock standing up erect with the head wet and slick. He stroked it slowly at first watching one scene unfold to its climax, then he switched to another of a guy tied to the floor on his knees and getting fucked hard in the ass. The bound guy is moaning and grunting as his body rocks back and forth. Parker strokes his cock faster, in rhythm of the fuck on screen and when the guy fucking the bound one on the floor pulls his cock free and strokes off across the guy's back and ass Parker comes too spraying his load over his chest and stomach.

His cock stays hard and he slides his slimy hand up and down it slowly as he switches to another scene, and another, stroking his cock till he cums. How long he is at his computer he doesn't know but he watches videos masturbating until his ejaculations are just cum beading up at the slit which he smears down the shaft keeping it slick.

He collapses on his bed and doesn't care the cum that was trickling down his chest and stomach stain his sheets nor does he care when he slips one hand, the slimy one, under his pillow as is his habit, feeling it lift up his head slightly putting him in a comforting position. He is so exhausted, spent from masturbating that he falls asleep unaware of the sunlight beginning to filter through his blinds into his room.

It is nearly two o'clock in the afternoon before Parker wakes up. He feels like he hasn't slept at all even though he barely moved all morning up to the time he woke. He took a hot shower, got dressed and headed to a fast food joint north of town at the interstate interchange. He sat in back and ate his burger and fries and the greasy food tasted so good to him since he had ate very little the day before.

Back at his apartment he swore he wouldn't turn on his computer that he'd watch television instead but within an hour he was sitting in front of the monitor watching porn videos. After a few minutes he switched to a chat room determined not to masturbate so soon in the day. He built up his courage and began to chat with a few guys and after a while, him being so timid and standoffish, most of the guys stopped talking to him but one kept up the conversation. They went back and forth for over two hours.

Parker parked in the parking lot of the old motel that was outside of Moresville on the old truck route. The parking lot was about half full of pickups and old cars and in back sat several tractor-trailer rigs. It was nine o'clock that night and he was waiting on his chat line contact to show up. He sat drinking straight from a bourbon bottle, so nervous he kept threatening to start up and leave. But he sat, watching each vehicle that entered looking for a black Freightliner without a trailer to pull in. He told himself he could leave any time and all that he was going to do was hang out with this guy for a while, just talk, but then he told himself he could stay out as late as he wanted since he began the graveyard shift at the mill tomorrow night and could sleep during the day tomorrow.

He actually reached for the keys when the rig pulled into the parking lot and flashed it lights as it pulled by him heading to the rear of the property to park. Parker sat waiting, anxious, nervous, his inner turmoil so great he felt sick but all too soon a man stood in front of him. Tall, broad shouldered with a goatee, he looked to be forty or so with an overnight bag strapped over one shoulder. Parker rolled down his window and leaned out.

"I'll go get my room key and be back in just a few minutes" the man said. He walked toward the office and when he went through the illuminated circle of one light pole Parker could see the tattoos down each arm, the thick muscled body within the casual clothes he wore.

Parker rolled up his window and got out, locking the doors and he went and leaned against the front end, fidgeting in place, his eyes scanning his surroundings constantly looking for someone that knew him, someone who could be his accuser, who could tell everyone how he was at this cheap motel hooking up with some trucker he met online. He continued to drink from the bottle of bourbon, long drinks each time, trying to build up his courage.

The man came back out and motioned for Parker to follow as he walked down the sidewalk in the front of the rooms. Near the back the man unlocked a door and went inside leaving it open. Parker got to the door and went inside. The man had his bag opened rummaging through it.

"I'm going to take a piss then we'll have a little fun" the man said as he headed to the bathroom.

Parker paced nervously, wondered what he should do while waiting. Should he just wait, take off his clothes and be naked; should he have his cock hard already. He looked in the mirror at his reflection seeing instantly the anxiety. The man really had to go for he was taking a long time. Parker felt like running and knew he had to start this whole encounter in some way or he'd flee the room. He unbuttoned his shirt quickly, fumbling with a few buttons and slipped it off. He unfastened his jeans as he kicked off his shoes. Soon he stood in just his t-shirt and boxers. He couldn't bring himself to take those garments off. He picked up the bourbon bottle and turned it up again.

The man came out and looked at Parker and he smiled. He moved to Parker, grabbed him roughly by the neck and kissed him. Parker was rigid at first but he quickly relaxed to the man's kiss. Pulling back the man turned Parker around and pulled their bodies together. Leaning to Parker's ear he nipped at the lobe as he ran his hands over Parker's chest, stomach and down to his crotch.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking you" the man whispered as he squeezed Parker's cock painfully and Parker felt it grow erect.

Parker leaned back against the man, his eyes closed feeling the way the man's hands roamed over his body and manipulated his cock. He felt both hands move up his torso and come to his neck. The jerk downward was so quick he barely felt his t-shirt pull against his neck just before it tore down the front. The man pulled at it roughly till it was shreds, only the back and sleeves remained. He reached down and took the boxers at the fly and pulled them apart ripping them open. Parker's cock sprang free, almost completely erect as he let a moan escape from deep within.

The man pushed Parker on the bed face down. Parker lay there, not moving, as he heard the man take off his own clothes. It seemed to take an eternity but suddenly hands were on his ass, rubbing over each cheek. Then they grabbed the remnants of his boxers and jerked them down his legs. The torn t-shirt was pulled down his arms pulling them to his back. The man used it to tie them together and for a moment Parker panicked worried about being tied up but when he felt the hands back on his ass, rubbing over the bare skin, spreading them apart and raking fingers down the cleft touching him there he buried his face into the mattress and moaned.

Then he felt the unshaven cheeks and goatee touch him between his cheeks, then the hot breath and finally, shockingly, the man's tongue touched him there, flicked over his opening, the rubbed at it making it wet and slick. Parker pushed his ass up pressing it to the man's face as he felt the tongue work his hole open and rim around its edges. Parker's fear was falling away as he began to want to feel more in his hole, something bigger, something that could really penetrate him; something that could fuck him.

The man moved up on the bed over Parker and he could feel the man's legs move between his own pushing them apart. A hand came down on the side of his head, a large hand that covered nearly all of his face, and it pressed down on him holding him in place. Then he felt it, the blunt head of the man's cock at his hole, pressing against its tightness, pushing till he stretched open letting it breach the tight ring of his opening and he cried out.

The man laughed as he sunk inch after inch into Parker.

The man began to fuck, slowly at first, pushing all the way in and pulling back till only the head remained inside. He fucked in full long strokes letting Parker feel every inch of his shaft slide through his opening. The fuck grew in intensity, and the man's hips began to move faster and faster till Parker was rocking back and forth grinding his own cock into the mattress. The bed began to rock and squeak and Parker began to grunt and moan with the feel of his first fuck, the feel of the man's fat cock boring into his hole, deeply, penetrating him roughly. Parker's cock was so hard beneath him and he felt every move his body made as the man slammed into his ass.

"Oh...oh...oh...fuck me..." Parker uttered as he felt the man shift his position over him driving his cock downward from a different position. Every push down drove Parker's cock into the mattress. His cock ached it was so hard and he wanted to cum, needed to cum like he had never wanted to before and he began to push upward with his ass trying to get more of the man's cock into his hole. The man fell into a hard fast rhythm, driving inward deeply slapping his hips down on Parker's ass. Parker felt his cock pump into the mattress with the man's fuck, rocking back and forth and he couldn't take it, the stimulation, and his cock swelled up and the cum surged through it pumping out beneath him.

"OH" Parker cried out as he ejaculated into the mattress. He felt the way his hole spasm with each ejaculation as the man's cock piston in and out and he pushed up hard with his ass. The man slammed down into his hole, all the way and he shivered, grinding his hips against Parker's ass as he filled Parker's hole with his cum.

The man pulled out of Parker and wiped his slimy cock against Parker's ass. The man stayed on the bed down between his legs and eventually ran a hand up each leg, along the sides of his waist and soon the man was over Parker again. There were no preliminaries this time, just the feel of the man's cock at his hole and the sudden push inward, all the way.

Hunter was driving one of tractors across the pasture heading to the back property line. A section of fence was damaged by a fallen limb and he was headed down to repair it. As he crested the hill half way back his cell phone began to ring. Pulling it from his pocket he saw Parker's name on the screen and he hesitated, wondering if he should answer it or not. He stopped the tractor and idled down so he could hear.


"No not exactly. Just call me an acquaintance. Your friend here is in no condition to drive and I need him out of this room before eleven o'clock" the strange voice said as Hunter listened. Hunter asked few questions instead just got the name of the motel and what room Parker was in.

Hunter got the tractor back into the barn, told his father he had to run an errand and took off. On the way he called Eli and told him about the phone call, how Parker was in some motel and needed someone to go get him. Eli offered to come but he was on the opposite side of town and Hunter said he could handle it.

The parking lot was nearly empty when he arrived and he noticed it was after ten thirty already. He parked in front of the room and went to the door finding it unlocked. He opened the door slowly with his eyes following the sunlight as it moved into the room. He had to catch his breath when he saw Parker, afraid he was seeing the worse. Parker was naked on the bed lying on his stomach with his arms tied behind his back. Hunter thought the worst for a moment then he saw Parker open his eyes, blinking them trying to see into the sunlight.

Hunter closed the door and flipped on a light. At the bed he could see the dried cum flaking off Parker's ass and he knew instantly what had happened here last night. Parker had met a strange man in this cheap motel and let the man use him.

"Oh Parker" Hunter said more to himself than to Parker who had closed his eyes mumbling in his sleep. Hunter went around the room gathering up Parker's clothes, finding the torn boxers and the empty bourbon bottle. He picked up Parker's jeans and checked for his wallet and keys, which were in the pockets. He untied Parker's hands and made him wake up. It took nearly all the time they had to get Parker dressed. Hunter tossed the torn undergarments and empty bottle in the trash and led Parker out to his Cherokee. He made Parker get in the back seat and lay down hoping he wouldn't throw up on the way back into town. Eli and he would come back later and get his truck.

All the way home Parker apologized and rambled on and on, most of the time not making much sense and Hunter told him to go to sleep, he was still out of it and they'd talk later. At Parker's apartment Hunter got him inside and made him take a shower then crawl into bed. He knew Parker had to work that night and he set an alarm clock for later than afternoon, wrote ut a note about him and Eli would go get his truck later and left.

Eli and Hunter didn't hear from Parker the rest of the week and they knew working the graveyard shift was part of the reason. But they had talked about what happened all week and by default their own situation. It was becoming harder and harder to keep a low profile. When Saturday arrived, Eli and Hunter went to Hunter's parents first and sitting in their kitchen finally after nearly half an hour of listening to the latest news came out to them. Hunter's parents were upset at first then after long periods of silence with only a few questions or comments his mother came over and sat next to Hunter and looking out the window into the rear yard admitted they had suspected as much for some time. There had been little clues every since his junior year.

Relieved that the outcome had been better than expected Eli and Hunter went to Eli's parents next to let them know the situation. It wasn't as good for Eli with his parents really upset, so much so, Hunter pulled Eli up and got him to leave telling him to give his parents time to think. It was Sunday afternoon when Eli's parents drove over to his house and standing in his small kitchen told him they didn't really understand but they could live with it if it made him happy.

Just having their parents in the know made Eli and Hunter relax and each wonder about their future with a sense of hope about it. The following Wednesday night they decided to go to the bar and soon found themselves at a pool table, Eli playing while Hunter watched. Eli made several tough shots and when he went for a shot requiring two banks and got it he turned to Hunter without thinking.

"Did you see that?" Eli cried out as he hugged Hunter. Suddenly both realized what they had done and when they looked around the table everyone was staring at them.

"I knew it" Debra said, one of the women who hung out with them and she shook her head sniggering. Two of the men grabbed up their beers and went over to the bar without saying anything. Raymond, standing at the wall waiting his turn stood up.

"You guys...are in a couple?" Raymond asked.

" got a problem with it?" Hunter asked.

Raymond busted out laughing, "Oh hell no, I could care less, but it does explain a lot."

"Well, I have a problem with it" Edward, one of the guys from town said as he started toward the bar.

"Anyone else have a problem with it?" Parker asked as he stepped into the area of the pool table with a beer in hand. No one said anything as Eli and Hunter looked over at Parker surprised for they had not seen him come in.

The tension around the pool table died after Edward had left and soon Parker was setting up the balls for play as Eli chalked up his cue stick. As they played Parker apologized to Eli and Hunter and told them what had happened last week at the motel and how he didn't know how he felt about it. He admitted to enjoying the sex but still felt an attraction to women so he felt confused by it all. By night's end they were sitting around a table having a beer and talking like before about events going on in town, the latest gossip and what the rest of their week held in store.

Parker sat back glad that they were back to the way things were before and he let his eyes scan the room and saw most others in the bar were busy talking in groups, or playing pool or just hanging out at the bar. He did notice Kenny sitting three tables away and how Kenny looked away every time he looked toward him. Kenny was the bar loner. Everyone knew him and he would hang out with one group or another, even playing pool at times but he didn't socialize with anyone outside of the bar. Parker knew he was a local who still lived in town but no one seemed to really know him. Everyone just assumed he was shy, a loner, and never bothered to try to really get to know him. But the way he kept staring over at Eli, Hunter and himself made Parker wonder if there was more to it.

Kenny was short and thin, and looked years younger than his twenty-two or twenty-three. Parker knew he was a year or so older than his twenty-one. For the rest of the night Parker would glance Kenny's way catching him looking at them. Parker drained his beer and asked Eli and Hunter if they needed another as he got up to go the bar.

"No, I'm good" Eli replied.

"Me too, I've had enough" Hunter added.

Parker went to the bar and as he waited he turned and leaned back scanning the room deliberately looking toward Kenny last. He saw Kenny look away as he had all night. Kenny drained his beer, stood and headed to the men's room. 'Gotcha' Parker thought as he flipped a few bills on the counter, grabbed his beer and headed toward the men's room.

The men's room was small with the wall hung lavatory and watercloset sitting next to each other on one wall and along the side wall at the other end a urinal hung on the wall. Kenny was at the watercloset and Parker could hear the stream hitting within the bowl as he moved to the urinal. Kenny glanced around when he walked in and now he stood rigid facing the wall as he finished. Parker stood at the urinal, deliberately a step back further than normal holding his cock out through the fly of his jeans letting the stream hit noisily into the urinal. He glanced over at Kenny watching his shoulders and arms move as he put his cock back into his jeans and zipped up. Kenny washed his hands, picked up his beer and turned around and Parker saw Kenny glanced down at his cock freezing in place for a moment.

"Hey, Kenny, you still work out the Chevy dealership?" Parker asked trying to keep Kenny in the toilet.

"Uhh, yeah, I'm still working there" Kenny replied as he glanced down at Parker holding his cock.

"What do you think about Eli and Hunter" Parker asked, lowering his voice.

Kenny rocked on his feet, looked at the door, then over to Parker.

"It doesn't matter to me...I mean a guy should be able to do what he wants...ya know?"

Kenny sounded so anxious, almost scared as he kept looking from the door to Parker. Parker finished and turned as he put his cock back in his jeans letting Kenny have a full on view. He zipped up his jeans and went to the lavatory passing Kenny so close he bumped into him.

"You ever considered doing something like that?" Parker asked looking in the mirror at Kenny who had turned to watch him.

"What? I...well...I don't know..." and Kenny suddenly moved to the door, "I have to go" he said as he bolted out the door.

'Not so fast' Parker thought as he tossed the paper towel and grabbed up his beer. He came into the bar and saw Eli and Hunter leaned over close talking, the other patrons playing pool and hanging out as before, and he saw the front door closing knew it was Kenny who had just exited the bar. He made his way toward the door motioning to Eli and Hunter as he walked through the bar.

"Hey guys, I'll catch up with you later" Parker called out as he passed close by. Once outside he scanned the parking lot looking for Kenny, spotting him walking toward an old hatchback at the far end of the lot.

"Kenny, wait up" Parker called out as he caught up with him. "Why are leaving already?"

" bored with it" he stammered.

"Yeah, there isn't much going on I admit" Parker said and then he leaned in close as if to keep someone from overhearing him. "Although Eli and Hunter have livened up the place don't you think?"

Kenny hesitated before responding. "I guess" he said.

"What do you think about the two of them together?"

"It's okay... I don't care" Kenny stammered and Parker saw the nervousness.

"Hey you want to swing by my place. I've actually got good beer in the frig and we can have a nightcap before calling it a night."

"I don't know... I should be getting home" Kenny said but he didn't sound convincing.

"Oh come on, just one drink" Parker prodded.

Kenny hesitated a moment then nodded his head yes.

"Alright; just follow me."

Kenny stood in the living room looking out the window as Parker grabbed a couple of beers. He was nervous, wondering what Parker was actually up to with his talking about Eli and Hunter. Parker came back into the living room and handed him a beer.

Clicking bottles together Parker called out cheers and the two of them took a long swallow each. Parker made light conversation at first, of work or the latest gossip in town but once he saw Kenny actually relax a little he struck again.

"You ever wonder what Eli and Hunter actually do together?"

Kenny's eyes grew wide and he stammered for a second.

"I...assume they do what gay guys do...ya know?"

"Have you ever thought about those things?" Parker asked moving a little closer to Kenny.

"No! I mean...I've wondered what they..."

"Come on, ain't ya curious...just a little?" Parker whispered conspiratorially.

"Have you?" Kenny responded, growing bold in his pushing back.

"Yeah, I've wondered about" Parker replied and he moved a little closer to Kenny, "and I've actually tried it."

"You have?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah...let me grab us another beer" Parker replied heading off to the kitchen before Kenny could say no. Kenny didn't ask about Parker's confession when he came back with each of them a beer. He just stared out the window.

"'s alright ya know" Parker said in a low calm voice.

Kenny just nodded his head then looked over at Parker and the anxiousness was apparent by his expression. He started to say something then turned away again. Parker stepped back and sat down studying this person in his living room. Someone he had known casually for years but now, looking at him like this he realized how little he really knew him.

"Sit down Kenny...relax. It's okay" Parker said.

Kenny turned and started to the arm chair but he looked at Parker and hesitated.

"I need to go to the bathroom."

"It's just through the door into the bedroom, the first door on the right" Parker replied and he watched Kenny leave the room. When he heard the bathroom door close he leaned back wondering if he had made a mistake; if he was making a mistake. Kenny seemed to be the type of person who would hide his sexuality, more so than he had done, but maybe he was wrong. He hoped he was wrong, but if not he knew he'd have to go easy. Kenny seemed so fragile when he brought up anything sexual. Kenny was taking a long time and he was beginning to worry, that maybe he should go check on him then he heard the bathroom door open. It seemed to take forever for Kenny to come out as he watched the door, waiting to see how he would appear. Would he still appear anxious, scared even? Kenny came out into the living room and Parker caught his breath surprised by what he saw.

Kenny walked into the living room naked, completely stripped of all of his clothes. Only a necklace hung around his neck, some arrowhead on a chain, and it lay in the center of his chest. Parker looked at the lean body coming toward them, the torso with little definition, the skin dark olive tone and his nipples small, dime sized. He had a long torso and short waist and Parker's eyes moved down it to the flaccid cock moving with his slow steps into the room. His arms and legs appeared bare of hair and only a small patch of hair sat over his cock. He moved to a spot in front of Parker, only a couple of feet away and he had trouble looking Parker in the eye. He held his head down, his eyes on the floor most of the time and as he stood in front of Parker he remained silent for a long time.

Parker sat stunned for a minute then he leaned forward where he could make eye contact with Kenny.

"Kenny?" he whispered and Kenny looked up and faced Parker.

"Is this alright?"

Kenny voice betrayed his fear, the anxiousness he felt, afraid Parker would reject him.

Parker slid down on his knees and wrapped his arms around Kenny's waist hugging their bodies together.

"Yes Kenny, this is alright. It's definitely alright" Parker replied and he let his lips touch Kenny's stomach. He ran his hands over Kenny's back and ass, felt the firmness of his body as he kissed over the undulating stomach.

Parker moved back up on the sofa and watched Kenny stroke his growing erection, with his desire over riding his fear. Parker unbuttoned his shirt, fumbling with a few buttons desperate to get it opened up. Spreading it open revealed his muscular chest and he moved to his jeans unbuttoning them, pulling down the zipper and spreading them open. His boxers were tented up and he quickly slipped his jeans and boxers down his thighs till his cock sprang up. He stroked his cock in time with Kenny and they kept it up for a minute, each watching the other.

Kenny finally let his cock go and moved to Parker pushing him back as he climbed over his lap. Kenny's cock touched Parker on the chest and he pumped his hips slowly making it slide up and down the center of Parker's chest leaving a slick trail in its path. He felt the denim jeans rub his legs as he moved up and down and his cock rub over Parker's chest.

Parker put his hands on the narrow waist and felt the movement and the heat of the skin and it aroused him and he pushed upward with his hips bumping his cock against Kenny's ass. Each time the head of his cock pressed into Kenny it increased his desire until his cock was slipping along Kenny's ass slick and wet.

"Kenny..." Parker uttered when he felt Kenny press down on his cock until he breached the tight ring of Kenny's hole and penetrated him. Kenny moved down slowly allowing his hole to stretch open and take inch by inch of Parker. It hurt the initial breach and Kenny's body shivered in Parker's hands. After a few moves up and down Kenny's pace increased and he began to ride Parker faster and faster, moaning and grunting each time he sank all the way down on Parker's thick cock.

Parker laid back and savored the feel of Kenny's ass as it moved up and down his cock. The tight ring of Kenny's opening sliding up and down milking it till he was so hard it ached. And there was the ticklish feel of Kenny's cock as it moved slickly along his chest. When Kenny rose up once and hugged him around the head he began to pump upward with his hips driving his cock deeply into Kenny. He felt the heat radiate from Kenny and he wrapped his arms around the narrow body and rolled over till he had Kenny on his back. He shifted down between Kenny's legs, took them behind the knee and pulled them upward as he put his cock back to the tight little hole and he drove inward penetrating him again, but sinking in fast, driving himself into him. He pumped his hips fast, drove his cock into the tight hole till Kenny was crying out.

"Fuck...fuck....fuck me..." Kenny uttered as he held his arms over his head stretching out his torso and pushing his hips upward meeting Parker's downward thrusts who was fucking with all his strength, full powerful thrusts. Kenny could feel the weight of Parker over him, his big muscular body exerting itself powerfully and he could feel Parker's shirt hanging open rubbing over his body lightly, ticklish with the way it brushed over him as Parker undulated with his fuck. And he felt Parker's cock piston back and forth in his hole.

Parker's movements grew more physical, stronger, and his body moved with full thrusts, sinking deeply into Kenny. His stomach rubbed Kenny's cock, kept it squeezed between them, rubbing it to greater hardness till cum surged through it blasting out thickly spattering both of their torsos. Parker felt the way Kenny's hole tightened around his cock as he drove it inward and he shoved in hard over and over and over until he was pumping out his own cum filling Kenny with his load.

Afterward they showered together and Parker got Kenny to stay, to come to his bed and he held him within his arms, the smaller body snuggled against his own. At times he felt Kenny shiver as if cold, heard him talk in his sleep, murmurings that sounded fearful, but after a while Kenny settled down, grew still. He was saying something, over and over, so low Parker could barely hear him but he finally made it out.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..."



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