Eli and Hunter kept a low profile for two weeks, staying at one or the other's place and not going out to the bar or any social engagements they were invited. Evenings were spent together watching movies, playing video games or just lounging in bed having sex. Eli always arrived home first since his construction job usually stopped around four thirty or five every day and he would have dinner underway by the time Hunter came in from working in the fields on his family's farm till late in the day.

Eli still worried Parker was going to out him by telling everyone they knew, but every time he went into town for something, either at the grocery store or the hardware store no one said anything out of the ordinary. Parker for whatever reason was keeping it to himself. For the first few days together Eli and Hunter were so wrapped up with this new aspect of their lives they couldn't be bothered to worry about what others would think, then they grew anxious, their old fears rose up anew. It was such a small community and to have everyone shun you would have been difficult, and worse, especially for Hunter working with his family, was how they would respond. Then they wondered if they were exaggerating the problem and what if they did let everyone know they were living together, two men, in a relationship.

All during their third week together they began to go out to eat more often, as they had before, but now the two of them always together. There was breakfast at the diner in town where they would chat with the people around them talking of the latest events or how their work was going, how their families were doing or if they had been fishing down on the river. Dinner at one of the chain restaurants in one of the nearby larger towns was less a social event and more intimate for the two of them. Then on Friday night they went out to the bar.

No one acted differently as they made their way inside and to the bar. It was the usual greetings and soon they were headed toward the pool tables. Eli saw Parker first and he hesitated for a moment. Hunter knew everything and was nearly as anxious as Eli about seeing Parker but he bumped shoulders with Eli, a quick simple gesture, and the two of them moved into the circle of people around the back table. Everyone but Parker greeted them and they watched the game progress, Hunter taking one shot after the next.

Hunter wasn't talking much, only saying what his next shot would be as he took his position. He moved around the table knocking the balls in one at a time with his usual skill, but it was noticeable how he began to rush his shots, occasionally not getting the cleanest hit and eventually he missed. He had such a lead on Mark, one of the locals in town that even with him making a few shots Hunter eventually won the game.

Hank stepped up pulling his cue from its case ready to play Hunter next but suddenly everyone realized Hunter was unscrewing his cue stick and putting it away.

"Mark, play Hank, for I'm done for the night" Parker exclaimed as he put his cue in its case and walked off not saying anything else.

"Jesus, what is his problem?" someone uttered.

"I don't know but he's been a moody bitch for weeks now" Mark replied, "Hey Eli, do you know what the fuck his deal is?"

Eli shook his head no as he and Hunter turned to see Parker exit the bar. Once Parker was gone it was like the room expanded and Eli and Hunter could finally breathe and relax. They moved around the table talking to one person or another and Eli played a couple of games of pool. It was late when they finally left, the bar having thinned down to only a few diehards who would close it down. They drove back to Eli's house and made their way into the bedroom before turning on a light. Eli switched on the lamp by the bed as Hunter sat down on the bed removing his shoes.

"After Parker left...it was fun" Hunter said.

"Yeah, it was fun tonight, seeing everyone and just hanging out" Eli said as he kicked off his shoes. He raised his arm and sniffed the sleeve of his shirt. "Damn we smell like the bar. Let's shower off."

Hunter stood up and moved in front of Eli.

"Okay" he replied with a mischievous tone. He took Eli's t-shirt by the hem and lifted it over his head and as he slipped it off Eli's arms he leaned forward and kissed him on the chest. He unfastened Eli's jeans, unzipped them and worked them down his legs and with Eli's help slipped them free of each leg. He stayed on his knees as he pulled Eli's boxers down and worked them off each foot. He sat up running his hand over Eli, stroking his cock and tugging on his sac. He leaned forward, kissed the head of Eli's cock and stood up.

Eli unbuttoned Hunter's shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. He unfastened Hunter's cargo shorts and let them fall to the floor and he pushed the boxers he wore downward till they lay on top of the cargo shorts. He leaned down to Hunter kissing him as he caressed Hunter's chest, stomach and down to his cock where he took it in hand and stroked it feeling it grow with his manipulation.

"Let's get in the shower" Eli whispered and he led Hunter into the bathroom. It was a small bath, with a wall hung lavatory, a watercloset and where the tub had been Eli had installed a shower. Using the space of the tub it provided him with a decent sized shower and soon the two of them were under the water. They had showered together so many times the last three weeks but this time was different. They moved slowly with no sense of urgency as they caressed each other with soapy hands. Hands roamed over chests, stomachs, wrapped around and over backs and down to each one's cock, stroking them to full erection.

Hunter turned and backed up to Eli pressing their bodies together. Eli rubbed over his chest and down over his stomach eventually grasping his cock and slowly stroking it. Hunter felt Eli's cock tucked up between his legs and as he rocked his hips back and forth he felt it move along his ass, slide slickly between his legs and over his opening till it bumped the back of his sac. Every move of his hips, every move of Eli's made him feel his arousal, inflamed his desire and he put his hands on Eli's hips, rubbing them up and down it made Eli more aggressive. He leaned over and braced himself against the wall as he pushed his hips back pressing his ass against Eli's cock.

"Eli...please..." he begged and Eli moved into position, pressing his cock to Hunter's opening and he pushed forward breaching his hole sinking slowly into him.

The hot water steamed up the shower and soap cascaded down their bodies as Eli worked his cock within Hunter's hole, back and forth he moved his hips, slowly, feeling each inch as it slipped through the tight ring of Hunter's opening. Eli leaned over Hunter, slipped his slick soapy arms around him hugging their bodies together as he fucked him, driving his cock deeply into Hunter. Hunter moaned and he raised his head up letting the spray hit him in the face as he pushed back against Eli taking all of the cock sinking into his hole.

Eli felt every touch, each movement, the way his own body tensed up tight, every muscle flexing and straining with his exertions as he drove his cock into Hunter, his pace increasing with his arousal till he was driving into Hunter rapidly, hips bumping into Hunter's ass rocking him back and forth with their fuck. He put his mouth to the back of Hunter's neck and kissed him there, sucked at the skin, even nipping at it as he felt his cock sink deeply into Hunter. He felt his cock swell up thicker, so sensitive he couldn't hold back and he pumped his hips hard, short jabbing thrusts till he felt the cum surge through it and fill Hunter's hole.

Eli pulled Hunter up and held their bodies tightly together as he kissed him on the neck, tongued his ear feeling Hunter's wet hair brush his cheek.

"Let's get in bed" Eli whispered.

Droplets of water still clung to their bodies as they moved on to the bed. Eli pulled Hunter down on top of him feeling the lean body lay over his own moving smoothly over each other. Eli pulled his legs up and wrapped them around Hunter's waist turning his ass upward. He felt the way Hunter moved over him, pushing cock along his ass stroking him and pressing against his hole. Hunter pulled his hips up and pushed down with his cock at Eli's opening and Eli pushed up till he felt Hunter breach him, penetrate his opening and sink deeply into his hole.

Hunter rose up over Eli his eyes open watching every expression, every movement on Eli's face as he drove his cock into him. He fucked slowly with his hips for a long time, feeling the way his cock would slip through the tight ring of Eli's opening and sink into the hot interior of his hole. Eli ran his hands up Hunter's chest, rubbed them over his sensitive nipples and back down to his own cock, it still hard and leaking.

"Fuck me...fuck me Hunter" he uttered as he stroked his slick cock in rhythm with Hunter's fuck.

Hunter's pace increased, his hips slapping down against Eli making the old bed rock and squeak and Eli stroked his own cock harder till he felt his second load surge through his cock and spatter him on the chest and stomach. Hunter felt Eli cum, felt the way his hole spasm with each ejaculation and he drove inward hard over and over until he felt his own load surge through his cock and fill Eli's hole. He kept thrusting his spurting cock, pumping each wad deep inside Eli till he was spent and his slick shaft was pumping his cum back out.

"Fuck" Hunter whispered as he collapsed on top of Eli and they rolled over on their sides and after a few minutes Hunter was spooned against Eli, their breathing slow and steady as they slept.

Eli stirred awake first and saw it was after eleven o'clock, the morning practically gone. He snuggled up to Hunter kissing him on the neck.

"Wake up sleepy head. It's nearly noon" he whispered and Hunter stirred slowly, stretched his arms out and turned to Eli.

"Good morning."

Eli slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom. When he returned he pulled open a drawer taking out two pair of gym shorts. He tossed one to Hunter and slipped on the other pair.

"I'm going to make us something to eat. I'm starving" Eli said as he went out the door. Hunter went to the bathroom, slipped on the shorts and made his way to the small kitchen where he pulled out a coffee cup waiting on the coffee maker to brew. Eli had an iron skillet on an eye heating up as he put together the ingredients for a couple of omelets.

They sat at the small table in the kitchen eating, occasionally sniggering at each other, acting silly.

Eli suddenly grew serious as he looked at Hunter.

"You think Parker will ever be okay with us?"

"I don't know" Hunter replied as he considered the question. He looked out the window and saw how bright and clear it was outside. "Let's drive down to Lee's Point and go swimming."

"Damn, that's a good idea" Eli replied thinking how he had not been down to that old logger's camp in a couple of years for it was hard to reach, the old logger's road rough and washed out. Only a four wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance could get to it easily but it kept the place isolated and insured it was never over run by others taking advantage of the small creeks deep waters at the hard turn it made around the old logger's camp.

They made some sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips and tossed some beer and sodas into a cooler. Eli pulled out some old shorts, one a pair of cut off khakis and the other a pair of cut off jeans, the legs short and frayed badly. Hunter grabbed the khakis and slipped them on while Eli pulled the jeans shorts on. They didn't bother putting on a shirt as they slipped on sandals and headed out the rear door.

They climbed into Hunter's old Cherokee which sat tall on its lift kit with all terrain tires that were slightly worn but still better than Eli's two wheel drive truck. They pulled out on the narrow two lane highway and headed to Lee's Point with the music blaring and the two of them talking and laughing unaware of the old gray Pathfinder sitting in the fire lane just down the road. Inside sat Parker who watched them pack the Cherokee then drive around the house and take off down the road and he was grateful they headed in the opposite direction for they would have recognized his SUV. He waited a moment then started up and pulled out following the faded blue Cherokee as it moved over the undulating terrain. For several miles Parker followed them wondering where the two of them were heading having seen them put a cooler inside the Cherokee.

The Cherokee turned on Highway 17 and Parker didn't see them turn due to the curve in the road and as he drove through the intersection he happened to look down the road and see the Cherokee just descend down an incline and drop from sight. He slammed on the brakes and backed up. He was afraid he'd lose them as he accelerated down Highway 17 and just as he reached the drop in grade he saw the Cherokee turn onto Saw Mill Road, an old dirt lane that wound through thousands of acres of pine and he suddenly realized where they were heading: Lee's Point. He slowed knowing he had to give them time to drive down the dirt lane and the old logger's road.

Hunter drove slowly down Saw Mill Road, its washboard surface so rough it rocked and shook the Cherokee. Eli stared out at the rigid rows of pine on each side of the road, each row going so far in that darkness and distance swallowed the rows. Some old punk rock song came on the radio and the two of them sang along with the chorus, the only part either of them could remember and the song carried them the distance to the logger's road. Years ago the culvert had been removed to discourage use of the road but Hunter brought the Cherokee to a slow crawl and worked the transmission then the transfer case till he had it in four wheel drive with low gearing and he eased off the road and down into the ditch. The Cherokee rocked and bucked but it easily crawled across the ditch and onto the old logging road. Grass and undergrowth ran down the middle of the old road as high as the hood and they eased down the road listening to it scrap along the underside of the Cherokee.

It was nearly a mile down to the creek and as the road descended down to the creek the road got rougher, sections washed out completely making Hunter slow down and ease over the cuts across the road. One section was so washed out it was easier to cut around into the trees and pull back on the road on the other side.

"Jesus this is rough" Eli uttered as Hunter negotiated another rough section. Hunter just laughed as he drove up the steep cut, one wheel pulling off the ground then landing roughly as he came up. It took a few more minutes to get to the old camp site where only masonry piers remained of the cabins that had been here. Hunter pulled over to a small clearing and stopped.

"Well we made it" he said smiling at Eli.

"I can't believe no one comes here anymore" Eli replied.

"Are you kidding? You forgot already the condition of the road into here?" Hunter asked and Eli smiled shaking his head.

They grabbed the cooler and headed to the creek. It hadn't changed much over the years, the slow moving creek cutting sharply around the knoll of ground at the base of the camp site. One old live oak grew near the bank with one limb hanging out over the water. Eli and Hunter waded out into the cool waters up to their waist and felt the bottom drop sharply away. They dove in and swarm across the creek and back, and they splashed around, horsed around dunking each other and eventually they moved up to the swallow waters over a sand bar and sat letting the water flow around them.

Eli leaned over and kissed Hunter, eventually putting his hand on Hunter's neck holding him gently as they kissed. When Eli sat back up they looked up at the old live oak and how that one limb came out over the water.

"I use to dive from that limb all the time. I think I see if it'll still hold me" Hunter stated.

"You think it'll hold your weight like it use to?"

"Let's find out."

Hunter stood up and climbed up on the bank. He moved up to the tree and worked his way up and out onto the limb. Eli watched him, watched the way his lean body moved easily up the tree and carefully stepped out on the limb. The wet khakis clung to his body revealing his cock and Eli looked at him with desire, with a sense of longing he'd never felt for anyone before.

Parker watched Hunter move out on the limb too, the lean body so well balanced on the limb, with his arms held out to steady him as he took each step out. Parker looked at how the khakis clung to Hunter's lower body, saw the outline of his cock, the way it bulged outward and he felt a shortness of breath and the conflicting emotions within that made him feel anger, fear and loneliness. Hunter's hair reflected the sun with the red that was in it and Parker looked at how his underarm hair was a thick tight patch under each arm and there was a small trail of hair at his navel leading down to the waistband of the khakis that hung low and loose on his hips. He was staring so intently he was surprised when Hunter rocked on his feet once and dove into the water, his splash small with the perfect dive. He rose up several feet from the point he entered the water and tossed his head around getting his wet hair out of his eyes.

"Your turn" Hunter yelled out to Eli.

Eli made his way up to the tree and climbed up. He wasn't as agile as Hunter and his tall lean body rocked back and forth as he tried to maintain his balance. Parker watched Eli, looked at him in a way so different than he had in the past, the lean muscular build, the fair skin, so light in tone his jet black hair contrasted sharply with it. He was so smooth, only a little hair under each arm and none anywhere else except the short cut hair on his head. Parker studied his body, they way it moved as he thought of the night over three weeks ago when Eli had tried something. He wondered what it would have been like, sex with Eli and he glanced down at Hunter with the realization Hunter knew what it was like to be with Eli. He looked up in time to see Eli hold his arms out and dive. He hit the water harder, his splash larger and Hunter let a small smile come to his face thinking about how Eli had always been the least coordinated of the three of them.

Eli rose up out of the water and swam over to Hunter. They horsed around a while then they treaded water while face to face. They were close, only inches apart as they floated around in the middle of the creek and Parker watched them imagining what they were doing, down below the surface. It made his cock grow erect and he tugged on it, feeling it stretch out within the confines of his jeans. His heart raced as his imagination ran away with him with the idea of Eli and Hunter touching each other, of sexual play below the surface where he could not see. He shifted down on his knees behind the tree he was hiding behind and undid his belt, unfastened and unzipped his jeans spreading them open. His cock was pushing out hard against his briefs and he slipped his hand down inside them and manipulated his cock, ran his fingers along the shaft and over the head feeling its slickness. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and stroked it as best he could in the tight confines of his briefs as he watched Eli and Hunter floating around in the creek still face to face.

They moved up in swallower water and it was obvious to Parker they had each other shorts undone and as they moved up the shorts floated down their legs. Their cock arced up erect and they were stroking each other as they kissed.

Eli moved to Hunter and kissed him pulling their bodies together. Hunter turned in his arms and pressed his back to Eli's chest, his ass to Eli's cock. Eli ran one hand down grasping Hunter's erection and stroked it as he pumped his own cock underneath Hunter's ass pushing it between his legs. Hunter worked his hips back and forth feeling Eli's cock rub him along his ass. Parker watched as he stroked his own cock. The briefs too confining and he pushed them down his legs till they bunched up around his knees.

Hunter leaned over putting his hands on his knees and Eli moved to him, held his cock to Hunter's hole and pushed forward. Hunter cried out as Eli penetrated him and began to fuck. Hunter rocked with Eli's fuck, moaning and begging Eli to fuck him, to fuck him harder, and he stood up letting Eli bear hug their bodies together while they fucked. Eli grasped Hunter's cock and stroked it in rhythm to his fuck, faster and faster, his hand slamming down Hunter's hard shaft.

Hunter rocked his hips with Eli thrusts and when Eli hugged him tight, thrusting hard into his hole he knew Eli was pumping his hole full of cum. He felt the way Eli's cock began to slide slickly through his hole and it pushed him over the edge and he slammed his ass back on Eli's cock then thrust forward hard, cum spurting out of his cock and landing in the water.

Parker watched them fuck, every move, Eli holding Hunter and Hunter rocking his hips. He listened to Hunter moan and beg to be fucked and he listened to him cry out when he came, the cum flying from his cock and spatter in the water and he stifled his own cry as he too came, pumping his load out on the ground in front of him.

"Did you hear something?" Eli whispered in Hunter's ear.

"Yeah, I thought so" Hunter replied.

Eli led them back into the deeper water and paddled around a few minutes as they scanned the trees looking for whoever was in the woods watching them. Eli moved toward the shallow waters and turned to Hunter.

"I'm going to run up to the Cherokee and get the food we brought" Eli said and Hunter knew all the food was in the cooler sitting on the bank.

"Okay, I'll just swim around some more" Hunter replied making as much noise as he could.

Eli moved toward the truck and when he got away from the creek he saw footprints that moved from the Cherokee then off into the woods to the left of where they went in. He followed them, carefully stepping to avoid making any noise. He could hear Hunter in the creek and when he went around some bushes he saw him, Parker kneeled down behind a tree watching Hunter, his pants and boxers around his knees.

"What in the fuck are you doing?" Eli exclaimed and Parker fell over trying to get his pants and boxers up. His cock was hard, wet with cum and he had been stroking it again when Eli had come up on him. "What the FUCK? Goddamn it Parker, what are you doing?"

Parker struggled to get up, tripping and stumbling as he tried to pull his jeans and boxers up his legs. He kept looking away from Eli, tried to move away from him but Eli kept blocking his path, his nakedness right in front of him and he found his eyes going to Eli's flaccid cock unable to look away.

"Please Eli" Parker uttered as he tried to move around him while he tried to get his jeans up his legs.

Hunter came into the small clearing and saw Parker struggling to get his jeans up, saw his wet flaccid cock and how he was trying to get around Eli. "Jesus Parker, what were you doing? Jacking off while you watched us?" Parker began to mumble to himself, his expression one of pure panic and Hunter looked over at Eli seeing how angry he was at Parker.

"Eli...Eli...let him go" Hunter said, his voice calm and Eli looked at him and nodded his head. He stepped aside and let Parker leave and they turned and watched him stumble through the trees until his was out of sight.

A minute later they heard Parker's SUV start up, the sound of the engine racing echoing through the trees followed by the sound of it pulling away. Once the woods grew quiet again Eli and Hunter moved back down to the creek and sat on the bank watching the slow moving waters.

"What do you think?" Hunter asked.

"I have no idea what to think" Eli replied as he opened the cooler taking out two beers handing one over to Hunter, "but right now I'd like to forget about Parker and enjoy the rest of the day."

"Agreed" Hunter replied as he twisted off the cap and took a long drink. It was early still and they had all afternoon to enjoy themselves. Dealing with Parker could wait.



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