I stammered to shake this stud's hand. He had my mouth watering, and my head swimming I couldn't imagine, how so many hot boys could be packed into one house without something about to go down. I regained myself.

"Hi, I am Jeremy, and this is my good friend Colt." Noah smiled

"I know, Josh, has been talking about you two all day while we were at the store."

I must have looked panicked because Josh jumped up and said "How you two were in the army together, and how Mr. Colt is a nice man, who will be staying with us."

I smiled, "Yeah, we are old timey army buddies from back in the day."

Colt said he was going to get dinner and Josh went upstairs to shower. I sat down and me and Noah talked. I smiled and asked all the generic dad questions. When I asked how he liked working at the clothing store with Josh. He smiled and said "It is cool, I really like working with Josh, he works hard, and seems like everyone loves him."

I was filled with pride by this statement

. "So you really like Josh?" He smiled and blushed.

"Yeah, he is a great friend." Fatherly pride was bursting from me.

Josh walked to the railing of the stairs, in only his boxers. "Noah, I will be ready in like 5 minutes, hope my dad hasn't been bugging you or pumping you for information trying to figure out what I do wrong when he isn't looking." I laughed but then I noticed Noah was still looking at him, and he was blushing, and his pants suddenly seemed a lot tighter on him.

Now, I am not the smartest man alive, but I am no fool, and I can sense attraction from a mile away, after all sensing who is interested is the biggest part of my 'job'. I smiled, "Noah, I appreciate you taking care of Josh by giving him a lift the other night, though it was pretty stupid of him to get wasted."

He smiled "Well, he is a teenager, we do stupid things we regret, but that's a part of us learning isn't it?"

I was surprised by this answer, "Wow, umm, that is a very smart answer for a boy your age."

He blushed "Thank you sir."

"Please don't call me sir, Just Jeremy." I smiled.

"Oh and do take good care of my son Noah, I trust you, so don't waste that, if you break my trust you will not get another chance and you didn't hear this from me, and since I can see that you are about an article of clothing away from trying to rape my child, I should warn you, that Josh isn't sure about his orientation, and to be honest neither am I, He is just a curious teen, and I can see you have a thing for him, but be patient, don't try anything, or force him into a situation he isn't ready for." I said with a slight but serious chuckle.

He gasped "I am not gay, and me and Josh aren't like that."

I smiled "Son, I know sexual attraction when I see it, I can smell the pheromones in the air so please if you are going to bullshit me, at least put some effort into it."

He frowned "Is it really that obvious I am crazy over him?"

I smiled and nodded "Don't worry I won't say anything I will let it come out to him on its own." He smiled and thanked me.

Josh walked down the steps, "So I are you ready to go Noah?" He said.

I looked up the stairs "Where are you going? You are still grounded."

He frowned, "Please dad, Me and Noah are going to see this movie , it is an action movie and it opens tonight. We have been planning this for a month."

I am only a man, and like all bad fathers I said okay. "No drugs, No drinking and no sex, understood? And you are cleaning the garage as part of your punishment this weekend."

He ran up and hugged me "Thank you dad, I appreciate it... We are going to have such a blast." He said to Noah as he walked towards the door.

"Drive safely!" I screamed across the room right as the door was closing.

I knew they weren't paying me any attention, Josh like most teens was a sweet kid, but most of what I said fell on deaf ears. Colt came home, and smiled, "Where is Josh?" He asked knowing damn well I let him go off with that boy.

"Umm, I sent him off to military camp." I said in a smartass type voice


"Speaking of which I think I see a marine that I who I am going to show a good time." He smiled as he came up behind me and put his arms around me. He slowly started kissing my neck, and rubbing my abs. I know I started to getting hard, Colt new exactly how to touch me and turn me on.

"So umm you ready for round two yet?" He laughed rubbing his hand down towards my crotch.

"UHHHUMM, Colt, I have missed you." I said too aroused to be more articulate.

He continued rubbing my body sensually, feeling my abs and going lower till he found my crotch. He rubbed me through my tenting material. I turned around and started to go down to the floor but he grabbed me and pushed me onto the couch. I must admit I like having a strong man dominate me, and I had no quarrel with men being rough. He got on top of me and started kissing me. I was unbuttoning his shirt while he was fiddling with my belt buckle. I reached down his pants and felt his ass, he was kissing my neck, and he got my pants off and my shirt wasn't far behind. He began to kiss my neck and then he V'ed down between pecks and onto my abs, I knew where he was headed, and it still amazed me this amazing looking man was going down on me. He sucked me with a passion, till I was oozing. I swung around and licked his shaft. I had to have him, he was to good, I did it in one swift motion I took it all down my throat. I don't know how I did it so quickly, probably the sheer lust overshot my gag reflex. I was down to the balls and I managed to stick my tongue out and give them a quick lick. I got off and said "you read for the really good stuff." He stopped and I went to get on top of him but he pushed me to the couch, and I lifted my legs for him. He kissed my neck again and said "I said I would never do this unless I was sure..." He pushed my legs down and got on top of me, he spread his legs and exposed his asshole to me. He set himself so slowly against my rock hard monster. He pushed against it, I could feel his little tight hole contracting the tip. He looked down into my eyes. He smiled and pushed, his asshole slowly gave way to my cock, he stopped moving about half way down, he didn't even look like he was breathing.

"Holy Fuck, that hurts." He finally exclaimed. "I can stop and pull out if I am too much for you." I said trying to get him more comfortable. He looked at me, and smiled. "It's like pool water, it not as bad if , you take it all at one time." He slammed all the way down to the hilt taking all 9 inches inside him at once. I actually brought this 200 pound man of pure muscle to tears. He just sat there, not moving just staring at me. He finally broke the silence "I was wrong man, It hurt worse." He started swiveling his hips in very slow circles. I couldn't help but moan, and as the seconds turned to minutes, he started swiveling harder and moaning. He was enjoying it now, he road me like a champ, I can't say I have ever been ridden like that. He leaned down with me still in him and kissed me. I wasn't used to this, the kissing in sex, I had strict rules about kissing during sex with clients but for Colt I would make an exception. He started moaning more often as he rode me harder. He obviously liked that I found his prostate. I may not have been ridden often, but this was not my first rodeo, and I knew right where to touch. I increased his pleasure by kissing him neck. He Moaned and swiveled.

I knew Josh would be home soon. I picked up the paste, and his eyes started rolling back. "Oh, Jeremy I can't take that, it is too good, I am about to- to-.. UUUHH." He said as he came all over my chest. I felt his ass squeeze tighter around my cock and it sent me over my own edge. I came inside him. He moaned and screamed in pleasure. I actually had claw marks in my back from where he was holding onto me during the ride.

"Umm, I am sorry" I said still inside him.

"Don't be, I asked you to do it, and I am glad I did. You felt amazing." He said with a shit eating grin across his face.

The door opened Josh stepped in and got an eye full. "Oh hell, sorry," he said closing the door really quickly preventing Noah from seeing anything.

Me and Colt scrambled to get out clothing back on. I opened the door to see Noah walking down the stairs and Josh, waiting on the railing. "Well, I see you guys were umm, having fun while we were at the movies." He said with a confused smile.

"Josh," I began, "I know it is weird to see your dad with someone, much less another man, and -"

He shook his head "Dad, I don't care who you are with, I am just happy that you are happy and found someone that makes you happy." He said looking into my eyes like a little angel.

I smiled. "I love you son."

"I love you too." He said smiling. We turned to go inside "Oh, and Dad you are wearing Colt's pants."

We all headed to bed. About a year passed, and I noticed Noah around more often, first he would come around just a few times a month, then around twice a week, and now he was here every other day at least. Don't take that as anger, trust me, I wanted this little stud here, only a month away from legal, and if Josh couldn't see a good thing... maybe Colt and me would. Josh only had months till he could have this little piece of man, and I think Noah was counting the days till Josh turned 18.

Colt and I walked towards the door. "We are going to bar you two we will be back in a few hours." They waved and smiled.

We sat at the bar and I just enjoyed the atmosphere, "This is nice Colt, to get out and just hang out."

One of the guys across the bar was staring at me for a long time. It wasn't the sexual look like I normally got but it felt like he was looking through me. "Colt I am going to the bathroom." I said getting up.

I walked into the bathroom and stood at the urinal, as I finished my business and the stranger walked into the room, as I go to wash my hands. He walked up behind me and grabbed my shoulders. "Hey, you remember me? Jeffery, we umm had an arrangement last time, and I see you have a friend, Whatever he said he would pay, I could double it... or triple it if you want to get him involved to."

I turned around. "Jim, or Joey, or whatever your name is, I am not interested, I no long do that, and that man out there is my boyfriend."

"Listen, I wasn't particularly asking if you wanted to, you are a whore for hire and you always will be, maybe i should teach you your place." He said raising his fists. I walked towards the door, but as I did her grabbed me and threw me against the wall, I hit hard enough to become disoriented. He got on top of me and pinned my head behind my back, and he started unbuttoning my shirt and leaned down and kissed my neck, I screamed for help but the loud music drowned me out. He slapped me and told me to try it again.

"Why are you doing this?" I pleaded. He smiled "Because your hot, and I thought you would do anything for money, just consider this graphic role play." He said as he licked my neck. I tried struggling, but he hit me again, he had my pants down. I got a hand free and hit him, he fell off me, I tried to get up but my head was bleeding from the wall, the room was blurry, I managed to make it to the door. As I reached it, he pushed me against the door. Laying a foot from the door he got on my back and pulled my pant the rest of the way down and he took off his clothing. He grabbed his dick and slammed it into my asshole making me scream from the sudden pain, I stopped squirming when the door opened and I saw shoes. I don't remember much, just saying "Please help me."

I woke up a hour later, I was in the truck with Colt, I was laying across his lap. I smiled still a little out of it. I moaned and he smiled "I am glad you are up sleeping beauty." He said with a sly grin.

"What happened?" I said Looking into his big beautiful brown eyes.

He Smiled "I just had to beat someone senseless."

"God my head hurts." I said lean up.

"Yeah it probably will, you lost a good bit of blood." He said patting the bandage across my head. "But you will be fine now, I got you covered." He smiled.

"Colt, I am sorry things like that happen... It is pretty much my fault. He was customer from the past, who wanted round two." I said looking down kind of ashamed of my past.

He slowed down and then pulled over. "You have nothing to be sorry for, you said no, you tried to leave. You can't change your past and I don't want you too, your past is what has shaped you into the man I have come to know." He said looking me in the eyes.

I sat there in silence for a long time. He started driving back towards the house a hour drive. This man really cared for me, and the scary part is I cared for him, I would never admit it out loud or even to myself but I think I was starting to love him. I leaned over and kissed his neck and he began to moan as I licked the crevice of his neck. I unzipped his pants. What I was going to attempt is completely crazy but I didn't care. I licked his now fluffing cock slowly, I really did love his dick. I put it all in my mouth. He tasted so good, I just loved the smell of him, manly but with a hint of something sweet like honey. He moaned and I stopped "Don't close your eyes and I mean that." He nodded. I kissed his crotch so carefully, I lifted the shaft and kissed his balls, he was sheer perfection. I licked his cock top to bottom. I think he was swerving but I don't think either of us cared at that point. When I pushed his dick all the way my throat I had to fight my gag reflex. He was oozing precum like crazy it was so juicy, and it tasted sweet like pineapples. I edged him so close and I would stop for a second to keep him from going over the top. He looked down. "Stop toying with me damn it." He said with a cheeky smile. I was half way down and I started to giggle; I suppose it tickled as he began to giggle also. I gave him a few last thrusts down my throat. He came so hard his body shook and he filled my mouth. He loved it so much. His eyes rolled back. I got up and swallowed with a loud gulp. We arrived at the house about 10 minutes later.

I opened the door and Colt followed behind me. What we saw next shocked me and Colt both. We saw Noah and Josh on the couch shirtless mid-kiss. The light shown in the dark room on them, they both gave us a look that can only be described as the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar look.

To Be Continued. (Some notes: sex while driving is very dangerous, please do not attempt. The Boy with the Scar on his face part 3 should be done by Friday, and hopefully Anything for my Son Part 3 will be done by 7/23. Also Please Leave comments and constructive criticism, as it does help me improve as a writer. Thank you all for you time. –Dustin)



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