I walked down the hallway not really paying attention to where I was going. I hurried past the reception desk and made to the elevators. I pushed the button and doors opened. I went to get in, but was knocked to the ground by someone twice my size. "You're in a hurry to leave." Said the strong voice.

"Yeah, I just don't like hospitals." I said gathering myself up from the floor.

I looked up to see Colt, he had bandages around his wrists reaching up to his shoulders. "What happened?" I said pointing to the bandages. "A bomb exploded, don't you remember?" He said as he dusted off my chest. I immediately felt pretty stupid, but my mind wasn't exactly focused at the moment. I had just experienced a terrorist attack, finding out about my father, and losing a best friend all in a matter of six hours.

He grabbed me around the neck in a playful fashion and pulled me in for a one armed hug. "I am glad you are okay." He embraced me tenderly. Eli appeared behind us. "Noah, I just want to expl- Captain Colt, Sir." He suddenly sprang to attention.

"At ease." Colt replied.

Eli then hugged him. "Thank you sir." He said as he pulled away. This made me very curious, and uncomfortable. Colt just smiled and nodded like nothing had happened you would have thought by the way that he was acting that he had just had a nap, not experienced a bombing. Colt stepped off the elevator and turned and smiled. "I have to go visit some friends on this floor, I'll meet you in the lobby in an hour." Colt called. I nodded and pushed the button for the ground floor. Eli went to get on but I stopped him, I was pissed I didn't want him in the same 4 by 4 room as me. As the doors was closing Colt pushed him into the room and smiled. I was stuck for 12 floors in the same room as him.

"Noah... I am sorry, I wanted to tell you but-"

"But you didn't, there is nothing you can say that will make this okay." I interrupted.

"I know. You are right, there is no excuse for not telling you. I don't expect you to forgive me, I just hope we can move past it. I still want to be your friend. I just wanted you to know I didn't do it out of spite, I only kept it secret because Felix asked me too. I know I should have told you but I just couldn't find the words to express that to you."

I thought about it for a moment. "I am sorry Eli." I said with a heavy breath. "I am sorry, it isn't right for me to blame you, you were put in a no win situation and you did what you thought was best, though I wish you would have told me instead of it having to come out like this; I can't blame you. So I am sorry, I have no reason to be angry, Today I learned my father is still alive and that he cares that I exist, and yet here I am being selfish and angry at you for something so trivial in hindsight."

Eli just hugged me. "It's okay, you have been through a lot today, why don't you just go home. Everyone involved in the explosion has been given a month pass to recover from this incident while they are cleaning up the mess." He declared as the door finally dinged. Eli and I sat around the main lobby till Colt returned. Eli excused himself and said he would see me in two weeks.

"You seemed troubled; did you get everything all sorted out?" Colt asked me as he sat down next to me.

"Everything is messed up, but I am slowly sorting it all out, piece by piece, isn't like there is much more I can do." I responded. I noticed that there was burns on his legs and arms where some of the bandages had slipped. "How did you get burned like that?" I asked.

"In the bombing." He replied simply.

"I know that, but you weren't close to the actual drop site, if you were you would have been killed. The fire took a few minutes to spread. So how did you get them?" I asked again.

"I went back in." He said rubbing the back of his head.

"You went back in?" I repeated? "That is crazy, you are lucky you got out you could have been killed twice. You dumbass!" I screamed.

"Coming from the man with burn marks on his hands." He said pointing to my small wounds. "How did you get those" he asked?

"Felix was trapped under the metal bed, and by the time I returned from trying to find someone to help me lift it, the ceiling in that room had caught fire, the metal was getting hot, but I couldn't just leave him there to burn." I said looking at the ground He laughed. "Yet you call me the dumbass, we both went back to help those who couldn't get out on their own, yet you lecture me about safety." He replied as he chuckled.

I was flustered, but then I asked. "Why did Eli hug you?" I asked.

"He was just thanking me." Colt said smiling.

"Thanking you for what?" I inquired.

"For pulling him out of the latrines." He said with no changing of attitude, so calmly almost as if he was ordering tea.

"You saved Eli? Is there anything you can't do?" I asked him in an almost idolizing way.

He stared at the ground for a moment. "Yeah, make Jeremy say that he loves me." He took a deep breath, come on, we have a month to clear our heads and get ready. Tomorrow is brand new day, but it will be incased in war. That attack on our base was the first sign of the encroaching destruction that is coming. So I suggest you just relax for a few days with Josh and enjoy it, make them count because when the time comes for us to go back, things will have changed, it won't be just prep work for war. It will be actual war. I hope you are ready for the madness that is about to ensue."

"Colt, I don't know if I can handle much more." I said breathing hard.

He just held onto me, and I held onto him like he was drift wood at sea. He kissed my forehead much like how fathers do, when a child gets a scrape. "Noah, it will be okay, I know how you must feel, I was right around you age when I first joined, it's tough, I know it is still hard for me, a battle harden veteran, I can only assume that you must being driving yourself nuts. The trick is to be like a duck." He said with a smile.

"Like a duck?" I questioned with a slightly amused look on my face.

"Yeah, like a duck, let the problems just roll of your back, you are only one man, and you can only carry so much, so if you have to carry a lot, just carry the important stuff like the fact that Josh loves you, that me and Jeremy are always here for you. You are a great kid, and in a way you remind me a lot of my son."

"Your son?" I questioned.

"His name was Eric." He opened his wallet to reveal some photos, of him. The boy looked just like a younger version of his father, He had Colts brown eyes, his sandy brown hair, even is strong jaw line. He was extremely handsome just like his father.

"What happened?" I asked slightly afraid that I already knew the answer.

"He joined the army, time he turned 18, couldn't wait to be 'just like his old man' but you know how the plans of man are often those of a fool's dreams. When he finished his basic training, he was top of his class," Colt stated proudly as any father would, "His first mission was simple enough, to gather intelligence on the enemy and report back to base, he had all the training, all the equipment and the right mind set, but sometimes fate plays against us." He took a long heavy breath, as it became evident that he was hurting speaking about it.

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me if it hurts too much." I said quickly trying to calm him.

"No, this is smoothing that I should put in the open, just this once, then maybe one day I can share it with Jeremy."

"Jeremy doesn't know?" I asked quiet shocked.

"Besides my mother, you will be the only one who I have ever told this story to, so know Jeremy doesn't know, it has never came up." Now with tears clearly in the corners of his eyes.

"Excuse me, I know it must be quiet disgraceful for you to see a marine cry." He said as he wiped the tears away. I pulled out a handkerchief and dried them for him.

He continued. "A simple task, yet he was discovered, for six days they tortured my child, they beat him and spit on him, they didn't feed him and sexually attacked him. They would send videos and random notes to the base, but 'we don't negotiate with terrorists' was all that the army would say when I begged for his life. I borrowed and scrapped and sold my house and my truck, I did everything could to get the money they wanted. When I finally got the $500,000 they wanted, they sent him back to me..." He began to sob so hard he almost stopped breathing.

"Piece by piece. They never intended to keep him alive, he was army after all. I was given a mourning leave but it wasn't enough, they couldn't have experienced that pain, they couldn't have known what I felt, to lose my only son to the enemy. I was angry for a long time, I wanted revenge, I hate the army and the government for what they had let transpire but I hated the terrorists more."

I held onto him as he cried over me, he then took a deep breath and began to regain composure. "I realized after many years that it wasn't the armies fault, my son had died because of an accident, I caused it. I had snuck him a phone to text me with when he finished his first mission, It rang while he was gathering data, and that is what caused his discovery. I still dream of him sometimes, you never really get over something like that. It took me three years of mourning and intense therapy but I am able to maintain a day to day life now. I blamed myself for years, and still partially do. The guilt and pain about killed me, I would go days without eating or sleeping, sometimes up to two weeks without food. I lost 128 pounds in four months' time. No man should have to bury his child, that isn't how God intend it to be."

I didn't know how to respond. Here was man diverging his soul to me, and I couldn't even speak to him. So I just held onto him, maybe in some way this would, at least in my mind, comfort him. "I am sorry Colt." I finally spoke as the words slipped from my mouth like water from a crack in a dam. "I can physically feel your pain, and I just want to take it away, I am sorry that you have been hurt so badly."

He smiled. "The point I was trying to make, was that you can't let it get to you, life is hard, we must accept that as a fact. We all have our own burdens to bare, but somehow sharing the load makes it easier. Like Jeremy, with him I feel so complete. He helps me to feel like I am not so alone in this world. His smile reminds me that there will be a tomorrow and that he will still be there for me." He said looking down at his chest where I was now clung too just listening to his heartbeat, even it had sounded sad at the thought of his son.

"Seeing you follow in his footsteps hurts more than you can imagine. You are just like him in so many ways, you are sweet yet strong, you make friends easily, and you just have that smile that makes people drawn to you. You remind me so much of him, and maybe that is why I look at you like a son, I know that isn't fair for me to put you in that situation. That you shouldn't remind me so much of him but you do, and I guess that is why I am always checking up on you at base, I just don't want you to be hurt, I want to make sure that you are okay." He just held me for a long time. A few hours passed, but nothing was said.

Day break came and I had fallen asleep in Colt's arms in a chair in the middle of the lobby in full army attire. We both were sleeping and peaceful till someone over the intercom called out. "Doctor Davison, to room 1306, patient Simmons, Felix is requesting your immediate attention."

"Colt, would you like to meet my father?" I asked very calmly.

"Your father? I thought he left your mother before you were even born." He questioned.

"Yeah, he did, but I found him. He was my room, he was the one who saved me from being killed. He has been a bunk mate since I started basic training but I never knew until tonight. Do you want to meet him?" I asked again.

"Well, sure, hell why not." He said with a smile and a wink.

We got back into the elevator and Colt paused for a moment as we began to ascend. "Noah... please don't tell anyone what I have told you, I am sorry I shared so much, I shouldn't have put so much on you when I can tell you are already in your own personal war with emotions. I just trust you, I regard you and Josh as my own children and I probably shouldn't but I do. So I am sorry if I seemed overbearing back there."

I punched his chest softly just enough to let him know that I hit him. "Don't be sorry, I think of you as a father figure, even if this guy is really my biological dad, you are still one of the men I look up to most and besides, you are a marine, stop being so damn sentimental already." I said with a heartfelt smile.

Colt just smiled back as he exited the elevator. We passed room after room till we finally came across room 1306. As I cracked opened the door, I saw Felix talking to the doctor. I could only read a few words from his lips, 'please find my son.' There was my father, who had just saved my life, barely conscious and still looking for me. "He is such a stubborn ass" I thought to myself as I opened to door.

"Noah." He declared with such enthusiasm as I came into the room.

"Hey, Feli- Dad." I said catching myself.

He laughed. "It's okay, you can call me Felix." He responded as the doctor brushed past me on the way out. Felix looked past me to see Colt. "Captain Colt, Sir." He said as he saluted him. Colt saluted back. "At Ease Soldier; speak to me as you would any other non-military personnel." He commanded. Felix smiled and replied "sir, yes sir."

I began, "Dad, I see you met Colt already."

He just nodded. "Son, I am glad you are okay."

"I am fine." I smiled as I happily responded to him.

"Your hands." He said looking pointing to the burns on the insides.

"Just first degrees and some small second degrees they will be healed in a week at most." I said joyously.

"Are you okay?" I asked noticing that he hadn't brought it up himself.

"They stopped the bleeding, so I'll be fine after I heal a bit."

A nurse broke in and started fiddling with the machines. "You two will have to go, it is 6:45 A.M. and visiting hours are from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Please return during those times." She stated like she says them a thousand times a day.

Felix pushed his upper body up. "He is my son, and the other is my Captain." He stated.

"Yes, but they still have to come back during visiting hours." She responded ever so coldly.

"No." Felix stated. "This is the first time I've got to be with my son since he was born, he will stay."

She looked at us. "10 minutes, then you have to go, I am going to work on the rest of this floor, but I expect you gone by the time I get back, in two hours." She winked as she fluffed his pillows and walked out the door. She did have a heart after all.

"Dad... I am so sorry." I said as I held his hand.

"Sorry for what? You have nothing to apologize for." He stated like it was everyday he put his life on the line to save me.

"Dad, You gave up your legs for me. The doctors all say that you will never be able to walk again, that your pelvic bone was beyond repair."

He squeezed my hand. "They are just legs son, I am happy now, I have what I wanted, I have you. I know it may sound cheesy and idiotic, but I just wanted to see you. You look just like your mother, with that dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I wish things would have turned out differently, I wish I could have known you more and been there when you were younger to watch you grow. Now all I can do is look back in regret. So I am the one who is sorry, I gave up a chance on you, to join the military and see the world. I would give up my arms also if it meant I could go back and do it again." He said looking into my eyes.

I hugged him. "For a long time...for a long time I hated you, I hated that you left me and my mother all alone to fend for ourselves. It was hard growing up without a father figure, without someone to teach me how to do guy stuff. I had to teach myself how to play sports and how to dress, how to act like a man. You weren't there for that, to show me, I resented you for not being there for stuff like birthdays and Christmas. I figured you didn't know that I was alive but it still hurt not feeling cared for..." I took a deep breath to compose my thoughts once again. "But looking at you now, I know that you would have, that you more than anything wish that you could be there for me. So Dad, I forgive you. I forgive you for not being there for birthdays or holidays, I forgive you for not joining in on my happiness when I made the honor roll, I forgive you for missing the small moments in my life lead up to now. I love you, simply because you care for me now. I no longer resent you for any of it. I don't want to forget any of the pain or anger I just want to move past it... like water off a ducks back." I exhaled and turned to Colt who was smiling ear to ear with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Hours passed and Felix and I talked about everything from basic training to my schooling, to Josh. He loved talking about Josh. When I brought up my mom, he mention how he would like to see her soon. I told him that I would let him see her soon. For the moment I had found peace. Finally the nurse came back and told me that I had to leave, that He needed his rest, and that I could see him in a few hours.

I hugged him."Bye Dad, I'll come back and see you tomorrow." I said as I walked towards the door.

"Bye Noah, I am going to miss you, I love you." He yelled after me.

" I love you too." I called back.

Colt suggested that we get something to eat. We settled on a steak joint nearby. As we ate, we just chilled and laughed. "Noah." Colt said smiling.

"Yeah, Colt?" I responded.

"I am glad you made peace with your dad, it is something I wish I could have done with my son. I wish I could have told him I was sorry like your dad did." He said looking down at the half finished meal.

I just smiled. "Let's go home and see Josh and Jeremy." I replied as I pulled my wallet out. He just nodded. "Sure." We paid and left for home.

We arrived and got to the door. No one answered to our knock. I looked at Colt. "I don't think they are home." He just smiled. He pulled a key from the top of the hanging basket on the porch. We waited inside and when we heard a car pull up we quickly hid. The door opened and Josh walked in. He closed the door and sat on the couch and began to undo his shoe laces. I quickly snuck up behind him and grabbed him from behind. He yelled and cursed like he was being murdered till I kissed his neck. "Ugh, Noah?" He said turning towards me.

"Noah! It is you." He said as he grabbed me and pulled me to the couch and kissed me. "I should kick your ass for pulling that but right now I just want to hold onto you." He said as he began to kiss me. He pushed me onto the couch and got on top of me. "I have missed you so much." He stated as he broke apart to breath. Suddenly reality hit him. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I have month leave." I said kissing him again.

He broke apart from me. "But why?" he asked.

"Not important right now." I said being fuzzy headed, this was after all the first time I had been kissed in over a month and a half it didn't take much to get me going at this point.

Josh pushed my hands away. "Ow, watch the burns." I said not thinking about it.

"Your hands, what happened to your hands?" He asked.

"It is a long story" I explained. "Well you have time to tell me." He said point blank in his usual witty tone.

"Hey, what happened to your head?" I said pointing to small cut just under his hair line.

"My mom's boyfriend threw me out the house." He replied.

"What happened while I was gone?" I inquired.

"My mom told my father that I wasn't his child. He refused to take a paternity test so I went to see them." He was thinking carefully about the next part.

"When I arrived, I was angry and upset, I asked her why she would tell him such a bunch of lies and she revealed to me that she wasn't sure who's child I was, but at the time she was just angry at him. So I started yelling and screaming and he came over there and threw me out of his house."

"I'll kick his ass." I declared angrily, "He has no right to put his hands on you."

"It's okay, the point being is I finally got my father to agree to take the test. The result came back, and there is no question that I am his child." Josh said with a happy smile.

"Now about your hands, I believe it is you your turn to explain."

"Well see the base was bombed and-"

"You were bombed, holy shit, Are you okay? Is Colt okay, tell me that he isn't hurt, my dad will die without him, he barely has been functional without him here so far."

"Yeah me and Colt are both fine, He is upstairs taking a shower." I declared. "But anyways, the bomb went off and I was thrown from my bed, the bed was coming at me and I couldn't move, so Felix pushed me out the way. He was pinned I went to get help but no one would come back in, by the time I got back to try to save him again, the room was on fire, and the metal was getting hot, that's how I got the burns. So, I finally get him out of there and take him to get help outside and he confesses that he is my father."

"Your father? The one who doesn't even know that you are alive?" Josh interrupted.

"Yes, I told you the story was confusing. Point being is that he saved me and it cost him. He destroyed his hip bone, they say he will never walk again and it was touch and go but he is okay now, they have stabilized him. He wants to meet you sometime, so I was hoping that maybe I could take you to see him tomorrow." I stated not sure how he would respond.

"So let me get this straight, you about died, you met your father, he saved your life, and now you want me to meet him, all in one day, I can barely finish a term paper in two." He said joking.

"But yes I would love to meet your dad, especially after him saving your life. I mean you could have died." Josh said a little upset.

"But I didn't." I reminded him.

"I wish I had let you have me before you left, if I had let you die without having let you go all the way with me, I don't know if I would have been able to forgive myself." Josh said as he held me. "Josh, it is alright, I didn't need to screw you to know that you care about me." I replied with a bit of empathy.

Colt appeared over the banister with only a pair of underwear on. "You two have done had sex. Me and Jeremy heard you two the night before we left." He said in a carefree tone much like he was discussing a book.

"No we didn't." I stated. "I did just what I said I wanted to do that night. I held him all night long. We kissed and fondled but I never went all the way with him."

"Well, I'll be damned." Colt replied as he looked down. " Well, I am going to take a nap, wake me if Jeremy comes home." He replied turning around.

"My dad won't be home for at least another 3 hours." Josh called back up.

"Then don't make too awful much noise." He said as he closed the door behind him.

Josh grabbed my hand and led me to his room. We sat on the bed and I stared into his eyes. I loved his eyes, it was like looking into his very soul. He leaned forward to kiss me never blinking. "I just have to make sure you are real, I keep expecting you to disappear into thin air at any moment." He said as we broke apart.

"I won't." I promised. He began to kiss me slowly, carefully, passionately. This was for my pleasure, not his. I broke the kiss and moved down to his neck, he leaned over ever so slightly, I kissed and suckled on his neck, he broke the silence by moaning out 'Noah.' I could barely keep myself under control him calling my name like that made parts of me want to take him like that. I laid him back gently and feel on top of him. I began unbuttoning that ugly orange work shirt that we both had to wear when we worked at the shop. He wrapped his hands around the back of my neck. He kissed my neck for a moment. He took a long deep breath as if he was breathing me in. As he laid there shirtless I examined him ever so carefully, from the deep blue of his eyes to the light green speckles that dotted them, the color of his lips now rosy and gleaming from kissing me. I caressed his cheekbones, this was his first time and I had to do everything in my power to let him know that this wasn't just sex, this was how I wanted him to remember his first time, in love, consumed in compassion. I kissed him right under his chin as he leaned back to let me. I could feel his pulse, steady and calm, I could hear the sound of his heart beating, I could feel it against my chest, our rhythm seemed to begin to sync up. He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear. "I love you, Noah. Never let me go."

He pulled my shirt from over my head and ran his hands down my muscles. His hands were those of a man, they were too big and strong to be from a woman. Josh unbuttoned my pants and smiled. With a quick motion he was on top of me. He pulled my pants off completely. He kissed me and rubbed my crotch with one hand. My soft cotton underwear were already bulging trying to contain me. He rubbed me slowly through the material. He began to kiss down my chest taking his time to caress my abs with his lips. I moaned when he got to my belly button. "ugh, yeah." I let slide from me carefully. He continued his descent. When he reached the band of my underwear, he looked up and we made eye contact again. He was beautiful just looking at me like that, I couldn't help but falling in love with him. He pulled the band off so carefully and exposed me to himself, I believe that is the first time he has ever seen me completely naked. I was completely hard and already leaking from him toying with my body. He kissed the head of my cock. It felt amazingly good. He then licked the shaft, while grasping my balls. I looked down and he was still staring me in the eyes. "Wow you are big." He said smiling. I just nodded. "I eat my vegetables." I said trying to choke back a moan and laughter.

"How big are you?" Even trying to talk dirty, he looked innocent as a kid could be.

"7 and a half." I replied, being hard as a rock.

"Nah you are bigger than that today." Josh said winking at me. Kissed my balls and finally took one into his mouth, I about busted right then. "Ohhh, God, Josh." I said as my body felt like it was rising off the bed. He just sat there and smiled at me. He got up to the top of it and put about half in his mouth. I had to fight from screaming out. He went down till he gagged. He went back up and down, each time taking just a tiny bit more, finally after around 30 thrusts he had reached the balls. By now, I was moaning regularly.

I was going to cum soon, I could feel it, my balls were aching trying to hold back. He could sense it too. I suppose my cock was quivering under his touch. He was being so careful with me, almost like worship. He put just the head in his mouth this time, this was it, it was all I could take, I was so close to the edge. "Josh, I am going to cum." I yelled at him. He just slid his tongue into the slit, tenderly. That pushed me far over the edge. I grabbed the pillow and put it over my head to keep from screaming but my pleasure was still audible, almost mistakable for pain from the sheer intensity at which I came. "AHHHH, JOSH." I screamed. I looked down to see him swallowing gulp after gulp. I couldn't stop, I thought I would never finish, he just kept taking it. Finally after about fifteen seconds of cumming, my body had enough. My cum was everywhere, in his mouth, on his full lips, on his cheeks and face, some had even ran out his mouth onto my cock and abs. I could barely breath from what I had just experience. This was like the first time for me in a way, no one had ever made me feel like that, and I doubt anyone could ever do it again. Even covered in my cum, he looked up and smiled. I put my thumb and forefinger on his chin and pulled him up.

I kissed him ever so slowly, taking in my own taste. I was sweet, with a slightly bitter after taste. He had the best lips I had ever kissed, so full, so tender. We continued kissing as I reached down and began to stroke him through his pants. I unbuttoned them with one hand while the other was on the back of his head. I reached into his jeans and played with him through his material, I was determined to give it all back to him and then some, I wanted to tease him and please him just like he had done me. I worked my way down his body slowly, past his nipples and down towards his belly button, careful to count every freckle that happen to dot this man's perfect body. He moaned when I reached his crotch. I kissed the expanding beast through the cage that his underwear had become. He was huge, I must assume around at least 8 maybe even 9 inches. I broke the lock as I pulled them down and threw them to the floor. There was no need for them anymore. I kissed the head in much the same fashion he had did to me, I licked his balls. I had never given a blow job before so I didn't claim to be an expert but I was determined to try and make this good for him. I slid it into my mouth, it didn't taste like I expect it too, I assumed it would taste different but it kind of tasted good, infact almost great. Josh moaned. I played with the slit on the head with my tongue carefully, I could feel him begin to quiver. I took as much as I could of it in my mouth which was only about half till I gagged. He looked down. "You don't have to try to take it all. It is okay if you don't." He said so happily. "It's just nice that you are willing to do something like this for me." He said as he looked back down into my eyes.

These words were meant as comfort but me being a stubborn boy by nature took them as a challenge. I began to fight back on my gag reflex, when I got about 2/3's of it in my mouth I was sure I was going to puke. "Stick out your tongue." Josh declared. I did and regained some stability within. I pushed and forced, fighting against my body I finally reached the base of his cock. He groaned and I held myself there for a few moments. He was oozing into my mouth that I did quiet enjoy, he tasted like cherries? I pulled off his cock a bit just to see the pleasure on his face. I wanted to go farther but I couldn't be sure of how he would take that. I decided to test my luck.

I lifted his legs and kissed down the tender patch between his balls and his sweet hole. It was almost puckering up for me at that moment, we both knew what was coming next, but when I kissed it you would have thought Josh came all over. He didn't but he was enjoying himself which gave me more than enough pleasure to continue. I simply kissed the hole for a moment, just to be gentle to be playful, perhaps even a bit spiteful to make him so turned on that he could barely contain himself. He clawed at the sheets, I slipped my tongue inside him and he screamed so hard, I thought he might wake the dead, much less Colt.

The fact that he was being so satisfied had me hard again, beyond hard, I was throbbing. My cock was dying in anticipation. He looked down and screamed. "Put it in me, damn you, I can't take this teasing, you are killing my senses, I'm likely to kill over from ecstasy before you ever go all the way." He was so serious it was cute, it was funny I started laughing mid lick. "You want it that badly?" I asked smiling and teasing him.

"Yes, please, don't tease me like this." He said with the most adorable eyes. I positioned myself ever so carefully as not to enter him, I pushed forward and slid my now rock hard cock between his cheeks. He looked up at me and smiled. "You enjoy playing with me too much." We laughed.

"Fine, I just enjoy teasing you, you get so cute when you get flustered." I chimed. He blushed. He moved forward in order to get under him a bit. I pushed against the tight hole, still making sure not to enter him. "I will be gentle, tell me If it get to be too much okay? This is your first time, and I want it to be pleasurable but it probably going to hurt at first. Tell me to stop and I will" He nodded. I proceeded to push, perhaps a bit to hard, as at first the hole refused to yield a inch to me, but when it opened it did so in a fashion that about 3 inches slide in at once. He winced as I realized what I had done. "I'm sorry Josh." I said as I looked at his eyes closed in pain and his body tensed from the shock.

"Noah..." He said.

"Yeah, you want me to pull out?" I asked.

"I don't remember telling you to stop." He said with one eye partially open. Stubborn kid, we both were probably why we got along so well, neither one ever willing to admit we had hit our limit.

I pushed inch after inch till I was in up to my pubes. Josh had a look on his face like someone had stabbed him repeatedly, but that soon faded as I leaned down to kiss him. He kissed me so compassionately, that it almost made me regretful for teasing him so. He smiled mid kiss and spoke without breaking contact but by a hair. "I really do love you Noah, I am so glad you are okay." I leaned down and kissed his neck, as he moaned, after a few moments of letting him adjust he declared that he was ready. I slowly but steadily began to grind into him, moving very little at first to avoid causing him any pain.

After a few moments of this repeated motion, I carefully slid about halfway out and slowly re-inserted myself. He moaned into my neck. He grabbed my hands and opened them, He kissed my wounds. I truly didn't deserve this man, he was so kind, so compassionate. He was innocent in that way, like the fact that life had been hard hadn't damaged his child like happiness in the least, to be honest I was a bit jealous of that. I slid back and forth in rhythmic pattern. He begged me to let him cum, he need it, he wanted it. I sped up bit by bit, finally I let him hit his climax, he began to shoot across my chest. His ass at the same time began to squeeze my already throbbing cock. He was pushing me over the edge just by coming, it was warm, it was soft it felt amazing when he took that last heavy breath. I came inside him so hard that I was light headed. I fell on him both of us dripping wet in sweat. "I love you Josh." I told him as laid on top with my body pressed against him. We got up and showered.

Just in time to see Jeremy pull up into the driveway, "Colt, Jeremy is home." I called. Colt just smiled and handed me and Josh money. "Go see a movie or something, me and Jeremy have to catch up." He stated so easily. The calmness of this man was unreal. We just nodded. "Colt." Josh said looking up at the man a few inches taller than himself.

Colt looked down and in return Josh reared up and kissed him. "I missed you, I am glad you are okay, now go and show my dad that he hasn't been waiting for nothing." He said with a wink.

"So that is what Noah tastes like." Colt said while laughing at my expense.

Me and Colt left, brushing past my father on the way up the stairs. "Noah?!?" He called behind us.

I turned around and ran up too him. I grabbed his neck and hugged him. "It is good to see you, but we will catch up later, I left you a present in your bedroom, a little something I happen to bring back, I think you will like it." I said with a smile as I headed back down the steps.


Author's Notes: Wow, already on part 5 and I have written 41 pages(13 today alone)... over 23,000 words for this story alone. I love the emails/comments/notes you guys leave me just wanted to say that so you know that I haven't forgotten about you guys, I appreciate every single letter you guys leave me. I can't promise the next part will be out anytime soon as I start a new semester in a week's time and between full time schooling, half time working, and a fulltime GIRLFRIEND(that's right, a girl) who I am seriously involved with I don't see me having a lot of time for writing (besides the possible term paper). Also on a slightly happier note, I have been reading "The boy with the scar on his face", and I am torn, I feel like there is more I would like to do with the story, and I wanted to ask, do you think I should go back and rework some of it, and make it longer/more descriptive, or (another idea I have been kicking around,) Continue the story from Ian's point of view as he starts his romance with Connor, neither? Both? Or perhaps I should just leave it be and let it have a rest. I am having trouble making a firm decision on that one. Anyways, I love you guys thanks so much for all the support. I honestly can not express in words what it means to me that people like my work, as an artist of any kind will tell you the only thing they hope for is that someone, anyone will enjoy the thing that they have worked so hard on, much like how a parent raises a child, that is how any author feels about his book, he raises it carefully and hope when he releases it into the world that he has given the "child" everything he needs to succeed. So once more, I thank you and please do let me know about continuing the story for "The boy with the scar on his face." and as always leave your love/hate/criticism/Praise either below (because I do read them) or on my email, as I will reply. ;D Thanks again. Also before i forget, IF you guys read "the boy with the scar on his face." then you probably noticed that 'Eli Williams' appears in both, this was supposed to be a bit of hidden easter egg for you guys to find, but I am not great at waiting lol.(sorry for the long author's note but I have slaved over this computer for 6 hours today to get this right for you guys, and I may have accidentally taken a double dose of my meds.) Love you guys.




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