Chapter one

I woke up to find yet another random guy getting out my bed; He looked at me and smiled. "It was great, thanks I really need to just get down and dirty. I nodded as he put a stack of cash on my dresser. He was tall, and built, and somewhat well endowed, but his face wasn't much to look at. He turned and asked "Is this a normal thing for you? I know that it isn't any of my business, but why do you do this?" I bowed my head in shame. "Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes, to keep clothing on your child's back and food in his mouth." He gave me a firm scowl, then put some more money on the dresser "Tell your kid, that his dad isn't a bad man for doing this, that you are doing it for him." He felt like I couldn't sink any lower as I practically whispered "He doesn't know, I told him that I go off on business trips, and they pay for me to go to different locations for 'Customer Satisfaction'." "How old is he if you don't mind me asking?" He asked almost ashamed of what he had just done to me, knowing my reason. I got up, forgetting I was completely naked, I sat back down. "He is 16; he will be 17 in a month and 3 days." He said, "I think he should know what you have been doing for him, how long have you been doing this?." I frowned, "almost 10 years, since his mom divorced me. I think it is best if we got off this subject, I rather not say anything else." He smiled, "I really was nice." He said as he walked out the door.

I got up, and put on some clothing, and I went and counted the money, it was a lot more than we had agreed on. It was almost a grand and a half. "I only asked that it be 400." I whispered to myself. I signed out of the hotel. "Mr. Hudson" I heard someone call from behind. I had registered the room under a fake name; my real name is Jeremy Smith. I turned around to see a handsome young hotel employee, "You forgot your bag upstairs." Thank you" I said with an almost over welcoming smile.

I got back to my house, to see Josh sitting on the couch, "Dad!" he said with such enthusiasm it almost knocked me over. "Yes, son?" I smiled. "How was your trip?" he chimed "I got paid!" I said rubbing the back of my head, trying not to look into his eyes. "Want to go get some lunch?" I said trying to change the subject. "Well, sure I guess, where were you thinking?" He asked so courteously. "How about that new sports bar place?" I asked "Dad, you promised you wouldn't go anywhere that you might have to go off on business to review later." He smiled "If I promise that we will just eat and I won't do any business what would you say?" He nodded and we got into the car.

At the Sports bar, Kenney's Wild Time or something like that. We arrived and I ordered us some steak, and cokes. Josh and I were actually talking for once, about girls, sports, and just shooting the breeze, when he brought up his mother. "Wow, I don't see why mom ditched you for that loser .... holy shit I am so sorry." I looked down, "It is ok, Josh, I know what you meant." Josh frowned and continued to try to shovel down his steak. We ate in silence for around 40 minutes. This adorable, blonde haired blue eyed boy no more than maybe 16 walked right up to the table, He introduced himself as Tim. "Is there anything else I can get you two?" He said smiling. I noticed he was practically drooling over Josh. "I'm good, I said." Josh said "Can, I get some more steak sauce." "Sure" he smiled as he walked away. I looked at Josh, "He wants to give you more than just some steak sauce." I smiled. "What do you mean dad?" he said in almost an angelic ignorance. "He wants to screw your brains out son." He frowned "Eww, Dad, That's just Nasty!" "Shhhh, keep your voice down." I whispered. "But, it is, I mean he is a dude, and I don't swing that way." I laughed "Haha, It's not like you have to I was just stating the fact." I paid and we left.

We were on the way home, when Josh's phone rang. "Hello?" There was a lot muffled voice and "Uh-huh" coming from Josh, When he turned over and asked "Its Jimi, he wants to know if I can come over and spend the night." I looked at him "As long as it's okay with his mother." He nodded, and a few minutes later I was driving him over to Jimi's house, nice boy, very athletic, a year and a half older than Josh, wildly popular, and handsome. I was happy Josh had a friend like him to help him be popular in school. I finally got back home and decided to waste some time watching TV.

It was about 5 p.m. when I heard a knock on my door. I opened it, and there stood, the sexiest man I had ever laid eyes on. "Hey, there Jeremy, remember me?" his voice, my god, it was all coming back to me in strides. "Colt? From the marines?" He smiled, "You remembered! I was afraid it has been a while!" I looked him up and down considering I hadn't seen him since we were both about 17, we were barely old enough to join the marines back then. "My God, You have gotten bigger, and a lot more muscular since I last saw you." He turned slightly red, "You're one to talk, I mean you were always a stud, even back then, now I see time has been good to you." My head finally started thinking straight. "Come in, sit down, have a beer." He smiled and walked right on in and sat on my couch, I went and got two beers. "My god, how you been" I asked as I handed him the beer. He looked at me and said "I've been good, I heard you moved out here, and I am passing through on business, and I figured, I would see you while I was here, How about you, that girl and you ever get hitched, you couldn't ever shut up about her when we were in the marines?" I frowned and looked down, "We did, but we have been divorced close to 10 years now." He turned bright red, "I am sorry dude what happened?" I looked up, "I came home one day, and found her in bed... with Jerry, the dude from up the street." He scowled, "ouch, man I really am sorry." I smiled "but, it is ok, Thanks to her, I have Josh now, my son, He is the only thing I took, I told her to keep the rest." He smiled, "You didn't mention you had a kid, what does he look like?" This made me happy, "He is the spittin image of me. I looked just like him at that age." He laughed, "He must be a stud, beating the ladies off him, I remember you had to beat men and women off you, when we went out to the bar." I laughed "He had a time today, when we went to eat, he got upset because I pointed out that the waiter, obviously wanted to give him, some very excellent service." Colt burst out laughing, "I see he still has your sex appeal, that poor boy, he is going to have to go throughout life with people always coming on to him, whether he likes it or not."

We continued to talk shooting the breeze, and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off his crotch because he was sitting in all accounts dude style with his legs split right up to his groin, and it took a lot of me not to crawl between them. "It's getting late, I guess I should get going." He said as he drunkenly walked towards the door. "No, you should spend the night, you done had 8 beers, and these roads get dangerous at night." He smiled, I don't see a guest room." "You can sleep in my room, and I will sleep in Josh's." He stumbled a little going up the stairs, but I got to watch his nice butt walk up them, so I was cool with it. I got up and helped him, but I made sure I had positioned myself so I could look at him along the way. I opened to door, and got him onto my bed, he smiled but turned over to sleep. I went to leave, but he turned and pulled me into the bed, said, "I can't take your bed all to myself, besides its big enough for us both."

I should have disagreed, I should have known better but I didn't and I went to sleep right next to him. I awoke from what felt like a dream sleep it was wonderful, to find that he was still lying beside me, I decided to sneak out. I reached to door and opened it just enough to get out, when I hear him call "Hey, where you going?" I turned slowly ashamed I had let him catch me. He winked and said "When I get a little buzzed, I like to sleep with people, it doesn't have to involve sex, but I like the feel of someone else in the same bed." I smiled and excused myself. He took a shower but I did my best to not look as I handed him a towel through the door. He left about an hour later. I had just started cooking dinner, when Josh walked through the door. "Hey Josh, did you have fun?" He wobbled into the kitchen, "It was, it was pretty fun." I got a scowl, he smelt of alcohol. "Josh, Have you been drinking?" he was quiet for a moment, then he said "No, Dad, well actually, I Have, Jimi and I had some vodka." I was more concerned about how he got home now "HOW DID YOU GET HOME?" I slightly yelled, "I called Noah from school and he picked me up." I didn't know whether to hug him or beat him senseless, so I hugged, him and grounded him. "Go, to your room Josh, no friends, no sports, no TV, and no cellphone, for two weeks."

He staggered off to his room. I finished cooking the stew and I told him it was ready and to come get it. He was already out on his bed, so I had a little, but my mind couldn't get off colt. I wanted him so bad. I thought maybe I should throw myself at him while he was in town, then I thought, 'Are you crazy, think about it, you a prostitute, and love is only in movies, and if it was real, it's not for you, remember love got you cheated on, and only half custody of Josh.' So I did the only thing I could do when I feel sad, I got out on the street, looked for a potential client, now I didn't stand on street corners like most people think, I went to a local bar, looked for a big spender and sank my hooks in. Well this time I bit off more than I could chew, I got there and there was a man who was practically giving money away, he looked clean, well dressed, and slightly drunk. I walked up and said "Maybe me and you should go somewhere more private." He said "Well hello there Mr. ,you are sexy as hell, I will go where ever you want to go." I smiled, "I can make your wildest dreams a reality, but nothing is free." We went outside and headed for his car as he handed me around a grand in hundred dollar bills, I looked up and He smiled real big and some police walked up and slapped handcuffs on me. "Yey, you will be spending the night at my place... Winslow county jail."

He put me in the back of his unmarked car and we went down to the station, they booked me and picked me out a cell. I had only one choice I was going to have to call Josh, he could bring the money down. I called the house, "Hello" this was a different voice. "Josh?" I asked even though I was sure it wasn't him. "No, it is Colt, I left my cellphone on the counter, I can get him if you-" I cut him off, "Colt, I know it has been a while but I need a huge favor." He sounded kind of worried the way I put it.

I continued I am in "Winslow county Jail house, and I need you to bail me out, I have around 3 grand in the night stand pull up the bottom of the drawer and it is to the left next to the gun." He said ok and hung up. A hour later, he arrived and they went through the process and I was released. He looked at me. "What the hell did you do man?" I wanted to lie but there was no point in hiding it. "I-I k-kind of am a.... prostitute." He got this awkward and confused look on his face. "A prostitute as in a-" I broke in, I wanted to cry but I choked it down "I am a slut for hire, a whore for pay, I am a fucking hooker."

He didn't say anything he pulled me into his heavenly muscles, he held me for a long time. When he let go, I realized I had accidentally cried a little and there was a spot on his shirt. He didn't seem to mind, he said "how long have you been doing this and why?" I looked down. About twice a month for about 8 or 9 years, and I do it because my wife took everything, and I got fired from work, Josh was a sick baby, and I had to watch him, and if I could I wouldn't do it any other way." He scowled "why not find another job?" I frowned, "Because I was out of work for close to 2 months my savings where practically gone and my wife was threatening to have me arrested over backed child support even though I have him 3 weeks out the month, I swear I think she fucked the judge to get what she wanted, and no job would hire me after all the lies she spread about me around town, so I decided I would do whatever it takes to keep Josh fed and clothed."

He looked down, "I'm sure her lies have subsided by now." I felt ashamed. "The problem is I keep going for interviews and I am always recognized because I have screwed someone in the office." He giggled a little bit, "Well, I guess it is whatever it takes, I need to stay in town for a few month and I could use your house for sleeping and give you rent money, keep you off the street for a while keep you look for a better job." I didn't know what to say. "You, don't have to support me, I am not a child, I can handle this, I don't need you to baby me." He held me closer "I don't need to help you, I want to help you, you saved my life back in the army remember? You took out that sniper who had his scope set on me."

I was bewildered, "I didn't think that you knew about it." He smiled "Someone let it slip what you did and made me promise that I wouldn't tell you." I looked up "Let's see, it must have been, Johnny, only other soul who ever knew, and I made him promise to take it to his grave." He grinned "You always were the humble type, most people would have paraded around like a god if they had saved another marine's life." "Yey, but see the thing is, I didn't ever want you to feel you owed me anything like you do now, if I hadn't of saved you, there is no way you would be offering me rent to stay at my place." He chuckled, "I have more reasons but let's talk about them at your place."

When we got home Josh had slept off most of his tipsiness, "Hey, Dad, I know I am in huge trouble for what happened, but I need to tell you something first –" The way he put this worried me I nodded and he continued "I wasn't drunk but I think Jimi was, He tried to-" as Colt walked into the door, the entire room got silent. After a pause I said "Yes son? What did he try to do?" He looked down. I asked Colt to get me something from the room upstairs. "Okay, it is just you and me, now finish." He started turning red, "Jimi Tried to kiss me dad, and worst off I let him, Dad I don't want to be a faggot." I Smiled and laughed then I proceed to hug him. I held him close "You aren't a faggot son, you're a teenager, it normal to experiment at this age, in fact there is a good chance you will grow up and only like girls." He pulled back and I could see he was crying. "Dad, you don't understand, I liked it." I pulled him close again, and said "Son, you will be okay, It isn't the end of the world if you are bisexual or gay, I will love you no matter what, and your true friends will accept you for you, and tell the rest them to fuck off."

He held me for a long time, not the usual dad type hug but almost strangely long. I noticed Colt had been watching us from the stairs he was trying to give us our privacy. I pulled away. "Son, I need to go talk to Colt, he is going to be staying with us a while, I will be on the couch and he will be on my bed if you need me." Josh looked at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes, you can sleep in my bed dad, I will take the couch." I declined. "No dad, you don't understand you are going to sleep in a bed, you work, and I don't have school for a few more weeks so that is that." I liked how he was trying to be adult like but I was the adult, so I said "No, I get the couch and you get the bed." He looked at me, "Listen dad, either you sleep on my bed or I will sleep on the floor and then neither of us will be using it." I cracked a grin and said "But it's your bed." He smiled and said "and its big we can share, unless you are afraid to sleep with your son." I knew what he was implying he was testing whether I was really okay with the idea of him being bi or gay. "Sure son it's a queen, and Me and you need to learn to share." Colt kicked in, "Your bed is bigger if you want, you can sleep with me or we can simply trade rooms that way you two don't have to all awkwardly tangled up in the mornings."

Finally we all decided that I would sleep in my room with Colt and on weekends Josh got the big bed with me. It was already late, and I decide we should all go to bed, as I crawled into bed, Colt stripped down to his underwear. He looked at me almost as questioning whether or not to leave them on. "Colt, you know I don't care, mean it isn't like I didn't see you naked in the marine latrines." He nodded "but this is different, we never slept together naked or anything, and what if I bone you something randomly during the night." I laughed at the awkward question "You will not be the first to bone me, and even though we never slept together, if I remember correctly we fooled around a few times in the latrines after the others left." He looked kind of embarrassed I remembered those times. "Yey, that was probably to this day the best blow job I ever got." I smiled "Some people just don't know how to handle big guns." He smiled and got into bed. He leaned over and whispered "maybe, you would like me to return the favor?" I was shocked but I didn't oppose the idea of this god like man doing anything he damn well pleased to me. Before I could answer he leaned over and took half of me in his mouth, I could feel it growing inside his mouth, he kept caressing with his tongue. It had been years since I had gotten anything like this from people normally I was on my hands and knees not the other way around. I tilted my head back in pleasure, and then I pushed him off. "Please Colt, don't I don't want to feel like there is something here, so before we go any further, lets agree its just sex, no feelings." He smiled and went back down on me, his mouth was pure heaven, it occurred to me that he had to have had some experience, he licked my shaft up and down, he looked up and said "God, you are big, it's hard to take all of you." I smiled and he continued down on me, I was almost out of breath when he slid his finger in between my butt cheeks, and pushed. I felt it go in, it was about 10 seconds later I almost choked trying to say "I am about to cum, Colt back off or I will blast your mouth." He got off just long enough to utter "I know, let me have it, I always wanted to do this when we were in the marines, but I was afraid you would think I was a faggot." He went down one last time, I came, It went all in his mouth, It was running out the corners, I heard him swallow and he seemed confused as how I was letting so much out at a time.

When I finished it was on my chest and all over his face considering a good bit had slipped out his mouth. He started lapping it up off my chest. Then I went down on him, he uttered something I couldn't make out, he grabbed the back of my head "Oh, this is the mouth I remember, god I loved this mouth back then, and it has only gotten better." I smiled I was great as blowjobs, and everything else sexual, he practically humped my face with his huge cock almost choked me once, I deep throated him a few times and pulled back just as he came in my mouth. I gulped down his enormous load. He cuddled up to me, like teenagers do after the first time. He held me for a long time and we just talked. I looked up and saw our door was cracked and I heard the floorboards creek, I got up and went out. I walked straight to Josh's room to see him trying to sneak back in bed. He looked at me kind of with a look of shock, understanding, and envy. "Josh... I don't know what to say, what did you see?" He looked at me but he wouldn't make eye contact, "Dad, I saw enough, that was so sweet, I hate to admit it but I am kind of jealous, I wish I had someone to hold me like that." I climbed into his bed "That was just sex, I don't expect anything out of him, that is strictly sex." He laughed, "Okay Dad, if you say so, I think you more than just like fucking him, you kind of like him." I was blushing like hell. Colt walked in, "I didn't scare you off did I Jeremy?" Josh looked at him and said "Mr. Colt, he was just talking about how he wants some more." "JOSH!" I blurted out. "So, I guess he saw." Colt stuttered. "Yey I kinda did I, it was really hot, but who is the girl in the relationship?" Josh asked. Me and Colt looked at each other "We haven't gotten that far" I stammered.

Josh looked at me, and said "Well, either way, one day I hope I can be that happy looking." "You will be" me and Colt stammered in almost unison. Josh hugged me, "I hope so, because the only one who I know loves me in you, Dad." I had to look away if I didn't I was going to tear up again. "I love you too ,son." Colt went back to bed as he probably felt like he was intruding on a private moment. "Dad, why didn't you ever tell me you liked men?" Josh started. "Well son, because I didn't want you to think any less of me for it, I wanted you to think of me as manly, not some girly guy who paints their nails and sings to Brittney Spears." He started chuckling, "I could never see you as a girly guy even if you are the girl in the relationship, but I think you should give Colt a chance, maybe make a new life for us, and maybe even find love and happiness for yourself." I held him tight, "Josh, I love you so much, you just know all the right things to mess with my head, you truly are my child." We laughed and I held him lying there for a long time, he fell asleep in my arms.

The next morning Colt came into the room, "Wake up Jeremy." He whispered into my ear, I got up and went to the living room with him. He sat on the couch and patted the seat next to him. I sat like a good obedient dog. He started "I think we do need to talk about who is the girl in the relationship, Jeremy, your son brought up a good question when you think about it." I smiled. "I'm the bitch, don't you know I will happily be the girl in this relationship?" He smiled and Josh walked in. "Hi dad, hey Colt, what is for breakfast?" he almost chimed. After breakfast Josh went to his part time job at the mall, some little in style place, selling the latest teenage fashions, (God help them).

I got cozy on the couch, when colt came up behind me. "Since Josh is gone till 5, can we have a little bit of the good stuff?" I looked at him, I was already hard with him just putting his hands on my legs, I couldn't imagine telling this stud that I wasn't in the mood. I looked at him and said "How do you want it? I want you to ride it first, then, how about you lay on your stomach?" I pulled out the lube before he could finish the sentence I was ready and willing and before I knew it I was all lubed up and ready to go. I handed him the bottle he drizzled some onto his dick and stroked it, when he leaned back onto the couch I hoped on him like the last horse out of Texas. He pushed halfway in, and I I moaned from the pain, I could feel him, he was bigger than a most if not all of the men who I had sex with for money, even though it felt like he was tearing me in two I refused to back off, maybe it was pride, maybe it was lust, or maybe it was even love but I took it, all the way to the hilt I felt his pubes against my ass. "Wow, you must be hung I had never been in that much pain before, how big are you?" I asked with hunger in my eyes, I really didn't care how big he was I was trying to talk the pain away. "9 inches and some change, I have never had anyone take the whole thing like that, and my god you are tight, I had to fight Cuming when you went down the first time, I feel your ass squeezing my cock." I moaned as I went up and he came out about half way and I went down, the pain was starting to be replaced with ecstasy, as I sunk all the way down again, me and Colt both moaned pretty loudly. I rode him like that for a few minutes, his cock kept pushing against my prostate causing my cock to quiver when I reached the bottom. "Jeremy, I want to change positions so that I can really make it something great for you." With that and one quick movement he had me bent into looking at him, he pushed my feet onto his shoulders and leaned down for a kiss, he burst through my already busted butt, it felt like it didn't take much force this time. He as kissing me so passionately as he swiveled his hips in circles causing me to claw at the couch like a pissed off kitty. "Oh God, Colt, I am gonna cum!" and within seconds I shot all over his bare chest and moments later, he asked me "Do you want me to pull out, I am on the verge too." I looked at him and smiled "I wanna feel it explode inside me!" He came and I could feel his warm cum shooting into me. He fell on top of me and kissed my neck as I panted. "I am not as young as I once was." I said with a smile and with that he pulled out with a loud pop. We showered together and though I wanted round two it was already 4:35 and that meant that Josh would be coming home soon, I just couldn't risk it.

Josh walked in a little early, with a boy toy that only exist in fantasy, I mean if I was 5 years younger I would have been all over this child. He stood about six foot with a surfers body, blonde hair, blue eyes and cute as hell is hot. " Hi Mr. Smith I am Noah, Josh's friend from school, I gave him the ride home the other night."

TO BE CONTINUED... If you like it please send me email about it, sorry the sex scene is at the end, apparently I am writing novel instead of a story so let me know.



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