Dan and I slept right through the afternoon and woke up around five p.m. When I opened my eyes, he was leaning up on an elbow on his side and smiling at me.

'Hello, my sweet,' he said and kissed me.

'Hi,' I smiled back. I sat up and he did too and he grabbed me and pulled me close to him.

'Do you remember what I said to you before we fell asleep?' he whispered into my ear.

'Yes, I do.'

'I meant it, Andy. I can't think about the possibility of us being apart again. Whatever it takes.'

'Dan, I guess I don't know exactly what you mean - I'm guessing you're not leaving your wife and I hadn't planned on leaving Ron - but I do miss you and want to see you, like we used to.'

He looked deep into my eyes and said, 'Can we work this out again liked it once was? I need to know.'

'I'm willing to try this again. I'm definitely still in love with you, Dan. I just hope it doesn't get harder and harder like last time. It was too intense for awhile there, falling in love with you and not being able to move forward to the next level. I don't know if I can handle that again.'

He sat in silence for a moment, considering what I said. 'We don't know unless we try and I'm willing to take the risk. If I weigh both options, I'd much rather be with you and take a chance rather than not see you again.'

I thought about it and told myself that I should take each day as it comes for now. He flew into see me, Ron was out of town, Dan said he could stay for a few days, and I wanted him again. I was probably thinking more with my dick and my heart at that point, rather than being rational, but I've never really been rational.

We took a shower together and messed around and we were soon laughing and teasing each other and fell easily back into our old ways of affection and talking to each other. I felt a sense of relief at that moment, especially when I looked at him and saw in his eyes that he was serious about keeping me in his life. I could tell.

When we were getting dressed, my phone buzzed and I saw it was Steve so I picked up. He and Mark were going out to get some dinner and did we want to join them? Dan was up for it - he said he hadn't gotten to know much about my friends or my life and he was anxious to meet them. Did they know about us, he wondered? I admitted that Steve knew, as he was one of my closest friends.

'I hope that's ok, Dan. He'll respect our privacy - he probably told Mark, of course, but it won't go anywhere.'

'You know, Andy - I'm not that recognized really. I don't care if your friends know we're fucking.'

'Well, Steve is a fan of yours.'

'It will be nice to meet him - don't worry.' He hugged me and kissed my neck.

We drove over to where Steve's shop is. Mark was meeting us there as Steve finished up work. He was packing up his station when we walked in.

'Steve, this is Dan - Dan, Steve,' and they shook hands.

'I'm so glad to meet you, Dan - I'm a huge fan,' Steve said.

'Thanks, mate - I appreciate it,' Dan smiled at him.

Mark showed up and we made more introductions. Steve's co-worker and friend Miles, who is apparently a HUGE fan of Dan's came over to tell Steve something as he was leaving and didn't hear us come in.

'Hi Andy, Hi Mark,' Miles said. 'Oh, sorry, I didn't see you had visitors, Steve.'

Dan put his hand out and said 'I'm Dan, I'm visiting Andy.'

Miles went to shake his hand and then stepped back again. 'Dan Peril? Are you? You look just like him!'

Dan smiled and nodded.

Miles, who is generally a tough tattoo-covered ladies man all of a sudden sounded like a school girl.

'Oh my God! What are you doing here? I'm a huge fan of yours - since the beginning! Are you playing somewhere and I didn't hear about it?' he was almost gushing.

'Thank you, Miles, and no, just visiting Andy.' Miles looked back and forth between me and Dan and back again and said, 'Oh - that's cool.' and he immediately looked suspicious.

'Andy, I had no idea you knew Dan Peril. I am a gigantic fan,' Miles looked at me.

Dan piped up - 'We've known each other for twenty years now - I can't believe it,' and he smiled at me.

Steve was getting a big kick out of how confused Miles looked at that moment. 'It's what you think it is, Miles,' I said. 'Just keep it to yourself.'

He nodded and didn't say anything at all. 'We're taking off for dinner, Miles. See you tomorrow?' Steve said and Miles nodded again, stunned.


Dinner was a lot of fun. Steve and Mark really liked Dan and they all talked music and politics and I sometimes joined in, but my mind was elsewhere. I was still thinking about how we could pull this off again. The lies worked for so many years now, but what now? How long could this go on for? Steve kept looking over at me and I knew he was reading my mind. I tried to fake it so Dan wouldn't notice my pensive state. We finished dinner and split up outside and Dan and I headed back to the hotel.

'So, you're comfortable with my friends knowing about us? Isn't there a risk that it could eventually get back to your wife?' I asked while I drove.

'I can't see how it would get back to her - people don't generally recognize me unless they're huge fans. The guys I work with know about you and they always cover for me. You're worried though, I can tell.' He put his hand on my thigh. 'Let's not talk about that - I just want to be with you and have a great time together.'

His phone buzzed while I was driving and he looked at it and must have pressed 'ignore.' It buzzed another time and he did it again.

'Take your calls if you need to. I'll be quiet.'

'No, I'm here to focus on us only. It's my little vacation - no business.' He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek while I drove.

We stayed pretty silent after that. I had some music on and he was looking outside at the life on the streets and I could see him smiling.

We arrived back at the hotel and as we walked up to the building he grabbed my arm and whispered under his breath into my ear with clenched teeth, 'let's get upstairs so I can ravage that body of yours,' which made me start to get aroused. As the elevator doors closed and we were alone, he attacked me with a full on hard kiss and backed me into the corner of the elevator car. I was actually a little startled as I was still thinking of what I was thinking about earlier. He reached his hand down and grabbed my crotch as he continued kissing me, moving to my neck. The elevator stopped at our floor and he was still all over me as the door opened and there were five or six people waiting to get on. I could feel my face growing hot as they all stared at us when we exited; one woman who had a child with her had her mouth hanging open and gave me a dirty look as we walked past them.

Dan put the key in the door, we walked in and he locked it quickly. Then he looked at me hungrily and grabbed my back and pulled me into him rather hard.

'Get those clothes off so I can have my way with you,' he whispered in my ear and then started biting my earlobe and neck and unbuttoning my jeans and my shirt while he kissed me. I held on to the back of his neck to lean in and kiss him and started undressing him. We were trying to kiss and do this at the same time and we fell onto the bed, partially dressed and I was horny as hell.

I pulled my shirt the rest of the way off and took off his t-shirt and I started biting his nipples right away and spent a long time doing it because it really made him start to moan. Then I climbed on his stomach and started kissing him all over his face and neck and chest and I kept pinching his nipples between my fingers and he squirmed and was moaning and laughing all at the same time. I knew I hit a jackpot with that one so I didn't stop and I could feel his cock pushing against his pants and pushing slightly against my lower back as I sat on him.

I decided to be more bold this time and I climbed off him and took my jeans and boxers off and climbed back on top of him facing away from his face. Then I pulled down his pants and shorts and turned myself back facing forward and I got close to him and shoved my cock in his mouth and he moaned and took me all in and started working on me after raising himself up a little on the pillows for a better vantage point. I reached back and started stroking his cock as I thrust in and out of mouth. I grabbed his balls and was squeezing them and he was getting pretty worked up.

I kept fucking his mouth, finally balancing my hands on the headboard behind him and really going at it. He grabbed my ass and was fully into the rhythm I started and pushed me in and out. He started playing with my ass a little as he kept sucking me and I kept going. I was going on for a long long time and I even looked down at him, his mouth full of my cock and said 'need a break?' and he said 'no' while I was still in his mouth. Then I suddenly started to feel like I was going to blow any second and I said 'are you ready - I wanna come in your mouth' and he moaned and I really slammed my cock into his mouth and shot my load all the way into his throat and he was moaning while I went out and in a few more times, emptying myself.

I stopped and he looked sort of surprised that I did all that and so I leaned down and kissed him and tasted a little of my own cum and I grabbed his face and said 'thanks for that - that was fucking awesome' and he smiled and I kept sitting on his stomach and he didn't say anything and I grabbed the lube and started lubing him up and started fingering my ass a bit.

I kept looking at him and then I turned myself around and got off him and told him to sit more upright against the headboard. I went down and stroked him a bunch more, going under to suck on his balls a little. Next I climbed up over him and sat down on his cock my back to him and he groaned really loudly and put his hands on my waist. I moved myself up and down on his cock and I hadn't done it in that position in a while and it felt pretty good. I kept going for quite a long time. He kept his hands on my waist and was saying stuff like 'Oh Andy, oh yes, fuck, damn that feels fucking great, oh, don't stop, fuck me like that, Christ that feels good' and then I could feel his cock stiffen up even more inside me and could feel in his balls that he was going to come any second and then he moaned really loud and he squeezed my waist kind of hard and was trying desperately to move his hips and he couldn't because I sat right down and leaned back a bit and moved my hips and I felt him come right up into me, more powerful than last night and he was saying 'oh oh oh my god fuck' and I smiled to myself as I felt him ejaculate a couple more spurts.

I climbed off him and he put his arms out for me to come to him and I lay down on top of him and he kissed me and held me with his eyes closed.

'That was fucking brilliant and so intense,' he was breathless and still had his eyes shut.

'I'm glad I made you feel so good, sweetie,' and I kissed his cheeks all over.

'I am so lucky to be here with you, my love. You're so sexy and hot and you do incredible things to me,' he whispered to me. 'I love you, Andy.'

I didn't say it back, because I was still hesitant to go so far again and get myself wrapped up, but at the same time, I loved being with him.


That visit went on for two more days - he was insatiable, wanting to fuck three or four times a day. I even did something fun one night. I woke him up in the middle of the night by laying on top of him and whispering dirty things into his ear and he stirred and was getting hard and I rubbed my cock against his and held him down while I continued to say nasty things in his ear and he came really hard like that. I was fully enjoying myself but I knew the time was coming to a close.

The morning he left, we didn't know what to say or do. I took him to the airport after a quickie marathon before he checked out. At the curb we sat there as long as we could before the airport police started getting a little testy. He hugged me close and kissed me and when he drew back I saw his eyes were wet. Mine were too.

'When will I see you next?' I asked him.

'Not sure - can you come up to San Francisco for a few days soon?' I nodded but said I wasn't sure when.

'I'll text or call you every day, Andy. I love you and will think about you all the time. I hope we can be together again soon.'

'It's pretty much up to you, Dan - it's easier for me to get out than you. Make a plan and give me the details.'

We got out of the car and he grabbed me in another bone-crushing hug. He kissed me passionately and his eyes were still wet.

'I love you,' he said and he turned away; I'm pretty sure he was actually crying.

'I love you, too,' I finally said. As he got towards the door he turned around and blew me a kiss and waved but I could tell he wasn't fully together.



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