I hung up the phone with Dan and I wondered if this was the right thing to do. I mean, open marriage and all, I was taking a risk since we hadn't seen each other for some time. What if he had changed? What if we weren't attracted to each other anymore?

I had been keeping up on his career through the internet and occasional magazines. I faithfully bought every record he put out and loved all of them. But our last night together a couple of years ago we had fought. Fought about how we were so close but yet he couldn't own up to what he felt for me and where this should go. While I am still deeply in love with Ron, the open marriage arrangement we have still worked pretty well. I hadn't been with anyone else in a while and I just wanted to see what would happen.

As promised, he called the next day.

'Andy, I've got a flight. I'll be there tomorrow at 1. Can you pick me up?'

'Absolutely! Did you book a hotel?'

'Yes, I did.'

'That's great. Looking forward to catching up.'

'Me, too. So, tomorrow?'

'Yeah. I'll see you then.'


'What is it?'

'I've really missed you. I can't even remember why we stopped seeing each other. I hope you don't either.'

'I've missed you, too - we'll have a great time.'

I hung up and began to get nervous. I called Steve and asked him if I could come have lunch with him and that I had something important to talk to him about. He said sure and I so I went down to his shop to pick him up.

After we sat down and ordered some food at the Greek place a few doors down, he said 'Okay, so what's up?'

'Well, I have a bombshell to drop before I get to the really important part.'

'What's going on? Everything okay?'

'Remember when you and Jill and me were talking about that night we saw Daniel's band and I went backstage and picked him up?'

'Yessss,' he looked suspicious.

'Well, what I've never told anyone is that we ended up in an on-and-off affair for years now. Ron never knew and Dan is actually married to a woman and he's hid it from her all this time. The guys he plays with know but they've always kept it a secret between them.'

'You're kidding! How could you keep this inside for so long?'

'We were very clever and covered our bases and lied like crazy. Problem is we grew really close over the years and fell in love. It became really complicated and we ended it about two years ago, for what I thought was the last time. Then after we were talking about him I couldn't stop thinking about him again. Ron and I had a fight because I didn't want to go to London with him - I know he really didn't want me to go - I think he wanted a break and wanted to pick up some guys over there for some fun. So I found Dan's old number in a box in a closet and I called him. He's coming down here tomorrow to see me and probably staying for at least a few days.'

'Holy shit! Do you know what you're doing?'

'I hope so. Dan said he hasn't stoppped thinking about me all this time and didn't think I ever wanted to see him again.'

'Well, just be honest about the whole thing. Is he still married?'

'Yes, and he claims he hasn't slept with any men other than me all this time. I kind of believe it because I don't think he could manage more than one lie all this time. And I believe that he loved me, at least back then.'

'That's the problem with your open relationship - feelings get in the way of the sex. I'd be very careful about this - don't be afraid to cut loose, no matter what you feel between your legs!'

We talked for awhile more and I think he was probably right. Maybe I should have burned the phone number and forgotten. But I couldn't bear to - I just couldn't get him out of my mind. It didn't help that I spent the whole previous night listening to all of his records, one after another, after smoking some pot. I was reading lyrics, trying to make meaning out of them, trying to look for messages to me in them. Problem is, they're so abstract most of the time, and so minimal, that I couldn't find what I was looking for.


In the morning, I packed some things and threw them in the back hatch of the car. I couldn't think of bringing him to our house - it would be too weird. I was glad he booked a hotel and I assumed I'd be staying there, or not. But I wanted to be prepared. I got a text message on my phone from him that said 'Can't wait. See you at LAX' and I began to get knots in my stomach. I headed out early in case of traffic and found a cell phone lot to park in for a few minutes. Ron texted me from London saying 'Sorry about fight. Love you - I'll call later' and I deleted it without responding.

I went online on my phone and checked for the flight arrival and it was on time. I headed over to the airport, knowing it would take me a while to get to where I said I'd meet him. I told him to look for my car at the curb. I parked for a second until the police told me to move so I drove around a second time. As I rounded the corner, I saw him standing there. As I pulled up, he was all smiles, standing with his hands in his pockets, his bag on the ground, a messenger bag slung across his body. He was wearing a baseball cap, a black t-shirt and khaki Dickies, black boots, and a jean jacket was laying on top of his bag. He looked adorable and just as hot as the last time I saw him. I got out and didn't even say hello - he grabbed me and gave me a bone-crushing hug and kissed me on the top of the head. We pulled back and smiled at each other and I finally said 'Hi, Dan' and he said 'Hi, Andy' and hugged me again.

I opened the hatch and he threw his bag and jacket in and got into the car and put his messenger bag on the back seat. I got in and adjusted things like the air conditioning and got my ignition started and clicked off the hazards and as I was about to start to leave the curb, he said 'Wait a second, Andy,' and I shifted back into park and he grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me softly on the mouth and then pulled back and looked into my eyes.

'I can't believe I'm here with you again after all this time,' he whispered.

'Me, too, Dan - I'm so happy you're here,' and I smiled. 'Let's get out of here and go to your hotel so you can check in.'

We drove in silence for awhile and I put on some music, some old dub reggae that I thought he'd like and he seemed to settle in for the ride, a smile on his face, looking out the window. After a while, he broke the silence.

'What happened last time? I've tried to put it out of my mind because I was sad that we fought. I truly thought it was over between us and it was really depressing.'

'Well, I think we got so close to each other that I thought it was time we decided where this was heading and we couldn't come to a conclusion. I yelled at you and you yelled back and I hung up the phone on you. You called back and asked me to cool off so we could talk and I couldn't. You tried to get me a few other times and I ignored the calls. I'm sorry about that, Dan. I took it really hard.'

He reached over and squeezed my thigh and smiled at me. 'Maybe we can try this over again.'

I smiled but didn't say anything. I really didn't know what I was doing at that point, but I told myself that I should chill out and keep things in perspective. We were getting together for fun - not to discuss a serious relationship. I kept repeating that in my head while listening to the reggae and Dan started looking out the window and changing the subject. We talked about news, politics, films, all in the 45 minute drive from the airport.

We got there and he checked in and we headed upstairs. We got in the room and his phone buzzed. I sat on the bed and checked my email while I heard him on the phone. I figured out from his responses that it was one of the guys from the band. He said stuff like 'Yeah, just got here...yeah, everything's fine...literally just walked in to my room....I know, I know....yeah, send them to me and I'll have a listen...really got to go now...all right tomorrow. Cheers.'

'Sorry, Andy.' He smiled at sat down next to me and removed his hat.

'Come here.' He grabbed me and started kissing me and running his hands up and down the sides of my chest. He stopped for a minute and climbed onto the bed to the center and kicked his boots off. I took my shoes off and met him there. We kept kissing and he put me on my back and climbed on top of me and I could feel that he was already hard. He started rubbing against me and he could feel that I was hard, too. We didn't talk much at all. We kissed and made out furiously for about fifteen minutes, him showering my neck and face with kisses and nibbling on my ears; I was grabbing his ass while we kissed and he moaned softly. I put my hands under his shirt onto his back and felt his skin and his shoulder blades and he felt so soft and like he had put on just a little bit of weight - enough that he was more soft than muscular and it really comforted me for some reason.

He rolled off me and made me sit up so he could take my shirt off and his own and we embraced again and went back to kissing, me sucking his tongue and him grinding his pelvis into me. His soft chest hair felt so nice again my bare skin and I found myself getting really turned on. I couldn't wait to get his pants off. Between his soft chest, grabbing his great ass, making out and him grinding on me, I was completely out of my head.

The heat was rising between us really fast and we stopped kissing for a minute and he sat up and said 'I want to see that gorgeous cock of yours and touch it and put it in my mouth' and he grabbed my crotch and I smiled. I got my jeans off and his pants and he pushed me down and yanked down my boxers and my cock freed itself and sprang up, calling out to him. He pulled his own shorts off and kneeled down between my legs and dove in. I gasped as I felt his mouth take my cock in all at once and he grabbed both of my balls and squeezed them. I lay back on the bed and let him work on me, my eyes closing and me sighing, content that we were together at that moment.

I felt him lean down to where he threw his pants on the floor and I opened my eyes and he had a small tube of lube in his hand. He resumed sucking on me and I could see that he was lubing up his own cock with one hand and then he started fingering my ass. What I didn't see was a condom, however. Before I could say something, he hoisted my legs up and he started entering me. I was pretty shocked, actually, that he hadn't put one on - we had never barebacked before - but I quickly forgot about it because he was thrusting in and out of me, stroking my cock and really aiming at my insides to hit my prostate head on. He let go of my cock and leaned down and started biting my neck and kissing me and I reached under him to start stroking myself.

He kept at it for about five or so minutes and then he said 'can I come inside you' almost breathlessly, he was panting. I nodded and he rammed into me really hard and I felt him come and it shot up into me really fast and it was warm. That action made me stroke myself a bit more furiously and I arched my back up while he was still ramming into me and let out a big groan and I came all over us, cum getting on his face and my face and that made him plow into me one last time. He pulled out and collapsed on my chest and sighed.

'I can't believe I'm here with you and just made love,' he gasped the words out while he lay on my chest.

I stroked the top of his head and rested my hands on his back while he breathed onto me and stayed still. He finally rolled off of me and sat up.

'Andy...' he took my face in my hands and looked straight into my eyes.

I didn't say anything but looked right into his.

'I love you, Andy. Please don't leave me.'

I fell silent but embraced him and we lay down and pulled a sheet over us. He fell asleep in my arms and I fell in and out of consciousness, his statement on my mind and me wondering what I was doing and what I wanted to say.


Part Three coming shortly!



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