Ron and I have been together for 25 years, on and off. We got legally married when it was legal for a second here in California. We've always had an open relationship - one where we occasionally will go sleep with other men - sometimes we split up and go to different places and we call those 'fuckations.' Ron's usual MO is to hire lots of male escorts or go to bars where male models hang out. It's easy for him to pick up these guys - I'll tell you more about my partner some other time. Our story is pretty interesting in itself.

My outside lovers tend to be few and far between - I tend to find one person I really like and carry on with him for months or even years on end. Ron usually has an idea of what I'm doing but he doesn't ask too many questions since he has his own flings.

So in 1990 I was living in Minneapolis with my parents. I had moved out there with them as my dad was taking a job there and my parents kept having to rescue me from drug addiction. So their solution was to take me along and put me in a rehab program out there. It worked, finally, although these days I still smoke pot and drink - but I've been clean from heroin and coke use for quite a long time. I met up with a bunch of misfits/punk rockers/weirdos who were all around my age and we hung out. One of those people was Steve, who you've read about already, and Jill, a good friend of Steve's who also became one of my closest friends.

I'm a pretty short guy, about 5'6' and at the time I had grown my blond hair out and it was really long and wavy; my eyes are blue. Ron always claims that my cock is disproportionately large when compared to my height.

One night in 1990 the three of us (me, Steve and Jill) went down to the nightclub we hung out at. The place had a big stage in one room and a small stage in another and always had all the best bands play there - from rock to reggae to punk to funk to hip-hop, etc. So this particular night was a bill with two electronic/industrial bands - both from England. The first band was one of our favorites - they play loud industrial dance stuff with lots of sampling/video clips/strange noises, etc. It's three guys on the stage using all kinds of equipment to make all these noises and sometimes they'll sing/rap to the beats. It was a heavy show and really crowded.

Well, I've always had a huge crush on the main guy in this band. Since we knew everyone who worked at the club, after the last band I said to Jill and Steve 'I'm heading backstage - see you guys later.' I went to the side and of course the stage guys waved me on back. Now, I had no idea if this particular guy was even gay or bi or whatever, but I had a mad crush and I didn't give a fuck. He was standing backstage with the other two guys in his band just hanging out - talking, smoking, drinking, and I went right up to him and said 'Dan - hi! I'm a huge fan and I just had to get back here to meet you - I'm Andy' and I put my hand out. We locked eyes at that moment and I knew he was flattered and liked what he saw - so I went to work.

'Really nice to meet you, Andy, and thanks for saying that - did you enjoy the show?'

The other two guys sort of said 'later' to Dan and floated away. I went on to say how much I loved the show and how great it was to finally meet him. He looked pretty interested in me, all of a sudden, and I had a feeling I might score. We talked about this and that, the city, the weather, their tour, their newest record and finally their manager came by and talked some business while I stood back a little. Dan kept looking over my way though and smiling - I thought he definitely didn't want me to go.

The manager left and Dan walked right back over to me and said 'What is there to do now after this place closes?' and I said 'can I buy you a cup of coffee? I have a car and can take you back to wherever you need to be' and he said 'That sounds perfect. I'll be right back' and his accent made me melt in my shoes. What is it about those British accents? Really fucking sexy. I watched him walk away from me - he had the cutest ass and he was wearing Levi's that were really faded and black boots. On the top he had on a very cool vintage sweater with a t-shirt under it and he was wearing a black newsboy cap. When he came back he had a big heavier winter coat on - a vintage tweed wool coat that was generous on him and a black wool scarf.

He came back and said 'let's go - but can you swing me by the hotel so I can check on some details for our next stop?' and then I knew I had bagged him.

We walked outside in the cold air (it was early March - still pretty slushy and cold) and he stayed close to me while we walked the two blocks to my car. While we walked, we were pretty silent, but then he broke the ice by saying 'so Andy, were you at the show all alone?' and I said 'well, my two friends were with me but I told them I was going to leave to see if I could sneak back to meet you' and I could feel my face getting hot. Then he said 'I'm glad you did - you're very sweet,' and looked me right in the face and I smiled. We made it to the car and I opened the passenger side for him. As I began to walk away to go to the other side, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back. 'Come here, Andy,' and he planted a serious kiss on my lips and pulled me into him. He was quite a bit taller than me and his body enveloped me and made me feel warm. He wrapped me inside his big coat and kissed me again.

I smiled and pulled away - already feeling a huge hard on growing in my jeans. This was definitely becoming a great night. We didn't talk much in the car - I put on some music while the car warmed up a bit and he sat and stared at me and smiled. I looked over and smiled back and he grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

I drove to the hotel and went to the underground garage and we headed up to the lobby. I said 'should I wait down here for you?' and gave him a coy smile. 'No, come up with me so I can give you something,' and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I'd have his cock in my mouth. We rode up in the elevator and landed on his floor. I followed him halfway down the corridor and he opened the door to the room. He held the door for me and as soon as he followed me in - he locked the door and grabbed me and started kissing me hard - holding my face with his hands - his eyes closed - fighting my tongue with his and he pulled me into him and I could feel how hard he was through all the clothes he had on. We finally took our coats off and he began kissing me again, this time holding me around the waist, which allowed him to grab me and fall back on the bed with me on top of him.

We kept kissing, really making out, and he was pushing his pelvis into me and he was pretty turned on. I was about to burst out of my jeans. We rolled around a bit, kissing - Dan started biting my neck and softly moaning as he kept kissing me. He sat up and said 'Will you stay here with me tonight?' with that gorgeous accent and I said 'Absolutely,' and he smiled at me, his big bright green eyes opening up. He had a shaved head and had probably skipped a couple of days shaving - his face sort of scratched my face when he kissed me and it felt really good. He was sexier in this light than in any picture I'd ever seen of him in the magazines and on the record covers.

I pulled off my boots and socks took his off while he layed back on his elbows and watched me. I then kneeled over him and put my hands up his sweater which made him jump just a bit. 'Are my hands cold?' I asked and he said 'No, don't stop' and he had the softest coating of dark hair on his chest and on his stomach and it felt really nice. I'm so used to guys (including my Ron) who have no hair on their chests and I couldn't remember when or if I had been with a man that had it. He felt velvety soft and I couldn't stop running my hands all over him. He sort of moaned slightly - I knew this was turning him on more. I motioned for him to sit up so I could take off his sweater and the t-shirt under it and then I took off my own. I buried my face in his chest and stomach and he smelled just so great. He smelled fresh and soapy but with a hint of sweat mixed in and it really turned me on. I started kissing his stomach and moved up to his chest and started biting his nipples. He felt really hard as I reached my hand down and groped him through his jeans and he moaned a little louder, while he ran his hands over my shoulders and my upper back. He pulled me on top of him and we kissed some more and I whispered in his ear 'I want your cock in my mouth,' and he moaned and rolled me off him and he started unbuttoning my pants and his own and he pulled mine off I was down to my boxers. I sat up and playfully pushed him down onto his back and immediately started pulling his jeans off with his boxers at the same time. He had a huge cock - so huge it actually startled me for a minute - and it would be my first uncut guy, too. He was really hard and so massive I didn't know if I could take him all the way into my throat but I was certainly anxious to try!

I started to straddle his chest so I could lean over and start teasing him with my tongue and he said 'let's get your shorts off' and so I climbed off to take them off and of course I was rock solid and already dripping. I resumed my position and he grabbed my ass before I could even begin sucking him and he started furiously licking and tonguing me and I found myself pressing my ass to his face and getting even more turned on. He had one hand underneath me and was stroking my cock as I sat up on him, letting him take over. I was balancing my hands on each side of him because if I hadn't, I would have planted myself onto his face - he was making me breath faster and I think I was sort of chanting 'oh oh oh fuck oh this feels great oh don't stop oh yeah damn oh my god' and I couldn't hold on much more and he said 'are you going to come - are you almost there?' and I weakly got a 'yes' out and he stopped and moved me off of him and pushed me back and took my cock in his mouth in one quick motion and lifted my ass up and stuck his fingers into me quickly and I yelled 'FUCK - oh god - and I furiously thrusted my hips towards his face and fucked his mouth about three or four strokes and then I rammed into his mouth one last time and felt myself come really hard and it kept going on for a little longer and I fell back, his fingers out of me but his hand still underneath me and he sat there and smiled at me. He leaned down and kissed me and I could taste my cum in his mouth and he laid on top of me, his cock still rock hard and dripping onto my thighs.

He whispered in my ear, 'can I fuck you, Andy?' and I whispered back 'please fuck me' and he sat back and was stroking himself and looking at me and I sat up and said 'let me get my jacket - I've got some lube and condoms' and he nodded and kept leering at me and stroking himself while I got everything out. My cock was still twitching and starting to soften but even so I felt that I was going to be going for round two pretty soon.

I put the condom on him, but not before sucking him a little bit. He was sitting on his heels and had his arms balanced on the bed behind him and he immediately started fucking my mouth and moaning. I stopped him so I could get the condom on him and looked in his eyes and said 'are you going to put that enormous cock in my ass?' and he sighed 'oh god Andy you are so sexy' and he pushed me back on my back and took the lube and worked his fingers back into my ass and stroked himself some more and then he picked up my legs and entered me. Fuck, he was HUGE.

He moaned deeply after the first couple of thrusts and then he leaned in all the way between my legs and started moving his hips while he began kissing my chest and biting my nipples and stroking my face with his hand. He sat back and looked at me and gave me this incredible smile - like I was an unexpected present to him - and he was really enjoying himself. He kept thrusting into me, hard for a minute or two, then he backed almost all the way out and started sliding back in, really slowly, all the while saying 'oh my god you feel so fucking good, you are so fucking sexy, look at you, you are so hot' and then he halted briefly and locked eyes with me and started slamming into me really hard. The fourth or fifth time he grunted really loud and yelled 'jesus FUCK!' and he came really hard all at once. I felt my eyes watering up, he was so huge and forceful and slammed into me so hard. He finished up and collapsed next to me.

'Wow - you are so fucking hot, Andy!' He turned on his side towards me and started stroking my cheek and playing with my hair and kissing me softly. We lay there for a few minutes, staring at each other and I was already bumming out that I'd have to leave him at the latest tomorrow morning and he'd be on the road to the next city, probably picking up another guy, forgetting the great sex we just had. I guess that's the trouble with rock stars. So I turned to him and said 'So, Dan, do you pick up cute guys in every town?' and he shook his head slightly from side to side. 'Actually, I never do this - or I should say I haven't done this really much at all.'

'So do you have a boyfriend at home? Serious one?'

'No, actually, Andy, I'm a woman.'

I sat up all the way - 'Wow - does she know this side of you?'

'Well, I'm not sure she I said, I don't do this kind of thing very much, especially the last couple of years. It's not like I get gorgeous guys like you taking a chance that I might be interested - I get girls once in a while but I make sure they see my wedding band.'

'I didn't see one,' I said.

'Well, when I said that I'd be right back when we were backstage, I had to make sure we had got paid and I also made sure I took my band off,' he said with a guilty smile.

'Wow - I didn't see it to begin with, I guess.'

'Well, after I started talking to you and it was clear that you were maybe trying to pick me up I put my left hand in my pocket.'

'So, you had me pegged right away?' and I hit him with a pillow.

He laughed and grabbed the pillow and threw it and then pulled me on top of him and started kissing me, really passionately. I felt myself starting to get hard again and so could he. He kept kissing me, biting my earlobes, nibbling on my neck, his hands holding my head, and he started rubbing his stomach against my hard cock, making me start to moan again.

I whispered into his neck, 'Can I fuck you, Dan?'

He stopped and sat up - 'Um, well, I have never...'

'You've never had a guy do it to you?' and I sat up.

'No - I've always been sort of hesitant...and I guess a little scared,' and he looked down and away from me.

'Not even fingers, or a dildo, or...'

'Nope. No one or thing has been in my arse.'

'So you're telling me you've never gotten to experience an orgasm yourself that way?'

He looked at me sort of surprised and shook his head. I got it then - he seemed to be a fantastic lover but yet here I find out he's actually not that experienced a lover and has been missing out on lots of fun! I guess he always assumed fucking a guy was a one-sided experience, either you're top or bottom.

'I'll be gentle, like you were for me - I guarantee you you'll love it.'

'I don't know...'

'Let's start slowly and you can tell me to stop if you can't take it or if you absolutely hate it.'

He nodded but still looked sort of freaked out. Funny, this guy who is a super-talented genius musician, on his way up, manages to pick up a guy for sex and he hasn't been fucked himself. I found myself getting harder just thinking about the idea that I would be his first.

So I told him to lay back and relax and I would do all the work. I lubed up my fingers and started playing with him, just a little at a time. He was definitely tense, so instead I climbed on him and started kissing him while I worked one finger inside him. Man, this was going to be fucking awesome. I could hardly contain myself. We kept kissing and he finally let go and I was able to get a second finger in and he submitted a bit more and I kept kissing him, my hair falling into his face. He moved my hair away from his face and held my face and stared at me with those green eyes, all the while I'm slowly starting to move a third finger inside him. He tensed just slightly but let me in. I began to work my fingers in and out and he started relaxing even more and I could feel him starting to get hard again.

I climbed back off him, sitting between his legs and kept fingering him while I alternated stroking myself and him with the other hand. He was closing his eyes and moaning sort of softly and I told him to breathe, breathe, breathe. I stopped and grabbed a condom and put it on. He opened his eyes at that moment and said 'you'll stop if I ask you to?' and I nodded and he closed his eyes again. I leaned down and sucked his cock for a few moments and his body twitched for a moment. He opened up his eyes again and smiled at me and closed them.

I started to enter him really slowly, first just guiding the tip of my cock right at the door of his ass. He tensed up briefly and I told him to push out for a second. He did and I slid right in. He gasped but didn't say anything. I put his hand on his own cock and he started stroking himself and I continued to slowly, slowly slide in and before I knew it I was in all the way. He gasped during that last few inches and then moaned. I took over stroking him for a minute while I sat, my hard cock inside him, all the way. He opened his eyes and half-smiled and I said 'How lucky am I that I get to do this you and make you feel good, too' and he smiled a little bigger and as I backed out of him he winced just a bit and then I started gently thrusting in to him, slowly for a few minutes and put his hand on his cock again so he'd start stroking himself.

I parted his legs a bit more so I could lay on top of him and I was back all the way inside him. I stayed there and grabbed his face and kissed him and I could feel that he was still holding his own cock underneath my stomach. I started grinding my hips as best as I could and he was clearly getting into a zone at last and he started moaning more loudly and his eyes started watering and I kept rocking gently back and forth. Then I sat up and started thrusting into him in earnest and he gasped once more and started moaning 'oh, god, this really feels good, oh man, I can't believe this, fuck, and then he groaned deep from inside his throat and he shot his load all over the both of us - cum all over his chest and face and in my hair and a little on my face and that made me start fucking him faster and I finally slammed into him and came and it was over the top and I couldn't stop.

I finally pulled out and lay down next to him.

'Did you like that?' I whispered into his ear.

'That was fucking awesome. I can't believe I've missed that all this time.'

We cuddled together and kissed some more and then cleaned up a bit and sat on the bed. He had a little bit of pot so we smoked a couple of bowls and started talking.

I was only 20 at the time this happened - he was 24. The next morning he asked me for my phone number. He started to call me about every other day or so. He came back to town anytime he could manage an excuse - flight layovers, days off that were an hour flight away from the next destination, etc. After he returned to England he would send me postcards and even a couple of letters.

We didn't get to see each other again in person until the following year when they toured here again in support of a new record. He got the manager to arrange a day off in Minneapolis and we spent the night after his show and the next entire day in his hotel room, fucking and fucking. In between fucking sessions, we talked and talked and really got to know each other. I still couldn't believe he was married to a woman and that he could carry on like this without suspicion. Maybe she was in denial.

To jump ahead, we continued to see each other about twice a year for the five or so years. After that we stopped our contact for awhile. Ron and I were back together and I moved to LA to be with him. But I never stopped thinking of Dan. He continued making records, getting more press, doing interviews. I saw a few on TV here and there and my heart leaped a bit when I saw him.

My mother calls me one day from Minneapolis and tells me I've got some mail - two letters from the UK. I asked her to mail them to me right away and I kept checking the mailbox every day until they showed up three days later.

I opened the letter with the earlier postmark first. They were moving here, to San Francisco. He and his wife and one of the other guys he played with. He was started to get called on to do work for other bands and it seemed logical. Where was I? What was I doing? Could he see me? The second letter said he hoped I hadn't forgotten him and contained his new US phone number. He asked me to please call.

I waited until Ron went away on some family business for the day and I dialed. He answered right away and it startled me.

'Dan, this is Andy...' I started.

He cut me off and said 'Thank God you called me! How are you? You must have gotten my letters!' and he sounded so excited.

We made some small talk and I finally said, 'I'm in Los Angeles, I'm with Ron, but I'm dying to see you.'

'I'll get down there as soon as I can,' he said right away. 'Give me a few days to figure it out.' This was before everyone in the world had a cell phone. We had to be careful when calling each other. Finally after four days, we managed to connect after I went to a pay phone while out running errands. He said he had a plane ticket and he'd be down that weekend and could stay until Tuesday.

We resumed our affair for another solid five years, without getting caught by his wife or my boyfriend. It was always spectacular and we grew closer and closer, even if months went by without seeing or talking to each other. He never offered to leave his wife - I never even thought about leaving Ron. One day it completely fell apart. We talked less and less until there was no communication between us.


Last week Steve and Jill and me were talking about Dan's band - even though they are my closest friends, they never knew about the affair. I don't know how the topic came up but they started giving me grief about that night twenty years ago when I went backstage - that night they knew about. It got me thinking about Dan again. I dug through some boxes and found a picture of us and his number in San Francisco. I Googled him and found that he still lived there, at least according to a couple of interviews he did from the last year. I thought of calling him for a couple of days. In the meantime, Ron and I got in a huge fight about him having to go to London on some business with his father (he works for his dad). I said I didn't want to go. That very night I went out to run an errand and I pulled over and called him.

He said hello and I froze for a moment.



'It's Andy.' There was a big silence for a moment.

'Oh my God! Where are you? What are you doing?'

I told him I was still in the LA area and still with Ron. 'But we have a totally open marriage,' I said. He was silent for a moment. I said 'Still married?' and he said yes but quickly said 'Can I see you?' I felt a lump in my throat.

'Well, Ron is leaving tomorrow for two weeks in London. Are you working right now?'

'I just finished a project and I have about a month's break. Do you want to come up here or should I come there?'

'Here is better.'

'I'll be on a plane two days from now.'

'What about your wife?'

'Let me worry about that. I'll call you with my flight info tomorrow.'

'Great! I'm so glad I called.'

'Me, too. Andy, before we hang up...'

'What is it, Dan?'

'Well, I always think about you. I haven't been with anyone else either.'

I blushed even though he couldn't see it.

'I'm so glad. Call me tomorrow.'


Stay tuned for part two...



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