By two, the office was all cleaned up and my graduate teaching assistant, Spiros, was gone, leaving me spent of sexual tension, if only for an hour or two. I had quite an appetite for graduate students.

The two o'clock was going to be a chore, however. One of my students had turned in a paper early, which wasn't like him, and when I started to check it over, I found that he'd badly plagiarized nearly everything in it. This had dismayed me, not only because Pete was one of the stars of the football team, which was set to play its biggest game of the year three weeks from now, just about the time this scandal would become public, but also because he was beautiful in a way that had made my cock ache to be inside him ever since he'd showed up to my class. I had thought he was a Jamaican with his looks that were so ruggedly handsome and his skin that was chocolate laced with milk brown, but I soon came to learn from things he'd said in class that he was from a mixed-race family. He always showed up to class, as athletes are prone to do, in sloppy gym clothes that left little doubt about his musculature and how well his basket was filled out. And his butt cheeks were bulbous. I could hardly keep my hands off him.

And now I was going to have to do something that might get him expelled and might tick the alumni off at me.

He entered my office and both my heart and my dick took a leap. He was beautiful, as always, wearing those tight shorts and that school sweat shirt with the arms cut out to show off the mountainous curves of his biceps. He was carrying a folder under his arm. The veins of his biceps and arms bulged out, being pushed out to the surface by his heavily develop muscles. The arm and neck holes were cut down enough that a profusion of black, curly hair spilled out in profusion. His long, black, curly hair was tied off in a pony tail.

He sat down in the chair next to my desk, very close to me, putting his folder on my desk, and gave me a grin that was all white teeth. His eyes were hazel green. What a contrast in parentage. Big, powerful knees were pointed at me, bisecting big muscled thighs and firm calves, all covered with a black, curly down. He was wearing open sandals, and he had big, long feet, with long sensuous toes, dark brown, with a tinge of pink under them. I wondered if what they said about big feet on a man was true.

But I got right to business, trying to ignore the yearning in my crotch. 'I've read the paper you turned in, Pete.'

'And did you like it? I worked very hard to get it in early,' Pete said, giving me another of his big grins.

'I liked it when I first read what you had put in it, Pete. But that was when someone else had written it. Some of this is straight out of our textbook.'

The grin faded a bit. 'We have to practice hard, Professor. The UNC game is coming up. This is important for the school.'

'I'm quite aware of all of the ramifications of this, Pete. It would have been well if you had been. I understand what this could mean for the school, particularly financially, but you are here, first, to learn. And I am here to see that you learn properly. What are we going to do with you now, Pete?'

Pete gave me a perplexed look, but that slowly changed into a mischievous grin look.

'Well, I'm sure we could come to some accommodation, Professor,' he said in a low voice. His big, beefy hands reached out and settled on the top of my tightly closed thighs. I'm sure he could feel my legs trembling through the thin material of my pants. My legs felt like jelly, and I didn't resist when the hands went between them and pulled them apart.

'I know your assistant, Spiros, pretty well. In fact, you might say I know him biblically.'

One of his hands had moved up to cup my basket. 'Ummm,' he said, letting his breath out slowly and widening his grin. 'And Spiros didn't lie about you. You do seem interested in accommodating me. That would be one word for it.' He laughed at that.

'Pete, this isn't solving your problem,' I said weakly.

'OK, I'll get right to the point of what we can do to serve each other. I'll suck you, here and now, and you'll give me a passing grade on that paper.'

I just stared at him.

'Not good enough?' he said. 'Well, how about if I let you ball me too, and let me turn in another paper. Now, that's a good compromise, isn't it? I'd be fulfilling my course requirement. We could just forget the first paper. You've wanted me all semester. I can tell. No need to fight it. I'm here and willing. I'm certified clean too, if that matters. If you are too, you can bareback. I just saw Spiros in the hall. He said that had really turned you on.'

He hand was driving me crazy. He had taken his other hand and rolled my chair around until we were closely facing each other, his knees between mine.

'Yes,' I managed huskily, 'That would be a good compromise.' I didn't know what else I could have done or said. I don't think I could have let him out of the office unfucked now no matter what deal he had proposed.

'Shall we seal the bargain?' he asked. He wrapped his free hand around my tie and pulled my face into his, and we kissed. For such a big, bruising football player, he had a soft sensuous mouth. Our tongues dueled, and his won, which should have alerted me to the fight I'd have on my hands over control. I'd always controlled my partners. That's why I usually did my fucking among my students, who depended on me for their grades. His tongue pushed mine down, and he swabbed the insides of my mouth until I was gasping for breath. He'd obviously done a lot of this. It wouldn't be a matter of me deflowering someone who had always gone straight up to now. At length, he let loose of the tie and I collapsed back my chair.

'Does that door have a lock on it?' he asked. 'I think we are about to get in a very compromising position.'

I struggled out of my chair and stumbled over to the door and locked it. When I turned around to come back, he had already stripped down and was leaning against the center of my desk, his butt cheeks on the rim. He was supporting his weight with his arms out wide on the desk and his legs were out wide as well. He was just as beautiful as I had imagined he would be. All beefy muscle, but perfectly formed. His torso was exactly like the armor of a Roman soldier, but it wasn't armor. It was all flesh and bone and muscle, bulging veins running around and down his chest just as they did on his biceps and arms. His chest was huge, as were his black nipples, each of which was surround by a silver-dollar-sized dark brown aureole. And the muscles of his abs stood out like plates of armor. Although bulbous, his butt cheeks had deep hollows at the hips, which only accentuated his small waist and rounded butt. He was covered in a profusion of curly black hair.

The first thing I noticed after drinking my first impression of his magnificence in, was the tube of lubricant he'd taken out of the folder he had brought and laid beside him. But the second thing I focused on was at the very center of him. I was mesmerized by a respectable-sized and unusually thick dick and big, low-hanging balls. What really drew my attention was that the whole package was jet black. It was almost as if the package had been jerked off the blackest of Africans and sewed onto a Floridian Caucasian who just had a particularly good tan.

I walked slowly over to Pete, and while I was doing so, he reached behind his head and released his ponytail, and a profusion of black hair tumbled down to behind his shoulder blades.

'Like what you see?' he asked. He was very much aware of where my eyes were locked. 'It was gift from my daddy. It's always given the boys and girls a thrill.'

I stood in front of him, while he unbuttoned and removed my shirt, leaving my tie on and then unbuckled my belt, pulled down my fly and let my pants drop to the floor.

'Oh, boy,' he exclaimed as he saw my low-hanging dick, now already at half erection. 'Spiros didn't lie about this either. I bet this has always given the boys and girls a thrill too.'

'Well, the boys,' I answered. 'I haven't been much for girls for several years.'

'Oh, I take all the chances I can get to bury my cock,' Pete answered.

'And I'll bet you get a chance several times a day,' I answered with a laugh.

'Something like that,' Pete responded with a grin. He stood up and came to me; his lips went to mine, as his hands went to my cock and balls. I reached for him as well. His tool was impossibly thick, and was growing under my touch. After both of our dicks were hardening nicely, I pushed him back on the desk and hovered over him, my lips going to those big, black nipples with their huge aureoles, my pelvis pushing into his, with our prongs grinding together like bayonets. I sucked him hard like a nursing baby, and he moaned in appreciation. I tongued down his chest. He had one heavy leg propped on my shoulder and I was holding the other one up. My free hand was cupping one of his butt cheeks and my thumb was at his ass hole, rimming the hole and rhythmically pressing on it. I had my tongue in his navel, about ready to travel to his package, when he grunted and struggled up to a sitting position.

'Could we do this on the rug over there between the sofa and the front of the desk? The edge of this desk is cutting into my ass.'

'Sure,' I answered. 'Wherever you want. Over there and on your back. I've got to get you open if you're going to take me all in.' Pete moved over to the front of the sofa and flopped down on the rug on his back. He crossed his arms behind his head and gave me a mischievous smile, showing no concern, like he was topped by an eight incher every day of the week. He'd take the tube of lubricant with him and dropped it beside him on the floor. I came over and laid down on my belly below him, my chest between his legs. I wove my arms around his thighs and back onto his belly, where I let my hands glide through his hair from his belly to his nipples. I started giving that lovely, lovely black cock attention with my mouth. I could barely get it in my mouth, but I managed, and Pete seemed to enjoy my efforts. I wanted to get him off before I fucked him, but I didn't want to do so yet. So, after I had gotten him to the point where he was arching his back and sighing and moaning and rotating his cock in my mouth with his hips, I pulled away from him and sucked and nibbled those heavy black balls for a few minutes. While I was sucking his balls, I'd brought one of my hands back to his butt and quickly had my thumb buried up his ass. I brought the other hand down, inserted that thumb and pulled him open. His hole was very tight for a player.

I moved my hands to the underside of his thighs, rolled his hips up, and lowered my mouth to his hole. I rimmed and tongued him there until I heard him moaning again.

It was time to suck Pete off and then to get to my fuck. I moved my mouth to his cock and swallowed him a second time. But, quick as a flash, sat up and turned his body on mine.

'I gotta 69, Professor. I can't go on without checking out your cock.' He was straddled above me, head to toe. I regained a mouth hold on his cock, and he started to play my cock madly with his tongue and teeth. I quickly discovered that we were dueling for control; that he was trying to outplay me. We both had butt to lips and were tonguing and nipping for all our worth. He was driving me crazy, and I began to tremble uncontrollably. I gasped and moaned and collapsed back on the carpet as his skill eclipsed mine. I had been the total top for years. I hadn't had anyone tonguing and fingering my ass since my own professor had been my top lover throughout graduate school. I certainly had not had anything up my ass as far as Pete had his lubricated fingers up me now. When he had sensed he'd won the struggle for sexual control, Pete had gotten the tube of lube open and was lathering my hole up.

This wasn't what we agreed to. In a flash of anger, I started to get up and to reprimand him. But Pete unquestionably was the stronger of the two of us. He just forced me down on my belly and sat on my back, taking all of my breath from me. While I was just trying to breath, he pulled the tie off my neck and grabbed my wrists and tied them up. The other end was tied off around a leg of the desk. He had me under control, my arm movement bound to the desk and my body under his weight.

His big black dick was flapping around on my back, and I knew when he was lathering it up with the lubricant. I was still trying to reason with and threaten him when he wrapped an arm around my belly and pulled me up on my knees. He pushed my legs wide with his and I felt his thick, thick dick head at my hole.

'God no, Pete, I haven't done this for years and years. I'm not ready for your size. Oh, Gawwwd no!'

'Just tell me that you want me to stop, that you don't want this, Professor, and I'll just stand up and walk out of here now. Tell me. Do you want me to stop?'

'No,' I croaked softly. And it was true. I wanted him so badly now that I was beyond any capability of reasonable thought; my mind was possessed by the thought of that beautiful black cock.

And then he was inside me, and not just by a little. He'd pushed in several inches. I couldn't say anything now. I was gulping for breath, straining in every inch of my being not to let my ass walls spread under this attack.

'Breathe, Professor. It will be all right if you just get control of your breath. That's it. Regular breaths. In. Out. In. Out . . .'

'Ahhhhhrgh!' On the last out, he'd cornholed me to root of his cock. I writhed below him, trying to arch my back. But he wouldn't let me. Instead, after he'd held me there, fully encased, giving my ass walls time to accommodate him, he pushed me down on my belly and encased my body in his from head to toe, with my legs closely held between him. I started to gulp hard and groan and grunt again, and my ass walls tightened around his throbbing cock.



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