'Oh, God, God. You aren't giving me time to adjust, Professor. What's the hurry?'

'I . . . I have to finish you early this afternoon, Spiros,' I huffed. 'I have a two o'clock appointment.' I had my Greek god of a graduate teaching assistant doubled over the arm of my sofa in my office, and I had plowed my way six inches into his ass.

'Ahh, ahhhhh!' he moaned. 'At least let me spread my legs. Allow me to open up more. You are just too thick and long.'

I had had his legs encased between mine, tightening up his ass to maximize the friction, and the palm of one hand buried in the middle of his lithe and sinewy back, pushing his chest down in the cushions of the sofa. But now I brought my own torso down, my nipples digging into his back muscles, and my hands snaking around him, one hand going to his nipples and the other to his flat, pulsating belly. I pushed his hips higher across the sofa arm, finding new depths with my throbbing cock.

I leaned my lips close to his ear. 'I thought you loved my thick, long cock,' I whispered. 'I thought my eight inches was what attracted you to applying to be my assistant.'

'That's right,' he gasped. 'But you've always given me time to adjust before.'

'Do you want me to stop, Spiros?' I asked. 'I would never force you.'

'No, I want it, Professor. But you're splitting me. Please let me widen my legs.'

'You were getting too used to it the other way, Spiros. I haven't heard you moan the way you did the first time for weeks now. I want to hear that moan again.'

'Please, Professor. Oh, oh, ahhhhhh!' I had pulled nearly all the way out of him, and slowly pushed in again. Then he did start the old familiar moaning, as I stroked him in long strokes.

'Uh, uhhh, uhhh. It's never been this tight and this deep before,' he moaned.

'And yet I haven't reached bottom yet,' I whispered in his ear again. 'Tell me, did you go and get tested like I asked?'

'Yes, Sir. I'm clean, Sir.'

'I'm glad to hear that, Spiros. I'm very pleased to hear that.' And then I pulled all of the way out of him, but I kept his body encased in mine, and I stayed out only long enough to roll the condom off my cock. Then I slid back into him, throbbing penis skin sliding along undulating ass walls.

'Sir, Sir, but Sir. Oh my God! Oh fuck. That feels so amazing. Oh, Sir! Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh.'

'Do you want me to stop now?' I asked. 'Just another inch or so. Can you feel it? Can you feel my throbbing cock head?'

'Yes, yes, I feel it. No, please don't stop! I've never been filled like this before. I think I'm going to c-u-mmm!'

I stuck my tongue in his ear and then closed my teeth gently on his ear lobe, and with a scream of ecstasy, he shot his load, spilling his young, hot seed on the leather sofa cushion.

'And I think I'm about to shoot too,' I said in a low, husky voice. 'Have you ever been barebacked before? Do you know if it feels to be flooded?'

'No, never. Oh, God, oh God!' And he felt it now, as I unloaded deep inside him.

We laid there for a couple of minutes and then I told him he'd have to quickly dress and clean up the sofa and take off so I could prepare for my two o'clock appointment. I watched his twitching little butt go out my door and felt quite pleased with my choice of teaching assistants this semester.



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