So, here we are my partner Joe on his knees  being pounded by his little brothers 8" cock, while I'm kneeling behind his neither Rob introducing him to being rimmed.

I start slowly with my tongue dating in and out of Rob's ass before getting down to business and being my tongue deep inside of him getting him good and wet and feeling his hole start to loosen up.  Knowing that Rob was a virgin as far as anyone having played with his ass, I started slowly, while running him I started to tease his hole with a finger just rubbing and pushing against that tight sweet hole until again I felt him relax and his hole start to open in a hot little pucker. After a Ford length of time just rimming and rubbing that hole I decided it was time to see how far this straight not was willing to go. It was obvious the way he was pounding and stretching his brother that tong wasn't a problem, but would I get what I wanted? 

Slowly I started to insert a finger into Rob, very slowly wiggling it back and forth pay his ring till I had that finger completely buried. I slowly started to finger fuck him  letting him slide back on my finger at his pace as he continued to fuck Joe. After a few minutes of slowly probing him I found his prostate and began to massage which brought some heavy breathing and loud moaning from him. Once I knew Rob was comfortable with what was happening I introduced a second finger and picked up the pumping action in and out of that hot hole. Moving to a standing position my hard cock was against the check of his ass, my tongue reading his ear and my fingers, by now the if them were probing his hole, when Rob turned to face me and pulled me into a deep long kiss of dueling tongues. When our kiss finally broke and I once again picked up the pace puff my fingers in his ass Rob who was New making out with his brother finally broke their kiss looked at me and begged me to fuck him.

Not giving him a chance to change his mind, I quickly lined my cock and moved into position so that when he pulled out of his neither he was sinking back onto my cock, I asked Rob to take control pushing back on me as far as he was comfortable with while he was still inside his brother until after several antagonizing minutes I finally felt the head of my cock slip inside of that hot, tight, virgin ass.

Once completely inside I let Rob take control again, at least for a while riding my  cock while fucking his brother. After a while I felt Rob starting to tighten up and I knew it wouldn't be long before he deposited a loss deep inside of Joe, so I figured it was time to give Rob the duck he asked for. Without warning I started to breed that smooth ass, pulling all the way out and plunging back in harder and harder, my balls slapping off puff him forcing him deeper inside of Joe.  Finally after abit twenty minutes of good hard fucking, I could tell Rob was at the point of no return and pounded him hard as he blew his loss deep into Joe, which sent Joe over the edge causing his load to spray ask over him and Joe. Watching and hearing the two of them cum was mute then I could handle and with one more hard lunge, I deposited the first of what was to become many loads of cum deep up my brother in laws ass!


Cubby Bear


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