If you read the first part of the story you know that my partner Joe and I picked up his  straight brother Rob on New Year's Eve and brought him to our place to stay. 

New Year's day at our house was must like everyone else's, food, fun, football and drinking! By early evening we were all three a bit tipsy and decided to crash out across the bed and watch movie. Nut finding anything good on tv Joe went searching for a DVD while Rob turned in the DVD player. What neither Joe nor I realized was that there was a gay porn in the player from  a few nights before! The minute the DVD started there were flashes of guys giving guys head and guys screwing and everything else.  Joe hurriedly grabbed the remote to turn it off but Rob told him to hang on a minute that this could be interesting...

After a few minutes of watching Joe and I were starting to get horny and started making out. When we realized what we were doing, Joe suddenly pulled away looking at his brother who was setting there with half a grin watching. Joe just grinned at him and Rob asked if he could join in. It wasn't long before we are all making out with Joe and I rubbing and stroking Rob through his clothes. Within a matter of minutes we had managed to get Rob out of his clothes. Within a matter of minutes we were all naked touching, stroking and running each other. 

While  Joe @  and his brother made out, I started working my way down his body, first licking and sucking his nipples, lightly nipping them between my front teeth before letting my tongue trail down his smooth flat stomach and through his happy trail where I made my way to the base of the most beautiful 8.5 inch cock that I had ever seen. Taking his cock in my hand I began to lick up the side of it, over the knobbed had and back down the line side before taking it in my mouth going deeper and deeper until I felt him in the back of my throat.  After a few seconds I heard a noise and pulled up to see Joe slipping his cock between Rob's lips. After several minutes of licking and sucking taking turns in each other, Rob pulled off and asked Joe if he could fuck him. 

Here's my partner on his knees on the edge of the bed with his ass lubed as I lined his brothers cock with his hole and watched as Rob showed no mercy on his brothers ass. Pounding in and out as Joe squealed in both pain and delight. 

One Rob found a smooth, steady rhythm of giving his brother I knelt behind him, spread his cheeks and introduced my tongue to his hot hole. It was so ducking hot watching my brother in law duck his brother while I was rimming him... 

But what hastened next was even better...

Thanks for reading guys! This series is my first attempt at writing, let me know what you think! 


Cubby Bear


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