It was a cold winters night, New Years Eve to be exact, we had picked up my boyfriends brother and were headed On the four hour drive home, laughing, joking and catching up as it had been over a  Year since we had seen Rob and now he was coming to stay with us for a few weeks. Rob had gotten himself into trouble popping pills and had ended up with two chicks knocked up at once.  I couldn't help but wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into! I didn't need a 23 year old kid to raise, but he was my "brother-in law" so to speak. 

Before I go any  further let me introduce the three of us and offer a little background. My name is Keith and I'm a 40 year old slightly chub top, my partner Joe is 29 and your typical otter while his brother Rob is a 23 year old redneck, thug wannabe. While Joe is short, about 5'5 and 150# his brother is almost 6' and barely weighs in at 100#.

We finally made it home and crashed out for a while since it was still early and we intended to go out clubbing later that night. Around 8 we got up and got ready to head out. We were taking Rob to a local gay bar that often had as many hetero's as it did gays. As we got ready to walk out the door I realized just exactly what Rob was wearing, a white wife beater with a casual dress shirt over it and a pair of skin tight skinny jeans that accented an adorable ass and a nice sized bulge. 

 After a long night of drinking and watching Rob flirt with every chick and a couple of drag queens we finally headed home and crashed out for the night. 

It must have been about 5 am when I woke up with a raging piss hard on and went stumbling, bare assed naked towards our only bathroom forgetting that we had company or that the bathroom light might be on and door closed for a reason. 

Opening the door I was almost shocked to see Rob standing over the toilet slowly edging a nice looking 8" cock, head thrown back, eyes closed he started to squirt in the bowl as I walked in.  As he came down off of his climax he was startled to realize that he wasnt by himself until he saw my rock hard cock.  He looked at me grinning and said from the looks of things it was my turn and he wanted to watch. 

Is there more to come? Or better yet is there to be more cum?


Cubby Bear


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