It had been a couple years since My oldest son Tyler, had graduated High School, and started college.

My name is Mason Sanders and as I Look back I have become so proud of Tyler, he was so awesome, very athletic, and so well built, lettering in every sport he went out for in School, and then getting a scholorship to go to State University.

It had been really rough for us since his Mom and I divorced and the younger son who was just five when we divorced went with his mom and she got custody of Tim, but Tyler was 16 at the time we divorced and he opted to come live with me.

WE had been very close, and I was totally open with him.

After him surprising me one morning as I walked to the bathroom to shower, I was naked walking from my bedroom to the bathroom and Tyler came out of his bedroom door and there I was in my birthday suit, Tyler smiled and said, 'Hey Dad, if you can walk around nude, Can I?'

I was like a kid caught with my hand in a cookie jar, so I just said, 'Sure, Why not!' And that began a very open relationship with nothing hidden between me and my son.

I was standing in the bathroom one night when I surprised Tyler, Damn he had gotten so buff, playing sports in school, I was standing, naked of course about eleven that night in the bathroom, checking out a chip on a tooth in my bathroom mirror, when Tyler came almost running, and he saw me and froze, 'Oh Shit,' he said.

I looked down and his hard cock was still in his cum covered hand, 'AH !!!!!!!!! I was just, Ah!!!Um, I didn't have any tissue in my room,sorry?'

I giggled at Tyler, and was quite proud at what I was looking at, he definately got the birth right there between his legs, 'Well Tyler, I can see what you were AH!!!!!!!! Uhmm, doing,' I said humorously mocking Tyler, 'I can figure that part out clearly,' I said with a laugh. Tylers face turned beet red.

'It's alright son, its something all guys do,' I said.

'You mean you still jerk off too?' he asked as he wiped the cum off his hand and red cock.

'Yep I mean I still do it too, every so often, not as much as I did when I was your age, hell I would have a jerkoff marathon seeing how many times I could blow a nut in one 24 hour day, but yes, I still give the old knob a good polishing several times a week.'

Tyler smiled a big white pearly smile,'I love you a lot Dad, you know that,' Tyler said.

'I love you too son,' and then he grabbed me and I felt a little strange as we gave each other a big hug totally naked standing in the bathroom. It was a rather funny feeling, sensing as we hugged feeling Tylers thick cock rubbing my almost half hard cock.

Tyler turned to walk out and as he passed me he said, 'Hey Dad your ass is phenomenal looking, you know that?' and reached over and rubbed my hairy ass, actually it felt really good.

He just smiled as he realized it too.

I went on to bed and slept really good after stroking out a nice thick load myself.

I guess it was about four weeks ago that Tyler was home for spring break from the State University, I was so happy to have him home again, the old house had gotten a little quiet since he left for his freshman year.

I took a couple weeks vacation from my job at the plant so I could spend some time with Tyler, it was Friday afternoon when We had a bar-b-que in the back yard, some of Tylers old buddies from High School were there that we decided to play a game of touch football, I was in good shape but they insisted on me playing too.

I was doing great for an old man of thiry nine.

There was this one young man, Jeramy Latham, one of Tyler's old school mates.

Jeramy was in the Marines and was home on leave and he was out there, and of course it was a hot afternoon, all they guys were either wearing sweat pants or shorts and was going shirtless, for some reason I had never noticed Jeramy before, but Holy fuck was he built, he stood about six one, thick, defined chest pec muscles, rounded shoulders and an eight pack of bulging ripped stomach ab muscles, and his obliques were very muscular and pronounced, his arms were thick, holy shit was the Marines looking good on Jeramy.

The guys seemed to all be enjoying my being there they were calling out to me, and patting me on the back and arms and shoulders, actually I was totally enjoying it.

After the other guys shut us down scored against us still at zero. We all went inside for a cold drink, and everyone decided it was getting later and they had plans for the evening.

Tyler it seemed, had a date with an old flame from back in High School, and went to shower and get ready, I think he was planning on laying some pipe that evening, Jeramy smiled at me and asked me if I minded him staying with me and hanging out, if I had no plans, he said, he didn't have anything planned that evening.

Well everyone was gone, and Tyler said 'O.K. Dad, I probably won't be in untill early in the morning but don't wait up,. Later Jeramy,' he said and out the door he flew.

Jeramy got up and as we stood there drinking a cold brew still in our sweats, shirtless, Jeramy smiled at me, and just kept looking straight into my eyes, of course I was staring at his beautiful body, never having ever lusted after a guy before, I felt funny feelings I had never felt.

'Truthfully Mr. Sander's' Jeramy said,

'Wanted to tell you just how awesome I think you are.'

'Well thank you Jeramy, I must admit, the Marines have really done you good, wow, your body is awesome, you have really filled out and for the better,' I said.

Jeramy looked delighted to hear me say that. I was leaning with my ass against the kitchen counter when Jeramy walked over to me and said, 'actually sir, your very handsome and so fucking hot, I love your body, Your very well built and sexy too.'

Jeramy reached out and began to gently rub across my chest, I just stood there mesmerized, and was falling totally in lust as he continued rubbing, his hands felt so awesome agains my lightly hairy chest and as he continued to rub, he leaned over and I felt his breath touching my face, 'Yu know what, sir? I would love to make love with you,'

He said.

I was totally shocked and excited by this statement, altho I had never done anything with a man before, besides the usual kid thing of jerking off together with a couple guys back years ago.

I reached out at that moment as Jeramy began to kiss my neck, licking on my cheeks sensously, and I felt jolt of sensation as they shot thru me like electricity, I was about to explode, haveing not been touched by another human for several years, I was loving this attention.

I reached over and began to rub Jeramy's tight muscular perfectly clean tight chest. and his abs, and the senasation of touching this tight, muscular body was doing things to me I had never felt, I realized that my cock was at the point of splitting the sweats I was wearing, and Jeramy knew he had me as He began to kiss my chest, nibbling on my nipples untill I thought I would die.

I had laid my head back and was biting my lower lip as Jeramy slowly began to slide my sweat pants down to my ankles and there I stood with my hard cock jutting out straight just begging to be loved.

I heard his moan as he took my balls into his hand and began to massage and kiss them licking and sucking them into his mouth, one at a time.

I just let him enjoy himself as he stroked my foreskin covered cock sliding my foreskin back and forth exposing the sensitive head as he slid the skin back each stroke.

I could tell by this time I was leaking pre-cum and he must have loved it because the next thing I knew Jeramy had take the tip of my pre-cum covered cock and began to lick it off and every time his tongue touched the tip of my cockhead I would whimper, it was the fantastic thing I had ever felt.

'Is this what they taught you in the Marines,' I asked, as Jeramy just sucked away at my cock.

'Actually sir the first cock I ever sucked was my Dad's,' he said.

'YOUR DADS?' I said with a sound of shock and surprise.'

Jeramy took a sucking break as he explained his situation, while still stroking on my throbbing cock.

'WEll one night I came home from a High School football game, I already knew I had this thing for guys, at that time I had never sucked off a cock before, and my mother was out of town with here sister. I came home after the game that night and my father we laying all splayed out on the sofa, passed out dead drunk, beer cans allover every where, evidently he had showered and just sat in front of the t.v. in the living room and with just a towel wrapped around him totally naked, I saw this nice cock laying layed over to the side. It looked almost hard and I just thougth what a waste of a nice hardon.

So I leaned over started licking on his nice clean nuts sack and then went to work on his cock, like yours he still had his foreskin, but I loved it, I played around with Dads cock and finally I began to suck it. It took a while and I felt my dads body start doing funny things, and then his hand went behind my head pushed it down, groaned a loud groan and I felt his cock unleash a load of cum, then he just rolled over and went back to sleep, I covered his body with a blanket and went on to bed, he was still there the next morning.'

All I could think was wow! as he relayed his story, then I got a bigger shock, Well truth is Tyler and I have sucked each other off lots of times. Tyler is bi-sexual tho, where I prefer guys.

'Oh well so much for stories,' Jeramy went back to taking my cock to the hilt in his mouth and I felt like It wasn't gonna be to very long, and It wasn't, I began to feel that awesome buildup of cum slowly getting more powerful with each suck of his mouth.

Then it happened, I wasn't sure if he wanted it or not but he got it. 'Oh Fuck kid,' I said, as my cock started unleashing it's seed into Jeramy's mouth. That climax and cum load should have gone down in the Hall of Blowjob Fame, it was phenomenal.

I was breathless and exhausted, it took every ounce of my energy, but it was well worth the effort at least on my part.

I realized that Jeramy hadn't gotten his nut yet.

I offered my asshole since I knew Gay men like to fuck other dudes in the ass, 'BIG MISTAKE, BIG, BIG MISTAKE.'

I hadn't seen Jeramys cock yet, so I didn't give it any thought, how bad could it be, I loved to finger my ass when jerking off.

I got to the bedroom and took everything off and I watched Jeramy as he stripped off his sweats and then his Jock, out flopped what looked like an elephant's trunk, My mouth fell open and I just pointed and wimpered, not being able to say anything.

As I got up on the bed wishing I could die before this began, I began to think about every thing under the sun, 'Washington State Apples three pounds for three dollars.' 'Chopped Sirloin' 2.98 per pound.

'Crest toothpaste for a cleaner whiter smile,' anything to take my mind off that cock, Then it happened.

'OH FUCK ME, HOLY SHIT! about four inches of ass splitting cock just went into my intestines, and it was hurting like a motherfucker. but I stayed with it as Jeramy held my legs up in the air and began to slide about nine and a half inches of very, very thick cock into my body, I wanted to die.

'Fuck Mr. Sanders, your asshole is so fucking tight, God I love it,' he said.

All I could say, is 'anything you put that into is going to be tight, Jeramy.'

I Layed back and just began to accept that fact that I would need surgery on my asshole when he got finished, yet in the midst of this pain was one phenomenal feeling and I began to have seconds thoughts about his, it was actually feeling really good, no fuck me man, it was feeling awesome, HOLY SHIT MAN it was felling phenomenal, and I began to thrust my asshole back up against Jeramy's body and I went into overdrive as He fucked me raw, We had been fucking like ten minutes and I finally felt his body as it came to climax and he thrust his fantastic cock as deep as it would go,and just held it buried deep inside my bowels, I felt that warmth of cum as it began flooding into my body and I thought some of it would start coming out of my nostrils, he was shooting it so friggen deep inside me, I felt that tingling in my cock as he finished up unloading his cum into my and I stroked my cock a couple times and felt my body shaking as I unloaded my cock all over the bed and myself, that is one of the most fantastic feelings I have ever felt of having a thick, hard cock in my asshole as I shot a load, what a rush.

Jeramy fell over on his back and just lay there all but gasping for air and he came back to normal, he looked exhausted and happy, a huge smile on his face, 'I have wanted to do that for a long time now' he said

Well that was our beginning, every time Jeramy comes home from the Marines we spend some good quality time with each other, and I don't regret a thing about it either, and we havent told Tyler yet nor have I mentioned that I know about him and Jeramy having sex with each other either.



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