Several years have past since that first encounter with Jeramy.

Even though we are at least eighteen years apart, Jeramy and I was having regular sex, God I still can't believe that I turned from sex with women to men sexually, but I must admit, I have had so many good, no actually awesome sex with Jeramy, its like a fantastic wet dream that I have never awakened from.

I knew That Tyler and Tim would be coming home for the holidays, Dam it seems strange Tim is now seventeen, on handsome looking young man, and its getting to the point that Tim (My youngest) was desiring more and more to be home with Dad, and I love that too, he is having problems with the guy his Mom is living with, evidently he likes to rule Tim, and Tim don't like that.

Tyler and Tim neither one knew about my ongoing affair with Jeramy.

Actually since that first time, Jeramy almost stays with me full time. I love to feel that awesome cock filling my intestines, and nothing feels better than his hot mouth sucking me off, I was in love with Jeramy.

I remember that first night, I was in bed and Tyler came in to say goodnight and caught me stroking off, with my boner in my hand, he just smiled and said, 'Fuck Dad, you remember that night I walked in the bath room and you were standing there, and I had my hardon in hand and a freshly shot load of cum all over my hand, I was so fucking embarrassed,' he said.

'I started giggling and said, 'Yeah I do, that was fantasick.'

'I Love you Dad, I just came in to say good night, enjoy your jerkoff,' he said.

'Good night Son,' and as I slowly stroked a few strokes, he stared at my cock, 'I Plan to.' I said.

I was tired and left it undone, and went on to sleep.

I got to sleep in later the next morning since it was Saturday, I knew that Tim would be coming for the Holiday vacation.

I fell off to sleep and I was awakened, about seven thirty the next morning, but as has happened many times.

Now I keep my curtains closed I keep it dark in my bedroom since I work the late shift and Jeramy would come in early and wake me up by sucking my cock and drinking my cum, I would just lay there and let him, It was always so awesome, just laying on my back, with my arm up over my face, not looking and watching just totally enjoying Jeramys cock sucking.

Well I I felt his hand playing with my cock thru the sheets covering my body up and he was so gentle, my cock felt like it would crack it was so hard.

His touch was feeling awesome yet this morning it was somehow different, I just layed there and enjoyed it immensly. Damn was my cock ever sensitive and responsive to his touch.

I felt the covers pulling back and I felt this soft gentle set of fingers began to touch my balls and rub my now harder that concrete cock, it felt out of this world, so sexually stimulating, my heart was beating like a triphammer, and it just felt somehow different, soft, gently I felt the pre-cum begin to flow as he took my foreskin and just played with it a little, Holy Shit, I could feel the building up of a very powerful shot coming on.

I just kept my eyes covered and enjoyed it, and then it happened, I felt his lips and warm breath on my balls and his gentle hands and lips touched them really easy like, I thought I would fly off the bed.

His mouth seemed to be so much hotter than it had before.

I was in heaven, I knew in a few minutes my body would begin shaking and my legs would go very rigid almost to the point of my toes cramping, I could feel my testicles had tightened up till they were up on the sides of my shaft, beside my hard aching cock, I was about to hyperventilate from heavy breathing.

Finally I felt this hot mouth take my whole cock balls deep and that was what took me over the cliff, so to speak, I felt my body start jerking and my cum started shooting out the end of my cock and for the first time I heard Jeramy gagging, I had never heard Jeramy gag before, and he took my full load down his throat. I layed there as he took every drop of my cum, I felt totally satisfied and drained.

I moved my arm and turned on the lamp beside my bed and when I turned around, I saw my youngest sTim setting on the bed beside my naked body.

I was in a state of shock, I couldn't speak, 'Holy shit son, did you do what I think you did,'

I was so glad to see him I could cry, but this was my son that had just sucked me off.

'Yes Sir, I hope you won't hate me, I just had to know what that was like, I love you so much Dad. But I have found out I like guys.' he said.

'Are you mad, do you hate me,cause Im a faggot?' he said as he started crying.

I pulled him over and hugged him, 'No son, truth is I feel the same way.' I said.

Tim looked at me and sorta shrugged his shoulders,' I don't understand Dad, what do you mean.'

Tim was wearing shorts as he set with his right leg pulled on the edge of the bed.

I reached over and slid my hand up and it went inside the leg of his shorts, I fet his white briefs and a nice sized set of big balls, damn Tim had grown up.

I then realized his cock was like a peice of flint, and Tim had really grown up too, he had a good six and a half inche, thick cock, it was almost as big as mine, and I wrapped my hand around Tim's cock and stroked it a few time, and Tims face went like a shock, and I pulled him up on the bed, slid off his shorts and undershirt, and began to rub his body, he seemed to be loving, 'OH Shit Dad.I love you so much.'

I Leaned down and took his hard cut cock to the balls and I almost had to hold Tim on the bed.

My seventeen year old baby boy, was becoming a man, and I was haveing the honor of doing it.

As I began working on his cock he was holding onto the sheets and squeezing the blankets with both hands and tore the blankets loose on the bed as I began to really work his throbbing cock over.

I kept up a steady sucking blowjob on Tim's virgin cock, it only took a few minutes of constant sucking, when I felt Tim raise up and groan really loud, and I felt his cock start belching out his load of hot, sweet, young cum.

When I had finished swallowing his sweet cum, Tim raised up and grabbed me and hugged me tightly,' I Love you so much pop. Can I live with you?' he asked.

I of course said yes.

'Well son We will work this out with your mother, alright?'

'Oh Daddy, she don't want me, she said, for me to come live with you, all my things are out on the patio.' I started crying.

We got the things and put them in The extra room.

Tim seemed so happy and elated that I wanted him.

I was happy and elated that he wanted to be home with me.

Well the next day Tyler came home for the holidays and of course I was glad to finally be there haveing both my sons home.

The fun really began when Jeramy came over on Friday night and decided to spend the night.

We all got ready for bed and I went into the bedroom, and got ready for a passionate night of unbridled sex with Jeramy. As of yet neither of them knew about Jeramy.

I went on to bed and then Jeramy followed me up and we got naked and ready, I was laying there with Jeramy on top of me, his awesome thick cock buried deep inside my body, when the bedroom door opened and there stood Tyler, he just started laughting, 'So While the Cats away the mice play.' he said. 'Jeramy told me he was gonna get it on with you Dad, sooner or later, Looks like Later is here.' he said with a smile.

Tyler just slipped his boxerbriefs off and walked over and got up straddle of my body with his cock sticking straight into Jeramy's face. 'We might as well make this a family affair.' Tyler said, Im sure Dad won't mind my best friend sucking my cock for me, and as Jeramy fucked my asshole like mad, he began sucking Tyler's thick beautifully circumcises cock deep and hard.

we were totally enjoying it, I was fingering Tyler's asshole with my fingers as Jeramy was deep throating his cock and Tyler was almost writhing as we both took Tyler to paradise.

We were in the throws of passion going at it like breeding animals, when we heard a voice from the door.

'Hey guys am I invited to join in.' Tim asked, standing there withe his white briefs standing out like they had a tree limb in them, his cock was standing straight out, as he walked over and he took it out, sliding his briefs to the floor, he walked over and let Dad take care of his hard cock, He looked totally happy, man by the time we all had cum, we were all totally happy, my and my boys, and my lover Jeramy. What an awesome Christmas holiday that was. I love my boys very much and we enjoy each other in every way, we are very close. and that includes Jeramy



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