The ordeal outside the house is over. I have suffered through the hanging, beating, enema, and face fucking. Now I stand outside the door of his house, my cock limp, my balls still aching, collared, leashed, and chained hand and foot, knowing that once inside, I will be subjected to more cruel and painful tortures, all for the pleasure of my captor. Still, I cannot escape. I am too far from help, and restrained as I am, I would not be able to move fast enough to get away. He knows what he is doing, and I know I have to obey or be punished.

My thoughts are interrupted when he opens the door and orders me inside. He stands before me, naked and menacing, 'Get your ass over there; sit down on the wooden chair by the fireplace.'

I walk to the chair, sat with my head bowed. Pulling a chair up to me, he sits down and stares at me for a moment. Then he grabs my jaw and forces me look him in the face. 'What's the matter boy. You should be grateful I've let you in the house. Some of my boys never got past the stocks. I had to let them go. But you've done well. You've proven that you like to submit to my treatment, and that you can take it. So, now we move on to the next step. Are you ready to become my houseboy, prepared to perform and serve me and my guests at any time, day or night?'

All I can manage to do was look at him in disbelief. I think, 'What would I have had to do to be let go like the others. I had in my mind that there was no escape, and that he would all but kill me if I tried.'

'Don't worry bitch. Those boys who left here were in bad shape. They could barely walk.

'Before we call it a night, boy, you're going to show me respect and worship my cock and balls for a while. Get on your knees, Now!'

I slide off the chair and onto my knees, a place and status I am becoming very familiar with. I crawl over to him as he spreads his hairy legs and reveals a semi-hard cock encircled by a heavy patch of dark hair. 'You'll have to do all the work this time pussy. Hold my balls and cock and lick every inch. When I'm satisfied with your performance, you can suck my cock until I cum in your fucking mouth or until I decide that I've had enough. Now get to work!'

I hold his balls in one hand, his cock in the other, leaning my head to the side so I can lather his balls and perineum with my spit. I lick and suck gently, moaning in appreciation of getting to eat him. Over and over I slide my tongue over his sac kissing, nibbling, stimulating him. I would much rather lick and suck him for hours than to be beaten and raped.

Moving my head upwards, I suck in the head of his dick swirling my tongue and moving my mouth around and around as I continue moaning in fake delight. I probe his piss slit Then I lick the underside of his hot, hard shaft, tasting his flesh. He begins to respond my performance, his large cock getting larger and darker red. I slide my tongue down to his balls again and take them into my mouth lathering then all over again and completely wetting his pubic hair. He begins to move his hips to the end of the chair urging me on and on. 'Eat Me You Fucking Bitch! Eat Me!'

Then, all of a sudden he stops me and says, 'What a minute cunt. I've got to do something. Grabbing my head, he sticks his cock halfway into my mouth and begins to piss. When I try to back away, he grabs my ears and screams, 'Swallow you fucking whore. Drink my piss and don't ever try to back away.'

I swallow mouthful after mouthful of hot, salty piss, feeling so humiliated by what I am doing and how I am accepting his taunting words. But I know better than to stop. When he is finished, and my stomach is full of his piss, he orders me back to sucking his cock. 'That felt good cunt, and I'll bet you loved it. You didn't miss a drop. I guess this should become a regular part of your day starting with my morning piss after a good night's sleep. How about that pussy? Doesn't that excite you?'

All I can do is groan in despair as I continue to suck his cock. I listen to his constant verbal torments while I suck his cock, feeling and tasting his cock head slide along the inside of my hot, wet mouth. Over and over his shaft invades my mouth. I moan more in disbelief at what I am doing than in any pleasure, but my cock swells anyway, and I feel the need to cum growing deep inside. I hope he will notice and let me cum, so I keep up a constant stimulation with my tongue and lips so that he will have an explosive orgasm and be please with my performance.

'You sound and feel like you're really getting in to this, boy; your hard little cock is dripping. Maybe you'd like me to jack you off so you can cum, huh?

I moan deeply so my mouth will vibrate around his cock and send him the message that I am desperate to cum. Then I suck harder, bobbing my head up and down on his dick, and massaging his balls with my hands. Feeling the pressure on his cock, he grabs my

shoulders roughly fucks my mouth. He keeps pumping away and lasts several minutes under my constant sucking. Then I taste cum seeping from his cock, and I know that he is about to unload massive globs in my mouth. After one, deep guttural groan, cum begins shooting into my mouth, and I swallow his sperm moaning as it goes down my throat. He holds my shoulders as he slides in and out of my mouth as his cock continues to throb. When his spasms weaken, he pushes me away.

I kneel in place breathing heavily from so much exertion as he catches his breath. 'Cunt, you suck cock better than anybody I've ever had. You'll going to serve me for a long, long time. Keeping sucking me like that and you won't suffer any beatings. You'll just be my twenty-four hour cum-slut.'

My mind was spinning. I don't know whether to be happy or scared to death. Here I am, bound and naked, and being told that I will not be beaten if I continue to suck his cock the way I have just done. I have been held captive and forced to submit to ass fucking and face fucking, and now he is seriously considering keeping me prisoner for a long time. I felt a need to be dominated long before this time, but I did not know that I could be forced into doing what I have done while being held by the officers. For now, I don't seem to have a choice. He has power over me, and I will submit or be punished. So, I say meekly, 'Sir, thank you for the privilege of sucking your cock. May I please continue to be your slave? And Sir, may I please cum?' Then, showing my complete submissiveness to him, I lean forward and kissed his cock and balls.

'I like your attitude, cunt. You are my slave, and I like the way you suck cock, but I will treat you anyway I want to, so get used to it.'

His words make me whimper. There seems to be no way I can avoid his torments, no matter how well I perform. I begin to think of ways of breaking free, or maybe he will tire of dominating me. But then, he would probably just return me to the others. And I remember how they treated me. I feel hopeless and vulnerable knowing that I have to submit to him.

He interrupts my thoughts by saying, 'Just to show you I can be understanding, I'm going to let you cum, if you do everything I order. Follow me. First, we are going down to the basement where I have set up a special place for my slaves. You're just one of many to

pass through here, so I know when you see what is down there, you will submit, and submit quickly.'

I trail behind him as the chain between my ankles clunks on the wooden steps. A door at the bottom opens into a dimly lit room. As I look around, I see that one wall is covered with mirrors, and one with a variety of whips, belts, manacles, hoods, and other unknown torture devices. I shudder to think what can be done to me in this place.

Turning to me, he asks again, 'You do want to cum, don't you?' 'Yes sir, I do.'

Once the chains between my wrists and ankles are taken off, he says, 'Get down there, on the floor, with you hands behind your back and knees spread, wide.'

When I get down, my legs are not spread wide enough to satisfy him, so he kicks them further apart. Then he walks over to a darkened corner of the room and rolls out one of his torture devices. 'I've got some special furniture that will keep you right where I want you, so I can enjoy myself. If you struggle, it can be quite painful. If you don't fight it, then I get what I want, and you'll escape the pain. Let's get started. This is another variation of the outdoor stocks, with a twist.'

After he opens the top rail of the stocks, I am ordered to put my hands and head in the cutouts. Then he locks the top rail down. With my head and hands restrained, he locks my ankles cuffs to the legs of the device. This time my body is not bent over as far, but no less vulnerable.

'Now comes the part I told you about. Struggle and you could experience a lot of pain and probably damage your cock and balls.' He attaches a crossbar between the uprights, and to it he attaches a steel rod with an adjustable spring loaded ring clamp at the top.

Grabbing my cock and balls and pulling them away from my body, he clamps the ring shut. 'This little devil will make you stand still.'

He is right. The other restraints are mild compared to this. I am standing flat footed and can move up and down or side to side only by pulling on my cock and balls. If he decides to whip me, torture my cock and balls, or fuck me, I will not be able to resist.

'How does it feel to be totally controlled, CUNT? When I let out a groan, he says, 'Just relax and accept your predicament. It'll go a lot easier. And, you'll get to cum.'

Adding to his total control, he covers my head with cloth hood and draws the string tightly around my neck. 'Now you can concentrate on feeling what I am about to do.' Another groan lets him know I am frightened. 'You sound scared, cunt. That's good. You can yell as loud as you want because no, and I mean no one can hear you anyway.'

The next thing I feel is a pair of hands on my cock and balls, follow by a warm mouth encircling my dick. I manage a low guttural moan. It feels so good, and my cock hardens more with each stroke of the hand and mouth. The mouth sucks and licks my cock and balls bringing me closer and closer to cumming. My captor is listening to me. As my

breathing gets shallower and moans turned to high pitched whimpers, the mouth disappears. Only the hands remain pulling on my cock and balls. The feelings of pleasure turn to the pressure of having my genitals pulled and squeezed.

Without warning, I feel the first sting of the whip on my ass. I scream out in pain. 'Oh no, Please, Please, Stop! Don't hit me. Please! Please! I'll do anything.'

As he lands blow after blow on my back, ass, and legs, I continue to scream, and he laughs 'You'll do anything anyway, cunt. But go ahead, struggle and scream. I like to hear slaves crying and pleading for mercy. It just gets me hotter!'

Then all of a sudden he stops, and the mouth begins sucking my cock again. It is still hard and my screaming turns to moans and groans. My body burns from the whipping, but my cock responds to the sucking, and I feel like I am about to explode. The hood is hot, and I am sweating and breathing heavily. When I jerk toward the sucking mouth, the whole frame moves. I cry a long, low growl as I try to get off. But again the mouth stops sucking my cock, and I cry, 'Oh no, no. Please finish me. Let me cum! Please! Please!'

Instead of getting a response, all I hear is the cellar door slamming. 'Oh, no, I think. Is he just going to let me stand here in frustration, not knowing when or even if he will let me cum? With me unable to move any part of my body including my cock and balls, I am at his mercy. Should I scream? Does he want to hear me beg, or does he want me to be silent? The uncertainty upsets me, and I begin to jerk about trying to free myself from this beast of a contraption. After a few minutes, I know I will be in this position for as long as he wants to leave me here. So, I try to quiet my mind and ride out the torture.

I lose track of time in the silence and the darkness, but once the heat of the hood becomes unbearable, I cry out again, 'Please, sir. Help me. I can't breathe with this hood on. Please. I'll do anything you want. You don't even have to let me cum. Please, come


When I shut up to catch my breath, the door opens. I can't tell who is in the room, but I hope he has returned to free me from this torture. As I hang in the stocks, I feel the ringed rod around my cock and balls being raised. The pressure forces me to raise myself

up on the balls of my feet to relieve the pain. I didn't know how long I can hold this position, so I hope he is just testing my submissiveness. Just as my legs began to tremble, the mouth covers my cock again.

As I tried to keep my balance and still enjoy the cock sucking, my captor stands behind me, his naked body against my sweat-soaked, naked body. He runs his hard cock up and down the crack of my ass while he encourages me, 'Hold on cunt. You can do it. If your legs hold out and you don't rip your cock and balls off, you'll get to cum in this slave's mouth before I let him go. Then you'll get to replace him and be all alone with me twenty-four hours a day.'

Tears run down my face inside the hood because I don't want to be his slave, but I know he will not let me go. And I am in agony. I can't hold my position for much longer even though my cock is being suck. Then I hear my moaning and groaning, and I feel my legs shaking. The slow cock sucking is speeded up, and I feel myself ready to cum. With one last guttural groan, my cum starts spurting into the slave's mouth. Feeling like my head is going to explode, he just keeps sucking until I am dry. When he pulls my cock out of his mouth, it is still hard and aching, and I slump, nearly ripping my cock and balls off. But I have no strength left to fight, and I hang there groaning until my tormentor lets my cock and balls loose. Now, I can stand flat footed, but I am still weak from the torture and cock sucking.

'Walking up to me, he rips off the hood and sneers, 'Here's the guy that just sucked your dick.' As I stare in to the eyes of another man, all I can do is whimper. 'Now you owe him, and he gets to do anything he wants to you before he leaves. You won't have to do any work. He'll get what he wants while you just hang there. When he's done with you, I'll be back. I'm going to burn my brand on your ass like the others and then fuck your brains out.' Patting my cheek, he says, 'Have fun CUNT.'

When my captor leaves, the slave turns to me and spits in my face. 'First I fuck your ass; then you'll clean my dick with your mouth and suck my cock until I cum again.' Stepping behind me and grabbing my ass cheeks, he laughs, 'Your ass is cold, slave boy. I need to warm it up before I fuck it.' Walking back to face me, he lifts up a wide leather belt to my lips and said, 'Kiss it.' When I do, he slaps me in the face and moves behind me.

I can hear him swinging the belt in the air before he hits me. Then the first blow lands forcing me to cry out. 'Oh god No! Please don't!' Then he hits me again and again without pausing until I plead with him to stop. 'Oh, please, please, stop. I'll do anything you want. Please, please stop.'

He gives my five more hard stinging swats. 'Now I'm going to fuck your ass. Showing me no mercy, he lubes my ass hole with his fingers, grabs my hip, guides his cock to my ass hole and then rams his cock in, up to his balls. I cry out in pain and fright. Grabbing my other hip he slides his cock in and out of my ass grunting and groaning with each stroke. I am locked into the torture device and cannot move. He fucks me and fucks me and fucks me until my cock begins to get hard, and I start groaning along with him. Sensing that his fucking is making me hard, he grabs my cock and starts pumping.

'Slaveboys who get hard while there getting fucked are kept around here for a long time. You enjoy being fucked by a man, so you'll be kept as his slave for a long, long time. And your tight, skinny ass makes for a tight fucked. You've already sucked his dick, so you know how big it is. Wait until he fucks you up the ass. You'll be screaming for mercy.'

I am forced to listen to all this while I am being fucked. Yet it won't be over even after he cums in my ass. I will have to clean his cock and then suck him until he cums again, no matter how long it takes. He fucks my ass and pumps my cock for a long, long time. Then I feel him moving faster slamming his thighs into mine. He shouts at me, 'Start counting the strokes, cunt, out loud until I cum in your ass. 'One, two, three, ...ten, fifteen.'

The he slams his cock into me one more time and cums, hard , holding himself against my ass and filling my ass with his hot cum. I feel him spurting cum and his cock throbbing. He stands against me for several minutes gently pumping my dick but not letting me cum.

I pleaded, 'Please let me cum. I need it.'

'Sorry slave. He says when and where, not me or especially not you. You'll have to pay for and suffer every time he lets you cum. Remember that.'

Still I try to force a load of cum from my balls, just to get the relief I desperately need. Feeling my hard cock, he pumps faster and lets me cum. I grunt and groan as my cum shoots from my dick. 'Oh, thank you; thank you.'

'You just better hope he doesn't find out, or we're both in trouble. You know you're not done. I'm going to take you out of this contraption so you can finish your work on me.'

'Okay. I'll do anything. Thank you, again.'

He first unlatches the head and wrist piece, and as I rub my neck and wrists, he unlocks my leg cuffs from the uprights. I stand quietly for a few moments to enjoy the sense of freedom, but then I drop to my knees, reaching for his half-hard cock and licking my cum off. Then I suck his balls. Once he is clean and hard, I take his dick into my mouth and bob my head up and down sucking him until he is moaning and groaning again. I suck his cock for several minutes until his breathing quickens and he grabs my head fucking my mouth for all he is worth. I go along with him raping my mouth, moaning

and breathing hard. Then with one last thrust, he shoots his load into my mouth. I swallow all his cum and hold his dick in my mouth until he is soft. When he pulls away, he leaves the room silently after patting my head. I lay down to rest knowing my tormentor would soon return to fuck me again and again.


John Roberts

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