It is obviously not safe to place yourself in the hands of a man you do not know under such vulnerable conditions. If you are not yet 18 years of age or not yet 21 years of age, depending on the country, you are too young to read this and should depart from here until you reach the legal age If you are offended by imagination of sex between men or master slave type sex then you should not read this. I write this as I do all my stories. I am the submissive male. This allows my imagination to run wild, and I can see myself experiencing each scenario that I conjure up. Abduction in a small town - Part One The following story is a common fantasy involving police officers and a man who inadvertently winds up as their captive and is put into non consensual sexual slavery. He is forced to endure as many sadistic torments as the writer's imagination can devise. Driving back after finishing the work that took me several miles from home, I am traveling through a small town when I am pulled over by a cruiser. Not knowing what I have done, I sit quietly until the officer approaches my car. When I ask what the problem is, he says, 'Step out of the car. Figuring that this must be a case of mistaken identity, I do as I am told. Ushering me to the front of my car, he growls, 'Put you hands on the hood and spread your legs.' Without saying anything else, the officer searches the car and then radios in to the station. Coming back to me, he pulls my wrists behind my back and handcuffs them together. When I try to protest, he flings me around, grabs me by the neck and says, 'Shut up and get on your knees, pussy.' I am shoved immediately to my knees, and as the officer holds my head down, another cruiser pulls up and two others get out. One of them says, 'Well, it looks like we got us a new slave boy! We're going to have a party with this fucker tonight. Let's haul his ass back to the cabin.' The officer holding my head grabs my hair and pulls me to my feet. Shoving me against the car, he unlocks the cuffs and shouts angrily, 'Take off your fucking clothes; NOW! boy!' I plead with him saying, 'Please, I didn't do anything. Please, let me go. I'll give you all my money.' They just laugh and one officer says, 'Take off your fuckin' clothes pussy, or I'll cut them off with my blade.' I sense how alone and outnumbered I am, so I hastily strip my off my clothes and stand naked before them trying to cover my cock and balls. An officer slaps my hands away and grabs my balls in his gloved hand; giving them a squeeze, he sneers, 'Your fucking little balls are shaved. Hey guys, we've found ourselves a slave boy. He's a little skinny, but we'll make good use of his mouth and ass. Turn around pussy and put your hands behind your back.' Reluctantly, I turn around, and he puts the handcuffs back on, buckles on leather leg restraints, and puts a collar with a leash attached around my neck. I have a sinking feeling that they have abducted others before, and I am afraid that I am in for a long, long night. My journey begins when they put me in the back of one of the cruisers and order me to lay face down on the seat. As the car speeds down the road, the driver yells back to me, 'You're going to enjoy this pussy. We have a cabin back in the woods that we use to party with pussy boys like you.' I feel my complete helplessness. I'm naked, cuffed and chained. There is no escape. I have a very disturbing feeling that my worst fears will come true. I am being taken to an out-of-the-way place where I will be forced to do whatever they want, and no one, but no one will be able to find me or hear my cries and screams. We travel for only a short while over rough roads when the car comes to a stop. The back door opens, and I am dragged out by my leash; an officer uses his belt on my naked ass landing blow after blow as I am rushed into the cabin; Once through the door, I am roughly thrown on the floor. Without my hands to break my fall, my chest and face slam into the carpet. As I lay shaking and looking around the room, the three officers strip to their underwear and sit down on chairs around me. One of the officers says, 'You look like you are ready to suck a cock, slave boy; you took off your clothes without a fight, and you didn't even protest when we cuffed you. Come on pussy, get your skinny ass over here and put your head between my legs. I got a big dick I want to stick in your mouth.' I look at him in fear, but I struggle to my knees and crawl over to the officer. After pulling off his underwear and grabbing the leash, he jerks my head between his legs. His thick, heavily veined cock is limp when he takes it in his hand and said, 'Open wide pussy. I'm going to rape your hot, little mouth.' When I hesitate and turn my head away because I don't want to suck his cock, he grabs a handful of my hair and screams, 'I said, open up cock sucker!' Not knowing what to do, I tremble in fear as I open my mouth and lower my head to his cock. Closing my lips around his dick, I suck and swirl my tongue around the head as his cock begins to harden. He forces me to bob my head up and down, trying to slam his whole dick down my throat. I gag slightly but he holds me in place until his cock is fully erect. Now I can't get it all in my mouth, but I keep sucking and lathering his dick with my saliva. Several minutes later as he moans in approval, he says, 'Keep sucking, pussy. I'm going to fill your mouth with a hot load of my sweet cum.' Hearing this, I try to pull away because I've never tasted cum before, but he slaps me across the face and jerks hard on the leash, forcing me to continue. Within moments, he begins to tense up, his cock growing even larger. Then he starts to thrust his cock deeply into my mouth. As his cum starts to shoot into my mouth, he yells out, 'Swallow it bitch; eat it all.' I take each glob of his load into my mouth and swallow it as I continue to suck his cock. The other men begin laughing and clapping at my humiliation while the officer keeps ramming his dick into my mouth, not letting me pull away until his spasms subside. Then he sneers at me, 'Pretty good blow job, pussy. You must do this a lot.' When I don't answer or look at him, he grunts, 'Now clean off my cock and balls so you can get to work on another dick.' I suck the remaining cum from his cock and lick his balls clean. As his limp dick falls from my mouth, I bow my head in shame as they continue to laugh at me. 'We got whole lot more cock for you tonight, slave boy.' Before I can clear my mouth of the cum, the first cop tosses the leash to the second guy who grabs it and makes me crawl over to him. As I struggle to keep from falling on my face, he yells, 'Come on, pussy boy, you're just getting started tonight.' As I kneel between his legs, he grabs my head, and shoves his cock into my wide open mouth. Then I hear a knock on the door. Pushing me away, one of the cops say, 'It must be the sheriff. Open the door.' I was jerked around to face the door as a large figure walked in. The sheriff looks to be about six-feet tall and solidly built. One of the officers says, 'We've been warming him up for you.' As I kneel before him, naked and cuffed hand and foot, the large man reaches down to grab my leash and yells to the others, 'Hang him from the rafters, now.' One cop jerks my wrists upward behind me forcing my face to the floor. Then, as I am held for a moment in this painful position, the cuffs are removed. But rather than being set free, I am jerked to my feet and my hands are bound in front and stretched over my head. A hanging chain is locked to the rings in my cuffs keeping my hands and arms over my head. Then the sheriff walks up to me, glares down at me, slaps in my face and growls, 'Open your fuckin' mouth slave boy, I've got a surprise for you. He produces an ominous looking gag. Several black straps are attached to bright red ball. After sliding a strap under my chin, he forces the ball into my mouth and buckles the other straps behind my head. Finally, he covers my eyes with a blindfold. My fear and anxiety grows with each new torment, and I begin to breathe heavily around the ball gag. While hanging from my cuffs, I endure a stinging slash across my ass. I cry out through the gag and try to move away, but my bound wrists keep me in place. The beating continues. 'Beat his ass, and he'll learn right here and right now to obey or be punished!' The leather lashes crisscross my thighs, ass, and back. Tears run down my face, and my breathing becomes labored as I suffer through the savage beating. As I begin to lose conscious and control because of the pain, the beating stops. Then the sheriff orders the others, 'Spread his legs and chain his feet to the floor. This cunt can't seem to stand still.' Two officers roughly grab my ankles, spread my legs wide apart, and shackle them to eye bolts in the floor. This leaves my body hanging from the chain above me. I groan loudly through the ball gag, but they secure my ankles so I cannot move in any direction. When they are finished, the sheriff grabs my cock and balls, winds a cord around them several times and then draws it up tight. Then he strokes my dick until I am hard. With my body spread eagled and my cock looped, he walks behind me and swings his whip up between my legs. The lashes make me scream through the ball gag, but he takes no pity on me. Laughing, he hits me again and again while some cold, slippery substance is being shoved up my asshole. Then one of the cops walks up to me and rips off the blindfold, and a large black butt plug is placed before my eyes. Walking behind me, he works it around my ass hole, and then roughly shoves it in, making me grunt from the pain and fullness in my ass. 'You took that pretty well, slave boy. I think it's time we fuck you. Take his hands down.' My hands are released, but my legs are kept shackled to the floor. As I lay face down, I can feel my hard cock beneath me and the rubber plug in my ass. With my hands cuffed, my cock looped, a ball gag in my mouth, and my legs spread apart, I wait for the next assault, waiting to be raped against my will. My upper body is lifted off the floor and laid on a padded stool. My cuffed hands are stretched out and anchored to the floor. Walking up to me, one of the men gets on his knees, grabs my jaw, unbuckles the ball gag, and yells, 'Open up your fuckin' mouth slave boy. You're going to lather up my dick before I fuck your ass.' Taking a breath, I open my mouth when he squeezes my jaw. As I stare at the mushroom shaped head of his thick cock, I close my lips around it and begin to suck him. Grabbing my head, he moves it up and down on his dick as my spit runs down his cock. He yells to another cop, 'I'm going let this fucking cunt finish me off, so you can fuck him in the ass.' 'Oh, Yeah! Let me at his skinny little ass. I want to shove my cock up his ass and fuck him long and hard.' I feel him kneel behind me and wedge his legs close to my ass. Taking hold of the butt plug, he pulls it out of my ass. Then he places the tip of his dick on my ass hole and swirls it around to lubed it up. Grabbing hold of my hips, he guides his cock to the entrance of my ass hole and begins shoving it past the puckered muscle. When the head goes through, I cry out in pain. Showing me no mercy he continues sliding more of it in, berating me with, 'Relax, slave boy. I'm gonna fuck you! I'm going to rape your ass and cum deep inside, so you can scream all you want.' With one cock in my mouth and another up my ass, I unwillingly submit to the humiliating rape. When the cock in my ass is shoved in, the cock in my mouth is pulled back. They keep up the rhythm, laughing and taunting me. The assault continues as the three of us begin to sweat from the exertion of fucking and being ass fucked and face fucked at the same time. One man holds my head while the other holds my hips and slaps my ass when I stop moving. Then the officer banging away at my ass grabs my cock and begins to pump my shaft. He says, 'This pussy likes our treatment. His cock is as hard as ours. You like it, don't you, slave boy? Come on, tell me you like it, or we'll fuck you until you can't walk. Then we'll beat your ass and take turns making you suck our cocks for the rest of the night.' I hate what I am hearing, but somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind, it must be true; I like the harsh treatment and abuse by these guys. I moan loudly as the rape continues. With my mouth and ass being filled with cock and my own dick being jacked off, I strain in my bondage trying to get loose. My cock is ready to explode, so I suck harder and try to move my ass toward the punishing cock. Sensing my movements, one cop says, 'He's trying cum!' So they both begin a furious assault on my mouth and ass. Within moments I begin to moan and struggle around as my cock lets go a stream of cum. Then I taste the salty, hot sticky cum filling my mouth. As I swallow the first load, the other cop screams as he rams his cock deep in my ass and pours his hot cum in my belly. They hold their positions for several minutes gliding in and out of me until their cocks soften. When they pull away, I lay with cum dripping from my ass and mouth, spent and sore. They leave me with my wrists tied down and my legs spread and bolted to the floor. 'We'll be back later, cunt.' I slump in my restraints dropping my head, unable to move. They leave me alone for quite some time as they talk and laugh about using my skinny ass and hot mouth, and how I responded to them. Then I hear the officer that first stopped me say to the others, 'I'll take care of this bitch. Leave him to me. You guys takeoff.' Once they are dressed, I hear the door slam and the cars drive away. I am left alone with one tormentor, still bound, unable to escape, and not knowing what he plans to do. Their treatment has been brutal, and I am frightened that I will suffer have to suffer more humiliations at the hands of the officer. When he approaches me, he leans over to me and says, 'I don't plan to torture or punish anymore tonight cunt, but you're still my slave. If you want your freedom, then you will perform for me and do anything I want. Do as I demand or be punished! Understand?' I manage a frightened, 'Yes, sir.' Satisfied with my answer, he says, 'Good. Now I'll release you so we can get started.' He unlocks my legs so I can kneel. Then he releases my wrists from the cuffs. I am left unshackled and naked, but still his prisoner. 'Stand up and grab your ankles, bitch.' I stagger to my feet trying as quickly as I can to obey him and assume the position. As he stands naked before me, he demands, 'Anytime that you are able to see me, you are to keep you eyes fixed on my cock and balls. You are here to get to please me to worship them. And just so you know that I am serious about you being my slave...' A stinging crack lands on my ass. Again and again, he beats me with his belt. I jerk trying to avoid the slashing leather, but he warns me, 'If you try to get away, it will only get worse, boy.' The leather belt hurt, but I hold the position and accept his punishment. Finally, he stops. 'On your knees, slave.' With my ass burning, I drop to my knees, but I remain at attention. 'Good. You're learning fast. And that just makes me hotter. My own slave boy, kneeling naked and ready. Cocksucker, it's time you ate me again. Crawl over to the bed. I'm going to teach you to be the best cock sucker on earth.' I follow him to the bed as he sits down and spreads his legs so I can kneel between them. When I crawl between his legs, his long, hard cock stares me in the face, and I feel his body heat envelope my cheeks. I reach up, cup his balls and grab the base of his dick. 'Take a long look, bitch. Then start licking my balls. I want you to cover them with hot spit from your fucking mouth!' I open my mouth as wide as I can, rising up as I take his hairy ball sac into my waiting mouth. Doing the best that I can, I lick and gently suck his nuts, lathering them with as much saliva as I can produce. I hear him moan as I keep up the stimulation. Grabbing me by my hair and jerking my head backwards he says, 'That's enough cunt. Open your fucking mouth. I want my cock suck! Taking the mushroom head into my mouth, I try to stick the tip of my tongue into his cum slit; then I lick around the crown of his cock head swirling my tongue around and around. With his cock fully erect, he shoves it to the back of my throat, and I clamp down with my lips. Then he makes me bob my head up and down lathering his whole shaft. He moans in approval, 'Ah yeah. Keep going bitch. You're doing just fine.' I keep up the friction, licking, lathering, swirling my tongue around his shaft and cock head, tasting his fleshy cock. 'Suck my balls again, slave.' Licking first the underside and then each one, I open my mouth as wide as I can and take in his hairy balls lathering them as I had lathered his cock. Shoving his cock back into my mouth, he grabs my hair, and begins fucking my mouth as I keep my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. 'Eat me you fucking bitch. I'm going to blow my cum in your mouth.' I hold his cock and balls in my hands ready to receive his load of cum. I alternate swirling my tongue back and forth around his dick and sucking on his shaft. When he begins to tense his legs muscles and to hold more tightly to my head, I taste the first globs of his cum in my mouth. He pumps several more spurts, shouting with each one as I swallow his cum, and he continues humping my mouth. He fucks my mouth for several more minutes until his cock is limp. After he pulls his wet cock out of my sore, tired mouth, he shoves me away, saying, 'That was great. You really know how to suck a cock, slave boy. Stand up and lay across my lap, I want to talk to you.' I get off my knees and lay across his thighs. He locks my cock between his legs and begins, 'You will stay here all night because I plan to use you again.' I can only groan in dismay. 'Don't try to act like you didn't love eating me; your cock is hard and you sucked me like a pro.' He smacks my ass a few times, and then begins probing my ass with a butt plug. Once he shoves it in and my asshole closes around the base, he pushes me to the floor, and throws me a pair of leather wrist cuffs, 'Put these on.' After buckling them on my wrists, he locks them together with a chain and says, 'Get on the bed.' As I lay on my back, I am locked to the headboard unable to reach my throbbing cock. Seeing me stare at my hard cock, he grabs it and strokes it a few times. Then he leans over, takes my dick into his mouth, and begins to lick the shaft. His sucking sends shivers through me as he drags his tongue over my sensitive cock; I know then that he has sucked cocks before. He continues to lick me and to massage my balls until I begin to squirm around on the bed and arch my back. Just as I am about to cum, he pulls away and squeezes my cock, stopping my climax. Crying out, 'No, No,' I writhe on the bed still unable to reach my cock. Then he begins the torture all over again. He strokes my cock, takes it into his mouth, sucks and licks it until I am humping my hips. Again, before I cum, he stops and pinches the head of my cock until the spasms subside. Unable to cum, I moan and groan as I lay tethered to the bed by my wrist cuffs. My tormentor laughs and says, 'An excited, horny, and hungry slave will be an obedient slave, willing to do whatever I want. That is, if he wants the relief a climax will give him. Until I think you have suffered enough, slave boy, you're not going to cum.' A third assault begins on my dick. As the tension and my frustration builds, it takes only a few strokes and some light sucking before I am moaning loudly. But, as before, the officer stops short of letting me cum, pinching my cock and leaving me writhing on the bed. Knowing that I am close to cumming, he grabs my ankles, pulls my legs over my head and shackles them wide apart to the bedposts. With my ass in the air nd my cock pointing to my face he says, 'You're going to cum, slave, and you're going to eat your own cum.' At this point I don't care because I am mad with lust and need relief badly. 'Tell me how badly you want to cum, slave. And tell me what you will do for me if I let you cum. Open your mouth and tell me, slave.' I can't stand it any longer so I cry, 'I do whatever you want; I'll eat you anytime and as many times as you want, if you just let me cum. I'll lick your cock and balls. I want you to shoot your cum in my mouth and on my face as many times as you want. Just please let me cum.' Slapping my upturned ass he growls, 'That's not enough, slaveboy. You'll have to do more than that for me.' Frantically searching my mind for the right words, I yell out, 'I'll get on my knees and give you my naked ass to beat and to fuck anytime you want. I'll be your slave as long as you want. You can tie me up and keep me naked and in bondage whenever you want. Please let me cum.' 'That's better. Now that I have your confession on tape, it's time to eat some cum, slaveboy.' He grabs my cock and begins to stroke me. I feel his hot hand around my dick, and all I can do is wait until my cock explodes in my mouth. Although I am again tied down, I feel the needed relief building up in my cock and balls. When I near climax, I begin to moan loudly with my mouth wide open. He makes his strokes longer and slower so he can keep my dick pointed toward my mouth. Then all of a sudden, my cock lets go with globs of cum that fills my mouth. I swallow my own cum for the first time. When he milks the last drops of cum dripping from my cock into my mouth, he holds tightly to my throbbing cock until my spasms subside, and I calm down to wait for him to release me. He gets up on the bed and peers down through my legs. Looking into my eyes, he says, 'We're leaving this cabin in the morning, and you're coming with me to start your new life as my slave. I have a special room all prepared for you where you will be kept naked and chained so you can service me whenever I want. I close my eyes knowing that I am his captive, and it will be useless to resist him. Before he releases my legs, he harnesses my cock and balls saying, 'This is to be a constant reminder of your status as my slave. Now get some sleep.' If you have gotten this far, thanks for reading. I appreciate all comments and even suggestions from Masters and subs alike, so please write. - End of Part 1 - Part 2 The next morning, I am awakened by a hand on my cock. The officer has lain down behind me, and as I lay on my side, grabs my cock, and begins to masturbate me. When I am fully erect and beginning to enjoy the attention, he stops, flips me over onto my stomach and gets between my legs. With my hands still bound to the headboard, I am at his mercy. Grabbing my hips, he pulls me to a kneeling position and shoves my legs apart. Then I feel him probing my asshole with his cock. I am going to be fucked in the ass. 'Relax your ass slaveboy. I am going to fuck you!' He first shoves his cock part way in and then roughly rams in the rest. With one hand he grabs my shoulder and with the other he grabs my cock to control my movements. 'Keep your ass still, slaveboy. I'll do all the fuckin' here. You're just the pussy I'm fucking.' His fucking begins with long slow strokes in and out of my ass. He withdraws all but the tip and then slides his entire cock into me, all the while saying, 'Your ass is mine, and I like fucking you. Move your ass back and forth while I fuck you. Moan for me slaveboy. Show me how much you like having my cock up your ass.' He holds my cock in his hand occasionally stroking it, keeping me hard and erect, but not giving me enough stimulation to make me cum. I moan loudly, partly to please him, but also in frustration of not being able to control my pleasure. As his excitement builds, he begins fucking me more rapidly and more roughly, slamming his hips against my ass as he rammed his cock home. He breathes heavily as sweat drips from his body and onto me; his groaning grows louder, and he begins to beat my cock furiously. All at once he yells, 'Oh Fuck! I cuming in your ass, slaveboy,' and I feel his hot semen filling my backside as his cock beating makes me begin to shoot my cum on the bed as I groan in relief. After several more thrusts, he falls on top of me, his hot, sweaty body pinning me to the bed. He rests until his cock softens in my ass. When he gets off me, he slaps my ass and said, 'Time to go to your new home, slaveboy.' My arms are released, and I am taken to the bathroom where I am ordered to bathe him and then lick the water from his body. After he is satisfied, I am allowed to bathe myself. When I am finished he throws me a large shirt and a pair of sandals. When I ask where my clothes are, I am told, 'Those are your clothes. For what you'll be doing most of the time, you won't need anything else. Put on what I gave you or you'll go naked.' The shirt barely covers my ass in the back and my cock in the front. For the ride to his house, my wrists are cuffed and I am placed in the back of the cruiser. The ride to the officer's house takes less than an hour. Like the cabin, his house is in the country. The closest neighbor is several hundred yards away which affords him privacy to carry on his personal activities. Tonight, he will seal my fate and make me his slave. When we get to the house, two large dogs approach the vehicle. Turning to me he said, 'These fellas will make sure you don't escape.' The car door is opened, and as I am being dragged from the car, the dogs approach me growling menacingly. When I gasp in fear he says, 'Like you, slave boy, they are under my control, and they won't hurt you unless you try to get away. I've had slaves here before, and the dogs are use to keeping them in line. ' For the walk to the house, the officer grabs my cock and balls and loops a black cord around them and tightens the noose. 'You'll wear this cock leash when we take our walks. As he leads me to the house, the dogs walk so closely behind that I can feel their hot breath. Once we enter the house through the heavy oak door, I look around to see where I will be kept as a slave. The surroundings are comfortable, and I feel somewhat relieved that the place is not a shack. But then, I am taken another room where he opens a door, and I stare down the steps and into the cellar. I walked dejectedly down to a basement room where I am ordered to kneel on a low table and to raise my arms over my head. When I hesitate and look to him for mercy, he growls, 'Get on the table or you will be punished.' Hearing this, I drop my shoulders and bow my head as I slide into position. My wrist cuffs were then attached to a chain and drawn up taught. 'I'll be back in a while. The dogs will keep you company and get use to you being my new slave. Once he leaves, the dogs approach my suspended body, sniff around me, and lay near me. All I can do is wait in fear and anticipation of the officer's return. When he reappears, he is dressed in black pants and a black vest. My wrists are let down but not freed, and I am taken up to the living room. Over near the fireplace I notice a long, heavy rope hanging from a high beam in the ceiling. 'Stand under the rope and raise your arms, slave.' I do as he orders and, he attaches the cuffs to the ring in the rope. Walking over to where the rope is lashed, he pulls the rope until only the balls of my feet support my weight. As I hang in this uncomfortable position, the officer gets in my face and yells, 'You're my fuckin' slave now; you're going to suck my cock, and I'm going to fuck your ass. If you hesitate or disobey me, I'll punish you and beat you with my belt. And just so you know I am serious, I going to give you a little taste of what you can expect for disobedience.' Turning away from me, he walks over to the fireplace and throws two logs on the already hot fire, just to heat the room up even more. As I hang by my arms, I begin to sweat, and thoughts of getting whip and beaten run through my mind. The hot fire warms the room considerably. When he approaches my suspended body, he looks into my eyes and says coldly, 'Open up you fuckin' mouth slave and keep it open. I do exactly as he demands, and he jams a ball gag into my mouth and buckles it around my head. I begin to breathe rapidly not trying to hide my fear, as I stare at him through my tethered arms. He begins his torment by grabbing my cock and jerking it off until I am hard. Then I hear a camera's shutter click several times from different angles. After a short silence, the wide leather belt lands on my ass and the fiery sting forces a muffled cry of pain around the ball gag. I jerk and thrust my hips forward in a feeble attempt to avoid the slashing leather. He pauses and remarks sadistically, 'This belt leaves a nice, red welt.' He hits me again and again as my suspended body swings back and forth from the blows. Each time I regain my precarious balance on the balls of my feet, he swings the belt and delivers a stinging crack that sends a shock through my whole body. The beating continues with the officer pausing between each blow so I will feel each one. When he is satisfied with the redness of my ass, he drops the belt at my feet. I am breathing even more heavily now and sweating profusely. My ass burns, and my cock is limp. Walking over to a table, the officer picks up a bottle and pours some of the liquid into the palm of his hand. He walks over to me as he rubs his hands together. 'This will make your burning ass feel better, slave. I've got to keep you in good shape. When he steps behind me, he rubs the oil on my ass, and then reaches between my legs to spread some on my cock and balls. The oil heats my ass and genitals causing my cock to get hard again. The officer continues to stimulate my cock until it hardens to his satisfaction. Then he stops and lowers me to my knees. I slump over in exhaustion hoping he would cease abusing me. With my arms still attached to the rope, I am still not free, but my cock is hard and need for relief begins to grow in my balls. After a short rest, he once again raises the rope until my arms are above my head, but I am still kneeling. He releases my mouth from the ball gag stands in front of me as he strips off his pants. He holds his half-hard cock inches from my mouth as he speaks. 'Open your mouth slave boy and suck my cock. I took care of your ass after the beating, so you owe me, and I'm going to teach you how you are to suck my cock.' Feeling hopeless and unable to resist, I close my eyes and open mouth waiting for his orders. Slapping across my face, he yells, 'Open your eyes cocksucker. I want you to see what is being done to you. Take the head of my cock in your mouth and hold it gently but firmly between your lips.' When I do as I am told, he continues, 'Now run your tongue up and down the backside of my dick as you suck on its head.' I lick and suck the head of his dick lathering it with my spit. He gently rocks his hips and moans his approval of my cock sucking. 'Enough sucking for now, slave boy. Start licking my balls, first the underside and then each one, making sure you lather them up real good.' I bury my face between his legs licking under his balls and breathing in his smell as they lay on my nose. Then I lick each ball and draw each one into my mouth. After a few minutes of ball licking, he demands that I lick up and down his shaft as he rocks his hips into my face. Finally, his moaning grows more intense, and he yells, 'Get my cock back in your mouth, now! I'm going to fill your mouth with another load of my hot cum.' Grabbing me by my hair, he holds his cock head just inside my mouth so his cum will shoot on my tongue and growls, 'Eat cocksucker. Suck the cum from my dick.' I suck and lick his dick trying to keep up with his fucking motion. My arms ache from being hung over my head, and my jaws are tiring from the savage rape, but I am as hot as he is. My cock is rock hard as I await his climax. Then, as he begins a low guttural moan, he spurts his burning hot, salty cum into my mouth. As the globs of cum shoot from his cock, I first taste the cum and then swallow. He continues to face fuck as his cock throbs and begins to get soft. Then he says, 'Stop sucking; just hold my cock in your mouth.' I can feel his throbbing meat as his cock softens and my mouth and nose is jammed against his pubic hair. I breathe in his sweaty smell and taste his cum. Through this humiliating experience I realize that I will be forced to continue submitting to him until he decides that I will be released. After the humiliating experience of sucking a cock and swallowing cum while naked and in bondage restraints is over, my captor steps away and unhooks my arms from the ceiling rope. They are numb and drop involuntarily to the floor as I bow my head in shame. Even though I have been forced to suck a cock, my own remains erect and sensitive. The officer sees that I am hard and grabs the cord still tied to my genitals. Giving it a yank, I immediately rise to my feet as he glares into my eyes. Grabbing my dick, he says, 'Your pathetic little cock is all red and sticking straight up. This tells me that you like to be treated like a slave, that you like me to keep you bound and naked, and make you perform as my slave boy bitch. And all you have to do is remain quiet and endure my punishments, just like a good slave should.' Even though I avert his look, he knows he is right. He has discovered my deep dark secret. I am his slave boy bitch, and I endure his bondage games because I crave domination and having to submit to him. I want to be his slave boy. He can tie me up, hang me, and rape my mouth and ass anytime he wants. Grabbing a black, studded dog collar, he buckles it around my neck and clips on a leash. Taking the leash and the black balls cord in one hand, he turns and walks toward his bedroom. With my hands still bound together by the leather cuffs, I have no choice but to follow as he jerks on the leads attached to my naked body. When we enter his room, he drags me over to the bed, separates my wrists, and shoves me to my knees facing the side of the bed. He sits down straddling my face and, looking down at me, he demands, 'Keep your legs spread. I want to see your cock and balls. Never try to cover up in my presence.' When I position myself as ordered and kneel at attention until he is satisfied, he continues, 'Now get your ass up on the bed, pussy, face down, arms and legs spread wide. After receiving a hard swat across my ass, I hurriedly get into the spread eagle position on the king size bed. My abductor buckles leather restraints on my ankles. Then he orders me onto my hands and knees so he can shove a wedge under my stomach. When I lay back down, my ass is raised in the air and my legs are spread. As I lay on the bed, my tormentor stretches my arms and legs to the corners of the bed and lashes them to the corner posts. In this position, I am able to move only slightly and my ass is totally vulnerable and open for his torments. My cock hardens as I am being tied to the bed, so to add to my torture, he grabs my cock from underneath me and yanks it backwards. The wedge keeps my genitals exposed and vulnerable to his attack. He grabs my hair jerking my head back so I could see the long black rubber cock. 'Get ready, slave boy. I'm going to loosen up your asshole with this. Then I'm going to rape your ass for real while you scream for mercy.' Getting on the bed behind me, he begins to probe my ass with a black rubber cock. As the tip is shoved into my ass, I groan loudly. The officer shouts, 'Shut the fuck up bitch. I want your ass hole loose and ready for my dick. Maybe I'll should leave you tied up with this fucking thing in your ass until I'm ready to rape you.' He smacks my ass several times until I relax. Then he shoves the big dildo up my ass and proceeds to rape me with it. He slides the intruder in and out a dozen times before he stops his assault. When he pulls it out, I whimper weakly and he slaps my ass again. 'We've just started, slave boy. Now that you are nice and loose back here, I'm going to fuck you and fill your ass full of cum.' He grabs my cock pulling it backward, then lets it slap against the foam. 'Still hard I see. Looks like your cock can use some stimulation. How about if I use my vibrator on your ass, cock and balls?' I hear the buzzing sound of the device, and I feel vibrations on my asshole. He works the end of the dildo around the edge of my puckered hole and then probes inside as I lay stretched out and tied down, unable to move more than a couple of inches. The next place he attacks is the area behind my balls sending shivers throughout my body. I can feel the cum building up inside of me, but I know he will not let me climax until he is through with his torture. He continues to stimulate me, running the vibrator over my balls and then up and down my cock. As the torment begins to affect me, I feel my cock getting harder as it starts to ache. I begin to fuck the foam hoping to rub myself to climax. When he senses that I might cum, he pulls the vibrator away, puts his hand on the small of my back and again slaps my ass several times. 'As I groan in frustration, he laughs, 'A hungry slave who wants to cum will do anything that is demanded. He won't hesitate because his cock and balls will be so full of cum that he'll suck and fuck and endure pain and humiliation just to earn the right to cum.' He is right. I am ready to do anything he demands. When he gets on the bed behind me, he rubs some slippery oil on my asshole. Then he grabs my hips, his big hands and I feel his cock laying in the crack of my ass. He isn't fully erect so he begins rubbing his dick on me, sliding it up and down. After a few minutes, he is hard and begins probing my ass hole with his dick. I relax and allow him to get the head of his cock in me. He stops moving, holding his cock in my ass, both of us getting use to the tightness. Then he grips my hips more tightly and shoves the rest of his cock in me as I groan loudly. The slippery oil makes it easy for him to slide in and out of me. He fucks me slowly with long strokes and then rapidly with short hard strokes. He fucks me for several minutes and then stops, resting his body on my back. Once his breathing returns to normal, he grabs my hips again and yells at me, 'Now I'm going to show you what real fucking is.' He begins banging away at my ass, his balls slapping against me each time he thrusts his cock. I can feel his whole cock moving in and out of my ass as the heat builds up between us. He once again begins to breathe hard and to moan as our sweat mixes together. With one last thrust he slams his cock home and buries his cock deep in my ass as his cum spurts into me. He holds on until I feel his cock soften. Then he pulls out leaving me tied down unable to relieve myself. After several frustrating minutes of trying move in any way that would get me into a position that I could cum, I lay still, feeling defeated and hopeless, my spirit broken by the torments of the officers. When the officer returns, he reaches through my legs and taunts me, 'What's the matter slave boy? Can't shoot your load? Well, that's too bad because after I let you rest for the night, the others are coming back, and we're going to turn you over to a local constable who likes to torture and train hot little slave boys just like you.' All I could do is cry in desperation, 'Oh no, no; please don't do this to me. Please let me go!' 'Sorry, boy. I've already made the arrangements. You'll be on your way just as soon as he gets here.' My small town adventure continues...


John Roberts

[email protected]


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