After being held captive, and forced to endure sadistic bondage, torture, and sexual assaults at the hands of a group of small town police officers, I had been told that I

will not be released; instead, I will be turned over to a neighboring town constable. In the midst of a fitful sleep, I am awakened by a hard slap on my naked ass. 'Time to get up pussy. You're new owner is on his way.' My wrists are unlocked from the headboard allowing me to sit and prepare myself for the day. Two of the men grab me by the shoulders, and I taken to the main room of the cabin and told to kneel before my tormentors.

As I kneel naked, feeling completely humiliated, and still feeling the effects of the previous day's torments, my legs are kicked wide apart and I am ordered to keep my hands behind my back. I am again given the crushing news. 'You're leaving here today so someone else can have some fun with you. You'll be his property and his boy, and you will do anything he demands.'

Looking into the eyes of each officer for mercy, I pleaded, 'Please, Sirs. Please, let me go. I've done everything you wanted.'

'Shut the fuck up, boy. You'd think that after having your ass and mouth fucked like you did, you'd shut up and accept it. You can't do anything about this. You're going with this guy whether you want to or not. Understand, you stupid fuck!'

'But, sir, ' I cried.

'Okay guys, get this cunt ready!'

As I continue to plead for my release, my arms, still behind my back are roughly jerked upwards, my head shoved to the floor, and cold, steel handcuffs locked my wrists together. 'Since you can't keep your fuckin' mouth shut, asshole, I'm going to make sure you keep quiet.'

'Get me a gag for this cunt.'

As I am held down on my knees, my head is roughly jerked backwards, and the officer screams, 'Open you cocksucking mouth, CUNT!' In gripping fear and terror, I hold my mouth wide open and a large ball is jammed into my mouth, making me grunt and struggle against its size. Straps are forcefully pulled back over my head, around my face, and under my jaw. Once they are buckled together, all I can do is moan. I kneel in submission hoping the torment will stop. I don't want to submit to them, but I see no way to escape. They have held me captive against my will, made me suck their cocks, and repeatedly raped my ass. But even though I have suffered, I can't keep my cock from responding to the pain and stimulation; every time I am attacked, I physically respond and am aroused by their torments. Somewhere deep inside, I secretly crave the abuse, torment, and punishment they force on me.

My thoughts are interrupted when one of the officers approaches me, reaches between my legs, and grabs my cock and balls. Lifting me to my feet, he screams, 'Bend over asshole and spread your legs!'

Knowing I must obey, I get into position. He grabs my cock and balls again and jerks them backwards. I let out a loud, painful moan though the ball gag torturing my mouth. I begin to breathe harder the more my fear of them grows. I step forward trying to get away from the pain, but I am jerked backwards. So I stand still, trembling. I feel my

cock being slid through the rings of what they call 'the gates of hell' that I had worn before. Then a strap is buckled around my balls. Just for shear sadistic torment, my balls are given a savage slapped that sends a sharp shock of pain through me. I scream into the ball gag, a muffled, 'No, No. Please don't hit me.'

'Get used to it CUNT!' You're in for a real hard time. After one day with you new Master, you'll be begging for us.' These words cut deeply and frighten me even more. These men have forced me to do many degrading things, and I can't image what else he will make me do, but I am terrified.

Although my cock and balls are harnessed, to add to my humiliation, one officer begins to massage them. The stimulation makes my cock harden. Then, grabbing me by the ball gag straps, two officers glare into my face and taunt me, 'So, you really like this treatment. Your cock is hard. Excited about what's going to happen to you slave boy? Can't wait to suck cock and take it up the ass again, huh? Just hold on. He'll be here in a few minutes.'

'Get me the ankle cuffs. I don't want this cunt to think he has a chance to run.' Turning to me with the cuffs in hands, he taunts me, 'You're really in for it now, cunt; our friend loves to work over his slaves; you'll perform or suffer.' Two black cuffs are

padlocked to my ankles and a two foot chain strung between them. 'Give me another chain for this cunt.. I want him to know that there is no escape.'

The chain is attached to a ring in the middle of my handcuffs, drawn tightly through my legs so my hands are against my back, slipped though a ring in my cock harness, then cinched up tightly and clipped to the ring in the ball gag. There was just enough chain hanging free to use as a leash. Then I am forced to my knees by a yank on the chain. I hit hard and groan again. 'He just pulled up, cunt. Now you'll find out what real torture is.'

As they leave me kneeling naked and totally restrained, they walk out onto the porch laughing. I shiver and whimper, while saliva drips from around the ball gag that makes my jaw ache and keeps me quiet. I fear that I will never be able to endure the torments ahead.

Although I am scared my cock is hard and sensitive, and I know if he sees me like this, he will know I am excited by the bondage and harsh discipline meted out by the men. So, I lean over in my restraints trying to hide my swollen cock and balls.

A moment later, they all walk in and stand over me. 'This is the fuckin' slave boy cock sucker we have for you today. Make him do anything you want. We don't care. We're done with him for now, so you can use him. When you're done drag him back here and lock him in the shed out back.'

The constable stares down at me and mockingly says, 'Good. I like the looks of this cunt. I like to make skinny little boys suffer and cry until they are broken. Then they become eager to perform as my slaves. I can break them with repeated forced cock sucking and ass fucking. Then they become docile and very fearful of me. And, look, this one's already excited. His puny little cock is hard even in the harness'

Grabbing me by the hair, he growls down at me, 'Maybe you would like to eat me right here and right now, huh boy?' All I can do was groan into the gag.

'I'll take that as a yes. You can show me in front of your friends here just how much you like to suck cock. My balls are heavy with a load of cum you can eat for breakfast. Get this cunt's mouth open.'

As the gag is unbuckled, I begin to whimper knowing that I am in for a long, hard time with this guy. A stinging slap across the face shuts me up. My abuser then grabs my hair and drags me over to a chair. He strips off his shorts and reveals a long, heavily veined thick cock that begins to harden. When he sits down he grabs the chain that is still attached my cock harness and jerks me between his hairy legs. Holding my ears, he guides my face to his crotch.

'Open your fuckin' mouth and lather up the head of my dick with you tongue, CUNT.'

As I stare at the long, hard cock, I slowly and meekly open my mouth and take in the head, licking the sensitive underside, and gently sucking the crown. He groans, 'This cunt is good. He must be afraid of punishment. And that's good. The better you perform pussy, the easier it will go for you. I can be nice to live with or very nasty depending on how you behave. Keep sucking, and I'll tell you what to do.'

Although I am feeling completely humiliated at having to perform oral sex on this man in front of other men, I keep my tongue swirling around his cock, knowing that as long as I pleasure him, he will not punish me.

'You've got one sweet mouth, cock sucker. Move your mouth down and suck on my balls for a while. I want them hot and wet before I shoot a load of cum into your mouth.'

I slide my mouth down his shaft feeling every ripple and vein. Then I open my mouth wide and suck, tasting and feeling his hairy balls. I swirl my tongue around each ball just as I did his cockhead, moaning as if I enjoy what I am being forced to do. Then he slides forward on the chair.

'Lick underneath, slave. I want to feel your tongue licking me between my legs.' I have to strain forward because my wrists are still cuffed and hooked to my cock harness, but I manage to get my tongue under his balls. As I stare into the darkness of his crotch, I begin licking and sucking, feeling his hot, saliva slick balls on my cheek and eyes, and smelling the mixture of my saliva and his sweat. 'That's it; work hard, lick and suck; show us all what a good cock sucker you really are.' I just moan softly to myself and continue the humiliating service that is demanded.

'Okay, cock sucker, its time you get your first taste my cum, my hot load of cum to fill your stomach. Suck my dick, hard. I move my mouth over his cock and take as much of

him in as I can. His cock is longer than my mouth, and I feel the tip of his cock against the back of my throat. I suck hard, bobbing my mouth up and down as my spit lathers his shaft. Over and over, I cram his dick in my mouth making slurping and gurgling sounds. I lose all track of time, but I don't forget who else is in the room. I am so humiliated that I cry silently. I want this degrading experience to be over, and I don't care any more if this guy I am eating is going to drag me someplace else. I suck and lick until I hear him groan loudly, and I feel his cock getting thicker and filling my mouth even more.

I know he is about to cum when he begins to thrust into my mouth ramming his cock against the back of my throat. Finally, I taste the first drops of cum as they spurt from his cock. Then larger globs of sticky cum shot fill my mouth as I try to swallow all of it. For the final insult, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and shoots two globs on my face. Taking his hand, he rubs the cum on my lips and cheeks, then makes me lick what is left off his fingers and hand. Then he steps back and slapped me hard across the mouth.

'I like the way you suck cock, slave boy, and I can't wait to get a piece of that ass either. I keep my head bowed not wanting to look at my abuser. Sensing my humiliation, he grabs my hair again and glares at me, 'Look at me cunt. I didn't hear you thank me for letting you suck my cock. Do you want me to punish you?'

As I try to clear my mouth of the last of his cum, I blurt out a 'No, please don't punish me. I'm sorry.'

'Then thank me. Kiss my cock and say, 'Thank you sir for letting me eat you.''

Once again I lean forward, kiss his cock, and mumble, 'Thank you sir for letting me eat you.'

Slapping my face, he screams down at me, 'Not like that cunt. Kiss my cock and then look me in the eyes and thank me. Now do it again, or get punished.'

With my face, still stinging from the blow, I lean over, kiss his cock, then look up to meet his eyes. As he stares down at me, I say meekly, 'Thank you sir for letting me suck your cock.'

'That's better cunt. You're learning. Okay, I'll take this boy with me for a while. And when I'm done, if there is anything left, I'll dump him on your doorstep.'

'Okay, man. Have fun.' Turning back to me, he growls, 'Get up cunt. You're going with me!'

My knees and legs ache from having to kneel for so long on the hard floor, but I manage to struggle to my feet. As I stand facing my tormentor, he takes the ball gag and shoves it into my mouth again, buckling the straps to my head. With the chain in place, I expect to

be led out of the cabin and into his vehicle. Instead, he takes a whip and beats my ass and legs as I shuffle with the chain between my ankle cuffs slowing me, out the front door and down the steps. Then I see his vehicle. He drives a black Hummer. I am taken to the back door where he places a collar and leash around my neck. The inside of the Hummer is all padded with hooks and chains he uses to restrain his slaves. He shoves me into the back slamming my body on the floor. I cannot move fast enough because of the restraints, and this angers him.

He beats my entire body with the whip as I writhe about screaming around the ball gag trying to avoid the stinging strands of leather. When I stop trying to avoid him, and just lay there breathing heavily, tears streaming down my face and drooling from the ball gag, he stops beating me. Adding to my humiliation, he rolls me from my side to my back, spreads my legs, and rubs my cock through the harness until it hardens. Then he shoots several pictures of me naked, cuffed, gagged, and harnessed. My hard cock will make it appear that I am enjoying this treatment.

When he drops the whip, he speaks to me, 'Get on your knees and face the front of the truck. I've got to get you ready for the ride. And don't ever be slow or hesitant in obeying me; you will be punished. If you dare defy me, it will be worse than what you just experienced. Understand?'

I nod my head and moan in fear and understanding, and then I roll to my stomach, drawing my legs up under me so I can kneel as ordered. When I get into position, he climbs into the back and begins attaching chains to my restraints. The leash is hooked to the ceiling; two chains from the sides of the box are also hooked to the collar around my neck, holding my head in place. A chain from the floor is hooked to my cock harness, and two more chains are attached to my ankle cuffs. He completes my imprisonment in the vehicle by strapping cuffs around my thighs and hooking their chains to the sides of the interior. Restrained like this, I cannot move.

'One more thing, cunt. Since you are going to be fucked, I think you should start getting use to it right now.' Even though I cannot see him, I know what he is about to so. He takes a lubricated butt plug and roughly shoves it up my ass which painfully opens around the thickest part, then closes around the thin base, keeping me from being able to shove it out. I am extremely uncomfortable, but know I have no choice but to endure his torture. Then I feel him hook the plug to the chain between my handcuffs. 'Now we're ready to go.'

Slamming the doors behind me, I am left alone in the darkness of the box. I can see out of the smoked windows , but nobody can see in, so I have no chance to be rescued. My journey into new sexual torment and slavery begins when he guns the motor, and we speed off. The ride is torturous for every time the vehicle sways or goes over a bump, my

body is jerked in one direction or another by the slack in my restraint chains. I won't be injured, I am reminded constantly that there is a plug in my ass, a ball gag in my mouth, a

collar around my neck, a harness on my cock and balls, chains on my ankles, and cuffs on my wrists. I am in a redicament. If I ever expect to be freed, I will have to endure his torments until he tires of me.

The ride seems to last for an hour when I feel the vehicle turn off a paved road and onto a gravel one that tosses me around even more. After a short ride, he stops, and the sinking feeling in my stomach makes me whimper. I know that my ordeal is about to begin. My cock, which has softened during the trip, begins to get hard again. Embarrassed that he will find like this, I groan in disbelief. Maybe it is better this way. Maybe if I don't resist him, he will not torture me and just make me perform, please him, and satisfy all his desires. I breathe deeply and wait because he has left me and has gone into his house for


When he returns, he slaps me on the ass and asks, 'Ready to go, slave?'

I nod my head as best I can, so he will unchain my body and take me into his house. The chains come off quickly, and I am pulled to my feet just out side the back of the vehicle. I have been restrained in the box for so long that my legs are weak and stiff. He gives me a moment to straighten up, then he grabs my leash and says, 'Follow me, cunt!'

I shuffle along behind him moving as quickly as I could so he will not beat me. Instead of taking me into the house, he leads me to a spot between two wooden beams that has a bar about seven feet off the ground connecting them. Throwing the leash over the bar, he pulls it down until I am standing on the balls of my feet. Then he ties it off giving me no slack. 'You're going to cool off here until I want you in the house. Relax and enjoy the scenery. I'll see you later.'

It was near the middle of the day, and despite the shade above me, I begin almost immediately to sweat from the exertion of having to stand on the balls of my feet so I won't strangle myself. How long he will be gone, or how long I can last is a mystery. I try to keep calm, knowing that I could be my own worst enemy. Surely he will return

before I am completely exhausted. I wait as the sweat pours off me, and I wobble on my burning, trembling legs.

He must have been watching me, for when I begin to shake uncontrollably; he comes outside walking over to me carrying a whip and a hose. 'Looks like you need refreshing, CUNT.' He turns the cold water on me and sprays head to foot. For a short while, the water feels good, but since it is so cold, I begin to shiver and plead with my eyes for him to stop. Seeming to take pity on me, he turns off the water. As I stand there still straining on the balls of my feet, he draws the whip back and savagely slashes me across the backs of my legs. Then he hits me again as I begin to scream into the ball gag. Each and every slash sends currents of pain through me, and I begin to lose control.

Knowing that I am in agony and close to panic only makes him laugh and

continue his beating. After countless lashes, he stops and watches me try to regain my composure as I writhe about and cry as I hang from the leash. After I stop struggling and just hang there, weak legged and breathing heavily, he releases the tether. I fall to my knees in exhaustion, not caring if I am covered with mud or anything else. I want to

escape because I know I cannot endure his tortures. My arms have been locked behind my back for hours, and they ache horribly. The ball gag and butt plug tortures my mouth and ass, yet I can't get any relief no matter what I do. I begin to weep openly, my mouth drooling, and my nose running. I look up at him asking for mercy.

Knowing I am suffering and my spirit is broken, he walks up to me and unlocks the wrist cuffs and the ball gag. I let out a deep sigh of relief and force a, 'Thank you, sir.'

'Stand up, bend over and grab you ankles. I'm going to remove the butt plug for now.'

When I lean over he pulls the plug out of my ass as I grunt again in relief.

'Now stand straight with you hands behind you head. And don't move.'

I obey him immediately, and he removes the gates of hell imprisoning my cock and balls. He replaces the device with a cage that is more comfortable. It covers my cock and balls so I cannot touch them, and so that I cannot get a hard on without causing pain.

'You'll wear this harness all the time unless I feel like torturing you, or unless I want to play with your pathetic cock and balls. Don't expect to cum. You are not here for your pleasure, just mine.'

Once the harness is in place, he puts a leather cuff on each wrist and attaches a two-foot chain between them. Now I stand naked with cuffs and chains on my ankles and wrists, and a slave collar around my neck. 'If you behave yourself cunt, this is what you'll wear while you're here. If you disobey me, your mouth will be sucking on the ballgag, and your ass will be sucking on a butt plug while I beat you with a whip. Understand?'

Bowing my head, I say quietly, 'Yes, sir.'

Picking up a leash, he takes me around the side of the house where hidden from view, he has constructed a set of stocks. 'You know where to put your head and hands CUNT so get moving.'

I reluctantly bend over and lay my head and hands in the padded cut outs. My heart drops when he closes the top rail over me, and I hear the lock click. He attaches chains to my ankle cuffs to keep my legs spread. In this bent over position my mouth, ass, cock and

balls are all vulnerable to his assaults.

'Now I'm going to have some fun with you, slave boy.'

First, he takes off the cock and ball harness. Then he grabs my balls and pulls, yanking them down and holding them away from my body. Then he slips something around them. When he lets go, I felt the weight of the torturous device. 'This is called a parachute. I can add as much weight as I want.' It isn't painful, but I can feel the pressure on my balls as the weights pull on them.

Walking up to my face, he grabs my jaw and glares into my eyes, saying, 'I've been told that you've been fucked in the ass before. I like to fuck my slaves too! And I plan on fucking you a lot! But, before I do, your ass needs an enema. I want a clean open chute when I stick my cock in you!'

When I let out a groan, he laughs and says, 'Come on, boy, you know you love it. Your cock was standing straight out when I came to get you. You couldn't wait until we got here,'

I feel him rubbing lube on my asshole; then a hard intruder is shoved up my ass. 'I like to use a thick anal lube on my slaves. It makes their hole nice and slippery so they can take it easier and more often.'

As these angry words abuse me, he releases the hot liquid into my bowels. It flows and

flows causing my abdomen to jut out painfully. Laughing at me, he says, 'Hey, cunt, if you can get loose, you can go home. After all, I'm a sporting man.'

All I can do is moan and accept the torture, for there was no way I can get away from him. 'I'm going in the house for a while. Your enema needs to work on you for a while. Don't go anywhere.'

As the time passes slowly, the torture becomes nearly unbearable. My balls ache, and I cannot bend over far enough to let the weights touch the ground. He saw to that. The fluid in my bowels is doing its work and causing severe cramps. I try to expel the fluid, but the plug is too big, and I don't have the strength. That's when I begin to plead for relief. 'Please, sir; please. Let me get rid of this stuff in me. It hurts so much.'

Hearing my cries, he walks out onto the porch and sits down. 'You just don't get it, CUNT. You 're here for my pleasure, not yours. You've got no rights. I'll decide when it's time. Until then, you'll suffer. And you can scream your head off. No one can hear you anyway.'

He goes back into the house, and by the time he returns, I am crying uncontrollably. My balls ache from the weights swinging back and forth as I try to find a less painful stance. My guts are screaming from the enema.

Walking up to my ass, he puts his hands on my hips and says, 'I think you've almost had enough. But before I give you some relief, you owe me. You're going to suck my cock again, to thank me for giving you just what you want. And you want this don't you, cunt. You like being my slave boy, don't you?' When he begins slapping my ass with his

bare hand, I give him the answer he wants. 'Sir, yes sir; yes sir; thank you for taking me as your slave; I'm here to please you; thank you Sir; I'll do anything you want, sir!'

Walking around the stocks, he stands in front of my face and says, 'Okay, you stupid little fuck; if you want it so badly, open up you pussy mouth and eat me!'

When I don't react fast enough, he slaps me across the face and rams his cock into my mouth. 'I said, EAT ME, FUCK!'

While he holds my head, I keep my lips and tongue around his cock as he fucks my mouth. The stocks makes it impossible for me to do anything but submit, and the pains in my gut and in my balls make it difficult for me to concentrate on anything else.

His dick slams into the back of my throat over and over gagging me and making it almost impossible to breathe. I suck in and blow out gushes of air between each thrust, but he shows no mercy. All he wants to do is get off in my mouth. When he begins to facefuck me harder and faster, I know he is about to shoot his cum into my mouth. After one hard thrust that chokes me, he pulls back and his cum spurts into my mouth.

Several globs of sticky, hot cum shoot out of his cock as I try to swallow every drop. He pumps my mouth until the spasms stop and his dick begins to soften. Then he pulls his cum covered cock out of my mouth and wipes it on my face, laughing and taunting me. 'You fucking cocksucker. You didn't even resist. You fucking slave. You're nothing but a cum dump!'

The vicious face fuck makes me forget about my balls and my stomach until he walks behind me, kicks the weight and slugs me in the stomach. Then all the terrible pain returns. I scream again, pleading for mercy, 'Oh, please, please sir; I can't take it any longer.'

'Well maybe you can and maybe you can't. But, since I want my property in good shape, I'm going to release you and let you go to the outhouse before you shower.'

He unlocks the stocks and tells me to stand up while he removes the weighted parachute. The relief is immediate although there is a lingering pain in my balls. Pointing to outhouse close by, he says, 'Over there cunt. Time to get rid of that mess inside of you.'

He jerks on the leash, and I limp to the outhouse with my head down. He opens the door, shoves me inside and says, 'Get cleaned up; there's a pump by the house. When you're finished, walk into the house. And don't even think of trying to get away. We're miles from anyone; and with you naked and chained, where will you go?'

He is right. I can run, but he'd catch me before I could get far, and who knows then what he would do to me. I resign myself to being his slave and obeying him, hoping that I can survive his torture. I take an uncomfortable cold water shower, and when I am finished, I

climb the steps still naked and chained, wondering what is in store for me next.

My adventure continues...


John Roberts

[email protected]


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