"I have so much planned baby"

He smirks and I get hotter. I let my hands fall on his tights and rub them. He looks amazed. I go inner, and inner and then I press his rock hard cock. I rub it gently at first but press harder when he stays silent.

"Baby..... That's it. I can't wait to have my cock in your holes..... I want to feel your body with my cock....."

I grab the shorts and slide them down as possible. Then look at him.

"Take it off...."

He laughs and stand still. Then he takes the shorts off. Then his black boxer. God, his cock is big, hard, beautiful and .... it calls for you to suck it, lick it and eat it clean. It's not comparable with my small cock. I try to reach him, but he slaps my hand away.

"Me first baby. I want to eat you now. Take the boxer off"

I do as I am told, and take my boxer of gently. My small cock is hard as well.

He licks his lip, and then falls into me.

"Oh baby, nice to meet you"

He grabs my cock and shake it.

"Baby Sid, I have been waiting so long for you.... I see. You are hard baby. And warm."

He tucks me and slaps my cock. I moan and try to press my cock to him more.

"Naughty.... you want me to eat your baby?hmmm?"

"Yesss..... Jim..... Oh please...."

I don't acknowledge the voice or the word. I am just aching to cum and cum.

He slides his hand on my cock up and down slowly and gently, but it's more of a torture.

"Jim..... Faster..... I need to cum .... Jim ple........Ahhhhh"

He puts the head in his mouth and suck on it hard as he press my balls harder and harder.


I moan in pleasure and he takes all of me in. My balls press to his lips and I nearly cum. Holy fuck, why does it feel so good?

"You taste.... so sweet......mmm.... baby. I want to eat......mmm....you"

He gently bites my cock and it's enough to make me explode. I scream and cum in his mouth.

He sucks harder and harder until there is nothing left. I breath deeper to get air.

"Sid....... "

He lays on me.

"Do you want to taste yourself?"

I don't, but he's too sexy for me to deny him. I nod and he kisses me. I taste my semen. It's thick. I don't masturbate so often.

"Now.... I am not satisfied. Baby, I have to awaken your small white thing again."

He sits between my legs again.Then he takes my soft cock and suck it. It feels different and after a few seconds I am hard.

"Naughty hot baby."

He sucks me hard . Then takes his attention to my balls.

"You have such nice balls. They are .... "

He looks at me.

"Your baby cock is appetizer."

He blows into my man pussy and I nearly die of excitement. It feels good.... far better than good.

"Your baby hole is main dish. That kind of main dish that you eat plenty"

He brushes my nipples with his hands.

"And this pink diamonds are dessert. Well a part of a dessert."

He grabs my balls hard.

"It's dessert too...."

He looks at my body like a hunter.

"All of you is my dessert"

He sucks the tip of my cock hard and I scream. It was sudden, and I was high and hot because of his words. And it made me scream.

He takes all in again and work on my cock with his throat muscles. I feel I am in heaven. And again I am ready to explode.

I arch my back and want to cum when he grabs cock hard.

"You can't cum baby....."

I look at him, and I think it's a miserable look.

He bites his lip to eat his laughter.

"Or maybe you can "

He starts sucking again and go back into heaven again.

"Oh..... Jim.....I am Cumming!!.....Ahhh..."

I cum again and he drinks it all again.

"Lovely baby."

He massages my cock and I relax in his hands.

I shoted two more times just by being sucked. And finally he got satisfied of the appetizer. Well he said just for then.

His hands rub my torso.

"Your skin is so lovely baby."

He licks my torso and track my inner tights with his tongue. I moan softly as he goes dipper.He smirks and open my legs wider.

"Now baby, keep your sexy legs wide open, cause I am getting my main dish"

I grab my legs and open them as wide as I can. Then I roll them into my chest.
"Baby..... you are... I mean..."
I know what he wants to ask.
"Yes , it's my first time.... baby"
I answer, and he blushes as I call him baby.
"I love you"
He says and doesn't wait for an answer. He presses his thumb to my pussy and I moan loud.
"Fuck... I love your voice."
He circles my pussy and presses it time to time. I am in my own heaven as he does. It doesn't feel good..... it feels terribly awesome.
"Oh yes baby.... Moan for me"
He talks and talks as he play with my manhole.
After awhile, he takes off his hand.
I look at him curious and he disappears between my legs.
And then I fell hot in my pussy.  A kiss is plant on my pussy. I moan soft.
"Ah..... ...... ...AHHHH"
I cry out loud in pleasure as his hot lovely tongue enter my pussy.
"Ahhhhhh.....ohhhhh yessssss.... Jim.....Ahhh Jimmm .... it feels awesome....... ahhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhh fuck....... ohhh "
I moan and moan as he goes deeper in me. He takes off and I try to talk but then he slaps it in again and I scream again.
I am ready to cum. After cumming four times, I am ready to cum again. He penetrates me harder and the orgasm builds in me....... and I cum hard .
"Ah........Jiim............it feels........awesome"
I breath deeper as my cum land on my nipples..... and I am naughty and hot now.....
"Jim.... my cum......ahh....it is on my nipples........."
He looks at me, then sits up and look at my nipples covered in cum. He licks his lips, then rushes to my nipples.
"Fuck you baby...."
He takes my right nipple in his mouth and suck it harder, harder than my cock.
"Ahhhhh......Jim......Oh fuck...suck it hard!it's yours... suck it hard!"
As he sucks my nipple, his right hand runs to my pussy. And his index finger enter my pussy.
Being sucked on nipple, and fingered in my pussy...... I am rock hard again.
"Fuck you baby.... Your nipple taste very good....."
He bites my nipple hard and I get on edge.
"Jim....Jim...please....make me cummm.... I want to cum baby....please..."
He looks in my eyes.....
"You have already cam five times baby, and you can cum more?.... such a cum pussy you are..."
He smirks and fucks me harder in my pussy. And his teeth take the honor of biting on my cummy nipple.
He adds a second finger and push it in, and I cum again like a complete whore.



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