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(First I will give u info on my character profiles.

Jim: 24 years old. Art college student. 180 cm tall and 72 weight. Nice built and regular badminton player plus swimmer. Black hair , green deep eyes and pale white skin. Always on fashion and living in his own place in paris. Well with daddy's money.

Sid: 19 years old art college student. Raised in an orphan and smart. On paris university due to his intelligence and scholarship. 168 cm tall and 58 kg weight. Small built. Badminton lover. Light brown hair, brown eyes and white. Lovely . Red full lips and... kissable. Lives on campus for now)

"Will you date me?"

Jim looks at me straight. I look back surprised and... shocked.

"Why do you look so surprised?"

He smiles coolly, then hugs me tight.

"Baby, will you go out with me?"

Jim and has known each other.... for one year. Yep not that long, but from the first moment we were one like we have known each other for eternity. Jim is 24 years old art college student. And I have met him at my first day in the college. I was lost and he helped me. And never let go my hand since then.

He whispers in my ear.

"Sid, tell me. I am waiting for your answer baby."

He rubs my back and I hug him back.


"Can't hear you baby"

I bury my face in his shoulder and say "Yes"

"So.... now. My boyfriend!"

He laughs sweetly and hugs tighter. I breath him in, and it's sweet,very sweet... like a family.

He backs off and check around. Class b is not very popular among the students cause the lighting is not very good. But maybe he doesn't want to give a chance to gossips.

"Now, my baby. Will you come to my house to have dinner?"

He pats my hair and asks sweetly. And I smile.

" Spaghetti? Like u always make?"

He brushes my cheeks and says " No lover boy. A very special dinner"

And kisses my hair. Then he takes my hand .

" We are off . So let's not waste any seconds"


After riding his car ( it was bought on daddy's money) , we get to his nice big apartment. I have been here a couple of times, but as a friend. And now I am here as his boyfriend. And as far as I know, I am his first. Well I do hope so.

I stay in the hall as he changes into pants and a top.

"Stop showing off"

I mumble. And he laughs.

"Why not? It's the right time to show off . Isn't it?"

I shake my head. "No!"

"So Sid, do you really want to eat spaghetti today? I believe you ate it yesterday, and the day before, and the day before it too. "

"I love spaghetti."

"And you love me more?"


I say unconsciously and turn into red as I realize what I said.

"I mean no.... I..."

"Well I don't accept you getting your words back. Haha. And for dinner... I will make you lasagna. Good with you?"

I nod and watch his moves silently. He is great even when making food.

I don't notice time passing and jump when he hugs me.

" You have been standing here frozen for two hours Sid. Did I enchant you?"

He rubs my arms and look straight into my eyes. I stay silent. He smiles and brings his handsome face to mine. Eyes in mine, he kisses the corner of my lips. Like he didn't, but I felt his sweet lips on mine.... and it felt like heaven and sun.... and love.


He hugs me again , as if we can be one if we hug tighter.



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