He breathes into my neck. And a shiver goes through my body. Then he does more. Kissing my neck and making it wet, if he hadn't embraced me, I would have collapsed. His hands rub on my back as he kisses my neck and moisturize it.


He whispers into my ear and then he licks my earlobe.


A voice escapes my lips and I am both surprised and embarrassed.

"Oh ... moan for me Sid...."

His tongue enter my ear as his hands grab my hips.

"You.... so sweet Sid"

He stops licking my ear and looks at my eyes. Then his eyes travel to my lips. I need air, so I part my lips to inhale. And he fills my lips right away.

His hands come to my torso and chest..... and ....



I giggle and watch him.

He runs to the kitchen , turn the stove off and take the lasagna off with the clothes.

"Come here.... ready"

I walk to the kitchen and as I am to sit on the chair he grabs my waist.

"On the counter"

"Ha?? Why?"

He presses the front of his body into my back. And I can fee a hard shape on my back. He tucks my neck.

"Because I have a special way of eating in mind"

He goes backwards and stop. Then he lifts me and put me on the counter.

"Hey..... "

I sit there and look at him curious.

"What exactly you have in mind?"

He smirks. Then put the lasagna on the counter,then a fork and knife. Why one? I think.... Maybe he wants us to feed each other.

He parts my leg and I nearly scream in surprise.

"What the ..."

He doesn't let me end it and take my mouth by his. And this time he shows the great favor to my tights. He rubs them and press them apart wider. My hands are on the counter to maintain my weight . He parts our lips and put his hands around my waist.

"Such a lovely sight baby."

I blush. The way he is looking is like he can see me naked. And deep down in my heart, I wish to be naked for him as soon as possible. I breath and breath deeper. His gaze on my eyes and it's melting me.

Finally this moment ends as he moves away.

He comes back with a bottle of wine.

"Red wine?"

He nods. And place himself between my legs again.

"So Sid.... which do you want first.... a seep of wine, or a piece of lasagna?"

"Wine.... but you forgot about glasses"

I say as he opens the bottle. He smirks and take the bottle to his mouth. He stares at me as he does. Then he puts the bottle aside, and kisses me.

The wine flows  in my mouth. And it tastes of him too. I kiss as eager as him and drink all the wine he poured me.

"Now baby, what about a piece of lasagna?"

I lick my lip and he makes me whimper as he grab my ass. He puts me closer, my legs wider and his body deeper between me. I giggle as he put a small piece in my mouth.

Then I grab his shirt and put my lips on his.

Our tongues fight to enter and we share the small piece together.

We spend a decent time eating and drinking.... very decent.

Sitting on the couch, I fight not to fall asleep. Jim pats my head.



"Baby, why don't you rest on the bed?"

I curl and hug myself.

"Cause..... you don't like anyone in your.....umm bed"

I snore .

"Who says?"

" you..."

He rubs my back.

"Anyone but you."

Then he hugs me and stands.

"Hey put me down! You will drop me!"

"Never happening"

He cling to his body tight as he walk to his room. He puts me down , then puts the blanket aside.

"Now baby, you can sleep "

He slides along and put the blanket on our bodies. His hot body against me.... I grow hot and sleepiness vanishes through my eyes. I breath deeper .

"Hmmm what is it? Why aren't you sleepiness Sid?"

His right hand slide on my torso. He presses his body to mine. Then put his leg between mine.


"Oh baby, there is something hot here.... something hard and.... I want to..."

He brings his lips to my ear.

"I want to eat that little hard hot thing down there Sid. Will you let me?"

His tongue enters my ear again and start licking. This time is different... very different.

"Sid... why don't you answer me.... is it ok to taste your little hot cock?"

He presses my legs apart wider and press my cock.
"I bet your cock is little... will it satisfy my hunger?"
I moan as he presses my cock harder.
"Ummm yes baby. Moan for me. You will moan harder when I eat your cock.... and more"
His hand move to the edge of my jeans, and start unbuttoning it.
"Oh yes, I will finally see baby Sid. I want to awaken it.... and then put it on sleep and awaken it again and again until it drains....."
He unzips my jeans and then start sliding it down with one hand, and brushing over my swollen dick playfully.
"Are you happy I freed your cock baby?"
I moan in return and he blows in my ear and make my cock jump.
"Oh yes...... Jim...."
"Fuck baby, your voice is so sexy... Moan for me louder. Cry out for me!"
He lays on top of me and kisses me hard as he slides my shirt upper to reveal my torso. He touches me all the way to my nipples and break the kiss when he gets to my nipples. He sits on me, legs on my sides and stare into my nipples. They ache to be touched as he watches them.
"Such nice nipples.... pink and big.... I love them baby.... and I plan to have a small talk with them..... a long talk maybe."
He takes the shirt off me and drops it out of his way.
"Now..... it's time for your jean to ...."
" you too.... take your top off"
I say it as I am dying to feel his body.
He smirks and lean in me kissing my ear. Then he whispers.
"Why don't you take it off for me baby?"
I immediately take the edge and pull it off. He tosses it too.
I watch his hot body, his skin is sexy. Not as pale as me but white. No hair, and hard looking nipples. His shoulder blades are lovely, and I have the urge to lick them. I stare at his hot upper body and dream of licking it.
"Like what you see baby?"
"You wouldn't come to pool with me.... why?"
"Because entering a pool with you make me hard. And if I came, I would have to fuck you hard and nice there. But it wasn't possible.... right?"
He smacks my cock and laughs.
"Looks like you wouldn't have made a nice presence there with me either."
He start rubbing my cock through my black boxer, then begins sliding down my jeans off my legs. I lick my lips as he drops my jeans too.
"They will get ruined... don't toss them like that...."
"You won't need them in a week baby."
He leans again.
"You see baby, the professor is off this week. And both you and me have classes just with him...."
He brushes my lips.
"So technically, we are off this week. And..."
He sits back.
"I have so much planned baby."



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