Chapter 2.

 At the school.

It was not even 11am yet. I decided to drive directly to my school not wanting to loose more classes than necessary. I was a little bit concern about my briefs generously covered with cum, however I could feel my semen already started to dry out. In fifteen minuets I managed to get to my classroom. I was lucky; my science class had not begun yet. I dropped my backpack and sat at the bench. My best friend Kevin was sitting there. We knew each other very well. We were best friends since our preschool time. He was a smart, fun and outgoing person. I loved his dark hair and eyes. He was a very cute guy of Italian origin. Fifth generation here in States. He looked at me with his deer like, questioning eyes. I did not want to cause a stir, so I just said, “I will tell you later. “

He approved with a nod.

My ass was not feeling comfortable, I was not able to find a good position to sit, so I was tossing and turning a lot. Kevin glanced at me with a “what the fuck is going on” look on his face.

“I will tell you,” I ensured him. Finally we heard a last bell and all our class sprung out the classroom. It was very loud, obviously after several hours of quiet sitting in classes people had to talk.

We went to a locker room to have some privacy.

“Hey Adam, what’s up? You missed two classes,” said Kevin.

“I just had this doctor’s appointment to fill in the forms they gave us.”

“Oh, well, you are fast dude. I will go on next Friday.”

“Yeah, I was lucky to do it very fast. I went to a new doctor. Corey is his name. They booked me an appointment really promptly. I checked in online.

“Oh really, that’s cool. I wish I knew. To get to my doctor, it takes forever.”

“You can try Corey. I decided to go since I’m 18. I wanted an adult practice,” I said proudly.

“You know, I did not think about it, since I am two months older than you, I will switch my doc as well. Where is his practice located?”

“On Eldorado Street.”

“Text me his info.”

“Sure,” I said and texted it to Kevin.

“So what did he exam?” Asked my friend.

“Oh just basic stuff, height, weight, blood pressure.” I answered evasively.

“That could be done by our nurse at school.” Said Kev.

“Well he checked abdomen, my heart too.” I added.

“That’s it?” Oh shit, Kevin was grilling me.

“No.”  I blushed. Kev was my best friend so I decided to tell him.

“Well, he checked my dick too, “I said coyly. 

“Oh, that is not surprising. My older brother told me he was checked thoroughly when he applied to academy.”

“Right, right,” I answered rapidly.

“So what did he exactly check?”

No shit, Kevin should work for CIA, I thought.

“My foreskin; he said that was tight. It is painful for me sometimes. He will try to loosen it. I have an appointment for foreskin dilation next week. Are you satisfied now?”

“Oh that’s cool. I’m kinda satisfied,” he laughed. “Actually I have something to ask a doctor as well.”

“What do you need to ask? Now you tell me.” I said pointing a finger at Kevin.

“Well I need those forms to be filled as well and I guess you are right, I should go to an adult doctor as well.”

“But what do you want to ask him?” I could grill as well.

“I think my ball sack is not big enough, my balls are not hanging like others’ boys.”

“Oh I see.” I recalled seing naked Kevin in our locker room, he was right, his ball sack was very small, even though he had quite big balls. They were located pretty high, close to his dick’s shaft and seemed to want to pop out of the sack.

“Well maybe Dr. Corey can help you. He looked like he knew a lot about this stuff.” I expressed my opinion.

“But there is one more thing I wanna ask you Adam. You were very excited, you were not able to sit straight during lesson.”

“Man, that’s something else.”

“What is it?”


“Oh dude you are my best friend, what could that be? I told you about my balls.”

“I saw your balls many times, you know that. But fine, here you go. I had some problems crapping last week, after eating tons of meat. So my dad suggested me to tell my doc about it. So I told Dr. Corey, and he examined my ass.”

“Oh I see.” said Kev. “You got any meds?”

“No, he just said I have to eat more veggies, I bet the yucky ones would be the best. He prescribed some physical therapy as well.”

“Physical therapy? Stomach massage?”

“Not really. But yeah, still physical therapy. I have to insert my finger once daily for ten minutes.”

“You gotta be kidding me,” laughed Kevin.

“No, seriously. It is supposed to loosen my too tight ass.”

 “Oh. That makes sense,” he agreed.

“Actually it sort of burns me now, after his exam, so that's why I was not able to sit steadily. I need to check it at home.”

“Why Adam, nobody is here I’m really curious, show me your ass, maybe I can check

and see something,” said Kevin with an obvious anticipation.

“Fine, you have seen me naked several times, I said and pulled down my pants and briefs.” Hell, I forgot about cum in my briefs. My semen already formed a kind of crust. My pubes looked like treated wit a hair foam. Well it was too late to hide it.

“Dude, what a smello,” laughed Kevin. “Did you jerk off?”

“No, I did not play with myself. Doc wanted to check my genitals as I told you.”

“Oh I see. Seems it is working fine,” noticed Kevin.

“Sure man, why wouldn’t it?”

“Bro, I’m just playing with you. Ok Adam, you can lie down, and bend over for me, I will check your ass.”

I did it. And I pulled apart my buttocks.

“Do you se anything I asked?”

“Well I’m not an expert, but it seems that the edges of your asshole are swollen and pinkish.”

“Oh, are they?” I inquired.

“Yeah,” he touched my ass gently with his finger. “Yeah, they seem to be swollen,” he said.

Then I heard a gurgling sound and felt his spit on my ass.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

“Oh shut up Adam, I’m putting some spit; maybe it will ease your burning.”

“Fine. Thanks.”

He touched my asshole again. “Let me check something.”

I could feel he started to insert his finger. My ass constricted immediately guarding my insides.

“You know bro; it really is a very tight hole. I can barely put my finger in.”

“Well, actually doc said, that somebody could help me with that. “

“Great, who can do it better than your best friend?” He asked.

“Sure go and try. But be gentle. I need ten minutes of fingering today.”

Kevin started to finger me. I could feel his finger on my lower wall of anus, than on both sides. And then closer to my prostate. A drop of semen appeared on my dicks’ pit. My buddy started to make a circular motion.

“Kev, it actuallyfeels good,” I said; my sphincter was relaxing.

“Ok, here we are,” he said and started to move his finger faster in and out. He spat again.

I instantly got an erection. “Man I’m embarrassed, it made me hard,” I said.

“So I noticed,” said Kev. “Why would you be embarrassed? Honestly Adam, I am hard right now too, you don’t mind if I jerk myself off? Actually it can help to lubricate your ass.”

“Sure, help yourself,” I said.

He removed his right index finger. My ass constricted again. Kev pulled his pants down. Hell, had he a bulge in his shiny blue briefs. His dick could not fit, and its’ head was sticking out pointing Kev’s belly button. He pulled briefs down. His tool was enormous. With such amazing erection his ball sack seemed even tighter. I could see the texture of his big balls through the thin pinkish skin. He was precuming heavily.

“I have to switch my fingers,” he smiled. “I cannot jerk off myself with my left hand.” He collected some precum from his dick and put it on my ass.

“Hey,” I said, “take mine too.”  He took my precum. Now my ass was pretty wet. Slowly he started to play with his cock.

I moved my ass up in the air, so I had some space to jerk myself off. I was too horny I had to do it.

“Oh Adam baby, you have a nice cock,” said Kev and started moving his left finger faster and faster. My ass was poor. I had a very strong sensation of being about to poop. I started to moan. It helped a little. After a few second my buddy could not hold it anymore. “Oh man, I’m cuming,” he cried, and hot load of cum targeted my ass. “Shit, yes,” he hissed. “Man, it was a four days load,” he smiled proudly.

I could not hold it as well. I moaned, and shoot a load. I thought it was lost, but Kevin was smart. My load went directly into his hand being hold under my dick.

“You see Adam, we cannot waste anything,” he smiled.

“Sure, you have a fast reflex,” I admired.

He took my sperm and put it on my ass as well. He stared to pumping it in with his finger. My ass was hurting even more despite being heavily lubricated. And then David and Erick entered the room. David was a very tall basketball player. Our Hunters’ Team Captain. Blond hair, amazing green eyes and a very well developed body. He was basically the king of our high school. He was known to be a bully, but so far I had not had any problems with him. Now that could instantly change, I thought. Eric was completely different. He was a shy, cute, very skinny Hispanic boy. There was a rumor that he was David’s bitch. Nobody have ever asked him about it though. He was carrying his and David’s backpacks. The boys were in basketball shorts perhaps ready for some practice. “O shit, we had a huge problem.” I thought.

“What the hell is going here?” Shouted David.

“Oh shit,” I said trying to pull my briefs on. I finally succeeded. Kev got entangled in his pants around his ankles.

“Nothing” He said.

“Sure fucking nothing,” said David. “You think I’m an idiot?”

“No, certainly not,” I shouted.

 “You know guys, we are your friends, but better tell us what’s going on.”

I was not able to come up with any credible explanation, so I had to tell a truth.

“So,” I explained, “my ass was hurting after doctor’s exam, so I wanted Kev to check it.”

“Doctor’s exam? Man, I have an appointment tomorrow.” Said David.

“Me too,” said Erick.

“Do they exam an ass? “ Asked David.

“I’m not sure if in all cases,” I said. I had constipation. I explained again.

“OK, I want to see that too, take off your briefs now,” David said.

“Yeas sure, I cannot be embarrassed anymore,” I said.

“Bend over for me,” said David. So I did.

“Do you see David? “ Asked Kevin. “It is swollen. Actually it is even puffier than it was 15 minutes ago. And I generously applied our cum on it.” Complained Kevin.

“Yeah he is right,” said Erick. “It looks like it was fucked hard.”

“Did I ask you about your opinion Erick?” Said David angrily.

“Oh I’m sorry David; I just know how it looks.”

“Sure you know, just shut up now. I will talk to you later.”

“I’m sorry again,” whispered Erick.

“Man we DID NOT FUCK,” I shouted. “Who do you think we are?”

“Easy boy, your ass indeed looks like it was fucked. Let me inspect it,” and David inserted his finger. Now it really was a strange feeling. I felt my ass wanted to explode. I just hoped I was not pooping. “Yeah it is engorged,” he said. “You should massage it. Hell it is still very tight but, you have a nice lube here.”

Actually it is our cum, I said. Doctor wanted me to massage it for ten minutes daily. But it is already twenty minutes,” I complained.

“Oh shut up, that will work fine. I guess we can help you too.” and David took off his basketball shorts. Now I could fully appreciate his dick. It was a huge circumcised monster. Fantastic pink head had a mushroom shape. He was heavily precuming. The glans was covered with glitter. “Erick, help me to jerk off, I want to shoot some lube on Adam’s ass,” he directed.

“Sure Dave,” said Erick and eagerly grabbed David’s dick.

“Oh my God, what a crazy day,” I thought. My dick was still limp after shooting, but Kevin pulled down his briefs again and started to jerk off one more time. “You know Adam, perhaps I have some leftovers,” he said.

“OK guys, I honestly hope it will help, my ass feels miserably right now,” I said.

“Yeah, we will make it better,” David assured me.

So while David was fingering me again with his huge index finger, Kevin was whacking himself off. Certainly I had a nice view to admire my friends. Erick was helping with David’s dick, but he stayed in his basketball shorts. I could see his dick was making a nice tent. I knew he would like to shoot a load as well.

“What about you Erick?” I asked. “Don’t be embarrassed,” I said. I knew Erick had a very nice dick which was heavily curved upward. I saw him many times in the locker room and showers.  I found it very sexy, but he was ashamed of its shape.

“Well David, do you want me to shoot a load on Adams ass? It has been two weeks since you gave me permission,” requested Erick.

“Fine,” barked David busy with hard fingering my ass. “If you want, shoot as well.”

So Erick eagerly pulled out his dick. It was even longer then I recalled, but still heavily curved upward. His pubic area and balls were very bushy. I guessed David wanted it that way.

Either it was I, or a temperature in the locker room really rose up. At least the next fifteen minutes passed. I was getting uncomfortable and was sure my ass looked like a cauliflower. “Guys, let me change a position so I can collect your cum better,” I pleaded.

“Good idea,” said David and removed his finger. Oh my, my ass wan very painful now, and I guessed it was throbbing. I felt pulsation. I hoped more cum would help to ease the burning sensation. So I reclined on my back.

“Grab your legs man,” said Dave. I pulled my legs close to my chest.

“Very nice boy, “said David, “give us your ass.” The boys were now immersed in jerking off. They did not seem to care about anything else. In a few seconds David started to moan, and thick ropes of cum shoot on my ass. “Oh man,” he cried.

He  shoved his finger again into my ass again. “Much better Adam, not so tight anymore.”

“Thanks God,” I said.

The next second Kevin shouted “I’m cuming, I’m cuming,” and his load landed on my ass again.

In a few seconds Erick joined, and his cum shoot my ass. It had a strange smell.

“What did you eat for God’s sake?”  Kevin asked.

“Broccoli and asparagus.” Replied Erick.

“Man it smells nasty, lets hope its not gonna kill Adam,” joked Kev.

“OK Erick, if I catch you again with asparagus you will be sorry, believe me,” said David.

“I am sorry, it was my grandparents’ dinner. They had asparagus with bacon. I had to eat.”

“Fine, just next time eat bacon alone for Gods' sake,” ordered David.

“I will, thank you,” said Erick.

My ass was now totally covered with quite a huge amount of cum.

“Well, lots of lube,” said David and started to scoop the cum with his finger. With his left hand he was trying to open my ass.

“OK Adam I will put it inside you. Let it rest for a while.”

While he was putting it into my ass I noticed Dave’s cock became hard again.

“Well boy, you will get one more load,” he announced.

“Oh my,” I thought. It meant more fingering. I had really enough, but could not say no to him.

“OK,” I said quietly.

“What did you say?” Asked Dave.

“OK, “I said louder. Man, I realized it was more than forty minutes of fingering. I hoped we didn’t overdo my doc’s recommendation.

“That’s my boy,” said David, he took his finger out of my ass hole, and this time he was jerking of himself.

“Erick, now you finger him while I jerk off.”

I was about to explode. I began to jerk off myself again. What a hell, everybody can, so can I. When I was almost there, Dave grabbed and yanked my balls. He moaned and shot a huge load again.

“Oh shit man that’s hot,” he said.

I was cuming myself and I was not able to respond. I heard Dave saying “now you Erick, shoot one more time, lets’ clear this yucky cum of yours. You have a minute to do it, and we have to go. Otherwise we will be late for a game,” he said.

“I am cuming, “said Eric. Honestly it did not take him long. I understood, after two weeks of celibate he was enjoying the feast.

“Ok,” said Erick, “I’m done.” And he shot his a little bit less smelly this time, rope of cum.

 Dave again collected all the cum, and shoved it into my ass.

“Keep it there for tomorrow,” he ordered.

“I will try,” I answered.

“All right, we are done here,” said David. “Erick, we are leaving, we are going to play.” Give me something to clean our dicks,” said David to Kevin. Kevin took my orange briefs and gave them to boys. David cleaned his dick thoroughly.

“OK that would work, “he agreed. “Erick clean yourself too, I don’t wanna smell this stuff on you,” he gave my briefs to Erick. The shy boy took my briefs and cleaned himself as well. He gave my Adidas back to Kevin, and they left.

“My God, man,” said Kev while cleaning his dick with my briefs, “we were lucky they did not mind to see us like that.”

“Oh yeah lets get out,” I said. I grabbed my briefs and pulled them on. I put the rest of my clothes on.

Kevin collected himself. “Lets’ go,” he said, and we went to parking lot.

I could barely walk. I felt like having a beer barrel was between my legs.

“Geez Adam, you walk like a duck,” laughed Kevin.

“Yeah, very funny indeed. I think we overdid it. If I’m not mistaken, it was more like an hour than ten minutes.”

“So ask your doc if that’s OK,” advised Kevin.

“Good idea”. I texted Doctor Corey.

Immediately I got a message: “You will be fine. Keep doing. Checkup on Tuesday next week.”

I showed the text to Kev.

“Oh, so you are fine.”

“Yep, see you tomorrow.”

“Take care,” said Kevin.

While I was driving back, I felt cum coming out of my ass. “Oh shit,” I though. I tried to constrict my ass, but was not able to. I knew it went in vain. Cum was oozing. I could feel it. I was afraid what Dave was going to say the next day.

“Well I tried,” I said to myself. I was trying to imagine my briefs. Damn, so many loads in them, they were thoroughly soaked through.

I arrived at home. Again my parents were already there. One more stereotypical evening.

“Hi Adam, how are you? Asked mom. “We have a grilled duck for dinner.”

“A grilled duck?  Mom you are awesome!”

“I wanted something interesting for dinner, “she explained.

“Great, I love duck.”

“Hey Adam, have you seen a doctor today?” That was my dad.

“Yes I went there. It is a new practice, doc was very nice.”

“Good to hear that, said dad. “Did he prescribe anything for your stomach?”

“Not really. I just have to eat more veggies, and do some kind of exercise.” Obviously I was not going to tell him the exact nature of recommended exercises. Talking about vegetables reminded me to tell something to mom.

“Mom, please don’t buy asparagus. I’m not going to eat this anymore.”

“Fine, but why?”

“Well, my friend used to eat them, and he did complain of stomach pain, so I don’t want to eat them anymore, I will gladly eat other veggies though,” I had to make something up.

“That’s good. See, I told you that you need to change tour lifestyle. You should move more and not sit so long gazing at computer screen,” said dad.

“Dad, I really don’t do that that much. Anyway I will do what doctor told me to.”


“Adam?” Asked mom.


“You should go to our neighbor and thank him.”

“Thank him for what?”

“For doctor recommendation.”

“Oh yeah, I will go tomorrow”

“Why to wait till tomorrow? It is six o’clock right now.”

“Ok fine I will go after dinner. I just need to change my clothes.”

“Why? You look fine,” asked mom.

I was thinking about my cum soaked briefs. Well maybe I can change them later on. Obviously John should not notice my soiled with cum briefs.

“Fine, I don’t need to change,” I said. Duck was great, thanks mom.” I went to my room upstairs, went to bathroom and took a pee. My briefs were almost dry, however they looked like dad’s starched shirts. “Should be fine till tomorrow though,” I thought. I brushed my teeth, and decided to visit John. Actually I was eager to see him. Since I didn’t have any homework, I was sure I could help him in his garage, before going to sleep.

It was six thirty pm when I left our house.


Nigel Lengthworthy

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