Chapter 1. 

At the clinic.

I returned home from school. My parents were already there. Mom was preparing our dinner. Dad was deeply immersed in repairing his audiophile grade CD player. He did not even notice me. It was quite stereotypical evening.

“Hi all, I’m back” I said.

“Hi Adam, how was you day? Anything new?” My mom asked.

“Well actually there is. We just got some forms to fill.”

“What kind of forms?”

“Health related. Basically I have to go and see a doctor. It’s a health check up.”

“Fine, I will call Dr. Mac tomorrow morning.”

“Mom, I don’t want to go to Dr. Mac, he is a pediatrician.  I just turned 18 last week, remember? I want to go to doctor for adults.”

“Oh I see,” she said and smiled. “Well in that case, I have heard there is a new doctor close to our neighborhood. His name is Jason Corey. John said he is a very nice and really young. I don’t know if he is an experienced doctor, but everybody has to start sometime. Perhaps you will like him.”

John was our neighbor. He moved a few weeks ago and we were starting to visit each other quite often. I helped him in his garage and garden from time to time. I liked to help him. He was very good looking, nice to me, and I valued his opinion.

“OK mom I will give it a try. I’ll call Dr. Corey tomorrow. Our insurance did not change?”

“No, take the insurance card with you, you will find it in the magic drawer.”

The magic drawer was in a master bedroom chest of drawers. It contained all our important documents. So I went there and took a card.

We had some lasagna for a dinner. It was delicious. After our meal my dad finally noticed me.

“Adam, mom said you are going to doctor tomorrow. Just checkup or something else?”

“Yes dad, just basic checkup, I don’t have any problems”.

“Didn’t you say, you were constipated like a week ago?” He inquired.

“Well yeah, it was after BBQ with John. I ate too much meat, I guess. But it is OK now.”

“I think you should tell him, since you will be paying for the visit anyways.”

“Sure dad, I will” I didn’t want to argue.

Dad dug up some older CDs and for the rest of evening we listened to some music from 80’s. Sound was immaculate, I had to admit. I went to my room. I googled new doctor. I already started to like his practice. I was able to make an online appointment for tomorrow. Great!

I woke up earlier, took a thorough shower and brushed my teeth. I decided to put on my new underwear. Just in case my doc would like to exam my stomach. New orange and black Adidas briefs looked like a perfect choice. My parents were already gone. I ate some cereal with milk and was ready to go. I was oddly excited to see my new doc. I took my dad’s old Toyota and in a few minutes arrived at Dr. Corey’s practice.

The building was very modern. Lots of steel and glass. Cacti made a statement. Yes we have a problem with water in California.

A young Asian guy was seating behind a reception desk. He was probably Vietnamese. He looked like he was in his early twenties.

“Good morning. Welcome to Dr. Corey’s practice. I’m David Nguyen. How can I help you?”  He asked smiling.

“Good morning. My name is Adam Coleman, I have an appointment. Just a health check up.”

“Oh I see, he said looking at the computer screen. Follow me Adam. Dr. Corey will be with you in a few minutes,” he said, and we entered an exam room.

I looked around. It was a regular exam room, but looked more modern than old Dr. Mac’s. Bright beige exam bed and stool were brand new. Nice male anatomy posters were hanging on the walls. “No more kiddy pictures,” I thought. “It is an adult practice.”  Certainly nude males’ pictures would not be appropriate for pediatrician office. Seeing that actually made me a little horny. I rubbed my cock.

The same minute I heard a knocking, and a very good looking Indian guy entered in. His skin was light brown, almost of gold like color. He had a very dark, short, wavy hair and was pleasantly smiling. He was wearing very well fitted maroon scrubs and was carrying some pad with him.

“Good morning Adam, I’m Vivek Patel. I’m a nurse at Dr. Corey’s practice.” He introduced himself.

“Good morning. This is my first time here. I’m a new patient.” I responded eagerly.

“So I noticed. We will try everything to make your visit nice.” He said. “I need to verify your data please.”

I told him my name address and the day of birth.

“OK” he said. “Let me check your vitals first. I need to weight you and measure how tall you are first. So please take off your clothes. “

I was surprised. At the old Dr. Mac’s practice they used to weight me with my clothes on, just without my shoes.

“I see that you are a little surprised,” said Vivek. Dr. Corey is a very thorough, so he needs your measurements without clothes. This way it is much more precise.”

“Oh I see, that makes sense,” I said. I took my shoes and socks off.  I pulled off my shirt and pants. I just left my cool Adidas briefs.

“Well Adam, please take you briefs off as well. It is a doctors’ office, you don’t need to be shy. You can put it back on as soon as I finish measurement.”

“Ohh, all right,” I mumbled. That was really surprising but actually made a sense to me. I pulled my briefs off. While doing it my semi erected cock sprung out. Hell I was sure Vivek noticed, but he did not say anything.

“OK, now Adam please step on the scale. Let’s see,” he said and stood at the front of me. “You weigh 154 lbs. Let me check you waist.” He put a measuring tape around my waist. “29 inches. Very nice Adam. Let me check how tall you are,” he said. He extended the bar from the scale. “It is 6 feet. Very nice. You can step off the scale.”

I stepped out and started to put my briefs back. I still felt shy, doctor’s office or not.

“Just a second , I need to measure your temperature.”

“Sure.”  I said and I opened my mouth.

“Oh, well doctor Corey prefers rectal measurements. They are way more accurate, so please lie down on your belly”; and he directed me to a couch.

 “This is really something new for me.”

“That’s fine, I will be done in few seconds.”  Said Vivek.

“This thermometer is prelubricated, you will not feel a thing,” he smiled.

I lay down, I felt Vivek’s palm on my buttock. He started to dilate my buns apart by just using his two fingers. With his right hand he inserted a thermometers’ tip in my ass.

I felt it. It was cold and slippery. It made me uneasy.

“OK Adam, the tip is in your anus, I will just move it a little deeper to your rectum to have a perfect measurement.”

“Fine,” I said. I knew I was blushing.

I felt the thermometer moving in and out. It was not that cold anymore. It was drilling my ass for at least two minutes. With each move my ass constricted and was trying to get rid of unusual guest. I could feel my dick throbbing. I liked it and I moaned quietly.

“All right, almost done,” exhaled Vivek.

“Your temperature is normal;” he said and removed the thermometer.” Let me clean your anus, it is still covered with some lube.” He used some gauze to take the excess of lubricant. I did not even have time to answer.

“You may put back you briefs on now. But please don’t put your shorts and shirt yet. Dr. Corey will examine you. If you are cold we can adjust room temperature. Doc will be with you shortly.”

“No I’m fine,” I responded.

Hell I certainly was not cold. If any, I was hot. Felt like my cheeks were burning. My cock was semi hard. I quickly put back my briefs. Oh shit, I started to precum, I noticed a wet spot on my Adidas. I hoped Vivek did not notice. Well he was busy with filling the forms he brought with himself. He smiled and exited the room.

“Gosh,” I exhaled deeply. My ass was twitching; it was a strange feeling for me. I was trying to relax on the coach when Dr. Corey knocked, and entered.

“Good morning,” he smiled, “”I’m Dr. Jason Corey.” He gently shook my hand and kept it while I said “good morning I’m Adam Coleman.”

“So Adam, what brings you to my office today? You are a new patient of mine. I will take you vitals as well. And you tell me what I can do for you. Seems, that Vivek forgot to measure your blood pressure. Let me do it.”

He took my arm and put the measuring cuff.

“Well I got some forms from school. I think it is a general check up.”

“Let me see,” he said and looked into my eyes. I have to admit he was really good looking. John was right, doc was very young; he had a blond curly hair, very smooth skin and amazing blue eyes. I felt they were piercing me. I felt my heart started to bit faster.

Dr.Corey pumped the manometer and was observing the mercury in a glass tube.

“You don’t use a digital one?” I asked.

“No Adam, call me old fashioned, but I prefer mercury ones. I found them more accurate. I don’t listen to heart through shirt as well, that’s why Vivek asked you to remove your shirt. Well, your blood pressure seems to be slightly elevated, especially for your age. Let me check you pulse.“ He took my wrist and held it in his hand. I liked the way he kept my wrist.  After a minute he said, “your pulse is a little faster than should as well. I will remeasure at the end of exam.”

Hell, I thought, I was getting really excited; no doubt my pulse rate was elevated.

“OK” I said.

“Let me check your heart.” He took his stethoscope and started to listen to my heart. He was very thorough. When he was doing it his fingers slipped from the stethoscope and were touching my chest.

His little finger touched my left nipple. I liked it. My nipple became instantly very hard. I felt I was blushing. However Dr. Corey seemed not to notice and kept auscultating my heart.

“OK, I don’t hear any murmurs, let me palpate you chest. Please lie down on you back Adam,” he said. He stood up. When he did it his crotch was at my eye level. I noticed a little wet spot forming on his scrubs.

He touched my chest with his whole palm. My nipple reacted again. Then he touched my right side of the chest. The right nipple responded as well. I got goose bumps on my chest.

“Oh sorry Adam, perhaps my hand was too cold.”

“That’s OK doc,” I said.

“Well I don’t see anything wrong so far Adam. I need to exam you abdomen.”

 I noticed that he rubbed his cock. I could see the lines of his penis through his blue scrubs. It seemed huge. It made me feel horny. I was blushing. My cock started to grow.

“So now let me see your abdomen.”

He sat at my side and started to palpate my stomach. It felt really good.

“Relax Adam, I need to palpate it through your muscles. They are gorgeous by the way but I need to feel your internal organs.”

“Sure, I will try to relax.”

 It was a really nice feeling, Corey’s hand was very smooth and delicate. Now it could be no mistake, I felt my cock was getting really hard. I glanced down. The contours were clearly visible. I felt I was blushing.

“Adam I need you to take you briefs off; I need to check your genitals. Better to be safe than sorry, right? I will help you, just move your hips a little bit up,” he said.

I did not know what to say so I elevated my buttock.

Dr. Corey took my briefs off.

“Clearly I can see there is nothing wrong with your penis. Let me take a closer look.”

My cock was already extremely hard, I sported a nice one, it had whole 8 inches when fully erected.

“You have well developed penis,” he said. He took it. “You are not circumcised, so let me see what is under the foreskin”.

I was speechless.

“Yes doc, whatever you need” I said.

He grabbed my dicks’ shaft and with two fingers of his right hand he stared to slowly pull my foreskin back.

“It is a little tight he said,” while trying to insert his little finger under my foreskin. My dick was throbbing like trying to escape.

“But we can improve it, just visit me next week, it will be free of charge.”

“OK” I said blushing. “Actually, I noticed it is a little painful when I pull it back doctor.”

“Can you pull it completely back?”

“No, I can do it half way.”

“Yes, we will relax it and you will be ready to have some fun in college,” he said. Sexual life of my patients is very important in my practice. There is nothing to be ashamed of. People are too afraid of talking about sex, even though it is a very important part of their lives.”

Oh my, I though, “yes I agree”.

He started to pull it further, I moaned,

“It hurts” I complained.

“That’s OK, it will improve, let me finish it,” he said. He kept pulling it back. My foreskin moved slowly millimeter after millimeter. While it moved back, my head was getting bigger. It was clearly noticeable that the foreskin was too tight. It was dividing my cock’s head that looked like a squeezed balloon popping out of the fist. I was precuming heavily.

“It still hurts doc.”

“Bear with me, not much is left, we are almost there,” he said, and he squeezed my dicks’ shaft.

“Oh,” I cried.

“That’s fine; I’m just forcing blood into your glans. It will be easier this way.” And he squeezed a few times more.

“Oh it is really painful,” I complained.

“Really Adam, just stop whining.” Then he squeezed one more time.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

Foreskin rolled back a few millimeters more, and now was completely pulled back. My glans was purple and steamy hot. I have never had seen it so big. Precum was oozing quite heavily.

There was no mistake. I had a huge boner.

“I see you don’t have a problem with erection,” my new doc said. “Again there is nothing wrong Adam, having an erection like that is perfectly normal. Let me take a closer look on your glans.”

He put his head closer to my dick.

“Yeah, you have a very nice meatus.” He dilated my dick hole and started to rub it. Lots of precum was oozing.

“It looks healthy here. How often do you have sex Adam?” He asked.

I had no idea what to say. “Well honestly I, umm, I have never been with a girl doc,” I said.

“That’s OK, you are still young. However the sooner the better. How frequently do you jerk off?” he enquired.

“Oh, does it matter?”

“Well I’m your doctor, you need to tell me everything,” he said.

“Usually everyday. Mostly two to four times daily,” I said.

“And when was the least time?”  He asked.

“Yesterday morning.”

“OK, so I think it is time to check your sperm. I want to see how you do it, and please cum inside this container. I need to see the flow.”

I felt like I was burning inside. It was a crazy visit. And I noticed he had a huge boner in his scrubs.

“Do not touch the walls of container with your penis,” and he gave me a little plastic jar.

I was horny like a hell; I did not need much to shoot a load. After literally six strokes I shoot two ropes of white thick cum into the jar. I cried. Right after shooting my dick started loosing its rigidity.

“Very well. Nice job. Let me pull your foreskin now like it was,” announced doc. He grabbed my foreskin on both sides and pulled it forward. My dick was not very hard anymore, so it was easy to do. Foreskin went back to normal.

“All right, you seem fine; I will fill your forms. Or is that anything else?”

I completely forgot. I promised my dad to tell my doc about constipation.

“Yes there is something, I don’t think it is very important, but my dad asked me to tell you.”

“Yes? What is the problem?”

“I was constipated a week ago. I could not defecate for two days. But I think it was because of plenty of meat I ate at our neighbors’ BBQ”.

“Well let’s see. Let me exam you anus first. I want you to bend over, and please keep your buttocks apart.”

“OK” I said and I did was I was told.

“Well anus looks fine, no rash, no changes. It is of nice pink color. You have a few hairs around your anus. Exactly like it should be at your age. I’m going to check it with my finger, please don’t move.”

I have heard he was squirting some lube on his hand.

“I will lube your anus”, he said and put some cold lube on my ass.

“Oh my, it is cold”

 “A little bit, it will warm up soon. “

Dr. Corey took his finger and put some lube on it. He did not use gloves though, I thought that was odd.

“I am not using gloves, I need to have a perfect feel of your anus’” he said almost like reading my mind.

“Sure I understand,” I answered.

He started to insert his finger, I felt my ass constricted.

“Please relax Adam, im almost inside.”

And his finger was inside indeed.

He was moving it in and out, gently making a circular movement. I felt my ass was relaxing. It felt good.

“Ok Adam your anus is very smooth. Walls of your rectum are smooth as well. I don’t feel anything wrong. Now lie down on you back, and pull your legs to your chest. I need your ass to be easily accessible for me. I will use a speculum to inspect it further. We cannot ignore constipation.”

I did what he asked.

My ass was easy to reach. I kept my legs up, close to my chest. My dick was getting hard again. It was very wet. Precum was oozing all over my pubes.

“Ok here we are, keep your legs like that,” said doctor and started to insert a speculum. It was much thicker than his finger. Waaay thicker. I got spooked.

My ass hole was not ready for such a big visitor as well, it constricted guarding my rectum.

“What’s wrong?  I feel some resistance,” said Doctor Corey. “Your sphincter is very strong, but we can work it out.”

“I’m sorry, it is a first time I have something that big there doctor.”

“Well, please relax, it is good for you,” and he pushed the speculum.

It overcame my ass resistance and slid inside.

“Oh it hurts a little. I feel like burning!”

He didn’t respond. He started to move speculum. All whole 8 inches went in. I could not believe.

“See,” he said,” your rectum can take it easily, now I can inspect it thoroughly.”

I felt a very new to me type of sensation. Speculum was so deep; my ass was trying to get rid of it. I felt constrictions. I thought I was going to poop. It was a very strong sensation. My heart was beating crazy fast. I was very excited. Dr. Corey was moving his speculum trying to get a better angle to see everything.

“Everything looks fine,” he announced.

 After a while I felt I'm close to orgasm. Before I could say something jolts of pleasure went through my body, and I moaned. My dick rapidly shot five consecutive loads of Cloroxy smelling, more transparent this time, cum.

“Oh my, I’m sorry.”

“OK. I don’t see anything wrong inside. Eat more veggies.  If you become constipated again I would try to get deeper inside with other device. But now it seems fine. You can try to relax your anus by putting your fingers inside. You need to gently massage you sphincter. One time daily for 10 minutes should be enough. Somebody can help you.”

“Thank you doc, I will do that. One finger is enough?” I asked.

“”For now yes, no need to dilate it further. You can put your clothes back. Take your time. I will see you in one week for a foreskin dilation session.” He shook my hand. “I have to go, I have another patient waiting. Have a good day! Take your form, I filled it in. Give it to David the receptionist; he will put some info to our computer.”

“Yes doctor. Thank you”.

I felt very weak in my knees. I put my clothes on and got out of the cabinet. I felt dizzy like being after a few beers. Asian guy in the reception was smiling.

“Hi, doc wanted me to give you this form,” I said.

“Very well, let me see. So I will book you on Tuesday next week. The same time. It will be a foreskin dilation procedure right? OK for you?”

One boy of my age who was sitting in the reception area and reading a Moto magazine giggled quietly. I was sure he overheard.

“Yes,” I said. Was the receptionist supposed to know my medical problems? I wondered. It looked that way.

“OK, you are all set, see you next week.”

“Thanks have a good day. Bye.”

“Bye,” said my receptionist.

“Bye,” said a boy and winked. Or so I thought.

 I went to my car. I still felt dizzy, my ass was twitching, but burning sensation subdued. I felt precum was again oozing from my cock. My Adidas briefs were really well soaked with cum and precum. Doc did not give me a tissue to clean my dick after cumming, and I did not think to ask him. Wow, that was quite extraordinary visit.


Nigel Lengthworthy

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