Chapter 3. My neighbor John.

Since I promised my mom, I went to pay a visit to our neighbor John. He moved recently to my neighborhood. It was about three weeks ago, maybe four. We knew that the house one block away from us had been for sale. It was a very well maintained, quite modern house with a swimming pool. I still vividly remembered the first time we met. It was just a day after my 18th birthday. Actually my father was first who noticed a U-Haul parked over there. He told us about it at the dinner.

“Someone bought this modern house, I noticed just one guy. Looks like he is moving in. We have to help him“ he said.

“It would be nice to show him how we treat neighbors in our community. You boys go and help him move in. And take a piece of pie for the guy,” said my mom.

“Sure we will,” agreed my dad. “Adam, put something comfy on, so we can help carry new guy’s stuff. The U-Haul was quite huge,” he added.

“Just a sec,” I answered and went to my room. I decided to put my yoga pants. They were comfy. I went down, my dad was ready. He had his sporty clothing on as well. Even though my dad was forty, he still looked good; I admitted to myself. He was very strong and well built. I guess having a lot of physical work at his own company suited him. We jogged to the house. The rear door of a U-Haul was already opened. Ramp was clearly visible. Then we saw a new neighbor coming out of his new house.

“Hi,” said my dad, “we are living close by. We just brought you a welcoming pie, and we are ready to help you moving, if you want us. My name is Richard, call me Rick, and this is my son Adam,” he introduced us.

“Oh, how nice, I’m John. Nice to meet you guys. I just bought this house a few weeks ago. I moved in already and have some stuff, but the biggest cargo I hauled tonight,” he smiled.

“Hi John, I’m Adam, nice to meet you, “I grinned.

It was really nice indeed. John was wearing very low cut tight jeans, no shirt. I didn’t think he had any underwear. I could not notice anything. His body was shining, evenly covered wit perspiration. He had a beautiful, spotless, tight skin.

“Oh well, if you really mean to help me moving all this stuff, you are more then welcome,” he said. “I’m alone, so any help would be appreciated.”

We did not wait to be told one more time, and we started moving all the boxes.

“I’m sorry I don’t have any appliances yet. If you guys need water, there are some bottles. I put them on the counter in the kitchen,” he said.

“We are fine,“ I said.

For a while we were silently moving some smaller boxes. We did carry some furniture as well. I could not unglue my eyes from Johns’ body. It was just perfect. I bet he did work out a lot. I was oddly excited. I started to worry that my dick was showing of. Yoga pants were very comfy, but quite revealing when I had a hardon.

“Hey Adam, lets carry this bigger box together,” said John, so we did. He was carrying it walking backward, so we had a great opportunity to look at each other.

“So what do you do?” He asked.

“I go to high school. I have just turned 18,” I said.

“Cool, I’m in my early twenties,” he smiled. “I’m really glad you guys decided to help me.”

“Sure no problem; this one is quite heavy, you really needed some help even though I can see you work out a lot.”

“Yes I do,” he admitted. “I’m quite strong but with you helping me it’s much easier.”

Subconsciously I glanced at his crotch. He had a very nice bulge. Oh my, his dick had to be enormous I wondered. Some of his pubic hair was sticking out.

“OK, here we are. Rick, there is one more crate, I believe three of us have to carry it,” said new neighbor.

“Let’s take care of that. Adam, are you OK? You look quite pinkish on your face,” said my dad.

“I’m fine, it is quite an exercise you know. “

“Yes, I know, you better take your shirt off, I already did; it’s very hot today.”

“Yeah, you are right dad,” and I took off my shirt.

We started to carry the biggest crate.

“Man, what is inside?” I asked.

“Some amplifiers, electronics. It is top end stuff, so lets’ be careful guys.”

We were very careful. We put the crate in the living room. We were tired, but it was the last item. We were all heavily sweating. Now, I was not mistaken, John had a nice erection. Moreover, my dad had as well. He sported quite distinctive tenting. I had a hardon too. I was sure it was because of our exercise. It often happened that I get a boner while working out.

“Oh my,” said my dad. ”We are done. You know John, I’m into audiophile stuff as well.”

“Really? That’s cool, we will need to meet one evening, and compare our toys,” he said.

“Sure we will,” agreed dad.

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything to sit on yet, but they will bring all my furniture tomorrow, so I will be all set up.”

“That’s OK,” said my dad, “We don’t live far away,” and he told John our address. “You are welcome to visit us anytime you want,” said my father.

“So are you,” said John.

“Guys, we are all sweaty, you can take a shower outside. I need to test it anyways,” offered John.

“Well we don’t have any spare clothes,” I noticed.

“That’s OK Adam, said my dad, “our shirts are dry, it seems that was a good idea to take them off. Go first Adam, take a shower.”

“OK dad.”  It was night already, weather was perfect. God bless California. So I went outside, pulled my pants off, and took a shower. The shower was located a few yards from the French doors, just at the swimming pool. The streams of water were strong.  After a minute I felt invigorated and fresh. I put my clothes on and went in.

“You look much better Adam, my turn,” said my dad. And he went out to take a shower.

“How did you like it?” Asked John.

“Oh, it’s perfect, it gives you a kind of massage,” I said.

“I will try it after your dad, said John. “I’m really thankful for helping me, Adam you can visit me any time you want, even if I’m not at home. I will give you a pass code.”

“Oh thanks a lot. We don’t have a swimming pool. I really appreciate it.”

My dad was showering himself; I could not see well, it was rather dark outside. Well, he was strongly built, I admitted. Perhaps I should ask him about working out with me. He definitely had some knowledge. I caught a glimpse of his penis. It was bigger than mine. I wondered if mine would be so big in the future. John approached the French doors. He seemed to be staring at the illuminated swimming pool.

Shortly my dad was back, “Adam, we have to go back. It’s late.”

“Sure dad, I’m waiting for you.”

“John, you said you don’t have any appliances yet. If you want, you can use our laundry. If you have anything to wash, we can take it now,” offered my dad.

“Well, that’s a very generous offer Rick. Actually I do have some clothes. My t-shirts, socks and underwear. Are you sure you don’t mind to take care of it?”

“Not at all”, assured my father.

“Very well then, it is already in the bag,” and John went to his future laundry room to grab his clothes.

We took two bags, said good nights, and left. I was a little disappointed I could not see John taking shower.

So, that was my first meeting with our new neighbor, as I recalled. In upcoming days I learned something about him. Everybody in the neighborhood instantly liked him. He was very fun, outgoing, always smiling guy. And, oh my, could he smile. He had a perfect smile. Beautiful white teeth directly from tooth paste ads. I liked his face. Sharp look, blond hair, and killers’ eyes. He could easily be a model. He was a college graduate and already had his own company. We have had immediately become friends. Basically his house was open for me. I could visit him whenever I wanted. And I loved to do it. I felt safe and relaxed at his place. He was very carrying and sweet. I was sure he liked me very much as well. We spend several hours lying on his comfy coach watching games.

We did swim a lot in his swimming pool. We liked to play video games too. He had a huge gamers’ computer in his living room. That was the place where I could really relax and chill.

I realized I was standing at John’s doors.  Getting there was not easy even though it was just a hundred yards away. After crazy encounter with my school mates, my ass was still killing me, so I slowly limped my way through his home.  I entered without knocking as I used to do.

“Hey John, are you there?” I shouted.

“I’m in the kitchen.” I heard.

I went to the kitchen. It was a huge modern one. White furniture and black granite countertops. It did not look like a kitchen belonging to young bachelor.

John was standing at the fridge, wearing only silky boxers. I bet they were top class designer. He had a perfect body, as I previously mentioned. I knew he was working out six days a week. I envied him.

“Oh, hey Adam, excuse my clothes or lack of them,” he laughed.” I was about to immerse myself in the hot tub.”

“That’s fine I don’t mind,” I said. “I wanted to thank you.”

“For what?”

“For doc’s recommendation.”

“No problem bro. I am his patient as well, and I think he is great. He helped me several times.”

“You don’t look like you need much of medical attention,” I said.

“Well sometimes there are things you don’t see right away.”

“Yeah you tell me,” I agreed.

“So you are satisfied I understand.”

“Yeah, he is going to help me with one problem, and already recommended something so I am working on it.”

“That’s cool, you want something to drink or eat?”

“Nah, I already had grilled duck. Well maybe something to drink. You have lemonade?”

“Yeah, sure help yourself; it is in the smaller fridge with glass doors.”

I slowly went and grabbed a glass of lemonade.

“OK, I got it, thanks,” I said. I approached Johns’ coach, he was already stretched out. His white body contrasted with black leather of furniture. I reclined at his side.

“Man you were limping,” noticed John.

“Well, you can call it a side effect of therapy.”

He looked at me with a questioning grimace on his face.

“Oh boy, it is embarrassing. I don’t know how to tell you.”

“You don’t need to if you don’t want to, but I really am your friend Adam, even though a few years older.”

“Look I really value your opinion, and I really like you, so ok I will tell you. But don’t laugh at me ok?”

“Laugh at you? Since it looks like a medical problem, why would I laugh at you man.”

“Ok, so the thing is that I had a stomach problem last week. I told about it Doctor Corey. He suggested relaxing my anus. Actually my sphincter. I need to finger myself ten minutes daily.

“OK, so far nothing to laugh at,” said John.

“Fine, so I guess I overdid it today, I told Kevin, who is my best friend, about my problem and he helped me a little. But after that two other boys joined, and did the same. I don’t wanna go back to it, but finally it was about one hour of fingering instead of ten minutes. And now my ass hurts a little. Actually I feel like I’m about to lay an egg,” I laughed.

“Well let me see that.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I know quite a lot about things like that, believe me.”

I started to unbutton my pants, but for some reason I was quite clumsy, my hands were shaking. It felt differently than with my school friends.

“OK Adam, let me help you,” suggested John, and unbuttoned my pants, then he unzipped them.

“I saw you naked, when we first met, remember? So don’t be embarrassed,” he said.

“Yeah, I know I am not.”

“Let me pull them down.”

 I adjusted my position and he took my pants off.

“You have very nice briefs bro. I love this orange. I believe in India it means purity.”

“Oh really?” I thought that certainly my briefs were not that pure anymore. They were treated with many layers of cum very generously.

“It seems that you had some fun man,” smiled John.

“Well it was not me. Not al of it. The boys came while fingering me. They just had to wipe their dicks in something. It was handy. I’m sorry about that. I did not expect to show you my briefs tonight.”

“That’s fine I don’t mind,” he said. “So show me your ass.”

Wow I have never heard that phrase so many times in my life. Certainly not in just one day. I guessed I was an expert in exposing myself. I bent over and pulled my buttocks apart.

“Hmmm, well it is really engorged, but you will be fine Adam. Let me touch it.”

“Oh I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I pleaded.

“That’s OK, you will see.”

“It is a very nice ass baby,” said John wile gently inserting his finger.

While he was doing that I felt my ass was becoming wet. That was strange.

“Sweet, you trained your hole well. It is getting wet and eager to be fingered again.”

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure.”

I felt his finger sliding deeply in.

“Oh yeah, relax, I will make you feel great.”

And he played with my ass. He fingered every nook and cranny of my ass. He was gentle, my sphincter relaxed. He removed his finger.

“OK, now lie down on your back.”

I already knew the drill, I did what he said and pulled my legs.

“Oh I see than you know what to do,” he said.

He started again. His dick stuck out of his boxers’ fly. It was the first time I saw it in details. It was the biggest tool I ever saw. Easily ten or eleven inches. I could not believe it was real. Engorged veins were clearly visible. He was uncut like me, but his foreskin was not too tight, it formed a king of a wreath around the base of his fully exposed glans. I though “what is it with my ass that makes all my friends instantly erected?”

“You have a beautiful ass and dick Adam. I hope you realize that.”

Well, I’ve never saw anything like your cock,” I admired.

“I can show you a lot of things Adam, you just need to ask.”

“I, I, I don’t know. Well, maybe tomorrow,” I stuttered.

I did not think I was ready for sex. And I was sure that John was referring to it.

“Yeah, take your time. “

I have never had any real sex. Jerking off did not count. Even with my friends. And this fingering stuff I did not consider sex either. I did not even think that I was a gay. Maybe I was. Honestly I even liked being with girls, but I treated them more like a friends. I was even able to tell which one was a pretty girl, which one not. But I knew in my heart that I felt more lust when I was with my male friends. I did not resist when they asked me to show my dick or something. I knew I would never do it at the presence of a girl.

I was lost so much in my thoughts that I just realized John was wanking his monster.

 “Adam, get your ass ready, I am cuming,” he said. “Keep your buns apart,” he directed. He pulled out his finger, and then dilated my ass hole.

“Oh yeah,” I heard. I felt a stream of thick, hot almost steamy cum entering my ass. It was great feeling. I wanted him to do it to me more often.

“Oh my,” he said again. He grabbed my briefs and cleaned out his dick. Sorry Adam, but your briefs are like a cum rug anyway.

“Yeah, I know, I don’t plan to wear them tomorrow. They are going to laundry tonight,” I said. “You know John, I like you very much.”

“So do I Adam.”

We rested for a while in silence. Finally I said. “I want to go to hot tub with you.”

“Sure, I was about to go,” he smiled.

Bath tub was outside; the night was not very hot. Just typical for beginning of September in California. We immersed our naked bodies. Water was swirling in a tub. It was hot and relaxing.

“Oh God, it is so good with you,” I said.

“You can have more, like I said, just tell me.”

“OK I will. I have a lot to think about.”

“But tell me, what are you afraid of?” he inquired.

“I don’t know how to tell you. OK, you are a perfect guy, but I am afraid that your dick is too big for me. I have never been fucked. Actually how big is it?”

“Almost eleven inches”

“Almost eleven inches,” I repeated. “And how thick?”

“Like a soda can. “

“So yeah, I am scared John.”

“I see. You know, it is not a problem. Actually you already started working on your ass. Look, I am not a jealous guy. Why don’t you ask your friends to fuck you first?”

“Well, they are smaller than you, but still David’s is like nine inches, Erick’s and Kev’s about eight. It is way too big for me.” I complained.

“So look around, I’m sure you will find something suitable. I am very patient. Wait here,” he instructed and got out. Water was dripping from his shiny body, but he did not mind to wet his floors. He went inside and in a minute he was back holding more drinks.

“Here, I know you like lemonade.”

He handed me frosted glass full of cold delicacy. Droplets of water were forming on the glass, and were slowly crawling down when they reached a certain mass. I was more than relaxed. I wanted it to never end. My ass was not hurting anymore. I moved so the water jet was able to reach my dick.

“This is so cool,” I laughed.

“Well, I can tell you are enjoying my whirlpool,” said John. Can be pretty handy, right?”


 The water stream massaged my hurting balls.

“John, can you play with my dick?” I asked.

“Wow baby, I was afraid you will never ask. “ He took my dick. In his hand it rapidly doubled his length and girth. It was throbbing. The head as usually wanted to pop out, but my tight foreskin did not allow.

“You are very tight,” said John.

“Yeah, Doctor Corey will help me with it next week.”

“OK great, if I can help let me know as well.”

“You are already helping with my ass. I will see you tomorrow if you don’t mind.”

“Sure but I can help with your foreskin as well.”

“Well, he was just constantly pulling my foreskin; I guess you can do the same.” I sit on the edge of a hot tub.

“Sure,” and John grabbed my foreskin pulling it back. My dick was getting even harder. The skin was slowly moving back exposing more and more of my glans. It was hurting a little, and I loved it. Finally foreskin gave up and the whole head was exposed.

“Oh please play with it,” I said.

I did not need to ask. John was already massaging my dick head. It was purple and engorged. My dick was throbbing; it moved like an animal trying to escape Johns’ hand but was not able to. My neighbor started to massage my balls. He pulled, and, gently squeezed them. He was pressing them trying to appreciate their texture.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Please more,” so he did. He grabbed my scrotum, so my balls were popping out of his fist. “Oh I cannot anymore, finish it,” I begged. Finally I really could not hold it anymore. I silently shot a really small load, and exhaled. My load landed in a swirling water.

“Not much of the load, right Adam?”

“Yep, I was emptied pretty well earlier today,” I admitted.

My dick was getting softer, and John pulled my foreskin so it could cover the head again.

“Oh thanks, you are a real friend.”

“You welcome. I will do whatever you want me to.”

“Me too John. I want you to know it.”

“I know,” he said. “Look Adam, have you ever tried oral sex?”

“Ummm, no,” I admitted.

“Well I will have a lot to teach you buddy.”

‘I know. You think I will be able to swallow your dick?” I was spooked.

“Oh sure, you can train on your friends at school as well,” he advised.

We got out of a hot tub, we were all sweating. However dry Californian air quickly made our perspiration evaporate. We dried out the rest with white fluffy towels.

“Show me your ass again Adam,“ instructed John.

So I did. He took some ointment and generously applied it on my poor ass.

“You will be like new tomorrow,” he said.

It really felt good. The ointment had a cooling effect. I believed him. I put on my jeans and hid my briefs in a back pocket. John remained undressed. It was after eight.

“I have to go,” I said.

“Sure, hope to see you tomorrow,” he said.

“Of course.” And then, I had no idea why, I hugged him and kissed his cheek. I blushed.

“Good night Adam,” he said quietly.

“Good night.”

I felt very strange.  That was crazy, but I though I was about to cry.

When I entered my house my parent were watching TV. I sneaked out to the laundry room and placed my used up briefs in the basket with dirty clothes. I was sure mom should not notice. It would be dry till tomorrow. I took a new pair of socks and fresh Adidas briefs from the other. This time neon green. Mom was keeping all our clean underwear and socks in the basket standing on the dryer. She did not have patience to separate socks so it was always a challenge to find a matching pair.

I said good night to my parents and slowly climbed up the stairs. My ass was still very fragile, but it was a way better than few hours before. I put all my stuff to backpack, and decided to go to sleep. I took off my clothes and went to brush my teeth. I liked to sleep naked, so I just lied down on my bed. I was exhausted. In a few minutes I had no idea that the world still existed.


Nigel Lengthworthy

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