As Tom awoke in his brother's bed he felt one arm securely wrapped around his waist as Ben's morning boner buried its way between Tom's ass cheeks
"Morning sexy" Tom heard his brother whisper in his ear as he felt him begin to grind his hips forward
"You never told me what you know about Uncle Pete"
"Is that all you can think of when my thick rod is pressing against you?" Ben asked with a sound of disappointment in his voice.

The truth was Tom had been thinking about it most of the night aware their Uncle was asleep in the next room.

"Do you think he thinks it is strange that we are sharing a bed?" Tom asked feeling his brother's moist cock head pushing gently at his opening
"I bet the dirty bugger has been tossing off like a randy priest all night thinking about what we are up to" Ben said kissing the back of his brother's neck as he humped against him

"So why did you think it would not be a problem us doing anything with him in the apartment?"
"Fuck sake bro come on, can't we just shag our brains out and stop with the death by a thousand questions"
"Do you know something about Uncle Pete you are not telling me?" Tom asked clenching his buttocks and preventing his brother's cock entering
"Dude you're as bad as a bitch this morning, usually your gagging for it first thing"

Tom did not reply to the comment

"Oh come on bro, you know you fucking want a good shagging" Ben whispered before nibbling his brothers ear lobe as he again thrust his cock against his brothers tightly clamped hole.

"OK I caught the dirty bastard shagging some bloke a while back", Ben finally admitted as his fingers reached for his brother's nipple in an attempt to get Tom to give in to his need
"Uncle Peter with a bloke? When was that?" Tom asked sounding shocked
"Fucking yonks ago, I had gone over to his place to pick some tools up for Dad and there was no answer at the front door. So I climbed over the fence down that side alley and went around the back to see if he was still asleep in bed. His bedroom curtains were open and there he was bare ass naked sticking his knob in this geezers backside, like really fucking going for it, like rabbits"

Ben came to a pause in the story about their Uncle as he pressed his morning erection back against his brothers butt hole

"Kind of like I wish I was doing right now to your tight bunny hole bro", Ben commented not being the type to give up when he was feeling so frisky
"So who was this bloke?" Tom asked backing up against his brother as he felt the moist sticky head prod against his ring teasing him
"How the fuck should I know, some random bit of stuff. I dunno, could have been the fucking postman, I just know Uncle Pete was going at it like a pro, giving it to him hard right in the dirt box"
Tom screwed his face up at his brother's terminology and then felt his brother's large head penetrate him causing Tom to groan and grimace at the same time.

"Yeah bro that is it, you want it bad don't you bro" Ben teased as he pushed, feeling his manhood enter inside the warm welcome enclosure of his brother's hole.

Tom groaned again as he began to bite on the pillow and grip the sheets with his clenched fists
"What if he catches us?" Tom whispered his voice breaking a little
"Dirty Uncle Peter watching his two filthy Nephews screwing, little Tommy taking his big brother Ben's dick right up his bottom"
"Piss off" Tom whispered wondering if Ben was getting off on the fact that there Uncle was in the next room
"Maybe I should have left the door open" Ben added and he pushed his hips forward with force causing the full length of his meaty rod to slide quickly inside his brothers clenching hole
"Oh shit!" Tom groaned feeling his brother's cock ram inside him before looking over to see if the bedroom door was closed.

"Oh you wish I had left that door open don't you bro. Dirty little cunt brother wants to get caught getting buggered", Ben taunted seeing Tom look over at the door as he hammered his way in his brothers butt

Ben clamped his fingers on one of his brothers nipples as Tom whimpered.
Tom felt his brother role onto his back Pulling Tom along with him so that Tom was now lay on top, his brother's stiff prick pounding away from underneath as both hands now worked on his nipples and Ben's teeth bit hard into the back of his neck.

"Oh fuck yes do it please" Tom said, desperately trying to keep the voice down as he felt his hole getting pummelled and his own cock throbbing.

"Hey lads you want coffee?" come their Uncles deep voice from just outside the bedroom door.
Ben clamped his brother in place with is his arms in a vice like grip as he continued to fuck from beneath
"Yes please" Tom called back desperately trying to sound normal and failing
"Dirty git knows you are taking it in the shitter right now, and I bet he is stroking off right outside the door" Ben whispered in his brothers ear
"Sugar?" came the next question from behind the door
"No!" Tom cried out
"No" Ben shouted trying not to laugh as he continued to drive his member deep in his brothers helpless hole. He knew his brother could not get out of this hold, let alone with a bone inside him.

"OK I will put the kettle on", come the response as Tom whimpered a little louder than he had planned
"Sorry what was that?" Uncle Pete asked
"Nothing Tom quickly responded fearing the door might open at any minute and realising his brother was not going to stop until he had bust his morning load
"I am close" Ben whispered much to Tom's relief.

There was a few more deep thrusts and suddenly Tom felt his brother tense up beneath him as his arms clenched tight around his chest
"Oh fucker yeah, fuck, shit, fuck!", Ben sighed before collapsing with his brother flat on top of him.

Tom rolled off as his brother's grip was released and grabbed for his briefs and joggers
"What? You are not going in the kitchen naked this morning?" Ben laughed looking over to see his brother still erect
Tom just pulled up the joggers over his briefs and done the best to push his cock in a position that would not be so obvious and then just glared at his brother with a look.
Tom opened the bedroom door
"Hey you are up", Uncle Pete said from down the hallway causing Ben to giggle loudly as Tom quickly stepped out of the bedroom and closed the door behind him as his brother lay naked with his erect cock only just subsiding.

Uncle Pete was wearing a pair of baggy old boxers that looked like they had seen better days and as Tom stood drinking his coffee making polite conversation Ben walked in wearing the skimpiest pair of briefs he owned. The small piece of fabric only just covered his lazy lob on and as Ben turned around the material was sticking up between the crack of his ass, not that he seemed to give a shit as he stood yawning and stretching away.

Tom had forgotten how sexy Uncle Pete was. Not in that conventional handsome or good looking way but in a muscular rough edgy kind of way. He was not buff, muscled or toned but was tall and stocky. He exuded an air of masculinity and sometimes gave the most intense steely look that could be very unsettling. His voice was deep and husky, his head hair cropped short, his chest covered in a layer of matted hair, and a slight paunch to his stomach. He probably had no clue what male grooming was and Tom guessed he would be sporting the full natural bush beneath those boxers, not that he wanted to think about that... much.

"So you sleep OK?" Uncle Pete asked before taking a sip of coffee
"Yeah, we was shagged out wasn't we bro" Ben said smirking as he looked at Tom
"Yeah shattered" Tom quickly added to clarify Ben's use of grammar
"Mm I see", was all that Uncle Pete could say as he looked at both of them in turn.

"Well I need to take a piss" Ben said putting his cup down and leaving Tom with their Uncle and a short moment of awkward silence
"You want a chocolate biscuit?" Tom asked
"For breakfast? No you're alright mate", Uncle Pete replied as Tom turned around and reached up on the top shelf in search of the pack of biscuits he had hidden from his brother.

Tom felt a firm hand grab his ass cheek and immediately dropped his hand down from the shelf as he spun around
"Feels like you have been working out a bit" Uncle Pete commented with a cheeky grin
"Yeah", was all that Tom could say coyly with a look of shock on his face
"Very firm indeed", Uncle Pete said reaching his hand out again before Pete backed away
"Hey don't be shy lad. Bet your old bro had been giving that a work out too right?"
Tom stepped back again until his back was against the kitchen wall and he watched as his Uncle stepped towards him
"In fact I bet if you farted right now there would be a fresh fragrance if cum"
Tom felt his face go a deep crimson colour in response to the vulgar comment.

"What? You think I could not smell the stink of man sex at a hundred paces?"
Tom remained silent just watching as his Uncle continued to approach and his hand reach forward grabbing the waistband of his joggers
"Don't forget your old Uncle done a six year stretch in the slammer lad and let me tell you, when there is no pussy available you get an appetite for what is available"
Tom continued to stare feeling his Uncles large paw of a hand slip beneath his joggers and underpants until it rested on his ass cheek.
"I got accustomed to it in all honesty, even had a craving when I got out. Nothing like a sweet tight man arse to slam your tool into"
Tom gulped as he felt his Uncles hand move and a finger slide inside his spunk filled hole
"Let me see if I can guess whose seed this is" Uncle Pete said giving Tom a quizzical look

Ben walked in the kitchen and stopped in his tracks as he saw his brother back against the wall and his Uncles hands down the back of his joggers
"Just in time" Uncle Pete said without even looking to see Ben stood there watching
Uncle Pete pulled his hand free before he raised it to his nose and sniffed the slimy finger that had been inserted deep in his nephews butt.

"Smells like... Don't tell me, hang on let me guess. I know, smells like Ben's Bill and bunk"
Tom looked at his Uncle with a blank stare
"Bill and bunk, fucking slang for spunk. Jeez don't you lads have any education or what?" and with that Uncle Pete stuck his finger deep in his mouth as he savoured the cocktail of cum and ass, all the while keeping direct eye contact with his nephew Tom...

To be continued...



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