The two brothers remained collapsed on the bed holding each other and Uncle Pete decided to take a shower.
He looked back at his two nephews as he got to the bedroom doorway and watched as they lay naked and spent in their sensual embrace and Pete smiled. There were so many things his nephews did not know, things that had been secret now for too long.

Pete stood beneath the refreshing spray of the shower, his mind still filled with that morning activities as the soap washed away the odours of his nephews from his body.

Once Pete was out of the shower he got dressed and left the apartment so he could phone his old friend Byron. If there was anyone he could talk to and get advice from it was him.

A few days later...

Tom had arrived home at lunch time and had only just taken off his work jacket when the door bell went.
He figured it was the usual bible bashers and slowly made his way to the door as he loosened his tie.

Tom opened the door to see a tall attractive rugged guy in his mid 40's with scruffy mousy blonde hair that had been highlighted in places by the sun. His skin was tanned, his eyes a piercing azure blue. He was wearing a tatty looking white t shirt and faded blue jeans that were scuffed and torn in places. His brown steel capped workman boots had frayed laces and splatters of dried cement covering them.

Tom's attention was drawn back to the guys crutch were a small tear in the denim offered a teasing glimpse of pink flesh beneath. He was clearly the kind of guy that liked to go commando
"Sorry to disturb you mate but is Pete around?"
Tom's attention snapped up to the guys face at the mention of the name
"Uncle Pete?" Tom asked
"Yeah, I guess you are his nephew right?"
"Yeah" Tom paused now trapped looking into the stranger's eyes
"So err, guess Pete is not here right?" the stranger said resting his hand high up on the door frame.
Tom noticed his muscular arms covered in tattoos and the way his biceps bulged at the sleeves of the t shirt.

"Maybe I could just come in for a moment if your Uncle is not due back anytime soon", the stranger said looking Tom up and down with a cheeky grin
"Sure" Tom replied, stepping out the way and letting the man in without even knowing who he was.

As the stranger shut the door behind him he turned and pushed Tom with force against the wall, pressing his mouth firmly against Tom's mouth as he pinned Tom in place.
Tom felt himself being pinned against the wall by the man's chest as his hands dropped to Tom's trousers and began to fumble at the belt.

Tom felt his zipper being undone followed by his trouser button before his trousers slipped to his knees. Then the stranger pulled back and just looked him in the eyes, his smile beaming and his eyes glinting before he crouched down, pulling Tom's underwear down as he went.

"Holy fuck" Tom groaned loudly as he felt his cock being sucked like he had just stuck the vacuum cleaner nozzle on it. As introductions go this was damn good and Tom felt the eager mouth work its magic as he stood trousers and underpants now at his ankles and his shirt hiked up.

The bloke was going to town. Down there sucking, slurping and guzzling as Tom's cock quickly became fully erect in his mouth. The guy was relentless as his head moved up and down, twisting from side to side and not once gagging as he took Tom's entire length.

"Fuck you are good", Tom gasped as he felt the man's rough callused hands against his bare buttocks pulling Tom deeper into his gapping mouth.

After a good 10 minutes of sucking the man pulled away and looked up at Tom
"Do you fuck?"
The question was direct and the truth was Tom was usually on the receiving end, but he was not about to turn down the offer
"Yeah mate" Tom replied lowering his voice a little and watching as the guy fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a small square flat package followed by a sachet of lube.

Tom watched as the pack was torn open and a condom pulled out. The man expertly placed it over Tom's cock head and used his mouth to role the sheath down over Tom's shaft.
Putting a condom on Tom was usually guaranteed to give him a limp dick but this guy's technique had his cock as hard as a steel bar.

The guy continued to suck and leave a trail of saliva over Tom's condom covered cock and then he stood and quickly undone his own jeans, letting them drop to his knees. Tom looked down to see he was indeed commando. The base of his cock crowned by the sexiest golden tangles of pubic hair and his erection, whilst not big, was perfectly shaped and stood pointing directly upwards with excitement.

With his jeans now at his ankles and his boots still on the guy shuffled around, his back now to Tom as he spread the lube on two fingers and inserted them in his hole under Tom's watchful eyes.
Tom felt so incredibly turned on by the voyeuristic act of watching a complete stranger stuff two fingers hungrily in and out of his own hole.

"Fucking give it to me mate" the guy said as he placed his hands on the opposing wall and bent over presenting his perfect shaped rounded rump coated in a light downy covering of blonde fuzz.

Tom pressed the tip of his cock against the greased hole, and as he started to push the guy backed up quickly forcing the length of his cock deep inside
"Oh fuck you are hard, shit man fuck me good!" the man cried out
Tom grabbed his hips firmly and began to pound and slam his cock in with all his might. Tom could tell this guy liked it hard and rough so it was no time to hold back and be tender.

"Oh yeah come on mate, fucking do it!" The guy cried out louder as he vigorously pushed himself back on to Tom like he was riding a bunking bronco.

There in the hallway Tom pounded the guy's back passage until he felt his orgasm arise
"I am going to shoot" Tom cried through laboured voice
"Yeah I am fucking close too, yeah fuck me hard you bastard!"
Tom felt his ass muscles clench as he groaned and his back arched, his hands become clenched fists and tom could feel the moment of his ejaculation through the muscle contractions
"Fuck I am cuming" Tom gasped thrusting hard and fast and managing to shoot his load just after the guy sprayed his own load with force.

"So who are you and how do you know my Uncle?" Tom finally got around to asking as Tom pulled his trousers and underwear up
"Byron, me and your Uncle have been buddies since we were young" Byron replied as he pulled his own jeans up before doing his fly up carefully so as not to trap his dick in the teeth of the zipper

"I see, good to meet you mate" Tom replied and watched as Byron held out the palm of his hand
Tom thought it seemed a bit late for introductions, but by gay standards of course after a good fuck is always a good time to ask names, and if they are a shit shag you just don't ask
"I am Tom" Tom said as he felt the firm grip as they shook hands.

"So are you gay?" Tom asked
Byron chuckled
"You what? Bent as a nine bob note mate, always have been and always will be"
"Just that you are so..." Tom started to comment when Bryon cut him off
"Don't say fucking straight acting mate" Byron said as he stuck his hands down in his jeans and adjusted himself
"Fucking get that shit all the time with the blokes on site, the term does my nut in, it is pretty offensive"
"No I was not going say that" Tom lied aware he used the term way to often when describing the kind of men he liked
"So you have always been gay?" Tom asked wanting to get away from his near indiscretion.

Byron looked at him and his smile dropped away and Tom was drawn into his eyes, like two perfectly crystal clear pools

"When I was 18 my mates Dad defiled me in the back of his work van. There on the grubby plywood floor of his beat up old van with my shorts tugged around my ankles, his large hand pulled over my mouth as he forcefully took my cherry. He nailed me to that floor so hard and so rough that I thought the fucker was going to split me in two"

"Oh shit sorry, that must have caused you a lot of pain" Tom said still lost in the depth of those blue eyes
Byron shook his head
"Don't be sorry, I had wanted it. I had prick teased that bugger until he could take no more. And you know what? I loved the feel of his manliness on me, the rugged raw primal feel as he fucking pounded me uncontrollably."

Byron paused, his face free from expression

"I tell you what. There beneath his manly hairy heaving body I shot my fucking wad so hard with excitement. It awakened me to my true inner self. I knew from that moment on I was gay, and it was OK. The real pain was facing him after that and not being able to be open about my feelings, the way he acted as if nothing had happened really cut deep, that and feeling I had betrayed my buddy. We did shag a few more times after that but then it just stopped "

There was a short moments silence as Tom took in the open confession

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" Byron added profoundly

Tom was taken aback by his quoting of Gibran

"So a year later I told my buddy what happened with his Dad, after he broke my nose he told me he never wanted to see me again."

Byron managed to break into a smile
"Listen I hate to de-spunk and run mate but I was just on my lunch break and I got to get back to the work site" Byron explained
"Oh OK" Tom said with the sound of disappointment in his voice and still processing all the information Byron had shared so openly
"But if you are up for a shag another time, maybe a less hurried session" Byron added as Tom looked back into those azure coloured eyes yet again.

"By the way can you tell your Uncle I will drop by later this week"
"Sure" Tom replied keen to see him again
Byron hovered in the door way looking at Tom with a big smug grin
"So sexy, we must do this again" and with that Byron leaned forward and pecked Tom on the lips before pulling away and giving him a wink
"Later mate" Byron added before stepping out of the front door and looking back with a cheeky chap grin.

Tom had told his Uncle that Byron had dropped by but left out the details about the quick fuck in the doorway. He figured maybe that was too much information but he got the distinct impression his Uncle knew. Maybe that was just Tom feeling a bit guilty about getting off with one of his Uncles long term friends.

"So how long have you known Byron?" Tom asked his Uncle curiously as Ben arrived home
"You want a beer?" Ben asked sticking his head around the living room door
"Yeah great" Tom replied
"Yeah cheers" Uncle Pete added before turning back to face Tom.

"We were best mates when we were growing up, dead close like you know. Real buddies"
Tom nodded as his brother returned with three open bottles of beer
"Anyway we just kind of went separate ways when we was 19. You know life happens and you drift apart" Uncle Pete said before taking a gulp
"Who are we talking about?" Ben enquired having missed the first part of the conversation
"Oh an old friend of Uncle Pete's dropped by earlier" Tom explained
"Yeah, we met back up I guess about a year or so ago and started hanging out again"

"So you was 19 when you saw him last?" Tom asked wanting to clarify that part of the story after remembering what Byron had told him
"Yeah, we would have both been 19"
Tom's face went as white as a sheet as the penny dropped.

Once Uncle Pete had left the room Ben looked at his brother strangely
"What is wrong bro?" Ben asked
"Uncle Pete's mate"
"What about him?"
"Well he was telling me about the first bloke that ever fucked him when he was 18"
"Hang on, a guy you just met starts telling you about when he first got fucked. How did that come up in conversation?"
Tom realized he was digging himself a hole
"That is not the point"
"He had an affair with his mates Dad. That was who fucked him"

Ben fell silent as he just stared at Tom with glazed eyes
"Uncle Pete said he last saw his friend at 19. That is when Byron said he last saw his mate whose Dad he was getting fucked by" Tom clarified as all the pieces seemed to fit together
"You mean our Granddad and Byron?" Ben asked
Tom nodded



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