Pete had heard that morning's carnal activities as he had walked past his nephew's bedroom and he had stopped to listen. As he inhaled deeply he was sure he could smell that distinct odour of testosterone, that truffle like odour that filled the air caused by two men who exchanged and blended bodily odour and fluid, their naked perspiring bodies rubbing together.

The scent was an aphrodisiac and quickly Pete's cock began to stir beneath his baggy boxers. He closed his eyes to enhance his sense of smell further
"Oh yeah" Pete muttered to himself, his stiffening member a confirmation of the rich masculine smell.

Pete was in no doubt the two brothers fooled around in their youth, the way that many males do when their bodies are pulled through the transformation into manhood. When their bodies are governed by chemicals that surge like tides under a full moon, raising and falling at nature's hand making the likely hood of experimentation all the more likely. Not that Pete would claim every man explores the connection of male sexual energies, but he himself sure did with his own brother, his nephews father. In that window of awakening his brother and he had never been so close, up until his brother had got engaged and Pete himself started dating women.

It was strange, one day in their youth it seemed that they were like two northern poles that repelled each other with force as they would fight, squabble and argue at every opportunity. Then without warning the magnetic forces that had repelled them switched until it pulled them together. It seemed at every private opportunity they would be rubbing their stiff peckers together and bringing each other to orgasm and ejaculation. That most intimate and intense of feelings shared by brothers together was like magic, a spell that was cast between them that enchanted them both until the day that spell was broke.

Pete could remember the details of almost everything back then between him and his brother, but not how the spell had broken.

Tom had moved on after that to a heterosexual lifestyle and his past endeavours with other males was a mere shadow that he had come to deny as a phase. He had got married, divorced, and married again as each sexual partner seemed to be lacking something that he desired and that he could not put his finger on. Then he had spent six years in the clink, behind bars, something he was not proud of but that had again gave him the opportunity to explore that connection between men.

There in the soul company of other men the shadow part of him become integrated back into his physical being as he had found that flame reignited. That desire to explore again, that feeling of male naked flesh against male naked flesh. Yet once out of prison Pete had sought out a straight life again and that had lead to a third marriage, a marriage in which he had found himself cheating on his wife numerous times with men as the desire stirred below the surface.

Pete found himself a little envious of his nephews whom had rekindled their own flame and now basked in an inferno of passion behind the closed door. Their magic had indeed returned and Pete wanted more than anything to share in that feeling.

Pete had felt the warm clammy sensation of his nephew's recently used passage as he had pushed his finger inside with little resistance. Now the blend of jizz and arse was like sweet nectar in Pete's mouth as he stood in the kitchen staring at the look of disbelief on his nephews face.
Pete pulled his saliva coated finger free from his mouth, leaning forward with his gaze fixed on his nephew's eyes until their faces were mere inches apart
"So are you going to drop to your fucking knees and take care of business down there or what?"
Pete glanced down at the narrow space between them before looking back up to his nephew's eyes and grinning

Tom had looked mesmerised into his Uncles stern eyes and listened to his husky words that took a while to compute as his head spun with confusion at the speed of the mornings events. Once the words came together into a comprehensive sentence Tom dropped to his knees and buried his face against the thin threadbare boxers where he could feel his Uncles large member pulsating.
Enthusiastically Tom opened his mouth and felt his tongue against the thin cotton that held back his Uncle's thick meaty prick.

Like a thing possessed Tom worked his gapping mouth, excited by his Uncles rugged nature and the prospect of tasting his bare manly flesh. His own Dads brother whose raging hard penis was separated by the thinnest piece of fabric that now clung tight with spittle around his shaft as Tom impatiently worked at it wide mouthed.

Uncle Pete looked down and watched his fervent nephew as his moist lips and tongue made his cock throb rapidly. Uncle Pete then looked up and smirked at Ben and as he placed his right hand on the back of Tom's head, he raised his left hand and motioned with his finger for Ben to approach.

Ben was clearly aroused by his brother's actions and his small briefs struggled to restrain his own stiff dick that pushed against the narrow elastic waistband. Having spent one load just a little earlier he was already primed again to shoot another.

Ben approached his Uncle who had signalled him and he stopped at his Uncles side, his eyes transfixed on his Uncles glare.
He felt the palm of his Uncles left hand grab the back of his head and pull his head forward until their lips touched. The immediate sensation was thrilling, the brief touch of his lips against his Uncles lips quickly become passionate as their mouths instinctively opened and tongue explored tongue as their saliva mixed. He felt the force of his Uncles hand pulling him close as what felt like a vacuum pulled their wet mouths together.

Ben felt a rush of air expelled into his mouth as his Uncle gasped and Ben knew instantly that his brother had unwrapped and claimed his prize.

Tom felt his lips yield to his Uncles thick girth that drove down his throat. He savoured the unique strong masculine cock taste that hit his taste buds before pulling away and taking a deep gasp of breath. He grasped the base of his Uncles cock and looked in wonder at the mammoth member. He stuck his tongue up under the loose fleshy hood of the foreskin that wrapped around the head and he was hit by the more concentrated flavour beneath. He circled his tongue around the helmet beneath the thick foreskin, clenching his fist around the pulsating shaft and feeling the first release of pre cum, precious salty droplets that clung against his lips like syrup.

Tom pulled away completely and watched as a large droplet of clear translucent pre cum dripped down, suspended on an impossibly long thin silken thread, dropping down slowly from the moist piss slit of the engorged purple gland.
Tom turned his head to see his brother Ben now knelt beside him, hypnotised by the bobbing motion of their Uncles cock.

Uncle Pete looked down as both of his Nephews opened their mouths and came together with his erection between them, their tongues slurping and licking the length of his stiff glistening rod and their mouths touching as their saliva mingled.

He felt Tom lick his nuts as Ben opened his mouth and began to take the head of his oozing cock, hearing him gulp at the amount of pre cum that quickly built up inside his mouth.
Uncle Pete watched as his nephews grasped each other's pricks and began to stroke, keenly pleasuring and serving his phallus like a sacred object of worship.

"Oh yeah that is it guys! That feels and looks fucking amazing. Watching my two nephews noshing away"
"Oh you little fucker!", Uncle Pete groaned loudly as he felt Tom's tongue lick behind his balls, Uncle Pete's knees buckled and he opened his thighs to give access to his perineum, that fleshy sensitive space between his scrotum and anus where Tom's tongue lapped and slurped greedily, tasting the ripe fragrance that hung thick in that dank area.

"Oh Fuck" Uncle Tom huffed as his head tilted back and his eyes closed tight
He gripped the back of Ben's head as he was attempting to take the full length of his cock in his mouth. He felt the tip of Tom's tongue flicking at his hairy hole causing Uncle Pete to quiver
"Shit lads! let's get your arses in the bedroom now!".

Ben and his brother Tom wasted no time in hurrying to the bedroom with their Uncle not far behind them.

The three men clambered over the bed as their bodies become quickly entangled. Ben sucked his brother Tom while Uncle Pete sucked Ben, and Tom managed to get his head between his Uncle's thighs as he began to chomp at his Uncles hoop. Their bodies perspired as they grappled and changed positions, swapping partners so that nobody was left out of any of the action.

Tom was forcefully positioned on his back, legs elevated as he felt his brother riming his hole and his Uncle Tom suckling his cock. He motioned his hips, alternating back and forth between receiving his brother's tongue in his hole and his Uncle's mouth over his cock.

Ben pulled away from his brothers twitching hole with a line of spit trailing from his chin
"Fuck bro you have the sweetest tasting hole", Ben sighed as he grinned and shook his head
"Damn looks fuckable too", Uncle Pete said looking at Ben and kissing him firmly and tasting the remnants of Tom's sweet arse on Ben's lips.
"Open that hole ready for some man sized equipment", Uncle Tom said slapping the palm of his hand hard against the side of his rigid cock and looking at Ben
Tom looked over at his Uncle's fat prick and wondered how the hell he was going to get all that stuffed inside.

With Tom on his back and his ankles pushed back behind his ears Ben pummelled down on his brother's opening, feeling his length slide in and out of his brother's willing hole with ease.
Lucky enough he had a stash of lube in the bedside cabinet that he had applied liberally before the morning's second round of shagging.

Tom welcomed his brother's cock grinding in and out as he watched the reflection of his Uncle who was knelt down at the end of the bed, Uncle Pete had a front row seat and was watching intently offering Ben words of encouragement.
Tom sighed deeply as he watched his Uncle move in closer still and he felt the moistness of his tongue close to the entrance where his brother's cock rammed in and out. Then his Uncles finger slid in alongside his brother's member until both were synchronised in their motion.

Tom felt his hole being stretched wider as his Uncle placed a second finger along side his brother's cock, and for a few moments Tom tensed up and he heard his Uncles voice, this time tender and reassuring.

"Come on now lad, you can do it, relax into it now, that's a good boy"

Tom focused on his breathing as he closed his eyes, breathing in through his nose and out through the mouth until his tensed hole gave in
"Oh fuck yeah!" Tom groaned.

"You ready Uncle Pete?", Tom heard his brother ask as his pace slowed and come to a halt causing Tom to tense up all over again with anticipation of his Uncles thick dick.

Ben pulled his cock free and bent down and affectionately planted a kiss on his brother's hole.
Tom was already practising his breathing technique as his Uncle grabbed the bottle of lube and smeared a large amount over his throbbing cock, it seemed even more intimidating now as he watched his Uncle's large hand stroke it with glistening lubrication.
Tom felt the mattress give and creak under his Uncles weight and Tom could not help but feel daunted as the large head hovered just above his trembling sphincter.

"You ready?",he heard Uncle Pete ask
Tom smiled as he had not expected his Uncle to ask, he thought he would just slam it in come what may, but the sound of his voice was considerate in its tone.

"Yeah, yeah I am ready Uncle Pete" Tom replied feeling something inside give way as a wave of trust washed over him
The bulbous head of his Uncles cock tapped at his hole lightly and erotically until he felt his hole open like a trap door.
Tom closed his eyes and breathed and felt a deep fulfilling sensation as his Uncle's manhood pushed inside him. He could feel that this was more than he had ever taken before as it filled his cavity, but it did not hurt, if anything it felt amazing
"Oh my fucking god!" Tom gasped as his Uncle's cock continued to bore into him bit by bit, seemingly never ending

"That is it lad", Uncle Pete said keeping eye contact to judge his nephews reaction.
Uncle Pete was aware of his girth and doing damage to someone inside did nobody any favours.

Ben watched in admiration as his brother took the truncheon sized cock, and more than that, he was getting incredible pleasure from it. Ben bent forward and kissed his brother on the lips and felt his brother's mouth open to receive his tongue. Ben could feel his brother's breathing become more laboured as their Uncle began to pick up the pace and speed of his thrusts, their tongues began to move more rapidly and passionately, his brother Tom groaning occasionally into Ben's mouth.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Ben heard Uncle Pete say loudly in a gruff voice

"Fucking take it all!", Uncle Pete said as his large hand spanked his Nephew's plump ass cheek causing Tom's muscles to clench around his girth as the full span of Pete's schlong rammed deep, his sweaty balls slapping between Tom's thighs with each thrust in.
Uncle Pete pulled Tom's thighs up and back as he began to rotate his nephew's torso, moving him from being on his back, his feet behind his head to on his side. Uncle Pete then continued to build up velocity hearing his nephew's reaction to the change in position.

"Oh shit! Fuck me Uncle Pete" Tom whined, his voice up a few octaves from usual

Uncle Pete continued his anal assault, swopping and changing positions as he moved his nephew around like a rag dole. The stink of the three men hung thick in the air as sweat dripped from their bodies. Passionate kisses were exchanged between them as the marathon fuck fest continued with Tom always on the receiving end of either his Uncle or his brother Ben's cock.

Uncle Pete began to rim between Ben's sweaty ass cheeks as Ben was fucking his brother and felt the tightly clamped hole against his tongue that. He pondered on how much attention that would need to stretch it open.

Ben was the first to shoot his load as he fucked facing his brother in an embrace, his brother's legs wrapped around his hips as they kissed and groaned in unison. Saliva dribbled from Ben's mouth into Tom's mouth as he heaved and thrust his hips, his body shuddering as the moment of ejaculation arrived
"Oh fuck yeah!" Ben called out.

Uncle Pete was next who took his Nephew in the same position, kissing him deeply as he fucked him hard, fast and frantic. Their mouths wet with each other's spit as they both grunted and groaned with passion
"Fuck yeah I am going to cum" Uncle Pete cried out loudly
The flood gates opened and Tom felt the mass volume of warm man mayo flooding his hole as his own load sprayed free.

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