I looked at Brad's hard cock and was suddenly drawn toward it. I slid down in bed and soon had my face inches from the hard man tool. I gently raised it up, seeing the glistening precum on the tip. I licked it off and found it surprisingly tastey. I knew it was now or never. I slid as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and began sucking him the way he had done me.

Suddenly I heard him say, 'Oh fuck Mike, don't stop. That feels so fucking good.'

I loved the encouragement and sucked with greater speed, suddenly wanting to taste his hot creamy load. I didn't have to wait long. His cock suddenly erupted and it was all I could do to swallow and keep up with the flow. As it slowed I collected it in my mouth so that I could really taste it. I loved the sweet salty taste and eagerly swallowed after swirling it around in my mouth.

After a moment, Brad looked at me and asked, 'Mike, are you sure that was your first cock to suck?'

'Yes, I swear.'

'Well, you suck like a pro. Man, you are fucking good at it. You're a natural.'

'Brad, I realize now that when I'd watch those porn movies and get so turned on it was from looking at the guys cocks and not what they were doing. I loved sucking you and swallowing your load. This could become a regular for us.'

'I hope so,' Brad answered.

He leaned toward me and our lips met, tenderly at first. Then I felt his lips part and his tongue pressing against mine. I opened up and accepted it and soon my tongue was just as deep into his mouth. We kissed passionately for several minutes, before stopping and getting dressed to go eat.

We left the truckstop with Brad driving. The weather was cool so we had the windows down. After a couple of hours, I looked over at Brad and said, 'Roll the windows up.'

As he did, I got between the seats and took his cock in my mouth and began sucking him again. I was cock crazy and wanted his load which he soon gave to me doing seventy down the freeway.

'That's the first time I ever got sucked while driving,' he said.

'Maybe so, but it damn sure won't be the last.'

Later, we switched drivers and he was soon sucking me. This went on all night.

At sun up we stopped for our sleep break. We went inside and I told Brad that I had to use the restroom and what to order for me.

I went into the restroom and into a stall as I needed to take a crap. I locked the door and dropped my pants. As I sat down I noticed a 4' glory hole in the wall. There was a guy in the other booth slowly stroking his hard cock. MIne immediately came to full attention and I began stroking. The guy motioned for me to put it through which I did and he immediately began sucking me, soon bringing me to a climax. As I sat back down he put his hard cock through the hole and I sucked him off.

When I returned to the table, I told Brad what had happened.

'Fucking hot man. Any idea who it was?'

'Yea, the guy in the cowboy hat. I recognize his shirt and boots.'

'Shit, he so fucking masculine. I can't believe he sucked you.'

'Well, he did and I sucked him.'

After eating Brad went to the restroom and scored. As we walked back to the truck, Brad asked, 'Are you ready to try something new?'

'I guess so. What?'

'Later, I want you to fuck me.'


We slept for a while and I awoke to find Brad stroking my cock. When he saw that I was awake, he got the lube and greased up my cock and his ass and ay back and raised his legs.

'Fuck me baby,' he said.

I got into position and proceded to enter his ass and fucked him silly. He was begging for me to go deeper and harder. I tried to accomodate him, soon filling his ass with my hot load.

When we were through, I said, 'Later, I want to try it.'

Later I told Brad I wanted to get fucked and he prepped me with his fingers. When he entered me with his cock, I had never experienced such pain, but was amazed that after just a couple of minutes that such pain could turn into such pleasure. I was soon telling him how good it felt and to go all the way in. I was floating in the clouds when I felt him jerk and his cock explode in my ass, filling me with his hot man milk.

Over the next few days we sucked and fucked regularly. He taught me how to eat a guys ass out, and even how to 'cum kiss' after sucking a cock.

By the time we reached Miami, I know that the gay life was meant for me as was Brad.

'Brad, I'm ready to sign off on your training, but I don't want yu to leave. I'd like to request that you be made my permanant co-driver.'

'I'd like that,' he said.

I called the main office and convinced them to make Brad and I permanant co-drivers.

We find other drivers and have three ways in the sleeper and we also give each other privacy when one or the other finds someone that we want to take to bed.

After about six months, Brad asked me to be his lover and I accepted. WE've been together for five years now and are deeply in love with each other.

Life on the road is so fulfilling when love of your life is with you.

The End



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