My name is Mike Thomas. I am a twenty-nine year old over-the-road trucker driving all 48 states. I'm six foot one inch tall and weigh one eighty, but am all muscle. I am semi hairy and love showing off my build, and I feel that I am fairly well endowed with a nice thick nine inch man tool.

I have been driving for eight years and for the first two years as part of my training, I was a co-driver to a more experienced driver.

I finally was given my own truck and began driving solo. I was in heaven. Being young and constantly horny from the vibrations from the truck, I now had the opportunity to take out my tool and stroke one off as I drove.

Well, about two years ago, I was assigned a co-driver, a rookie that I was to finish training. Brad was twenty-two, five years younger than me. He was blond, nice looking, well built, and like myself, loved showing off his muscular hairy chest. We hit it off right away, but I had lost the freedom of jerking when I wanted to.

This is the story of what happened after Brad joined me on the road.

I was at our main terminal one morning and was called in to the dispatchers office.

'You wanted to see me?' I asked.

'Yea, Mike. This is Brad Wilson. He's been assigned to you for the final part of his training.'

Brad and I shook hands. The dispatcher filled me in on Brad's training so far and said that it was up to me to fine tune his skills and determine when he was ready to solo.

'Great,' I thought. 'There goes my privacy.'

I smiled and said, 'No problem.' Lieing, I said, 'Nice to have you. You ready to hit it?'

'Ready as I'll ever be,' he answered as he picked up his bag. We walked out to my rig and climbed in. The sleeper was oversized, with a double bed, storage, and a small work desk where I had my laptop and TV. I cleared out some storage space for Brad to put his belongings in.

I climbed behind the wheel and started up, leaving Brad to unpack and get settled in. We pulled out of the terminal in Dallas with a destination of Portland, Oregon.

Brad soon joined me in the cab just as I pulled out onto the interstate. As I drove we talked, filling each other in on our background. Brad was from a small rural farmng town in central Georgia, had a brother one year younger, was single with no girlfriend.

I told him that I was from an equally small town in north Texas, and like him was single and had been driving six years.

He asked if I had a girlfriend.

Looking over at him I said, 'With this job? Buddy, this truck is one of my girlfriends and this is my other,' I said holding up my right hand.

He laughed and said, 'Yea, I know what you mean.'

'I guess we all do it,' I answered with a chuckle.

'The last driver I trained with was constantly bringing lot lizards to the truck. I wouldn't even sleep on the bunk they were so dirty. He kept offering to share them with me but I refused.'

'Smart man. You won't have that problem with me. Oh, I'm not saying I don't occasionally get some pussy back there but they aren't the dirty whores from the truck stops.'

'Let's make a deal,' he said.

'What kind of deal?' I asked questioningly.

'If either of us finds some pussy, we let the other know and the unlucky one disappears for a couple of hours.'

'Sounds good to me.'

The day went on with light conversation. I stopped at one point and let Brad take the wheel. Since he was 'in training' I had to be awake and in the front when ever he was behind the wheel, or that was the rule. No one ever followed it though.

I saw that he was capable and slipped back into the sleeper and closed the curtain. I dug out a Penthouse magazine I had and stroked off a quick one then returned to the cab.

When I returned to the cab he smiled and asked, 'Everything okay?'

'Oh, yea,' I said casually. 'You're doing fine.'

He smiled. I figured he had an idea of what I did while in the back, but I didn't care. Hell, all guys did it and as a teen I had even done it with several buddys out in the woods. We'd see who shot first or who shot the farthest.

Later, when I was back behind the wheel, he asked if I minded if he used my laptop. I told him to go ahead. I had satellite internet so I figured he could get a signal. He disappeared, also closing the curtain and reappeared about thirty minutes later.

Our trip to Portland was uneventful and we had become very comfortable with each other. Since Brad couldn't drive without me being there in the cab, we both had to sleep at the same time. We had to share the double bed. Brad said he didn't mind since at home he and his brother had to share a bed. I was a little uneasy bit I had no choice. What bothered me was that I could no longer sleep nude.

At the truck stops, I would get the shower and when it was my turn we'd both go in. We'd take turns in the shower but we'd both be nude in front of each other while in there shaving or getting dressed.

From Portland, we were given a load to Miami, about as far away as possible.

The first night out of Portland, we stopped for dinner and when we headed back to the rig, Brad said he was going to stay and play some video games. I said fine and that I'd see him back at the truck.

I climbed in and went to the sleeper to check my e-mail. I hadn't done it since Brad had joined me. I logged on and out of curiosity checked the history of searches. When the list came up, I froze. There in the list was three gay web searches: free gay pron, gaydemon, and I checked out the first two. 'Is he fucking gay?' I said aloud. It didn't matter to me if he was because my best friend growing up was gay and I didn't care then. I just wished that he had been honest with me.

I decided not to say anything and see if he would eventually tell me. I checked my e-mail and stripped naked and clinbed into bed deciding to test him. When he came back to the truck, as he began to undress, I said, 'Brad, I haven't been sleeping well lately.'

'Yea, I've noticed that. Is it because you're not used to having someone with you?'

'Maybe partly, but the main thing is that I'm used to sleeping nude.'

'Hell man, go for it. It won't bother me any. I do too. Actually my brother and I both slept that way.'

'Good, cause that's the way I am now,' I said throwing back the sheet.

'Well, may I do the same?'

'Hell, why not. But do you know what people would say id they saw us?' I said with a laugh.

'It's none of their fucking business, right?'

'Yep, just stay on your side of the bed.'

'Asshole,' he said jokingly.

He stripped and climbed in. I slept better that night even though it was my first time ever sleeping with a guy when we were both nude.





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