I began to get more comfortable sleeping nude with Brad. We saw each other nude in the showers so what was the difference. I had always been open-minded. So he looked at gay porn. That didn't necessarily make him gay, or so I told myself. I just couldn't see a guy as good looking and built and masculine as Brad being gay.

Brad and I had even began to be more open with each other in our discussions. As we were driving through Colorado, Brad mentioned that he liked my dark tinted side windows.

'Did the company do that or did you have it done?' he asked.

'I had it done for my own pwesonal reasons. A guy gets horny and with the dark windows I could take it out and stroke off while driving and no one could see in.'

'Great idea,' he said. 'Hell, a guy could even get a blow job in here and no one would see.'

'Yea, I guess he could if he was so inclined,' I said, wondering where the conversation was going.

'It was just a comment,' Brad said quickly.

I think he was trying to test the situation.

'Done a lot of stroking with guys before when younger but never that,' I added.

'You jerked off with other guys?'

'Hell, yea. From about thirteen to about eighteen, me and some buds would go out in the woods and jerk off. We'd all put up a dollar and see who could cum first or who could shoot the greatest distance.'

'You ever win?'

'Yea, several times on the distance bet. Then a guy on the football team joined us and he became the distance winner. That son-of-a-bitch woud shoot between four and five feet and it went on forever. He made the rest of us look like whimps.'

Brad laughed and said that he and his brother used to jerk together all the time in bed at night. 'We never bet but my brother was amazed at the quantity of jizz I would shoot out. He brought in one of mom's measuring cups one night and I put nearly a fourth of a cup of cum in it.'

'Holy fuck. If anyone ever blows you, he'll drown.' I had intentionally said 'he' to see his reaction. He only turned red but didn't say anything.

For some reason, my curiosity was aroused and I wanted to see Brad jerk off. The thought of watching him stroke his cock was giving me a boner. I had never before thought about watching a guy jerk off. When we did it as teens, we seldom watched each other. My cock continued to get harder.

It was late afternoon and I decided to pull into the next truck stop. My cock was at the wrong angle and it was very uncomfortable. I noticed Brad glance my way a couple of times then reach down and adjust himself.

We parked and went in and had an early supper. After we ate, we visited for an hour or so with some other drivers that were there before returning to the truck.

'You like porn?' I asked.

'Hardcore or softcore?' he replied.

'Hell, hardcore. If I'm going to watch it I want to see all the action,' I answered back.

'Fuck yea. If you got some put it in, but be forewarned as to what I might do.'

I smiled and said, 'Probably the same thing I'll be doing.'

We closed the privacy curtains and stripped and I slipped a DVD into the player and turned it on. We sat side by side on the bed with our backs against the back wall, watching the TV and waiting for the good scenes.

Brad's cock began to get hard. It was my first time of seeing him with an erection. As I watched his grow and stiffen, my own cock began to follow in the same fashion.

Brad's cock was at least nine inches hard and straight as a board, with a large mushroom head and big around. Mine on the other hand was just as long, but when I stood, it had an upward curve to it. I was glad of that, because when I lay down and jerked off the curve sent my load out onto my chest and stomach. If it had been straight like Brad's, I would have probably been shooting in my own face.

The fucking started and we each reached for our cocks and began to slowly stroke. Brad looked at me and said, 'Doing this with you brings back memories of me and my brother.'

'Yea, me too when I did it with my buds in the woods.'

The guy in the movie had a huge cock. He could barely get his hand around it and it was long as hell. The girl sucked it some then he began to fuck her. Soon, she was on her knees and he was aiming for her ass.

'If he goes up her ass, he'll tear her open,' Brad said.

Having seen the movie numerous times I said, 'Just watch.'

The guy positioned his cock and shoved, burying it in the girls ass. We both picked up rhythem with our stroking. As the guy finally pulled out and shot into the girls mouth and face, Brad climaxed. He was right. The quantity was huge. Watching him climax brought me to mine and I creamed all over my chest and stomach.

'You shoot out a pretty good load yourself,' he said.

As we wiped ourselves up he asked, 'Did you and your buds ever jerk each other off?'

'No, never did that. Did you and your brother?'

'Yea. all the time. It's kind of exciting to feel someone else stroking your cock.'

We decided to go back in for coffee. It was still early and not time for bed.

As we walked to the restaurant, Brad asked, 'Mike, since we did what we just did, do you have a problem with me jerking off in the cab as we drive down the road?'

'No, not if you don't have a problem with me doing the same. I used to do it all the time before you were assigned to me.'

'Then let's agree that we'll do what we have to whenever we want to, even in front of the other.'

'Sure,' I replied. 'I've got no problem with that.'

I was glad he had said that because for some strange reason I wanted to see him jerk and cum again. I tried to figure out why I was having these desires. I was even considering asking him if he wanted to jerk again when we went to bed but to switch and jerk each other off. I was curious about what he said about having another persons hand on your cock and I secretly wanted to see what another man's hard cock felt like.

After a while, we returned to the truck, closed up and stripped and got into bed. As we lay there, I said, 'Brad, what happened today was a first for me since my teens. I don't know why I found it so exciting but I did.'

'Mike, all men have some curiosity about doing things with another guy at some time in their life, some earlier than others. I'm very open minded and game to try just about anything at least once.'

'Would you like to do it again but this time do each other?'

'Sure, sounds hot.'

With my hand shaking I tentatively reached over and felt his stiffening cock. An electric shock went through me as I gripped it. Another shot through me as he grasped my cock and began stroking. We both moaned softly at the same time.

'I see what you mean,' I said.

'Erotic isn't it?'

'Fuck yea, and while we're together you can stroke mine anytime. That don't mean I'm gay does it?'

'I wouldn't think so. You're not sucking cock or getting fucked in the ass.'

'Never done any of that. Not yet anyway. I'm not sure if I could. Although my best friend in high school was gay and while visiting him one afternoon I watched him and another guy suck each other and fuck each other. It certainly was different to watch.'

We continued to stroke each other's cocks and I was totally enjoying it.

'Mike, I've done the same thing with my brother and a couple of his friends. He's gay and he had them over some times and they'd suck and fuck each other in front of me.'

'Did he ever suck you?'

'Oh, yea. All three did.'

'Is it true that a guy is a better cock sucker than a woman?' I asked.

'Definately. A man knows what feels good to a man.'

'Brad, uhhh, did you ever suck them?'

There was a silence before he answered 'Yes.'

'Brad, you're gay aren't you?'

'What makes you ask that?'

'A while back I checked the searches on my laptop and found where you had searched gay porn sites. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to know the whole truth.'

'Yes, Mike I'm gay. To put in in plain language, I like to suck a man's cock, get mine sucked, fuck a guy in the ass, get fucked and eat a man's ass out. I love kissing and making out with a guy while we cuddle naked together.'

'I see.'

'Do you want me to leave?'

'Fuck no. You've become a very good friend. I want you to stay. If you find a guy you want, just tell me. I'll let you have the sleeper like we once discussed.'

'You'd do that for me?'

'Sure,' I said.

We continued stroking and soon brought each other to a climax. After cleaning up, we returned to bed and as we lay down, Brad turned to me and kissed me on the cheek and said 'Thanks for being my friend.'

I turned my head to him. Our faces were close. I leaned forward and touched my lips to his, wanting him to know I didn't think less of him.

He kissed me back and I felt his lips part and his tongue press against my lips. Curious, I parted my lips and felt his tongue enter my mouth, searching for my tongue. I relaxed and extended my tongue into his mouth. We kissed passionately for several seconds.

'Get some sleep,' I said.

He lay on his side and laid his hand on my chest and was soon asleep. I lay there thinking about the kiss and how much I had liked it. I realized that if I wanted to experiment with anything else, Brad would be glad to show me.

The next day there was no mention of what had happened the night before. Everything was strictly business. That night nothing happened. It was as if each was waiting for the other to say something.

The following day as we rolled down the interstate I decided to break the ice. I reached down and opened my fly, took out my cock and began stroking. Brad looked over and smiled.

'At least now I know your not pissed at me.'

'No way. We were both being childish yesterday by not discussing it.'

'Yes, we were.'

'Brad, I did a lot of thinking yesterday and I have to admit that I'm curious about a lot of what you said. It's all strange to me that I would feel this way. I might want to try some of what you said you liked.'

'Mike, if and when you're ready, tell me. Until then, be assured that I will try absolutely nothing. I will admit though that I'd like it to go further.'

'I know you wouldn't try anything,' I told him. 'I trust you.'

He joined me in stroking off and offered to help me clean myself off while I drove. I let him.

That night, as we crawled into bed, I felt ready. As we lay there, Brad reached up to turn off the light that gave the sleeper a sofe glow.

'Don't turn it off. Suck me, please.'

'Are you sure?'


We were on top of the covers and Brad sat up and reached for my stiffening cock. 'If you change your mind, tell me and I'll stop.'

As he stroked my cock to it's full hardness, heleaned forward and began sucking my nipples, one then the other. Electric shocks shot through me. I never dreamed that they were so sensitive. He ran his tongue down my stomach to my navel, then lower. I felt his tongue and nose in my pubic hairs and I took a deep breath, waiting in anticipation.





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