I was totally taken back, still in the middle of the shock, and yet very turned on at what I had witnessed with Skyler and Trent.

I let things slide by and never mentioned what I had seen that afternoon. Although I had really wanted to say something to Skyler and Trent both, and tell them how I felt, I just let it slip by.

Truthfully I was in a quandry as to just what to say, or even how I really felt about what I had seen, I know that I got so fucking turned on watching my son fuck his best friend I stroked off like a lust crazed teenager and blew a huge wad of cum all over the fridge door.

Holy Shit man, was this the roll and the actions of a real father.

It was becoming a real delema for me.

I began to feel and look at Skyler in a new and different way, and ever time I saw Trent, I found myself gazing at his crotch bulge and desiring him sexually. Was I suppose to be having these feelings for my own son, or his friend for that matter, and if I gave into feelings,then what? and how, would Skyler feel about it?

I began looking inward,to see things, and I felt like I was reverting back to my high school days, Like when I would get turned on and check guys out in the locker rooms, jerking off like a young school boy with thoughts of messing around with Skyler, or Trent, did I need counseling, maybe psychiatric help? What the hell was happening.

One Friday night I had just gotten in from work, I decided to just tell Sklyer about what I had seen and let him know It was alright, if he wanted sex with a guy, I totally understood and would support him.

Well I set Skyler down and told him what I had witnessed, and I let him know how I felt about it, then I told him that I was actually jealous of his relationship with Trent.

Skyler looked a little embarrassed at first, then when he realized I was o.k. with it, he and I just started really getting into some things, like sharing my past, and me having had sex with guys too, when I was his age, and still wanting to have sex with guys, but having restrained from it all these years. I guess we talked for about three hours, baring our souls. Skyler started laughing when I told him about me stroking my cock as I watched him and Trent, and blowing a huge wad of cum on the fridge, He thought that was hot.

When the sharing session was finished Skyler got up and had me stand up and and gave me a stonge hug, and told me how much he loved me and thanked me for being so loving and understanding, and that in itself was worth everything to me.

Skyler and I had a totally new understanding with each other, and a newfound freedom and love we had never shared before, then the following night I got the real shock, a most awesome, most pleasurable shock of my life.

Skyler and several of his buddies including Trent had gone out that evening at about six o'clock, and said they would be back later.

I stayed home finishing up on some papers from work, took a shower and was laying in just my white briefs on my bed, and since I have a t.v. in my bedroom I was watching some silly movie on the boob tube.

I heard the sound of Trent and Skyler as they came in, I thought that Skyler and Trent would be staying the night, which he did often, and of course since I had shown Skyler acceptance in his gay life, I knew that he would be getting it on and truthfully, I expected it.

I was just laying out in the open,in just my white briefs,with a half hard cock, thinking about them haveing sex in the next bedroom and I was getting turned on by the thoughts.

I heard something at the door, and In walked Skyler and Trent, in just their underwear, they both walked over and got on each side of my bed next to me, I had a King sized bed, so there was plenty of room.

Skyler looked into my eyes and said, 'Hey Pop, how long has it been since you had sex? I mean with something besides your hand?'

'Hell Son, I don't even remember, probably your mom, Why do you ask?'

Skyler smiled as I felt Trents hand reach out and he started fondling my already half hard cock, I thought I would shit, it was a totally unexpected shock, but My body was not going to reject it, his hand felt awesome, as he squeezed and stroked my quickly hardening cock, paying special attention to my cock head. Skyler looked me in my eyes and said,'Dad I want to show you how much I love you,' he leaned down and started sucking my nipples, I began to feel the sensation of floating as he sucked and nibbled on my nipples and rubbed my stomach with his right hand. My body relaxed and just enjoyed his attentions.

He leaned down and began to lick and kiss my stomach, paying special attention to my navel area and since I had always had this nice little treasure trail down into my crotch area, he began playing with that hair, I was just flying away with the feelings and sensations it was giving me.

I felt Trents hand reach up and take the elastic band of my briefs and he pulled them out and down exposing my balls and cock, he gently slid back my foreskin and began to suck my cock, I knew then it was 'Kady Bar the Gate for me.'

Trents mouth was so hot, so moist, and he was doing an exquisit job on my seven inch boner, he was taking my cock to the balls with each suck.

I felt like I hadn't felt in a lot of years.

Skyler began to come back up to the top side, thats when Skyler's mouth touched my lips and his hand stroked my face, his tongue was like ambrosia as I kissed my son and felt his hot tongue penetrate my lips and touch my tongue, I wasn't sure if I had died and gone to heaven or what, all I knew was that I was experiencing the most awesome feeling I could remember.

I felt so awesome, I could fully relate with those young gals that say that the intensity of the sex was so great they thought they were going to pass out.

I just layed there and totally enjoyed and felt so wonderful as Skyler and Trent took me to heaven.

Trent had my balls in his mouth sucking, licking, and I had up to this time never felt that awesome pleasure before.

Thats when Trent had me get on my knees and he began to suck and lick my asshole with the hottest tongue on planet earth, I knew then that I had definately died and gone to heaven at this point.

Then something I never thought would ever happen in a million years happened. While Trent was giving me a fantastic rim job, I reached over and grabbed Skyler's hard throbbing cock, slipped his boxer shorts off, and took his cock into my mouth, well at least as much of his thick, long cock as I could. I heard Skyler let out a gasp as I began to suck his cock for all I was worth,

'Oh Fuck, Dad, Oh Holy Shit man,' and he began to face fuck me as I sucked his cock like a hoover sucks dust, God his cock was big, almost more that I could handle.

About that time I felt Trents cockhead, hot, so very hot, against the opening to my ass, he squirted some oily lube on it stroked it a few times, slid some on my ass and worked it in with his fingers, and then started sliding his cock into my asshole, HOLY SHIT, he has a thick cock, I grunted a little as I sucked on Skyler's cock, and I felt some noticable pain as Trent took his cock to the balls into my intestines.

He just held it there as I gasp for breath, then he let my asshole get adjusted to his new occupant. When I finally adjusted to his cock in my rectum, I began to feel an old sensation, a feeling I hadn't had since before I married Skyler's mother.

I felt that feeling of something wonderful being rubbed up inside my intestines, Trent was working magic on my asshole as I went back to sucking Skyler's cock. Trent was awesome, he would thrust his cock into my asshole, then hold it there and move his hips in a circular motion, giving me the ultimate pleasure and feeling of having this awesome cock in my ass. I guess we had been connected like that for almost an hour, when I heard Skyler as he began to moan, and say, 'Dad, you better stop unless you want my, then I grabbed his ass, pulled his cock to me and let it slide down my throat, I finally got it all to the base and I felt his body shudder, and his cock started blasting out a horse sized load of cum down my throat, it was the most awesome taste I had ever had. My son was unloading his love nectar into my mouth and throat, I felt like I had never felt.

Seeing Skyler shooting his load into my mouth took Trent over the cliff, so to speak, and he rammed his whole cock to the hilt into my ass and started filling me with his cum, as he moaned, and his body jerked with each shot.

Damn, did I ever feel wonderul that night, I hadn't really paid attention, but I guess I really did notice it but, I had climaxed and shot a load as Trent fucked me, and there was a load of cum all over the bedspread of my bed directly under me, from my cock, still dripping.

That was one night of the unexpected I will never forget, but then it was also just the beginning of a wonderful life with Skyler and Trent, and there were a few others along the way when Trent wasn't available, actually Trent became like a second son, with benefits, if you know what I mean.

I am now forty four, and Skyler and Trent are both twenty one, and I must say I have never loved two guys any more than I do them.



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