Having been dubbed the great honor as the hottest most sexy, likely to achieve greatness stud at the High school, does have its drawbacks. I was always put on a pedistal, a pedistal that was hard to live up on, and stay on to keep that position, I had a reputation to uphold now, I was 'THE STUD' about town.

It was true I was a good looking, or at least most of the gals and guys thought, I was well built, nicly hung, and a hero on the athletic field. But for all this it was a curse. All it got me was, Well lets see, It got the the opportunity to leave high school early and get a full time job, I had to finish my education by way of my getting a GED, It got me the Girl of my choice, Lou Ellen Ellerton, one fine peice of ass, and Oh yeah, a son, while I myself was still a teenager.

Oh yeah My Father made sure of the fact that I would do my duty, and be a responsible father, marry Lou Ellen, and that all my aspirations and hopes for my future were put on hold.

Skyler was born when I had just turned eighteen, I was getting older fast and did not have the chance to make those decisions for myself, all in all I was very very proud of little Skyler and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for him.

As you could guess I married Lou Ellen, big, big mistake, it took her about six months to decide that She didn't want to be married, and damned sure didn't want to raise a baby. My father and mother took me to the courthouse and I got total and complete custody of my son.

What really amazed me, and even to this day astonishes me, is that Lou Ellen has never wanted to see her son or want anything to do with him. That part of her mentality I don't begin to, nor do I try to understand, Skyler has been a precious son to me. As he got older he came to realize the part about his mother not really wanting to be part of his life and has done remarkably well with it.

So as I got older I lived with my parents, I was the one that got up with him,got his formula, changed his diapers and gave him his bath, and as he got older took him to tee ball, soccer, and all his school functions. I never put that off on my parents and of course I worked to support him and make his life as normal as possible.

While I worked a full time job at the mill, I had began to take some night courses at the local community college, and finally got my bachlors degree in business administration, which was just what the doctor ordered because I went to work for this company and began to really make some money worth talking about, which in turn made my father very proud because I had done what was right and was giving my very handsome son the life he needed.

I might say that now I look back and Skyler had become a remarkable, handsome, well built, balanced, very polite well adjusted young man. He's now almost eighteen and we are very close, I love him with all my heart and don't begrudge him anything.

Well I had been really achieving good things at my job, and I was traveling more now since Skyler had gotten old enough to take care of himself and be trusted to stay at home by himself.

Oh believe me, Skyler was a typical young man, with friends, which I had totally accepted, and that streak of thinking he was getting away with things and not getting caught, I would just laugh at, but as a loving father I never confronted him with anything except those things that I thought would be to his harm or undoing. I was just the loving, hehe, naieve father, or so I led him to believe. Hell I even walked in on him when he was thirteen as he was laying on his bed, I was carrying some clean clothes into his bedroom and there he was buck naked, with a very red headed hard dick in his hand it was all slicked up with some baby oil I guess and he was giving a beating like mad, I just pretended it was a normal as breathing air and didn't even act like I was aware of his strokeing his cock, as I left the room I just said, 'Be sure to clean up your mess and supper will be ready at five thirty. I knew he was just like I was at his age, Hell man, If I got a dollar for every time I jerked off from that age of twelve to now I could retire a well off man. lol.

Well I had been sent to take care of some business at an away site, I was to be gone untill Sunday afternoon and return to the office I worked out of on Monday. I had left on a Wednesday and left Skyler with a credit card if he needed anything and of course some extra cash if he needed bread or milk or incidentals in my absence.

I got to the job and on Thursday something happened and I was called back to the office. Something to do with us not doing our part on the contract, which turned out to be a situation that was the other party's fault, their check had bounced that they had paid us with, which immedately canceled the contract.

I got home about eight that evening, thinking I would sneek in to suprise Skyler, Oh believe me there was a surprise alright but it was mine, not Skylers.

I slipped into the garage trying not to make any noise, I quietly snuck in through the kitchen door from the garage. I could hear the t.v. playing in the living room, but was unable to make out what was playing, so I looked around the edge of the door going into the living room, HOLY FUCK there was my son, and his best friend Trent, on our sofa, Sklyer was on his knees in front of Trent, I could see the whole thing like it was a porn movie, Trent and Skyler were both as naked as the day they were born, Trent was laying sprawled out on the couch with his heels resting on the floor, spread legged, and Sklyer was on his knees between Trent's legs with his fairly large cock buried in Skyler's throat.

I watched My son giving this young good looking, nicely hung, twenty year old one of the most awesome blowjobs I had seen, he was every bit as good as anyone that I had seen on any porno, Damned, you can't imagine the shock that was taking place in both my body and my mind, I just stayed back and watched as this scenario played out.

Every so often Skyler would come up for air, and Trent and Sklyer would kiss a little while and then He would go back to sucking Trent's cock, then all of a sudden Trent pulled his legs back up over his body and Skyler dove into his asshole with his mouth, I stood there watching and as a straight man, I guess I should have been disgusted but Instead of being angry or disgusted I was getting so friggen turned on, I caught myself playing with my nipples and realized that Good old Dad had one of the hardest cocks he had had in a couple years. I found myself being jealous of the action I was watching. I couldn't believe that I was actually wanting to feel Skyler's mouth on my cock, and I wanted to be the one sucking Trent's cock, damn, was I loosing my mind or something?

Because of the excitement I was watching I just thought I might as well use it for some pleasure for myself, I unzipped and hauled out my fairly thick, uncut seven and a half inches and began to stroke it as I watch the action on the couch.

Man this was better than any porn I had seen. I stopped and stood motionless as they shifted around and I almost swallowed my tongue.

Skyler had inherited his mothers side of the family's trait for the big cock syndrome, I had seen both her brothers naked on a campout before when we went skinny dipping, that was before we were married and her brother Jamie had nine inches hard and Billy the other one, was a little over ten inches.

Skyler had inherited my trait for thickness and their trait for length, this young man had one of the biggest cocks I had seen on porn or in real life. He had really grown down there since I saw him that day he was jerking off in his bedroom.

I watched as Trent sucked his good looking thick long cock and took as much of Skyler's cock as he could.

I saw only about a third of his cock at any one time in Trent's mouth. Damn now comes the real kicker.

Sklyer stood up and Trent had this bottle of clear liquid, I guess it was some sort of lube, but Skyler rubbed some all over his cock and on Trent's anal opening and shoved some fingers into him, then Trent bent over the arm of the sofa and then Skyler put the head of his awesome looking cock against Trent's manhole and started shoving, I heard Trent give out a loud grunt and heard him say, 'Oh Fuck Skyler, Go easy man, that ain't no toothpick there dude.' 'Sorry dude,' Sklyer said.

I almost bursted out laughing in pride for Skyler.

It took him about three more minutes of slow deliberate attemps, and Holy shit man, his whole cock had disappeared into Trent's asshole. Trent's face was a little red and he was breathing a little funny, but then I guess I would too if I had that much cock shoved up my asshole.Damn, I was beginning to really feel a jealousy now. I hadn't punched my cock into anything but my hand for so long I was about to shit.

Seeing the two of them having sex brought back some memories of myself during high school days.

We had gone to state finals in a state wide track meet.

We had to stay over in a motel, there were three of us in each room, but that night after we had all taken our showers we got to talking about girls, sex, jerking off, mostly just plain sex guy talk.

Before we knew it we were all three laying on one bed with our underwear off with just a night light on, stroking our cocks like crazy, and that eventually turned into jerking each others cocks for us. Damned it felt so hot and just to be there with your buds, doing the, 'willy and the 'Hand Jive.'

I even got a little taste Anthony's cum, it was really nice tasting.

Hey I won't lie, we even tried a little cock sucking with each other with the promise that we wouldn't tell anyone. To be honest I personally like the taste of another guy's dick, but then that would make me queer if anyone else found out.

Well I was totally turned on by the sight of Skyler fucking Trent, It took them both about twenty minutes and I heard Trent starting to moan and grunt and get very active as he stroked his cock with Skyler's cock buried to the nuts inside of his ass.

Trent started saying I'm cuming, and then the feeling became mutual, Skyler started pumping deep and fast and I watched as his face became very red and he shoved his cock to his balls into Trents ass, and just held it there as he jerked like he was spasming or something. I knew that feeling, having done the same thing as a married man with his mother.

It took me over the edge watching them and my thinking cap was working, because just as I began to shoot a massive load of cum all over the floor, I turned to face the refrigerator and blew my load on the frig door, and just stood there gasping for breath as I watched it run down to the floor, I was totally exhausted and drained of energy. Holy shit that felt awesome.

I quickly grabbed my hankerchief and wiped the cum off the frig door and my cock, and stuffed my half hard manhood back into my pants, and zipped up, and snuck back out to let them get their clothes back on.

I went outside and sat on a patio chair and waited about twenty minutes and I went in and yelled that I was home so as not to alarm Skyler and Trent.

Sklyer came running down the hall from the upstairs bathroom, and hugged me and said, 'Dad your home early, anything wrong at work?'

I hugged my son and felt such a warmth and love for him, and Said,'No just that they canceled the job, so I got sent back early.'

'Oh thats nice, well glad to see you Dad.' I just thought, yeah! right, I have cut your personal sex time with Trent down some.

About that time Trent came walking down the hallway in his cutoffs, I just smiled and said, 'Hey Trent, how you doing buddy?'

'Fine Sir,' Good to see you again.

If he only knew just how much of him I got to see that day.

Well Thats the beginning of a continueing story, and there is much more to come, stay tuned for part two, coming to sites like this one soon. ciao.



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