It took me a while to wake up fully. At first the hammering noise had seemed part of a weird dream, but I eventually realised that the sounds were real. Someone was knocking on my front door - knocking quite loudly.

I glanced at my bedside clock/radio. It was two o'clock in the morning. Who on earth could be at the door at this hour? I stumbled out of bed, staggered down the short hallway and turned on the porch light.

"Who is it?" I called.

"It's me - James" came the reply.

I turned off the light and opened the door just wide enough to let my 19 year-old nephew enter. After all, I was stark naked and I didn't want my neighbours to see me, and it was fair to assume that my neighbours had also been woken up by the hammering at the door of my second-floor apartment.

James is my oldest brother's son. He doesn't call me uncle as I am only six years older than he is. I am my parents' "afterthought" (my mother's version) or "accident" (my father's version) and James and I are more like brothers than uncle and nephew. But that doesn't stop me from acting like an irate parent occasionally.

"It's two in the morning" I said angrily. "What the hell is going on?"

"I'm sorry, Dave" he said as he followed me into the kitchen. "My car just died on me and I don't have the cab fare to make it all the way home. I tried calling Mom and Dad on my cell phone but that's dead too. I forgot to re-charge it."

I sighed deeply. James is famous for his inability to deal with anything mechanical or electronic. He's always breaking down in the middle of nowhere or accidentally erasing school assignments on his computer.

"And can we please have a light on?" James asked. "It's easier to ask a favour if I can see your face."

I switched on the overhead kitchen light. It didn't particularly bother me that I was naked. It's not as though James and I haven't shared change-rooms and gone skinny-dipping together over the years.

"That's better" he said.

"No. Being fast asleep would be better. How about I give you a few dollars and call you a cab? No way am I getting dressed and driving all the way to your house. Not at this hour."

James laughed and gently punched me on the shoulder. He said I must be getting old if I considered 2am to be incredibly late. I punched him back and told him not to be so cheeky.

"Anyway" he said, "I'm tired from the long walk to get here. I don't really feel like moving again. A really kind person might offer me some coffee instead of trying to throw me back on the streets."

"Is that the favour?" I asked. "Coffee! When did my place become a pit-stop for thirsty night-owls?"

"No, Dave. The favour is to let me crash here for the night. That way I'll be close to my car in the morning and closer to my usual mechanic's workshop."

I was getting a bit impatient. My apartment is really tiny - just the one bedroom, a bathroom and a combined kitchen/living area. I do have a couch, but that's tiny too - just a two-seater. No way could anyone but a midget sleep on it, and James is well over six feet. He's almost as tall as me.

"OK. Fine" I said, switching off the light and heading for the bedroom. "But you'd better not talk or snore or steal all the bedclothes. I really want to get back to sleep."

I was glad to get back under the blankets. It was a cool night and definitely not a time for wandering around buck-naked. I could hear James kicking off his shoes and getting out of his clothes, but I was doing my best to ignore him and just concentrate on getting to sleep again.

As James slipped into bed beside me, I found myself wishing I hadn't been such a cheapskate when I purchased just a double bed. It's fine if my girlfriend sleeps over, but a queen-size bed would have made it easier to avoid body contact with the boy alongside me. I tensed up a bit and tried to ensure that we weren't touching in any way. Pretty soon I thought his breathing was that of someone who had drifted off to sleep. I relaxed, smiled to myself at how silly he is - always getting into scrapes - and then I fell asleep too.

An hour or so later, I found myself awake again. It was too damned hot under the blankets. The combined heat of two young male bodies had turned my bed into a sauna! To add to my discomfort, James was pressed right up against my back and I could feel his hard cock nudging at my buttocks. I'd assumed he would keep his boxers on, but he hadn't; and now I was acutely aware of how sweaty and sticky it was where our bodies met. I raised myself up on one elbow and tried to throw off the top blanket. That's when I realised that James was awake too.

"Yeah - it's really hot in here" he said, and he sat up and helped me remove the blanket.

"Hot and horny" he added as we settled down again.

I couldn't think of a suitable reply to that remark so I just grunted and tried to put some space between us. That didn't work. He just snuggled right up to me again and his cock seemed even harder as it pressed against my back. Then a an arm came over my waist and his hand made its way to my own cock. By this time I was hard too and wondering what the hell I should do before things got out of control and embarrassing.

I'd never had real sex with a guy before - just received a quick blow-job a few times from guys who'd cruised me at the gym or a rest-room - and I certainly never imagined that the first time I had sex with a guy in my bedroom it would be with my nephew.

I guess I'd always thought of James as cute, but then I'd have to think that because he and I are so alike - both tall, slim, blond and blue-eyed. If girls - and even some guys - think that I'm cute, then the same must apply to James. But I'd never thought about him in any sexual way before this crazy early-morning invasion of my home and my bed.

As his hand continued to stroke my cock and fondle my balls, I decided I might as well just go along with the mood. Arousal and sexual hunger had entered the bed and so I rolled over to face James and return his embrace. In a way it was like embracing my own body, so great is our family resemblance - similar build and similar junk really. My own cock is a tad over 8" and his - my hand told me - was only slightly shorter. Mine's a bit thicker and my balls hang a bit lower but the differences are not great. The only major difference is that James is uncut whereas I was circumcised at birth. I think circumcision was already going out of fashion when I was born. It was definitely out of favour by the time James came along.

So now I got to fool around with a foreskin for the first time ever. I liked the way the head of his dick could glide in and out of its silky sheath as I stroked him. And I liked the way he squeezed my balls and tugged at them - not too hard or too roughly, but just right; just the way I like it. And then James really took my breath away. He moved down the bed and took my hard cock in his mouth. And he did that just right too. I guess guys know what will please another guy most. It almost blew my mind to discover that my nephew is such an expert cock-sucker. Almost too expert. He quickly brought me to the point where I could feel my load gathering for release. I pushed his head away.

"I'm going to blow if you keep that up" I said. "Now it's my turn to do you." I slid downwards until his cock was level with my face and then I took it into my mouth. It felt strange at first. I'd never sucked dick before. but I liked it and I enjoyed taking as much of him as my mouth could handle. I also enjoyed flicking my tongue around his foreskin and his oozing piss-slit. For the first time I tasted pre-cum. It was slightly sweet and not as salty as I'd imagined it would be. Fairly soon I could tell that James was close to cumming too. I lifted my head away and asked if he wanted to cum in my mouth. I hoped he would say yes even though I was half-dreading the prospect of a mouth full of jizz. I was quite sure I would have to spit it out. But, at the same time, I was enjoying the power of sucking on such a beautiful thing - something that my lips and tongue could persuade to erupt.

But James did not say yes. Yet again he surprised me. He pulled me up towards him and kissed me. A real kiss, with tongue thrusting against tongue. I'd never before imagined myself kissing a man like that and yet I found I enjoyed it. Between kisses, James whispered the words that both shocked and thrilled me.

"I want you to fuck me, Uncle David. I want you to fuck me hard and I want your cum deep inside me."

He'd never called me uncle before and very few people call me David. His words were so exciting. Suddenly I was not only having sex with another guy. Suddenly another taboo was in my bed. Incest. It was disturbing in a very hot and sensual way. It was as though James knew exactly what button to press; it was as though he knew that calling me Uncle David would turn me on, and I was suddenly consumed with the need to do exactly what he said - to fuck him hard and blow my wad deep inside him.

He was on his back. I lifted his legs so they were resting on my shoulders. I put some spit on one finger and pressed it against his tight little hole. It slipped in fairly easily. I could feel him clenching hard and I withdrew that one finger and tried to get two fingers inside him. That was harder because he clenched so tight. My cock was as hard as a rock when I appreciated how much tighter this was going to be than any pussy I had ever fucked. Eventually, with the aid of lots of saliva, I got three fingers inside him. I was thinking about trying for a fourth when he begged me to shove my dick inside him.

I didn't think about lubricant. My cock was weeping copious amounts of pre-cum anyway. I positioned the head of my dick and slowly thrust my way into his tight warm asshole. It was like going to heaven; like being enveloped by a tight velvet glove. Janes was gasping a bit and so I deliberately went as slowly as possible. Bit by bit my dick made its way inside him and, eventually, all my eight inches were in paradise and my balls were resting against his coccyx. I commenced a rhythm of slow withdrawal and re-entry. All the way in and then almost all the way out again until just the tip of my dick was at the entrance.

All the while, James was tugging at his own dick and making sounds indicative of exquisite pleasure. His whimpering and sighs made me all the more excited. I told him I was very close to blowing and he asked me not to. He told me to enter him to the fullest extent and just stay still. I did so and he began to jerk himself off at a frantic pace. When his cum burst forth and landed all over his face, chest and stomach, I could feel every contraction, every spasm. His tight ass clenched at my cock until I felt it might be torn away from my body.

When he'd finished ejaculating, James again urged me to remain perfectly still, deep inside him. And then he began a rhythmic clenching motion on my rock-hard cock. It was like being milked. I could feel my cockhead nodding and twitching. I could feel the cum building up inside me as my balls involuntarily lifted higher within their sac. And then, with one final contraction of his ass, I burst forth inside him. It felt as though I was pisssing cum. It felt as though my dick was swimming in its own juices. Spurt after spurt went deep inside him, splattering globs of cream in the velvet glove of my nephew's rectum.

After we'd disengaged, we lay on our backs side-by-side, our breathing finally becoming slower and our heartbeats slowing down a notch too. James lay his head on my chest and fondled my still semi-erect cock. I could think of nothing to say. I was partly basking in the afterglow of a magnificent fuck, but I was also starting to feel a bit guilty. I began to worry about any repercussions that might stem from this episode. I was half-hoping it would be a one-off happening and that we would awaken at daybreak and go on as if nothing ever happened. The prospect of further encounters was something I willed my head not to think about. I wondered how others might view my behaviour. As the older participant, as his blood relative, I should never have allowed things to go so far. I wondered if i had suddenly become a predator, preying on a young man who was still learning about his own sexuality. My thoughts were interrupted when James spoke.

"That was something else. I loved having you inside me." And then - with his hand around my rapidly recovering cock - "Do you want sloppy seconds?"

"No" I said, almost automatically. It seemed the right thing to say but my dick swiftly overruled my thoughts and, almost by magic, I was inside James again. This time we went doggie-style, me slamming into him mercilessly while he jerked his beautiful uncut cock and almost shouted words of encouragement.

"Ram it into me, Uncle David. Hard and deep. Do it like you're raping me. Be savage. Don't worry about hurting me. I'm loving it."

So I obliged - slam-fucking him for lengthy periods and then pausing for a moment, withdrawing my cock completely before slamming back into him to the hilt. He was still tight but it was even smoother this time around. I was deeply aware that my dick was driving like a piston and that it was being lubricated by the cum I'd blown into him previously. Once again he was making those erotic noises - much the same as a woman makes when in orgasm but in deeper tones. When I was on the point of exploding once more, I pulled all the way out and warned him that the next thrust would be the deepest yet and that I was about to deliver another payload. As I urgently thrust forward, he backed on to me no less urgently and he was rewarded with a gush of creamy sperm into the deepest recesses of his rectum. Almost simultaneously I heard him cry out as his own cum shot all over the sheets and pillow. His ass was like a clamp on my still-hard dick. It was almost painful, but it was ecstasy too.

We collapsed in a heap and soon fell asleep, arms and legs intertwined and his head on my shoulder.


David Windsor

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