I slept like a log. Almost all of Saturday was devoted to sleep. I'd been involved in many all-night fuckfests before - with steady girlfriends and with girls who sought only a one-night stand - but the preceding night with my nephew, James, had been more than just physically taxing. It was not merely sex for the hell of it; it had been sex with an additional layer of emotional investment that I had never previously experienced or craved.

When I'd finally slept long enough, I became aware that my cell phone was beeping at regular intervals. Heaven knows how long it had been doing so. I'd been out like a log. A tractor could have endlessly chugged around my bed without disturbing me. I reached out and pressed "read message". It was from James. It said: "So do you still think ass-holes are only good for shitting? lol" It made me smile. He'd certainly changed my mind on that subject the previous night. After several hours of fucking his silken back passage - not to mention the time he spent scouring my virgin pucker with his very talented tongue - I was well and truly converted to the view that ass-holes had some highly erotic uses I had not previously encountered.

I wanted to send him a message too. I wanted to say something witty in answer to his question. But I also wanted to hear his voice. I wanted to hear his laugh. So I decided to call his father - my oldest brother - and just catch up on some family gossip and maybe ask if I could have a quick word with James too. Nothing untoward about that. Even though he is a good fifteen years older than me, Robert and I get along well and usually catch up for a drink or a meal together once a week. His wife is convinced I don't look after myself well enough and she loves to pile huge meals on my plate and watch me in the hope that I might "fatten up a bit" before her very eyes. A pointless exercise really. I can eat like a horse and never gain a pound, but I enjoy good home cooking and I enjoy the delight she exhibits when I request a second helping.

It was my sister-in-law who answered the phone. She was pleased I'd called. She said she'd been meaning to call me all day to thank me for looking after James the previous night. I was not convinced she'd be so grateful if she knew just how comprehensive my care of him had been!

"Rob's out tonight" she told me. "Some Rotary dinner - an all-guy affair - so I'm going out for dinner too with a few girlfriends. In fact, Dave, I have to get a move on. I'm already running late. Would you like to talk to James? He's mooching around downstairs somewhere."

"Yeah. I'll have a quick word with him. I'm surprised he's not out painting the town red on a Saturday night."

"He's had another fight with Melissa" Kate said. "He's spent most of the day sleeping but he doesn't seem all that upset. Maybe it really is all over this time. I like Melissa well enough, but she's a high-maintenance girl and she demands an awful lot of people. Anyway, sweetie, I've got to go. Hold on and I'll get James to pick up downstairs."

I could hear her calling out to her son. A moment or so later I heard the clicks that told me I'd been transferred to the telephone downstairs.

"Hi Dave" came the cheery voice. Obviously this was not a boy mourning the loss of a girlfriend. "How's it hanging?"

"Hey. Careful what you say." I said.

"Nah. Mom's not on the line. I can hear her in the shower."

"OK. Well, to answer your question, it was hanging quite well until I heard your voice. Now it's kind of vertical."

He laughed. "Mine too. I wonder what that's about."

"What did you tell your folks about last night? Your mother thanked me for looking after you but I have no idea what version I'm being thanked for."

"Oh, I just told them about the fight with Melissa and that I called in to see you because I was feeling a bit down. And you were all sympathy and insisted I stay the night and not drive home while I was in a state."

"Hmm. Not bad, I guess. But they know perfectly well I don't have a spare bed or a couch for you to sleep on."

"That's guilt and your dirty mind kicking in" said James. "They didn't ask about sleeping arrangements and I don't think they'd see it as odd if I crashed in the same bed as you. After all, you're Mr Respectable, Mr Nice Guy, and you ARE my uncle."

"Don't remind me" I groaned. "I can remember a time when my reputation was impeccable. That was just twenty-four hours ago. Now I'm an old reprobate."

He laughed again and then asked what I had planned for the evening.

"Not much" I said. "I should probably visit the laundromat and wash some disgustingly soiled sheets and pillow-cases."

More laughter. "Jeez, you sure know how to party. Tell you what - why don't you come over here and keep me company? Bring the laundry with you if you must. We can drink beer and watch things while they tumble dry."

I was instantly keen to do exactly what he suggested but I was also fairly sure we wouldn't spend much time doing laundry.

"Ummm - I don't know if that's such a good idea, James. You never know if your dad might come home early, or your mother too, and I'd hate to get sprung by them."

"When did using our laundry room become a crime" he demanded. "Are you hinting that we might do something naughty together? Do you have designs on my body? I'm shocked."

"Very funny" I said. "But you know as well as I do that we'll lay hands on each other - end up in bed - and then things might become even more tricky than they are already."

"OK" he said. "Well, fuck the laundry crap. I'll just tell Mom I'm going out too. I'll tell her I'm going to catch up with some pals and not to expect me home till morning. Get your clothes off and wait for me. I'll be there in about forty-five minutes."

I showered and tidied the apartment a bit. I changed the bed-linen and then surveyed the pathetic amount of food and drink in my refrigerator. Not enough time to zip to the nearest minimart and back. Maybe we could send out for pizza or something. I was just towelling my hair and gargling with mouthwash when I heard the knock on the door. He'd arrived.

I can't play it cool. I can't play hard to get. The moment James was through the door I knew I wanted to tear all his clothes off and ravish him.

He tossed a bag onto the floor and then walked straight into my arms. We kissed so hard and so deeply that my lips and tongue felt bruised. And our cocks were hard and straining against our jeans as we thrust against each other.

"We're overdressed" James said, and he tugged away at my shirt and jeans as though determined to rip them off.

"No" I protested. "I'll take off my own clothes and then I want to undress you - slowly - until you're naked in front of me and your dick is in my mouth."

He smiled agreement and followed me into the bedroom. I quickly shucked off my clothes and then set about undressing James. I knelt and removed his sneakers and socks. I don't have a foot fetish, but I kissed and sucked at his toes a bit. Then I stood up, kissed him deeply again and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. I tweaked his nipples. They were already aroused and standing out. I sucked on them and nibbled them too. Then I looked down at the mound in his jeans. I ran one hand over his crotch while I kissed him some more. Then I undid his fly-buttons, kneeling as his jeans fell downwards and removing them when they hit the floor. I looked upwards. Tonight he was wearing briefs and copious amounts of pre-cum had made them almost transparent at the point where his oozing cockhead strained against the fabric. I put my face to his groin, inhaling the faint musky aroma of scrotum and sweat. I traced the outline of his dick with my mouth, sucking at him through the flimsy cotton. And then came the high point of his disrobing. I pulled his briefs down over his slender hips and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and his cock went straight into my waiting mouth.

Having sucked dick for the very first time earlier that day, I think I did a pretty good job. I took him all the way to the back of my throat and beyond without gagging, and then I released him so only the head of his dick was in my mouth. I used my tongue to persuade his foreskin all the way backwards and then I swirled all around his cockhead, inserting the tip of my tongue into the eye and tasting the sweet pre-cum that flowed from it. I'd been cupping his balls while doing this. They began to lift upwards and his dick seemed to swell even larger. He began to breathe heavily and and thrust himself in and out of my mouth. I knew he was about to blow and this time I had no apprehension about having him do so in my mouth. I was in a torment of expectation at the thought of tasting it, savouring it and swallowing every drop. And that's exactly what happened. James erupted into my mouth. His cum hit the back of my throat with a force I had not expected. No time to taste those first spurts. I had to swallow them hastily as more and more jets of cum followed. The last few I kept in my mouth to taste and roll around my tongue. Salty, and an unusual thick consistency, but definitely not unpleasant.

James pulled me to my feet. We kissed. He tasted his own juice. We even transferred a few globs back and forth between us until one of us swallowed it all.

"I know you've never done that before" James said as he embraced me. "But you did a mighty fine job. Not many people can take me to the hilt without gagging. You're a natural. Thank you."

"I loved it" was my response. "I didn't expect it to feel or taste so good but I desperately wanted to do it for you. I can't imagine anyone not liking the feel of your cock in their mouth."

"Now, what about you?" he asked, as his hand tugged at my own dick. "You're dripping like crazy. I think I should relieve the pressure for you."

"No. Not yet. I have very definite ideas on how I want to relieve that pressure. But let's eat first. I was going to send out for some pizza or some burgers and fries."

"No need" James replied. "I saw how empty your refrigerator was this morning. I've raided Mom's fridge and pantry and I've brought a casserole and some other goodies. She'll just think her gluttonous son ate them. They're in my bag."

So we heated up the casserole - some sort of stew with dumplings - and devoured it like ravenous wolves. We didn't even use dishes - just a spoon each to help ourselves directly out of the pot. A bit uncouth, but who stands on ceremony when you're naked and hungry? And I've never been one to create more washing up than strictly necessary!

Our hunger for food assuaged, it was now time for me to satisfy my hunger for James and his amazingly tight and demanding ass. I'd always thought that an addiction is something that develops over time - lots of time - and yet there I was, already addicted to being encased by my nephew's silky warm rectum and desperate to fill it with my juices.

"You had me lean over the table this morning" I said. "Now I want you to lean over it. I have plans for you - big plans."

"Are you planning to rim me?" he asked incredulously.

"Rim? What's that?"

He laughed. "It's what I did to you this morning when I licked your ass-hole and probed it with my tongue."

"Jesus Christ. No! Sorry, but that's never going to happen. What you did felt wonderful. I'd never thought such a thing would turn me on so much. I love fucking your ass, James, but I don't think my tongue's ever going there."

"That's cool, Dave. I'm totally a bottom. I love being penetrated and filled to the max."

"Bottom? This is like learning a whole new language. I take it that means you prefer having a guy on top, huh?"

"You need to get out more" James said. "Yeah, for me it's all about being penetrated, filled, invaded, occupied by another guy. That's what I get off on."

"OK" I rose from my chair. "Prepare to be invaded then. Legs apart and get over that table."

"Well, if you're not going to rim me then we need some lube" James said. "You're not exactly small, Dave. Even all that pre-cum isn't going to be enough to smoothe the way."

"Lube? I don't have any lube."

James sighed. "You really are hopeless. You've got hair conditioner, hand cream, vaseline, cooking oil - lots of stuff. It doesn't have to be a special tube of gel from the pharmacy with 'lube' written on it."

He stood up, his dick erect and parallel to his abdomen. He reached into the pantry cupboard and plonked the Crisco on the table.

"Here. Use that."

So I applied generous amounts of Crisco to his ass-hole, using my finger to grease him up inside as well. He was leaning over the table and sighing contentedly as my finger went in and out of him.

"Use two fingers" he said.

I inserted a second finger and then, at his request, a third as well.

"Four fingers. Please ... Uncle David."

I didn't know how much is too much for an ass-hole to accommodate, but James sounded ecstatic and confident, so I did as he asked. For several minutes I moved my fingers in and out of him. It became easier and easier to glide in and out, and yet it was still a tight fit whenever he contracted his sphincter and clamped down upon me.

James raised one arm and showed me the palm of his hand with the thumb tucked inwards and behind the other four digits.

"Use your hand like this, Dave. Put it all into me."

"You're kidding. It'll kill you" I said.

But I did as he asked. And wave after wave of satisfaction swept through me as my hand went inside him right to the broadest part of my palm. At that stage, James asked me to withdraw my hand for a moment. When I did so, he applied liberal amounts of Crisco to my hand, wrist and even my forearm.

"Jesus, James - no way am I going to rip you to pieces with my whole fucking arm. Go easy boy. This is crazy."

"It's called fisting, Dave. I know what I'm doing. I've done it before. I love it. And you will too, I promise you."

So - not without misgivings - I returned my hand to his ass-hole. I did what he'd shown me. I tucked my thumb in and pushed my hand in as far as it would go. Again, I stopped when I reached the widest part of my hand. It seemed madness to go any further.

"Rotate your hand slowly and keep pushing" James said.

I did as he asked. I didn't push too hard. I was too scared to be forceful. I couldn't help but imagine how agonising this would be if it was my own poor ass being 'fisted'. And then, unexpectedly, he pushed back against me. I felt a slight give and my hand was suddenly inside him right up to my wrist. James moaned and sighed his satisfaction while I found myself marvelling at how warm and velvety he felt inside. I also felt a few brand new emotions sweep through me. I found I was enjoying dominating someone this way. I found myself joying in the sensational intimacy of having my entire hand inside someone. And, with these feelings of domination and deep intimacy, I also felt incredibly loving. This was some new and extreme way of demonstrating love and trust. This was a spectacularly unique feeling of being conjoined. My hard and oozing cock seemed almost a secondary consideration. My focus was on pleasuring James and not on my own selfish need to shoot a load inside him.

"Holy fuck" I whispered. "This is unbelievable."

"Yes, it is" James replied. "You can't imagine how wonderful this feels."

I relaxed my fingers a little and allowed my thumb to escape the tight confines of my palm. Now there was only tightness at my wrist. Beyond that, inside his rectum, there seemed room to move and open my hand.

"Oh yes. YES!" cried James. You're right on my prostate. Massage it with your hand - please!"

I didn't really know where the prostate is, but I moved my hand around and obviously found the right place. The way James moaned and whimpered told me I was bang on target. Suddenly his legs started to shake and I felt him contract on my wrist. And, gripping me thus, James ejaculated a massive load of cum. He hadn't been jerking his dick. My ministrations had been sufficiently pleasurable to make him blow automatically. It was such a turn-on. I felt so powerful to have caused this phenomenon and I was totally blown away when I realised that part of my forearm had slipped inside him in those last few seconds.

Slowly, I removed myself from his ass. It snapped shut as I withdrew. The closure was almost audible. It was as if an elastic band had sprung back into place after being stretched to the max.

"Holy snapping ass-holes" I said. That was fucking incredible.

James reached around behind him and found my weeping and straining dick. He guided me inside him. I slipped in easily. I was expecting to feel looseness after what had just taken place but he was as tight as ever. I didn't need to move much because I was so close to blowing from the moment I entered. As I came, James milked me with a succession of rhythmic and tight contractions. I seemed to cum forever. God only knows how many times I spurted deep inside him. When it was over, I slumped over his back. Our legs were trembling and we were both drenched in sweat. Gradually, the trembling subsided and we both stood up as my cock slipped out of him. He turned to face me and we kissed tenderly.

Before slumping into a chair, I fetched a towel from the linen cupboard. I wanted to wipe off the sweat and grease that had accumulated on me, and I knew that James would want to wipe all the grease and escaping cum from his ass before sitting down. I was surprised to find that my hand - what I now thought of as my fisting hand - was perfectly clean. I'd been convinced it would emerge all smeared with shit. I commented on this to James. He laughed and told me he'd had an enema before leaving home.

"In any case, Dave, you need to get over this shit phobia thing. If a guy has regular bowel motions then his rectum will usually be empty. We don't have a vast wad of shit lurking right inside our ass-hole at all times. Trust me."

"OK. OK. I believe you. You seem to know far more than I do. And you planned all this too, didn't you? Using an enema before you left home; you're such a manipulative little devil. What if I hadn't gone along with this fisting thing? God knows it scared the hell out of me at first."

"Oh, I knew you'd go along with it. And if you hadn't, well ... at least I'd have a nice clean ass. No big deal really.

So that's how we spent the first part of that Saturday night together. I felt as though I'd acquired a million new experiences in just a 24-hour span. I'd sucked a guy off, kissed him, fucked him and fisted him. I'd let him rim me and found I enjoyed the sensation.

"What next?" I wondered.


Wonderment turned to bewilderment and anxiety just a week later. I'd not seen James at all during my working week, and I was looking forward to getting together with him for another Saturday of sucking and fucking. But things seldom work out as expected.

Almost as soon as he walked thorugh my front door, James had a question for me.

"I've asked a pal to meet me here. Is that OK with you?"

"Not really" I said. "I'm looking forward to it being just you and me. I wasn't planning on hosting an afternoon tea party."

"Oh, he's definitely coming to party" James replied. "I thought we could have a threesome."

"Well you can get on the phone and damn well un-invite him" I said. But at that very moment there was a knock on my door.

And so I ended up with yet another testosterone- laden youngster in my apartment. Chad was a tall, pleasant looking lad of around twenty or so. He had sandy hair and a slim but athletic build. James made the introductions while I did my best to appear hospitable. But all the while my mind was racing. I enjoyed sex with my nephew. He was the first male I had ever fucked. It was very much a special case, however, and my sexuality certainly didn't encompass sex with any random guy who came along. Somehow, my mind did not really see sex with James as gay. It had just seemed natural - despite my conscience screaming the word 'incest' and telling me it was taboo.

Nowadays I am far better at saying no. Back then I was a pushover. I was always concerned to be polite - far too anxious to please; far too accommodating. And so it came about that all three of us were naked and sprawled across my bed.

Chad had a nice body and a decent-sized uncut dick - around the 7" mark, so a good inch shorter than my own and not quite as big as my nephew's. What set Chad apart from most guys was the fact that his cock had a piercing. I had never seen such a thing before. Not that I felt like touching him at all. He and James kissed and explored each other's body. James and I did the same. But I had no desire to do so with a complete stranger. It just didn't ring my bell. I guess the wall was breached when Chad grabbed me and took my dick into his mouth. If nothing else, it certainly ensured that I maintained an erection. Dicks are untroubled by conscience.

It would be tedious to give you every detail of my first and last threesome. Suffice to say that I fucked James while Chad looked on; and then Chad fucked James while I looked on. I won't deny that it was extremely erotic to watch another guy in action, fucking in the cum I had just deposited. The next step though - depending on one's point of view - was the highlight or lowlight of the afternoon.

James got me to lie on the edge of the bed - my feet on the floor - while he squatted facing me and lowered himself onto my cock. Then Chad - who was at the bedside and between my legs - started to insert his dick into the ass-hole I was already occupying. I was an amazing feeling. James accommodated both our cocks without any difficulty. I was unable to move up and down. I just stayed as deep as I could while Chad began careful and rhythmic fucking movements. The most exciting part of this was that I could feel Chad's Prince Albert piercing moving along my shaft as he went in and out. James was in Heaven. I looked up at him and his face was a mask of primitive lust and contentment. He was extremely vocal, as was Chad.

When Chad finally ejaculated, I could feel each spasm as the cum jetted out of his dick. That set me off too and I shot burst after burst of of cum inside James without having to move my cock at all. The stimulus of another guys hard dick against mine, the bizarre feeling of surgical steel massaging the underside of my shaft, the knowledge that another guy's cum was erupting all over my cock - all this was enough to bring me to the point of ejaculation too. Shortly afterwards, James - who had been jerking and edging his dick all the while - blew a massive load all over my chest and face.

But, however mind-blowing the experience had been, that threesome marked the end of my sexual involvement with my nephew. I realised that his sexual desire could be directed at almost any man and not at me or any guy in particular. And I recognised that I was not built the same way. Mine had been a very specific enjoyment - occasional sex with James - and this was never going to blossom into a desire or willingness to engage in gay sex just for the hell of it. Forever afterwards, my bisexuality would be far more cerebral than physical.

James soon 'came out' to his family as totally gay. Over the years, we all did our best to be accepting and supportive, but promiscuity was his lifelong passion. There were never any enduring relationships. No loving partners. Just an endless procession of cocks and fists to satisfy his cravings. I guess it was inevitable that he would - sooner or later - become HIV positive and that he would go on to develop full-blown AIDS.

He died in Puerto Rico. His mother and I accompanied his body back home for burial. It was the saddest trip of my life thus far. It was made harder by the fact that no one knew of our long-ago one-week of closeness. I felt I could not grieve as openly as I wanted.

Today, whenever I think of James, I do my best to remember only the wonderful boy who was like my kid brother. I occasionally allow myself to recall that one joyous week I spent as his lover. I never dwell on the sadness and waste that followed. And I know I could never have altered or arrested his journey into the depths. After all, James himself once told me he lived to be fucked, occupied, filled, invaded. That's how he did live. Who am I to question whether it brought him any happiness or fulfillment?

There is one lasting legacy of that day with James and Chad. I eventually plucked up the courage to have my own dick pierced. Nothing extreme. Just a simple Prince Albert - like the letter 'C' with a surgical steel ball at each end. I don't wear it all the time, but whenever I do it reminds me of James. I guess it's the only outward manifestation I allow myself of my somewhat unconventional attitudes to sex.


David Windsor

[email protected]


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