When I awoke it was daylight outside and I could hear the shower running in the adjoining bathroom. That sound was an immediate reality shock.

Most mornings I wake up slowly and lazily - stretching out my arms and legs, gradually adjusting to the light and, more often than not, with a very hard cock on which I lavish a little early-morning TLC - but this particular morning was different.

The name of the guy in the shower was James, and he was most likely busy washing away the stains and sweat our night together had visited upon his body.

"Oh Christ" I thought. "I've fucked my own nephew."

My over-active conscience made me want to deny this was true - I do guilt very well - but, since every part of the bed seemed to be redolent of his scent and his cum-stains, denial was impossible. And there was also no denying that my body had delighted in every moment of our night together.

I was more than a little nervous about facing James when he emerged from the shower, so I hopped out of bed, pulled on a pair of boxers and went to the kitchen to brew some coffee. The shower ceased its roar and I pictured James drying his toned body and his beautiful "attachments". I was envious of the towel!

I didn't hear James approaching. Suddenly he was behind me and he flung his arms around me and gave me a bear-hug. I turned around and saw that he was naked and that his cock was standing upright and proud, almost parallel with his flat stomach. I hugged him right back and my own dick immediately clamoured for escape fom my shorts.

James went down on his knees and released my cock so it could go straight into his mouth. He sure knew how to give head. Even after all our sexual athletics in the wee small hours, he soon had me on the edge of blowing a load of cum down his throat. I went to move away - I wanted to prolong the exquisite feelings that precede ejaculation - but he held me tighter and worked his lips, tongue and throat muscles even more irresistibly. I'm not one to argue the toss. If he wanted cum for breakfast, then I was happy to supply it. As he teased the last droplets out of my dick, I heard and felt a warm splattering of my nephew's cum all over my shins, my feet and the floor.

We cleaned up the mess and then - still naked - sat down at the small kitchen table to drink our coffee.

James said he usually had a large glass of milk every morning. He got up and looked in the refrigerator.

"Hardly any milk left" he muttered "And hardly any food in there either. What do you live on?"

"Well how was I to know I'd be baby-sitting?" I replied. "And how was I to know a ravenous teenager would be here this morning craving food to sustain his over-sexed and over-worked teenage body?"

"You're funny" he said. "But don't call me a teenager. I'm a man. Okay? I'm not a kid."

Suddenly I was feeling pangs of guilt all over again. The truth was - until last night - I considered him to be very much a kid and, even worse, I was sitting at the table with him and still thinking of him as a kid, a boy, the nephew with whom I'd played catch, built a "secret" tree-house and gone skinny-dipping. James studied my expression and put his hand across the table to rest on mine.

"Dave" he said calmly, "Please don't start worrying about this. Don't spoil something beautiful with doubts and regrets. What we did was wonderful. It was free and wild and natural. You loved it too. Don't pretend otherwise. So lighten up a bit. Please."

A few questions had been on my lips from the moment he first touched my cock in the night.

"Have you done this sort of thing before?" I blurted out. "With other guys? Friends? Pals?"

"Yes, I have" James said. "Not often, but I've occasionally had sex with one of my College buds and I've also been with guys I met at the gym or at the sauna downtown."

"But you do like girls too, don't you James? I thought you and Melissa were pretty tight and I'm sure you two screw each other senseless at every opportunity."

"Yes, I do like girls too" he replied with a smile. "And yes, Dave, Melissa and I screw like mink on Viagra. At every opportunity. But I enjoy sex with guys too. In fact, I think I prefer sex with guys. I'm bisexual, Dave. Mom knows - she walked in on my buddy and me one time he slept over - but I haven't told Dad yet."

"I see" was my response. "Well you certainly could have fooled me. I never dreamed you had such an adventurous sex life."

"It was the first time for you though, wasn't it?" Dave asked.

"Ummm. Yeah. Kind of. I've gotten head from a a couple of guys now and then, but no kissing and no dicks in my mouth ... and definitely no fucking."

"Why no fucking?"

"James, I've never had anal sex with a girl either. I've never seen an ass-hole as being remotely appealing ..."

"Well you did last night" he interrupted. "Seems to me you found my little pink pucker remarkably appealing."

I laughed at that. He was right. Up until last night I'd considered ass-holes as something we shit through - nothing more. I'd found my one and only rectal examination by a doctor acutely embarrassing and I'd been incredibly anxious that his gloved finger would have my shit-smears on it. No way had I ever considered an ass-hole sexy.

A silence set in. I topped up our coffee mugs and then asked the biggest question of all.

"So, what now James? Where do we go from here? Do we move on and act as if it never happened? Do we want it to ever happen again? I don't think it would be wise to make this a regular thing. We're a reasonably close-knit family, James. And your mother is one hell of a smart lady. I think she'd soon start suspecting and guessing. I'm not good at pretending and deceiving people. She might be cool with your being bisexual - it might not bother her that you sometimes get it on with guys - but I'm sure she and your dad would be outraged if they knew you get it on with your uncle. Your dad would want to kill me. And I'm not sure I'd blame him. You're only nineteen. I'm twenty-five. Old enough to know better."

As a flush of resentment coloured his face, James told me to stop talking as though he was an innocent little boy and to stop seeing himself as the big bad wolf who'd seduced him, taken advantage of him.

"Anyway" he continued, "Let's not try to sort things out right here and now. Let's take a day or so to think about it and maybe we'll see things more clearly. And my car is waiting for me a few blocks away. It's time I went home before Mom and Dad start to worry and ring Melissa."

"Well, you should call them right now" I said. "And then I'll drive you to your car and give you a tow to the mechanic's shop."

James flushed pink again, but this time it was from embarrassment and not from anger.

"There's nothing wrong with my car, Dave. That was just the best excuse I could come up with for barging in on you last night."

"What?" I cried out, my jaw dropping, my mind incredulous. "You mean you PLANNED all this?"

"Well, I think planned is an exaggeration" James replied. "I was actually planning to sleep over at Melissa's place but we had an argument and she told me to get lost. I was angry. And when I'm angry I get extra-horny."

"And when you're angry and extra-horny you think of ME?" I demanded. "That's crazy. It's sick. How dare you assume that I'm such an easy target? I let you stay the night because it was late and I was tired. I would never have done that if I knew your automobile story was a big fat lie so you could spend the night here and do the things we ended up doing. Do I strike you as being some screaming faggot who'd fuck even his own flesh and blood whenever the urge overtakes him? Do I?"

I'd been staring at a spot on the wall just above James' head as I shouted all this. When I lowered my gaze and met his eyes, I saw that they were brimming with tears. As he spoke, tears began to trickle down his cheeks.

"It wasn't like that" he protested. "Your place is on the way from Melissa's house to mine and I was feeling sad and sorry for myself. I just wanted to be with you in any way possible. I'd even have slept on your stupid couch if you'd told me to. I just needed to see you, be near you."

He went on. "Dave, you've been my hero ever since I can remember. I love and respect Dad greatly, but you're the one who has been like a big brother to me. And when I hit puberty I developed the hugest crush on you. I thought it was wicked to feel that way. I thought I was evil every time I checked you out in the showers, every time I gazed at the bulge in your jeans, every time I jacked off while thinking about being naked and alone with you. I've accepted that I am attracted to guys and I've even accepted that you are not, but that doesn't mean I want and love you any less."

As the tears continued to flow, I was moved by how beautiful and vulnerable and sad James looked. I got out of my chair and, using my hand to rise him to his feet, I embraced him tightly and let him sob on my shoulder. When he had quietened down, I moved his face to mine and gave him a loving kiss on the forehead and then on his lips. Not a sensual kiss - no tongue - just a gentle, almost fatherly embrace. Maybe not so fatherly really, because I could feel my cock growing again as I held him close.

I moved back and willed my dick to behave itself.

"I'm sorry" I said quietly. "I never knew. I never guessed. You're an incredibly important part of my life too, James. I've always loved you. I love you now. But I never saw you as a sexual being. I guess you grew up when I wasn't looking and so I've kept on thinking of you as the little bro I never had."

I chuckled and continued: "At least you've eased my conscience a bit in one repect. I've been wondering if I'm some evil seducer who takes advantage of innocent young boys. In my heart I know I am not like that, but I've been feeling guilty right from the moment I first touched your beautiful cock and kissed you."

"If anything then I'm the bad guy in this" James said. "I wasn't at all sure how you'd respond if I ever got you into bed all naked and alone with me. I've often dreamed about it - how I'd intentionally let my dick press against you as you slept and how, if you didn't resist, I would get to touch your cock and feel it in my mouth and up my ass. Last night all my dreams came true and I am so happy about it, but I'm a bit ashamed too. I tricked you into sleeping with me. I lied to you - but, Dave, my body didn't lie. And your body didn't lie either. We enjoyed each other. And I refuse to feel ashamed about that."

"That's quite a speech" I replied. "I need time to think about this in every respect. Given half a chance, I suspect I might come to want you in my bed and in my arms often and not just whenever you're feeling angry with Melissa."

"So let's think on it" James said. "Nothing has to be deecided right here and now. I've been thinking about this for the last five or six years and longing for it to happen, but you haven't. You haven't been lurking in a closet. The story only began for you a few hours ago. I'm happy to take time to savour the pleasure you've already given me and you need time to get some perspective on things. Okay?"

"OK" I said, giving him a smile and another quick kiss to his forehead. "Now go ring your folks before thay have the cops out searching mortuaries and alerting Interpol. And after that we'll get you on the road."

"I'll make the call, Dave, but we're not heading off straight afterwards. There's something I want you to experience."

As he called home, I wondered how many more fresh sensations I could handle in an eight-hour period. I soon found out.

Dave finished his call and turned to face me. Yet again I marvelled at how beautiful I found him. Why had I never seen that before? Here we were - both naked with our cocks ready to snap to attention at any moment - and this was nothing I had ever imagined in even my wildest fantasies.

We embraced and kissed. Deep, demanding kisses. Our dicks became aligned, upright and pressing side-by-side between us.

"I want you to lean over the table" James whispered.

"No way" I protested. "You're not fucking me, James. I know for sure that I never want a cock up my ass. Even yours."

"Relax. Stress less. I just want to give you some pleasure you've never known. I want you to see ass-holes as something other than shit-holes. I want you to get a sense of why I find being penetrated such a fantastic thing. And I'm not going to fuck you. I'm not even going to put my little finger inside you. OK?"

I was dubious, but I was also considerably aroused ... and curious about what he intended to do to me. So I did as he asked. I leaned over the kitchen table and he stood behind me.

Slowly, with his hands exploring my shoulders, then my chest and my abdomen, James moved into a squatting position. He kissed my buttock cheeks while massaging my dick and caressing my balls. I was still a bit anxious but I was enjoying things thus far.

Gently, James parted my butt-cheeks, exposing my ass-hole to the light of day. He sensed my anxiety, my discomfort, and he whispered that I should relax.

I tried to relax but it was difficult. At that moment I think my ass-hole was clenched as tight-shut as it had ever been in my entire life.

He nudged my legs further apart and pulled my cheeks open even wider. And then I felt his face against my buttocks. I tightened even more. My mind raced wildly. I thought "Fuck. He's going to sniff my butt. Gross."

Maybe he did inhale. I don't know. What I do know is that I suddenly felt a warm and rasping tongue lapping at the most secret part of me. This moist pressure against my ass-hole was both disturbing and exciting. It seemed so incredibly invasive and forbidden but it also felt incredibly sensual and delectably intimate.

I began to relax. After a while I felt his tongue quiver and flick against me. It was as if his tongue had become erect. I felt it dart inside me. I did not feel penetrated or impaled. In a way, I felt that I was being worshipped. This was both calming and highly erotic at the same time. I know there are limits to how far a tongue can protrude - I discovered those limits the first time I ever went down on an insatiable girlfriend! - but it seemed to me that my ass had something alive and warm at its entrance. Now and then I felt the door licked and teased ajar, but it was no break-and-enter. It was just ... well, bliss really.

A hand came around to grasp my cock. I was suddenly aware of how hard I was. Pre-cum was fairly dripping from me. When James grasped me, I knew I was going to ejaculate within seconds. And I did. Arcs of cum jetted out of me and hit the table and the floor. All the while, his tongue continued to flick and lap at my ass-hole. As it clenched with each burst of my dick, I had wild thoughts of inadvertently cutting off the tip of his tongue with my scissor-like sphincter! But - mostly - I just luxuriated and joyed in the moment.

When I straightened up and turned to face him, I could see that James had blown his load too. It was on the floor between my legs. We stood in this sticky mess and kissed. Yes - I kissed and willingly accepted a tongue that had been inside my ass. I didn't hesitate for a second. I was so full of love and gratitude and an acceptance of total intimacy.

An hour or so later, I dropped James off at the spot where his car was parked. I got out of my car to give him a quick hug before he left. I cocked a quizzical eyebrow when his car sparked into life without one murmur of protest, and then I watched, waving and smiling, as he drove down the road and out of sight.

I drove home thanking God it was Saturday. I could crawl into bed and sleep. And I did sleep ... eventually, but not before re-living every golden moment I had spent with James, my beautiful nephew, little bro and - now - lover.

His scent was still on the pillows and the sheets. His dried cum was distributed all over the bed. I sniffed at a spot and inhaled deeply, breathing in his essence. I leisurely jerked myself off while thinking about the tight warmth of his ass, the insistent tug of his lips on my cock, and the blissful moments when we spurted out creamy white tributes to each other.

As I drifted into sleep I thought: "Hell. Maybe I'm gay. Who'd have thought?"

And I also had defiant thoughts like: "So what if I'm gay or bisexual? So what if I enjoyed fucking a guy?" At least my initiation had been with a beautiful blond guy with a loving heart and body and an ass to die for.

When sleep finally overtook me, I was feeling both loved and loving. Questions and problems could wait. What mattered most at that moment was that my entire being was suffused with love. Love is a wonderful thing to sleep with.


David Windsor

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