'I was wondering if you had seen anything along the road,' Sam said.

'Uh, no, we haven't,' Don replied.

'Oh, okay then. Just wondering.'

'Sam, what can you tell me about this situation?'

'I'll tell you what I know so far but it stays just between us, but first I need to give you some background information.'

'I'm listening. Shoot.'

'Juan Garcia is president of the bank here and a multimillionaire. His son, Julio, works with him. The bank president job is legit, but also a front for their drug activities. We've managed to get an undercover operative inside the working of the drug unit. The shipments come in from Mexico and are split up and shipped to different points. What come here is stored in an underground vault in the bank and broken up into smaller packages for distribution. Juan and Julio are always there overseeing the operation. There is another shipment due in day after tomorrow and we're planning a raid and hope to catch all of them with the goods.'

'How does this fit in?' Don asked.

'That's what I'm getting to. Duncan's nine year old son came to him and said that a man had 'done things to him' at the park by their home. The boy identified Julio as the man and said that there were two other 'big guys' standing by watching. Duncan went beserk and tried to kill Julio. He shot him in the shoulder but it's not serious. Then last night there was a home invasion at Duncan's house and he was taken out by two thugs after beating him senseless. We're afraid he was beaten to death and dumped somewhere.'

'Oh, I'm sure he's okay. Let's hope so anyway. What will happen to him if he's caught?'

'I'm hoping that he stays out of sight until after the raid. Everyone in town hates the Garcia family. Juan protects Julio and if anyone complains about something Julio does, Juan pays them off to keep quiet. Once we have them all in custody, a good lawyer could claim insanity as a defense for Duncan and ten to one he'd be found not guilty by a jury. But we want him out of circulation until then.'

'I understand. Keep me informed.'

'I will,' Sam said before hanging up.

At the next rest area, Don stopped and he and Mark sat at a picnic table while he filled Mark in.

'That bastard. I wish he had killed the son-of-a-bitch,' Mark said.

They returned to the road and a couple hours later, Josh Duncan stuck his head out of the sleeper and asked where they were.

'Almost into Florida. We have a delivery just outside Miami. Now, are you ready to fill us in on what's going on?'

'I guess I do owe you that, he said. 'I'm Josh Duncan, and I tried to kill a man. He sexually abused my son and I lost it and went after him.'

'Josh, say no more. We know the whole story, but I was wondering if you'd be honest with us.'

'How'd you find out?'

'A good friend of ours is the chief deputy. He called to see if we had seen anything and we told him no, but I'm sure that he knows that your with us.'

'Damn!' he said.

'Hey, don't worry. There are things about to go down that I can't disclose but he did say he wants you out of sight until after it's over.' He told Josh what Sam had said about his plea and what he thought the jury's verdict would be, considering how unpopular the Garcia's were.

'I hope he's right. When I heard what that perverted fag tried to do, I just lost it.'

'I can totally understand. If someone had tried that with Mark, I'd probably have done the same thing. Oh, by the way, I'm Don and this is my son Mark.'

'Nice to meet you and thanks for helping. I just don't know what I'm going to do now.'

'You're going to stay with us until we get a call from Sam. We'll get you some clothes to wear and burn what you have on. I'd suggest that you not shave in order to change your looks.'

'Man, I don't know what to say. I don't want to put you out any.'

'You're not but there is something you ought to know. Mark and I are both gay.'

Josh looked at them as Mark begantelling him how it all came about in the same way that he told his mom.

'There is one thing you must realize. Only a very, very small percentage of the gays would do anything with a child. Dad and I would never think of it. When we meet someone they have to be of legal age and consinting.'

'I understand what your saying but I'd never have dreamed that either of you were gay. You don't act it.'

'Most gays don't. Only a minority are obvious. You would believe some of the guys we've been with. They and extremely masculing and manly. They just enjoy sex with another man,' Don said.

'You might have questioned things when we all go to bed tonight. Dad and I sleep together. You can have the upper drop down bunk.'

'But don't worry, Josh. You will not be subjected to seeing or listening to us do our thing. We'll refrain while you're with us.'

'Well, I guess I could hang out in the truck stops for a couple hours and give you two some privacy. It's the least I could do for what you're doing for me. I'll find some way to repay you for your kindness.'

'Don't even think about it.'

'Did Sam say how long it might be?

'No, he didn't, but I would guess it could be anywhere from a few days to maybe a couple of weeks.'

'I need to let my wife know I'm okay. I need to call her.'

After verifying that she had a cell phone, Don agreed to call her first to make sure she was alone. He used his cell phone and dialed the number.

'Ms. Duncan?' he asked when she answered.

'Yes. Who is this?'

'Let's just say a friend that's helping Josh. Are you alone?'

'Yes. Is Josh alright?'

'Any police around?'

'Just outside. None in the house.'

Don handed the phone to Josh.

'Kim, I'm okay. Two truckers stopped and helped me out. Don't say anything just listen. Do not let on that you heard from me. I'll call when I can. But I'm okay. I love you and Brian. I have reason to believe that everything will be fine. I'll tell you more later. Don't let Brian know that I called. He might let it slip out. I love you.'

'I love you too,' she answered then herd the phone go quiet.

'Feel better?' Don asked.

'Yes, I do. Thanks.'

They bought Josh some new clothes and shoes and continued on to Miami. After their drop, The got a load to Illinois. As promised, daily Josh would hang around inside the truck stop for a couple hours giving Don and Mark time to have sex.

As they headed to Illinois, as Don drove and with Mark in the passenger seat and Josh on a stool between them, Josh said, 'Do you mind if I ask some personal questions?'

'Not at all. Ask away,' Don said.

'What exactly do you two do together? I mean when you have sex?'

'You want it in detail or sugar coated?' Don asked.

'Fuck, I'm a big boy. Give it to me in detail.'

'well, WE kiss and make out just like you would with your wife. We suck each others cocks and yes we take the cum in our mouth and swallow. We fuck each other in the ass. We eat each others ass just like you would your wife's pussy.'

'Damn. It's hard to picture all that going on between two guys.'

Mark, go put in a video. Let Josh see it all in action in private.'

Mark slipped by Josh and slipped a DVD into the player and turned it and the TV on. Josh settled on the bunk and began watching as Mark went back up front and closed the curtain. After a while they looked at each other and smiled. They could hear Josh in back as his hand slapped his pubes as he jerked off.

never did Don or Mark suggest anything sexual to Josh. They figured that if he wanted to try anything he'd tell them. Then one day he did say something.

'I've never done anything with a man but jerking off is getting old. Would one of you give me a blow job? I've heard that it's better than jerking.'

'If you're sure that's what you want,' Don said.

'It is, and while I'm getting sucked I want to watch the other suck the one sucking me.'

That night, after they ate and returned to the truck, Josh began stripping. Don and Mark quickly followed Josh's lead. Within a minute, all three men were totally naked.

Don looked at Josh and could see his hands trembling slightl;y. 'Nervous?' he asked.

'Yea, a little,' Josh answered.

'Just lay back and relax. It won't hurt, I promise.' Josh laughed as he lay on the bed.

Don got into position and grasp Josh'e soft uncut cock. He began stroking it and soon it was rock hard reaching it's full length of seven and a half inches. As Don pulled back the foreskin, a clear drop of Precum ozzed from the slit. Don licked it off. and Josh moaned.

Don slowly took the head and part of the shaft into his mouth and Josh exclaimed, 'Oh, mother fuck! That feels great.'

Don slowly lowered his mouth until his nose was buried in Josh's pubes. 'Oh, shit. I've never felt anything like that before,' Josh moaned.

As Don began sucking Josh's cock more regularly, Mark leaned in and licked Josh's balls. Again Josh moaned. After a minute or so, Mark moved over and began sliding Don's cock into his mouth as Josh watched.

It wasn't long before Josh began moaning and breathing heavily. Don knew what was coming. Suddenly, Josh's cock exploded and his his huge pent up load spraying into Don's mouth and down his throat. Mark continued sucking his dad's cock as Don rested his head on Josh's thigh. Both men watched Mark work the cock in and out of his mouth. Soon, Don arched his back and flooded Mark's mouth and throat with his thick creamy load.

'That was fucking unreal,' Josh said. 'I don't think I could ever do that. I really have no desire to but I might be needing your services again if we're together for very long.'

'Any time,' said Mark, 'and next time I get to service you.'

Josh climbed into the upper bunk as Don and Mark settled into their bed.

They continued on their trip and waited to hear something from Sam. They finally got the call.

'Don, it's Sam.'

'Everything over?'

'Yea. the delivery was made and our man left things open as planned and as they were getting ready to put the delivery into smaller packaging we made our move. We got Juan, Julio and all their goons, including the two that went after Josh. We'll probably need to have Josh here in about a week or so if you run into him anywhere.'

Sam still didn't admit that he knew that Josh was with them or that they might know where he was.

'Got it. Let us know.'

'I will.'

'By the way, what was the reaction in town after the bust was made?'

'They town went wild. There was more fucking parties in the streets that you can believe. And with us catching all them with the drugs in their posession, there is no way that they can get off. The quantity itself has a mandatory life without parole sentence.'


Don hung up and told Josh what had happened.

'Is the raid what you said you couldn't divulge?'

'Yes. Sam said the town went wild celebrating.'

'I'm sure they did. I wish I could have been there.'

'He'll call us when he's ready for you to turn yourself in.'

'So we just drive and wait.'

'That's how it looks,' Don said.

A few nights later, Josh again surprised Don and Mark.

'I know that this may sound sick, but I saw gay action in the movie. I'd really like to watch you two go at it and see it in person.'

'That's fine with us. We don't mind,' Mark told him.

That night, Josh sat back, naked and watched Don and Mark kiss, make out, rim, suck and fuck each other. After they were through, Josh looked at Mark and said, 'Mark, it's all yours.'

Mark smiled and knelt between Josh's spread legs and devoured the hard cock offered to him. Sucking hungrily, Mark eagerly work on Josh's cock soon bringing him to his climax. Mark swallowed the thick salty-sweet load and licked the head. Josh moaned softly the entire time.

'Watching you two made me see gays in a different light. For the forst time, I realize that it's not just sex, but passion is there also. Thanks for letting me get a different view of things.'

They continued on their trip and soon got a call from Sam.

'If you know where Josh is tell him he needs to come home. The DA has reviewed the case and said that the witnesses have admitted that they can't ay for sure that it was Josh that did the shooting so he is refusing to press charges. Josh is a free man.'

'If I see him I'll let him know. Thanks for the call Sam.'

Don turned to Josh and said, 'You're needed at home.'

'What wll the charges be, did he say?'

'Yea, he said. The Da talked to the witnesses and none can or will say for sure that you did it so there will be no charges filed.'

'You're shitting me? For real?'

'Yea. I personally believe that with the Garcia bunch in jail and not getting out on bail, the townspeople feel safe in letting you go free.'

'When can we get there?'

'We'll drop this load tomorrow morning and head straight there. We'll get another load after we get you home.'

'Thanks guys for everything. You have to promise that you'll keep in touch.'

'Don't worry, we will. We'll want to know how your boy is doing. Are you going to tell your wife about us?'

'About you both being gay? Yea. About anything else, no. That's our secret.'


'I can tell you one thing though. She won't care one way or the other about you being gay after I talk to her and also due to the fact that you helped me out.'

Soon, they were back at the truck stop and Josh's wife and son were eagerly waiting for him along with Sam. Sam told him to go home and get his life back in order and to forget everything. Josh told his wife about Don and Mark and how they made him see gays in a different light. She said that she was greatful for all that they had done.

'is there an address where I can write to you?' Josh asked. Don gave him Sue's address and said that it would be held until he called for it.

Josh and his family left following numerous huggs all around. After they left, Don looked at Sam and Mark and said, 'Truck anyone?'

They all smiled and headed for the truck, soon all engaged in a hot cock sucking three way.

Three weeks later, Don and Mark passed through their home town and stayed with Sue and Karen. Sue handed Don an envelope. It was from Josh. he opened it and inside was a check for five thousand dollars. 'Get a new matress for that upper bunk,' the note read. Don laughed then continued reading. 'Don and Mark, Many thanks to two great guys that will always have a special place in my heart. Whenever in the area, please let me know. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate in calling me. Thanks again, Josh'

Don began teaching Mark to drive the rig. Mark went to college majoring in business management. After graduation, he and Don became co-drivers as well as lovers. After a few years, they established their own trucking company, hiring only gay drivers. The semi-annual employee parties were wild, and lasted a full weekend.

They moved to be closer to Sam and settled in his town where he had been elected sheriff. The three of them got together for sex three to five times a week and occasionally Josh would come by just to get his cock sucked.

The End...



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