When I was fifteen, my parents divorced and I would only see dad occasionally but I got a call from him every week and postcards from places he drove through. Then each summer, I spent with him traveling the United States in his big rig with him. I loved those summers.

I had just turned eighteen and graduated high school. Dad made sure he was there for that. Even though divorced, he and Mom got along well which made me happy.

After the graduation ceremonies, Mom and Dad took me out to dinner. As we ate, Dad asked if I wanted to ride with him again this summer or was I too big for that.

'Dad, You know how much I love riding with you. I'd love to go if Mom doesn't mind.'

'Son, I know how you enjoy the summers with your dad. You go ahead, I don't mind at all.'

'Thanks, Mom,' I said then asked dad when we would be leaving.

'Be packed and ready and I'll pick you up about nine in the morning.'

We dropped dad off and headed home and I began to pack.

At nine sharp, dad pulled up in the Kenworth tractor and I ran out, bags in hand. I kissed Mom goodby and climbed in. 'Y'all have fun,' Mom yelled, 'and be careful out there.'

'We will,' dad assured her.

We pulled out and headed for the terminal to pick up his trailer. He went inside to get his paper wrok and find out which trailer he would have. The were still loading it, so he got into position and parked.

He stepped into the sleeper and said 'Come here a minute, Mark.'

I stepped back into the sleeper and sat next to dad on the queen bed which we shared on the road.

'I've got you a special graduation present.' He handed me a wrapped package. I tore the wrapping off and found a new high quality digital camera.

'Gee, thanks dad. This is great.'

Moving a blanket to the side he said, 'here's the rest of it.'

There were three more video cards, Photo paper, a printer and extra ink cartridges, and a photo album.

'Man, I'm all set now.'

'I hope you like it,' he said.

'Dad, I love it and I can send the pics to mom on her e-mail.'

They knocked on the rig and said that the loading was complete. Dad backed under the trailer, made the connections for breaks and lights and climbed back into the cab.

'Where are we headed?' I asked.

'Oregon,' he replied.

'Perfect. I'll be able to get some great shots of the mountains.'

'That you will,' he said.

We pulled out and hit the highway, with dad asking about my senior year in school. We talked constantly and the miles and day flew by. We had stopped for lunch and now it was time to stop for the night.

Dad pulled into the large truck stop and found a place to park. We went in and ate and while I went to the game room, dad chatted with other drivers.

After a while, dad found me and asked 'Mark, do you have your key to the truck door?'

'Yes, sir. Why?'

'I'm going over to see another driver's rig and just wanted to make sure you could get in if you went back.'

'Oh, okay. See you later.'

Dad left and I continued playing video games. after a while, I headed back to the rig. As I passed abig extended cab rig, I looked up and saw dad coming through the privacy curtains from the sleeper. I stopped and waited for him. When he saw me he turned slightly red as I asked, 'Was it nice?'

'Uh, yea, it was. Very roomy.'

We continued on to our rig and got ready for bed. Dad had always slept nude and when I stripped down to nothing, he asked, 'When did you start sleeping nude?'

'After the trip last summer. I decided to try it and found that I really liked it.'

We both climbed into the queen bed and were soon asleep.

The next morning we ate then headed out. We had another great day and when we stopped that evening I got some beautiful shots of the sunset.

Dad fueled up and after we showered we went to the restuaruant and ate. Again I hit the video room and dad went off with another driver.

This was the routine for most of the first week. Then on Saturday evening, we were parked in the back of the truck parking area. I had been in the game room and when I returned to the rig, I notice an opening in the fence behind our rig. O decided to investigate.

As I walked back through the brush and weeds, I saw a few old picnic tables and some men around them. I got closer and froze. I made out one guy bent over and getting fucked in the ass by another guy that I had seen inside the truck stop. I looked over at another table and that's when the shock set in. There was my dad, sitting on the table bench sucking the cock of the guy standing in front of him. I watched and it was obvious that the guy climaxed and I watched as dad swallowed. Then dad stood and the other guy knelt down and sucked dad off. I looked back over at the other two guys and the guy doing the fucking clikaxed up the guys ass then turned him around and began sucking him off.

When it was over they all kissed each other as they put themselves back together and headed toward me. I hurried back to the rig and climbed in. It was then I realized that my cock was rock hard. 'Why had that turned me on so much?', I wondered.

I soon went to bed, replaying what I had seen in my head. Was my dad gay? It didn't matter to me if he was or not but why hadn't he told me? Dad and I always talked openly to each other. I decided that I'd confront him with what I had seen.

The next morning after breakfast we again hit the highway. We were nearing our destination and when I saw the roda sign that said 'Rest Area 2 miles' I told dad to pull in. He did and after setting the brake I looked at him and asked, 'Dad, are you gay?'






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