Mark and his dad continued on their way to Miami after dropping off the hot Marine. That night they found a hot driver at the truck stop and both went to the driver's rig. It was much bigger and the driver couldn't believe that they were actually father and son. He said that it was a first for him.

The following day, they hit the road and again stopped for lunch. They were in a small town in Mississippi at a truck stop. They ate and afterward, Don checked his e-mail and Mark had headed for the rest room. When Don was finished he began looking for Mark, first checking the restroom then the game room. No luck. He tried Mark's cell phone just in case he was in a rig with another driver. It went to voicemail. This definately wasn't like Mark. Don had him paged.

After several pages, Don really began to worry. He began asking the employees of the truck stop and drivers if they had seen Mark, showing them his picture.

He soon approached an older black driver sitting outside on a bench.

'Sir, have you seen this boy? He's my son and he's not answering the page. He's riding with me for the summer.'

The old driver looked at the picture and said, 'Yes, sir, I think I did. He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, if'un I member right.'

'Yes, that's him. Did you see where he went?'

'Yes, sir, I did. He came out with two other young men, older than him though. He looked nervous and scared and got into an old red Ford pick up and drove off with them. They left pretty fast. They headed off that way,' he said pointing north on the highway.

'Thanks, I really appreciate the information.'

The old man nodded and said, 'Good luck, bud.'

Don knew that this was not like Mark to leave with strangers. He knew in his heart that they had forced Mark to go with them.

Don was about to call the local sheriff when his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. It read, 'Unknown'. The number was being blocked.

Don answered immediately. 'Hello?'

'Nice boy you got,' the voice said.

'Where is he? What have you done with him?'

'Oh, he's okay for now. He sure has a nice hot ass. We really enjoyed fucking him. And what's this he told us about you and him having sex and liking others to join you?'

'What are you talking about?' Don asked, knowing that Mark would never have said anything unless he was led to believe that the guys wanted sex.

'Me and my brother was taking a piss and he came in and stood between us. We could tell by the way he was acting that he wanted our cocks. We let him think that we were queer too. He told us that he and his dad had sex and liked others to join in. Is that true?'

'What do you want?'

'Ten thousand dollars in small bills.'

'Look, I don't have that kind of money. It will take me some time to get it. How can I contact you when I've got it?'

'We'll call you in two hours and see what the progress is. If we're not happy with it, we'll take other steps to get the money.'

He hung up. Don immediately called the sheriff. A deputy soon arrived and Don relayed what the old driver had said and about the phone call. The deputy said he knew of several guys that had old red Ford pick ups and would start checking them out. He took Don's number and said he'd be in touch.

Don returned to his rig and waited. It seemed like an eternity before he received the second call.

'What's the status?' the caller asked.

'I've contacted the president of my bank and he's getting it together but he's out of state. He'll have to wire the money to me, then I can get it and turn it over to you but not until my son is back with me.'

'Not good enough. I'll call you back.'

Again, Don waited.

Thirty minutes later his phone rang again. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was his Sue, his wife.

As soon as he answered she said, 'Don what's happened to Mark? I just got a call from some guy that said he had him and wanted ten thousand dollars for his return. He said some things that I don't want to believe.'

'Sue, calm down. The sheriff here is working on it and knows of several trucks that match the description of the one they were in. He's checking them out. As soon as I know something, I'll call you.'

'Don, if you let anything happen to Mark, I'll kill you myself when you get home. And get home soon. We need to talk.' She hung up.

Don suspected that they had told Sue what Mark had said. He'd have to talk to Mark and get their stories straight before they got home. He called his customer and explained the situation and advised that the delivery might be a day or two late. He understood.

Again, Don's phone rang.

'Have you heard anything yet?' the caller asked.

'No, I'm still waiting. Can I talk to Him?'

There was a pause then Don heard Mark's voice.

'Dad, I'm okay. Just....'

'Now you heard him. Get the money and he'll stay that way, but until we get the money, his hot ass and mouth are ours.'

The sheriff's deputy called and said that he hadchecked out some of the leads but still had more to go. Don told him what he had told the guy about getting the money together.

'Let me check out these other leads and if no luck, we'll set up a fake drop and see if we can catch them then.'

'Please, keep me informed.'

'I will, sir.'

Don got one more call and said that since it was getting late, the bank president couldn't do more until the next morning.

'I'll call tomorrow.'

Don slept little that night. He went in and had coffee and began talking to one driver, and for some reason began telling him his problem, leaving out the sex part.

'Bud, you need something to take your mind off of it for a while. Care to go out to my rig?'

If you're talking about sex, no thanks. Not tonight. Any other time I'd be glad to join you but tonight I can't.'

'I understand,' the driver said. 'I hope everything turns out okay for you.'

'Thanks,' Don answered.

The next morning the guy called and Don said that they were still working on it. The guy said he'd call back.

Shortly later the deputy called. He said he'd been working on finding the truck most of the night and thought he had a lead. He said he talked to one guy that said that two brothers lived about sixty miles north and had an old red truck and were mean as hell. He had seen them headed up that way driving fast with a third guy in the truck with them.

'Can you go check them out?' Don asked.

'That's another county and the sheriff there doesn't like to cooperate with us ever since we got credit for a big drug bust.'

'What can we do?'

'When they call again, tell them you have the money. We'll get a briefcase and put in cut paper with real bills on top as a decoy. Set up a meeting with them.'

'I sure hope it works,' Don said.

'I'll wait here with you for the call. I'll radio some deputies to get there first if possible and get hidden. I've got some old clothes and ride with you and when we get there I'll act as if I'm you. They don't know you.'

We waited. The call came and the exchange was set for noon.

'Drop your trailer. Go north to highway 20 and turn left. Go three and an half miles and there will be a dirt road going to your left. Go down it exactly two miles and you can turn around and park. When we pull up, we'll each begin walking toward each other and make the exchange half way between the vehicles.'

'I've got it.'

I had written everything down. The deputy was reading it. As soon as I hung up, the deputy radioed for several undercover deputies to meet him. They soon arrived with a briefcase packed as discussed and the plan was set. They would go out there now and get hidden.

Sam, the deputy, changed into his old clothes and said that when we turned onto highway 20 that he'd take over driving. He wanted me in the back.

We headed out and soon were at the meeting spot. We were fifteen minutes early.

'When I near Mark, I'm going to say 'Hi son, I'm glad you're okay.' I hope he picks up on it and doesn't blow the cover.'

'He's a smart kid. He'll do okay. I hope.'

We saw the old red pick up approaching.

'They're approaching,' Sam said into his radio. 'Get ready.'

He set his hand held radio down and the truck stopped. Sam climbed down with the briefcase and began walking toward the truck. The passenger and Mark headed toward us.

Peeking through the privacy curtains, I saw that Mark looked tired. His hands were tied behind his back.

Part way there Sam paused as the guy told him to open the briefcase. Sam did and showed the contents to him. They again began walking and I head Sam say, 'Hi, son. I'm glad you're okay'




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