'Wha....,' Don stammered. 'You want another divorce? Sue, when I called and said I was coming home for Mark's graduation you tole me that you thought that the divorce was a mistake and wanted us to remarry. I agreed for Mark's sake and now you tell me you want to another divorce. what the fuck is going on?'

'Don, I really thought I could put the last few years behind me if we remarried. I was wrong. Like I said, I've found someone else that I love.

'Is it someone that I know? One of my so called friends?'

'You know the person very well.'

'Okay, who is it?'


'Karen, my sister?'

'Yes, I love her very much.'

'I don't believe this. You and my sister having sex and falling in love. Does she feel the same way?'

'Yes, Don, she does. I'm so sorry.'

'Sue, if that's what you want, I'm not one to stand in the way. Go ahead and get a divorce or an annulment. I just want you to be happy. When did all this start?'

Sue told him that it started a year or so before their first divorce. She gave him all the details and said that although she knew it was wrong or at least thought it was, she kept going to see Karen for more. Before long they were in love. She said that when Don would come in off the road for a while she noticed that he didn't want sex as often as he had in the past. She didn't either because she was getting all she wanted from Karen. She said that she knew that he was getting sex on the road. Then, she told him about finding a slip of paper on the floor with two men's names on it with their city and phone number. She said one had a note tht said he was hot in bed and definately call when in town.

'That's when I knew that you were at least bisexual also. Is there any truth to what the kidnappers said about you and Mark?'

'First, let's get Mark in here and get all this out in the open. He's very mature and can handle it. And, by the way, he already knows that I like sex with men.'

They called Mark in and laid it all out in the open, telling him about how his mother found out that Don liked men and about her now being in love with his aunt.

'Son, do you hate me?' She asked.

'No, Mom, I don't. Are you happy with Aunt Karen?'

'Yes, son, I am.'

'Well, then that's all that matters. I guess I should tell you then that I'm gay also.'

'Is what the kidnappers told me true?'

'Yes, it is but l;et me tell you aboput how it came about.'

Mark told how he had seen his dad with the other trucker at the picnic table and about their talk. he said that he told his dad that he had no problem with his sexual preference, just as he had just told her. He told her that his dad had said that if he should become curious and want to experiment, to make sure that it was with someone he could trust.

'Mom, I was curious and who could I trust more than my own father.'

'Mark, at any time was anything forced on you?'

'Sue,' Don yelled, 'what kind of man do you think I am?'

'I just have to know.'

'No, mom it wasn't. If anything I was the one that forced dad to show me what it was all about. I tried it all and I liked it all. Yes, dad and I have sex on the road but it is a mutual thing. I have no doubt at all that if I told dad I wasn't interested any longer that it would never happen again.'

'That's all I wanted to know. Is he right Don?'

'Totally correct. If he ever says no, nothing else will ever happen.'

'Hey you two,' Mark said, 'Since we all are into same sex relations, can we all remain close?'

'You bet we can,' his dad answered. They had a group hug. Don then said that they needed to hit the road the next morning.

That night, Karen came over and stayed the night. Sue and Karen in one bedroom and Mark and his dad in another. The next morning after a friendly family breakfast, Mark and his dad were off to make a pick up.

When Don found that they were going back to the Miami area, he asked Mark, 'Would you like to make a detour and stop off and see Sam?'

'Fuck yea. And when you talk to him tell him I said to make sure he's in uniform.'

When they were a day away, Don called Sam, asking if he wanted to meet them and also what Mark had said.

'You better believe I want to meet up with you two, and tell Mark I'll be in complete uniform. Let me know what time.'

The next morning, Don called Sam and said that they should be in about noon or a little after and that they be free all night. Sam said to meet in the restaurant.

Don and Mark arrived shortly and went to the restaurant and waited at a table away from the main crowd. Shortly after, Sam arrived and joined them. After the public handshakes, Sam said, 'The hello kisses will be later in private.'

He sat down and they ordered lunch. After ordering, Don asked, What's the status with the brothers and the sheriff?'

'The brothers are in isolation, with no bail. As for the sheriff, he's dead.'

'What?' said Don, shocked. 'What happened?'

'When we arrest anyone for any type of sexual activity, we put a red band on their right arm. That lets everyone know to keep them out of the general population. Well, Bubba decided to tear his off and after bond hearing, the deputies didn't see a red band and put him in with the main group. Somehow word got out about him raping a teen boy and we found him dead in the showers wigh a baseball bat shoved up his butt and his cock cut off. They finally found it up inside him ahead of the bat.'

Damn,' said Mark.

'Did they ever find out who did it?' Don asked.

'We checked but not very hard. The official report says 'killed by person or persons unknown'. The brothers are scared shitless and will probably plead guilty just to get out of there, but state prison is even more dangerous for them. Even in isolation, I wouldn't give you two cents for their chances. No big loss there.'

They ate and headed for the rig. once they were all inside and the privacy curtain closed, Sam grabbed Mark and kissed him. Mark deftly removed Sam's handcuffs from their holder and eased Sam's right arm up to the bar on the upper bunk. He quickly cuffed the right hand and slipped the other cuff over the bar and around Sam's left wrist.

'What the fuck are you doing?' Sam asked.

'You'll see.'

Mark stood in front of Sam and began caressing his body and crotch, feeling Sam's cock grow stiff. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open all the way. Starting with Sam's ears he kissed and licked his way to the two rigid large nipples, sucking each one in turn. Sam moaned softly. Mark unbuckled the gun belt and placed it on the floor before opening Sam's pants and letting them fall to the floor. Sam was wearing no underwear and as the pants fell, his cock sprang out, pointing up to the ceiling.

Mark worked his way down from the nipples to the navel, then the pubes, then the large firm nut sack. After licking and sucking the deputies balls, Mark licked the big mushroom cockhead.

Mark dropped to his knees and egan sucking Sam's cock slowly and gently, ever so gradually picking up speed. When he could tell that Sam was close to a climax he stopped, and began sucking his dad's hard throbbing cock. Don was thoroughly enjoying the show.

Mark returned to Sam's cock. Again when Sam was close, Mark stopped. After doing this many times, Sam was begging Mark to go all the way and let him climax. Mark refused.

'You bastard. Stop torturing me. Please, let me cum.'

After two more times, Mark sucked Sam to completion. The edging had built up a huge load in Sam, and when it erupted, it was all Mark could do to not loose any. When Sam was completely drained, Mark slowly removed the cuffs.

'You son-of-a-bitch. That was pure torture. I'll get even sometime. As Sam sucked Dom, Mark fucked Sam's ass. For three hours, there was cnstant sucking and/or fucking. Sam finally said that he had to get back to the office. Don told him that they would be there all night if he wanted to stop back by. Sam said he'd try.

After Samleft. Mark and Don headed for the restuarant. As the sat down, Mark spotted a hot young driver at another table. The driver was extremely well built, with his shirt open half way down revealing exceptionally well developed pecs. He had a meatly trimmed thin dark beard and moustache. He appeared to be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties.

Mark couldn't help but stare. Soon the driver made eye contact. Mark smiled and casually licked his lips. The driver smiled back. When the driver finished his meal, Mark followed at a discrete distance as the driver headed for the restroom. When Mark entered, the driver was there alone, standing at the urinal with his bpants open and cock hanging out.

Mark walked up to the urinal next to him and casually glanced over at the long uncut cock hanging out.

'You like what you see?' the driver asked.

'Yea, I do.'

'You want it?'


'Well, it's yours, but I'll tell you ahead of time, I don't suck or anything.'

'No problem, but do you mind if two of us work on it at the same time?'

'Fuck, two of you? Never done that before, but it sunds exciting. Sure, I guess that would be alright. Who did you have in mind?'

'My dad.'

'You're fucking joking, right?'

'Nope. If you want me and my dad to work on it together, follow us to our rig.'

Mark turned and walked out, motioning for Don to join him. As they walked together to the rig, Don glanced back and said, 'That hunk you followed to the restroom is following us.'

'I know. He just wants to get sucked but likes the idea of two guys working on it at the same time.'

Mark and Don climbed up in the truck and went behind the privacy curtains, leaving the driver's door open. The driver climbed in and they heard the door lock sound just before the driver stepped to the back.

'Are you two really father and son?'

'Yes we are,' Said Don.

'This is weird, but kind of exciting.'

'Well, why don't you strip and get comfortable and lay down on the bed.,' Mark told him.

The driver did and When Mark and Don were naked they each lay beside him, one on each side. Then began carressing his neck with their tongues and together moved down his body to his nipples. The driver moaned softly. They continued going lower. As they reached his pubes they reversed their position in bed, putting each of their cocks only inches from his head.

They began working on his cock and balls, alternating between them. As one sucked slowly and gently on his cock, the other gently sucked and caressed his balls. The young driver moaned with pleasure. 'Man, I've never felt anything this fucking good. Damn, am I turned on.'

A few minutes later, as Mark was sucking the drivers long nine inch cock, he felt a hand grasp his. he looked down and the driver was gently stroking it as well as Don's. Mark resumed sucking and to Mark's surprise, he suddenly felt a warm mouth swallow his hard cock. The so-called straight trucker was sucking his cock. Mark watched as the driver sucked him before turning and starting to suck Don's cock. This turned both Don and Mark on. As the driver drew closer to his climax, so did they. As the driver's breathing became more rapid, Mark suddenly exploded into the driver's mouth. The driver gagged for aa second then began swallowing. He took Marks load and as he turned to take Don's cock in his mouth, his cock exploded into Mark's mouth. As Don watched Mark take the drivers load, Don's own cock burst forth feeding the driver his second load, which he also swallowed. The driver looked down at his cock still in Mark's mouth and watched as father and son kissed and shared his load.

As the driver dressed, he looked at them and said, 'I swear that is the first time I've ever had a man's cock that close to my face, much less in my mouth. A euphoria of some type came over me and I knew that I had to suck you both off. I must admit, however, that it wasn't near as bad as I imagined it would be, and in a strange way, I enjoyed it. Whether or not I'll do it again, I don't know.' With that, he turned and left the truck.

Don turned to Mark and said, 'That euphoria as he called it was nothing more than curiosity. He wanted to see what it was like to suck a guys cock.'

'Well, he had two cocks to experiment with. If he hadn't enjoyed it I don't think he would have turned to you and sucked you off,' Mark replied.

'Very true.'

They returned to the restaurant for dinner then returned to the rig in case Sam came back by. About nine Sam called and said another deputy had called in sick and he was having to take his shift, but he'd try to get by about six the next morning if that was okay. Don said yes and to just bang on the door.

The next morning however they were both awake and waiting and Sam showed up at a quarter past six. After sucking both their cocks, Sam's portable radio sounded and he answered. there had been a shooting during the night and he was needed at the scene. Sam quickly dressed and bid them farewell.

Don and Mark ate breakfast then headed out. As they drove down the two lane highway on their way to the interstate, Mark suddenly screamed, 'DAD, STOP NOW.'

As Don down shifted and slowed toward the narrow shoulder he asked what was wrong.

'I'm sure I saw a man laying in the weeds back by the road. He looked pretty beat up from what I could tell.'

Don backed up the big rig and soon Mark said, 'There,' pointing to the shoulder of the road. They both jumped out and ran to the man's side. He was wearing tan shorts and torn bloody tee shirt and sneakers.

'Well, he's still breathing. Mark, go call 911.'

'NO!' the man said, as he raised his head and looked at them.

'Buddy, you need medical help. what happened?'

'I was beat up and left for dead. You've got to help me get away from here.'

'Look, you need medical attention. Let us get you some help.'

'Pal, if you want to help, get me as far away from here as possible. Please. I'm begging you.'

Don hesitated then said to Mark, 'Let's get him up in the rig.' They helped the man up and to the truck and into the sleeper. As Mark cleaned the man's wounds as good as he could, Don returned to the highway.

As Mark worked on the man, Don asked what was going on.

'I'll tell you in due time. Just please get me out of here.' They could see that the man was in pain. Don offered him one of the pain killers he had in his bag. The man accepted and was soon snoring.

A short time later Don's cell phone rang. It was Sam.

When Don answered, Sam asked if they were n the road yet. Don said yes and Sam asked if they had seen anyone on foot along the way. Lying, Don said no.

'Are you sure?' Sam asked. 'You don't sound sure.'

'No, Sam we havent. What's going on?

'The guy is Josh Duncan, mid-thirties, last seen wearing tan shorts, tee shirt and sneakers. He wanted for questioning in an attempted murder.'

Don glanced over at Mark and mouthed 'Wow'.




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