Mark didn't recognize the man walking toward them, but when he heard him call him 'son' he knew that he was on their side.

'Yea, dad, I'm fine.'

The one brother, fairly well built but obviously a country redneck, told Sam to set the briefcase down.

'Not until you untie my son and he is half way to me. At that point I'll set it down and step back. The brother agreed and untied Mark's hands and released him saying, 'If you try anything funny, your dad is the first one shot.'

Mark walked slowly toward Sam and when he was half way to him, Sam sat down the briefcase and stepped back two paces. When Mark reached him Sam hugged him just as any father would do, whispering in his ear, 'Your dad is in the truck.'

They turned and walked to the rig with Mark climbing in on the passenger side. 'Stay back, Don.' Sam slammed his door shut and casually reached for his hand radio and said 'Now.'

At that, about ten SWAT members swarmed out of the woods, surrounding the brothers. Once they were disarmed and in custody, Sam approached the brothers.

'You can't arrest us. We're in Jackson county and you have no authority here.'

'You're wrong, Bubba. The Jackson county line is still a half mile further down the road. You're still in Walker county. I knew I'd get you and Luke sooner or later.'

As Sam rode back to the truck stop with Don and Mike, Don asked how it was that they didn't recognize him.

'I've only been on the force here about ten months. They have a warrent out for them for assault and breaking and entering and theft of property. The jumped bail about a week before I arrived and have stayed clear of Walker county until now. Their uncle, Dub Collier, is the sheriff of Jackson county and let's them get away with anything. He refuses to honor our warrents.'

'Did you say their uncle was named Dub?' Mark asked.

'Yea, why?'

'Well, while I was being held, they repeatedly raped me. My hands were kept tied to the headboard and last night just at dark one of them said, 'Here he comes.' They put a black bag over my head and when the guy walked in they said, 'Hey Dub, wanta fuck this young tight faggot?'. He replied in a deep coarse voice, 'Watch what you say.' I then heard something that sounded like a buckle being undone and then something hit the floor. They turned me sideways in the bed and then I felt him entering me. One of the guys said, 'See, we told you he was tight.' The guy proceeded to rape me also.'

'So, their uncle was in on it also. It doesn't surprise me,' Sam said. 'We have to find a way to get him to Walker county so he can be arrested and tried along with them and I think I have an idea.'

Sam picked up his radio and said into it, 'Dispatch, patch me through to the sheriff in Jackson county.'

When Sheriff Collier answered, Sam said, 'Sheriff Collier, this is Deputy Sam Taylor from Walker county.'

'Okay, so what do you want?' the sheriff cut in.

'I wanted to let you know that Luke and Bubba were down here and were speeding and a tire blew out. They're both in General Hospital in critical condition. I thought you'd want to know.'

'Oh, uh yea, thanks.'

The connection was broken and Sam said, 'If I know him like I think I do, he's on his way to try and get them moved to Jackson County General, out of our jurisdiction.'

'What are you going to do?' Don asked.

They were pulling into the truck stop as Sam said, 'I'm going to change back into uniform and go to the hospital with a few other deputies and be waiting for him.'

'Are we free to leave?'

'No, once Dub is in custody, I'll need Mark at the station to identify them, and since your from out of state, I'll talk to the prosicuter and the judge and see if we can do a taped testimony from Mark and you to use at the trial.'

Don asked if he and Mark could go to the hospital as observers. Sam said yes since Dub had never seen Marks face. They rode with Sam and waited at the hospital. Sam was in plain view and the three other deputies were in plain clothes sitting in the lobby. Sam saw Dub pull into the parking lot and signaled the deputies. They stood in a group a few feet away from Sam talking casually.

As Dub walked in, Sam approached and said, 'Sheriff Collier?'

'Yea. Where are my nephews?'

The three deputies approached Dub from the rear as Sam said, 'Sheriff Collier, you're under arrest for forceable rape.' He dictated the sheriffs rights as the deputies cuffed him.

'What the fuck are you talking about?'

'Your nephews weren't in an accident. They were arrested while trying to collect ransom for an eighteen year old boy that they kidnapped from the truck stop and held against his will and while being held was forceably raped numerous times. You have been identified as participating in that rape.'

The sheriff was led away and Sam took Don and Mark back to the truck stop.

Once alone in the sleeper of the truck, Don hugged and kissed Mark and asked if he was really okay.

'Yes, dad I am. I pretended to resist and begged them not to fuck me but what those dumb yokels didn't know is that I was enjoying every minute of it.'

'Well, we have a problem,' Don said.

'I know. Mom. I heard what they told her. What did she say to you?'

'You call her and let her know that you're okay. Deny everything. After I hear what you say to her, we'll get our stories straight so when we get home, we're saying the same thing.'

'Got it,' Mark answered as he called his Mom.

Mark was honest with his Mom up to a point. He told her that he was abducted at gun point, tied up and analy raped. He assured her that he was okay.

'Mom, I don't know where those perverts came up with that story. They are just some sick country hicks that let their imagination go wild. It's probably something that they wanted to do but never got the chance.'

Don took the phone and assured his wife that Mark was fine and that as soon as they made their drop in Miami he would get a return load close to home or come back empty so she could see for herself that Mark was fine.

That night Mark ate a huge dinner. When they returned to the rig, they stripped and climbed into bed. They kissed and cuddled for over an hour when Mark looked at Don and said, 'I've had enough fucking for a few days but I'd love a good sixty-nine.'

With that, Don flipped around and they hungrily sucked each other off, swallowing each others loads as if there was not to be any more in the future.

The next morning, Sam called and said that the taped testimony was approved and that he would pick them up at nine. Dub had called a lawyer friend of his and he would be representing all three.

Sam picked them up and drove them to the court house. They entered the courtroom where a video camera was set up and waiting. The judge entered and the three men were escourted in wearing their orange, county issued jumpsuits.

The prosicuter went first asking Don to tell his side of the tale. Don did, recounting his looking for Mark and what the old black trucker had told him and about his phone calls for the ransom. He told what the guys had said and when questioned about he and Mark's relationship, he denied everything, saying that they only had the normal father son relationship.

Then Mark took the stand and, changing the beginning of the encounter, said that they were making sexual remarks to him in the restroom and when he tried to leave that they grabbed him and put a gun to his ribs and took him to the truck. He recounted being tied to the bed and repeatedly raped by the two brothers. When asked if he could identify them he said yes and pointed them out.

When asked about Dub, he said his head was covered and all he heard was the voice. The prosicuter asked if he could identify the voice. Mark said yes and asked that Dub say 'Watch what you say.' The judge instructed Dub to repeat it.

'That's the third guy that raped me. I'll never forget that voice.'

Both Don and Mark were cross-examined by the defense attorny but their testamony could not be shaken, especially Marks.

The proceedings ended and the judge recessed, saying that if necessary, they might be called to testify again in person but he didn't think that would be necessary.

Sam walked out with them. As they headed back to the truck stop, Sam said something that shocked them both.

'There is nothing that brings a father and son closer than having sex together. I know because my dad and I have been having sex together since I was nineteen and told him I was gay.'

'What?' said Don stunned.

'Yes, I'm gay. To be crude, I suck, fuck and get fucked. I love it all but not when it's forced. And I'll be honest with you, I think you two are hot at it when ever you get a chance.'

He looked over at Don, then back at Mark.

'Am I right?'

'Yes, Sam, you're right. Are you going to take us back to change our testimony?'

'Fuck no, it's none of their business. Besides everybody around here including the judge wants to see all three sent away. They'll each get at least fifteen years. That judge is hard as nails.'

'So you don't think bad of me for having sex with Mark?'

'Not in the least. If I was in your shoes I'd be doing the same thing. You are both hot as hell.'

They arrived at the truck stop and as they got out, Don looked at Sam and said, 'You're pretty hot yourself. Would you like to come up and visit with us a while?' There was a smile on his face.

Sam smiled back and said, 'Yea, I'd like that very much.'

They all climbed up into the rig and went back into the sleeper. Mark immediately began kissing Sam as Don began stripping. Soon they were all three naked and Sam was alternating sucking on their cocks. Mark sucked Sam off as Don plowed his ass, with Sam telling him to go harder and deeper. After both Sam and Don climaxed , Sam sucked Mark off. After Sam dressed, they made sure that they each still had the other's phone numbers. They both kissed Sam good bye.

They made their drop in Miami and managed to get a load to be delivered just a hundred miles from home.

Don called and told Sue that they would be home in four days. When they arrived, Sue was waiting and as Mark climbed down from the rig she hugged him tightly.

'Are you sure you are alright?'

'Yes, mom, I'm fine. No scars.'

Don walked up and hugged and kissed Sue. She wasn't as responsive as he thought she would be.

They walked into the house and Don and Sue went into the kitchen.

As Don sat at the table and opened a beer he could tell that there was something on her mind.

She made small talk and he had had enough.

'Sue, spit it out. What's wrong?'

'Don, I want a divorce. I've met someone else.'




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