'What did you say?' dad asked me.

'I asked you to give me a blow job. Look, you said that I'd probably get curious and if I did to be careful who I did it with. Either you can show me what it's like to get a blow job or I'll go stick it through some glory hole and let whoever there show me what it's like.'

'Mark, settle down. I'd love to give you your first blow job. It's just that you caught me totally off guard. Do you want it now?'

'Yea, right now.'

'Okay, then. Lay back and relax. Can I also show you a couple of other pleasures?'

'Sure, Dad. I'm all yours. Do what ever you want.'

I lay back on the bunk and dad spread my legs. My cock was already hard at the thought of getting it sucked off. I had heard that a man could suck cock better than a woman and I was now about to find out.

Instead of sucking me, dad grasped my cock in his right hand and began stroking it. As he did this I watched as he lowered his head. I suddenly felt his tongue began to lick and caress my balls. It felt wonderful. He gently sucked one of my balls into his mouth and gently massaged it with his tongue. Then he did the same with the other. The feeling was indescribable.

He released my cock and gently raised my legs, pushing them back over my head. I then felt his hot moist tongue begin to gently lick my anal opening.

'Oh, fuck,' I moaned.

His hands gripped my ass cheeks and began to spread them apart. As he did this, he began inserting the tip of his tongue into my ass. He pushed his face as far as possible into my ass and fucked me with his tongue.

'Oh, damn dad. what are you doing? That feels so fucking good.'

He stopped and looked at me and said, 'I'm rimming your asshole. I take it you like it.'

'Oh fuck yea. It feels great.'

He returned to eating my ass for a few more minutes before again licking my balls. I slowly lowered my legs as he again grasp my hard throbbing cock, which by now was pouring out precum.

'Ummm,' he said as he looked at it. He took his tongue and licked it off. My body jerked at the sensation.

'Now for your first male blow job,' he said before taking the head of my cock into his mouth and caressing it with his tongue.

'Oh, fuck, yea,' I moaned.

Then, in one steady movement, he swallowed my entire eight inch cock, burying his nose in my pubic hairs.

'Oh, motherfuck, damn,' I exclaimed.

He began raising and lowering his head in a steady rhythm.

'Fuck, dad, that feels so damn good. It's better than any pussy I've ever had. Don't stop.'

Dad continued sucking and as my breathing got faster so did he. Before long, I knew the inevitable was approaching.

'Oh, fuck, dad, I'm about to cum.'

Dad sucked faster and then it happened.

'AGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH,' I screamed as my load burst forth into dad's mouth and down his throat. He continued sucking and swallowing and I continued shooting. When he had the last drop extracted from my throbbing cock, he pulled off and looked at me and said, 'From your sounds, I take it that you enjoyed that.'

'Fuck yea! Dad, that was better than I ever dreamed it would be. Fuck, you can do me any time you want. You don't even need to ask.'

Dad started laughing.

'How was it for you?' I asked.

'Unbelievable, since it was your cock I was sucking. That made it the best ever. And if you're serious, I do want to do it to you again and often.'

'I meant exactly what I said.'

'Great, but for now, let's get dressed and go get breakfast.

We dressed and went into the restaurant and as we ate, I leaned close to dad and said, 'I wonder what these guys would think if they knew you just gave your own son his first blow job?'

'Most would probably think it was sick, and some would be jealous as hell that they didn't get to give it to you. You're a damn hot looking stud.'

We left and hit the road again. Dad said that we'd be unloading the next day about noon if things went as planned. I had made good use of my camera, getting some fantastic shots.

All day, I thought about what had happened and what I wanted to do. I realized that for the last two years, my casual glances at the guys in the gym at school were more than that. I now realized that there was a certain desire in those glances.

That night after we parked and showered we went to the restaurant and ate. Afterward, I asked dad if he would like some privacy in the sleeper. He knew that I was asking if he wanted to find a driver to take there for sex.

'No, son. If it's okay with you, I'd like us to go back there and I'd just like to cuddle with you and hold you.'

'Sounds great to me,' I replied.

As we lay in bed, dad wrapped his arm around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. I began running my hand through the light coating of hair on his chest. As I brushed across one of his nipples he moaned. I returned to it and asked if that felt good. 'Oh, yea,' he replied. I noticed his cock twitch and begin to rise. I knew what I had to do.

I sat up and took his cock in my hand. As I leaned forward he said, 'No, Mark.'

'Yes,' I answered. 'I have to.'

'No, you don't.'

'Yes, I do, dad. I'll explain later.'

His cock had begun to leak the clear sweet precum. I licked it off and savored the taste. Then I did it. I sucked my dad's hard cock into my mouth and began sucking it. As I did, dad let out a loud moan of pleasure. As I sucked the precum flowed and I swallowed. It was delicious. Dad began breathing heavier and raising his hips. I knew he was close.

'Look out, son. I'm close. You better stop.'

I kept sucking and dad erupted in my mouth crying out, 'Damn, I'm cummmminngg.'

I quickly began swallowing. I figured that if dad could do it so could I. I found that I liked the taste and made sure I got every drop. When I had, I leaned back up and as I got close to his face, I said, 'Tell me if I do this wrong.'

Before he could say anything I had my lips pressed to his and opened my mouth and offered my tongue. He responded immediately and we kissed passionately for several minutes.

When we seperated, he smiled and said, 'You did that like an expert. It was perfect. Now, what made you do the other?'

'Dad, all day I've thought about the last couple of years at school. I realized that when I'd look at the guys in the shower it wasn't curiosity, but lust. When that friend started to go down on me I wanted him to and I wanted to do him, but I wouldn't admit it to myself. Then when I saw you in the woods, I knew I had to find a way to try it with you. Dad, I loved it. I think I can now admit to myself that I'm gay also.'

'Son, one time doesn't make you gay. It's a lifestyle, not just something that happens. You may realize that you don't want this lifestyle and that's okay.'

'Dad, at both lunch and dinner, I was looking at the guys in the restaurants and wondering what they would be like in bed, even though I had never dont it then. I want to suck you more that just this one time.'

'Let's get some sleep. We can talk tomorrow. You might feel different then.'

The next morning I awoke first and the sight of dad's cock excited me. I wanted it again. I sat up and leaned over and began sucking him. He soon awoke, laughed, and said, 'At it again, I see. Well, I guess we both can do it.' He adjusted himself and was soon in a sixty-nine.

That was hotter than the individual sucking. It didn't take either of us long to climax. We fed each other our loads and both eagerly swallowed.

We dressed, ate and headed for our delivery. We made our drop and dad called the dispatcher and we had about a three hour run to our next pickup. We had to be there at ten the next morning.

We arrived in town about five and showered and ate, then returned to the rig. As we lay cuddling in bed, Dad turned to me and kissed me and asked, 'Mark, would you like to fuck your old man? I'd love to feel that up my ass.'

'Sure, I'd like that. You have any lube?'

'How do you know about lube?'

'You forget dad, I had gay friends. We've talked.'

Dad got the lube and lubed my cock and his ass, and lay back and raised his legs. I got into position and began my insertion. The head popped in and dad took a deep breath.

'You okay?' I asked.

'Oh, fuck yea. It feels great. Go on in.'

In one slow continuous move I eased my cock completely up dad's ass. I was in balls deep.

'Now, fuck me son. Fuck me hard and fast. I can take it.'

I began fucking dad's ass and it felt like velvet. I did as he wanted and fucked hard and fast. He pulled my face toward him and we kissed as I fucked him. Soon, I told him I was close.

'Let it go. I want to feel that big load explode in me. Yea, fuck my ass son. Fuck me hard. Fill me up.'

My cock exploded and when I was draided, I colapsed onto dad's chest.

'Son, that was the best fuck I've ever had. I loved it. My ass is yours anytime you want it.'

'Dad, that was great. I loved it. After I rest a minute, I want you to fuck me. I want to see what it's like.'

'Are you sure? It's going to hurt like hell at first.'

'If you can do it, I can do it.'

After a while I told dad I was ready. He lubed my ass and began working on me with his fingers, first one, then two, then three. My ass began to stretch. He lubed his cock and got into position. 'Get ready,' he said.

I prepared myself for the invasion but never dreamed it would hurt as bad as it did.

The head popped into me and I screamed out, 'Oh mother fuck, that hurts.'

'You want me to stop?'

'No!' I exclaimed. 'Just give me time to get used to it.'

Dad held still and after a while I said to continue but to go slow.

'If at any time you want me to stop, just say so.'

'Go on.'

Dad slowly worked his cock in and out, going slightly deeper with each forward thrust.

After a couple of minutes, I felt like an electrical shock went through me.

'What was that you hit?'

'Your prostate. It's the male version of a womans clit. Sometimes just rubbing it will make you cum.'

After a couple more minutes, dad looked at me and said, 'How's it feeling now?'

'Much better. In fact it kind of feels good.'

'Just wait. You've got it all now, so let me show what it's like to get fucked.'

Dad began a steady in and out action, rubbing the head across my prostate. It began to feel better and better. Before long, I heard myself saying, 'Oh yea dad fuck me. Fuck my virgin hole.'

Dad did just that. I looked at him and said, 'Oh, shit dad I feel like I'm about to cum.'

'Let it go and we'll cum together.'

Just as I opened my mouth to say 'AGH', my cock exploded sending the first huge long rope of cum straight into my mouth. As the rest shot onto my chest and stomach, I swallowed my own cum. At that time dad climaxed and the feeling of his cum filling my hole was fantastic. He slowly pulled out and began laughing.

'So, you got a taste of your own, huh?'

'Yea. You ever taste your own?'

'Fuck yea, many times. At night if I jerk off and don't have a rag handy, I'll shoot into my hand and eat it.'

'You're fucking kidding me?'

'Nope. Next time we jerk off I'll prove it.'

'That I want to watch.'

'How did you like your first cock in your ass?'

'Dad, I have to be honest. I loved it. Everything we've done, I've loved. I can't see me going back to pussy.'

We cleaned up and went to sleep. Oversleeping the next morning there was just enough time for a quick breakfast before going to pick up our load.

It was a short haul, due to be delivered the next afternoon. As we drove, I looked at dad and asked, 'Dad, have you ever been in a three-way?'

'Yes son, I have. Many times.'

'Who does who?'

'Well, you just do what ever with whomever. Somtimes you have a cock in your ass and mouth at the same time. Or, you might be getting sucked while sucking the thrid guy. 'Why do you ask?'

'I'd like to try a three-way. I'd like to see what it's like to suck a stranger.'

'Well, let's see what turns up. We might be able to do that tomorrow.'

'Really? With who?'

'I;ve delivered to this warehouse several times before. Luke, the warehouse foreman is gay and hot as hell. He's in his late twenties, very muscular and hairy, and has nine inches on him. To look at him, you'd think he be the one wanting to fuck, but it's just the opposite. He loves to get fucked. I might be able to arrange something with him. You could fuck him then suck him while I fuck him.'

'Nah. I'd rather sit back and watch you fuck him then have you sit and watch me fuck and suck him.'

'Damn, Mark, that sounds hot as hell. I'd like watching you in action.'

We drove then stopped for the night. We didn't have sex that night, just cuddled and kissed. The next day shortly after noon, we came upon an accident that had the freeway shut down. After two hours we began rolling again and dad called to see if Luke could stay late to unload us.

After dialing the number, dad looked at me and smiled. When they answered, dad asked for Luke.

'Luke, hey this is Dan. I've got your delivery but there was an accident and I'll be about an hour and a half late. Can you wait?'

There was a pause, then dad said, 'Yea, I was hoping you'd be up for some sex. In fact how would you like a three-way?'

Another pause, then 'I've got someone with me and I think you might like him.'

Finally dad said, 'Great, we'll see you later this afternoon.'

Turning to me he said, 'It's all set.'

'Damn,' I said, 'I'm getting a boner just thinking about it.'

'Me too.'

We arrived to find only one vehicle in the lot. Dad sounded the horn and the gate rolled open and we pulled in. Dad backed up to the dock and climbed down telling me to wait in the truck.

I watched as dad climbed up on the dock with Luke. Dad was right he was hot. He kissed dad and I could tell they were exchanging tongues.

I heard Luke ask, 'Where's the other guy?'

'He's in the rig asleep. Let's get this unloaded and I'll wake him up.'

After a while I heard dad close the back of the trailer. He came to the rig and told me to join them. LUke had already gone to the break room and by the time we got there he was naked and hard.

'Luke, I'd like you to meet my son, Mark.'

'Your what?' he said.

'My son. You've heard me talk about him before.'

'Yea, but I didn't know he played. When did it all start?'

'A week ago.' Dad filled him in on getting caught and my coming out.

'Well, I'll be damned. I bet your one happy fucker now.'

'That I am.'

'Okay, am I going to be the only one around here thats naked?'

Dad and I quickly stripped. Luke dropped to his knees and sucked on both our cocks, as dad and I kissed and made out.

Dad asked if he was ready to get fucked and Luke said he was always ready. He turned and bent over a table and dad stepped behind him and without hesitation, went straight in balls deep.

'Oh, fuck yea. You remember how I like it.'

Dad fucked him hard and deep as Luke begged him to go deeper and harder. Dad soon climaxed and pulled out. I decided I wanted to suck him first and was soon between his legs sucking the nine inch tool. Before long, Luke let out a yell as he climaxed sending huge spurts of cum into my mouth and down my throat. When he was don, i stood up and turned him around and plowed straight into his hole. once in I began fucking hard and fast.

'Damn, kid, your as good as your old man.'

'I had a good teacher.' I said as I pounded his ass, soon filling him with my hot cum.

When it was over. we dressed and as we walked back to the rig, Luke laughed and said, 'I'ts bee a long fucking time since I had two studs like yu two plow my ass. It was great. Dan, I hope you being him back again.'

'I'll try to get back this way with another load for you. If not, maybe we can come through and lay over and we can meet up.'

'Hey, I'd like that. Maybe be able to make it last longer,' Luke said.

He kissed us both good bye and we headed out. As we drove out, dad asked, 'Well?'

'It was hot. That mother shoots huge loads.'

'Yea, I know. I should have warned you.'

'Next three-way we have I want more sucking involved,' I said.

Dad laughed.

The next morning we called for our next load and headed out to pick it up. It was a delivery fron Idaho to Miami.

I couldn't help but wonder what this run would bring.




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