As Mark and his dad headed for Miami, Mark began to reflect on the events of the last couple of weeks.

It had begun with him graduating high school. He was a cunt hungry eighteen year old although he had a couple of gay friends and was curious, he considered himself straight.

Then he had seen his dad having sex with another man and became more curious. after talking with his dad and finding out that his dad had been bisexual since high school, Mark became more curious. He then approached his dad and said he wanted to see what it was like.

Now, right at two weeks later, after experiencing both giving and receiving oral and anal sex not only with his dad but in a three-way also, I was admitting to myself that I was gay. My interest in cunt was no longer there. My interest now was in male sex. I found it more exciting and satisfying than sex with a female.

As they rolled down the highway, I wanted to suck dad again. He knelt between the seats and began opening his dad's pants.

'What the fuck are you doing? I'm trying to drive.'

'I'm going to suck your cock. You just keep your eyes on the road and enjoy it.'

I swallowed my dad's now hard cock and began deepthroating it. Soon, Dan was feeding me a thick hot load of his man sauce. 'Oh, fuck!' Dan exclaimed as he filled my mouth. I was quickly swallowing every drop as I felt the rig swerve on the road.

Damn, son. you do that and you're going to have us in the fucking ditch.'

I looked at dad and smiled. 'But you did enjoy it didn't you?'

'Fuck yea, I did. I haven't had that done while I was driving in a couple of years.'

'Who was it that sucked you?' I asked.

'It was a young college guy on his way home for Christmas. It was snowing and I didn't have the heart to leave him on the side of the road. He kept saying he wished there was something he could do to thank me. I kept telling him not to worry about it. He was hot and I wanted to get in his pants but I didn't think he'd go along with it.'

'What happened?'

'Well, he suddenly did just exactly what you did. I was so shocked I couldn't respond. Before I knew it he had my cock in his mouth and was sucking away. I was horny as hell and it didn't take me long. I warned him but he kept at it and when I busted my nuts he swallowed it all. I could tell it wasn't his first cock to suck.'

'Did you get to do him?'

'Hell yea. The next rest area I got to I pulled in and took him in the back and after I sucked him off he begged me to fuck him which I gladly did. He road with me about three more hours before he said we were at the road that led up to his parents farm. I stopped and let him out and he thanked me for a great trip.'

'Damn, dad. Do you pick up hitchhikers often?'

'Hell no. It's too dangerous. I might consider it though if they are hot looking and clean and well dressed. But then I still might pass them by.'

We stopped for lunch and as we waited for our meal, dad went to the restroom. He came back with a smile on his face.

'What are you grinning about?' I asked.

'Let's ust say I had desert before the meal. There is a gloryhole in the restroom.'

'You asshole. Who was it, do you know?'

'Yea, see that tall guy in the red tank top? It was him.'

'Was it nice?'

'Oh, yea. About nine inches.'

'Did he do you?'

'Nope. Just got his off and left.'

Our meal was delivered and we ate and as soon as I was finished, I told dad I'd be back in a little while.

I went to the restroom and before returning to the table where dad was waiting I had sucked off two drivers.

'Any luck?'

'Yep. The guy at the counter with the blue shirt and the one in the corner with the cowboy hat.'

'Damn, they're both nice.'

'But not as big as the one you had.'

We left and returned to the road. I dozed while dad drove and at mid-afternoon I roused up and as dad and I talked about my going to college, I spotted a guy on the side of the road up ahead.

'Slow down some and let's check him out,' I said.

Dad began slowing down some and as we drew closer, I looked at dad and said, 'That's a fucking Marine. Look at his bag.'

As we got closer we could see he was in his early twenties and well built. He was clean and being military, we felt comfortable giving him a ride.

As dad pulled to the shoulder of the road, he said, 'I doubt seriously if he'll play.'

'If not, we'll just have to behave while he's with us,' I said.

The Marine came jogging up to the passenger door. I opened it and as we looked down at him dad said, 'Where ya' headed?' Dad asked.

'Dallas,' the Marine answered.

'Hope in. We're going right through there.'

'I appreciate it but I don't want to crowd you up.'

'Nonsense. Get on up here. Mark, take his bag and let him have your seat.'

The Marine handed his bag up and I placed it in the sleeper and grabbed a stool and placed it between the seats. The Marine climbed up and took the passenger seat.

'Sir, you don't know how I appreciate this. My name is Brad Daly.'

'I'm Don, and this is my son Mark. He's riding with me for the summer.'

After the greetings we found out that Brad was going home on leave before being deployed to the middle east. He was twenty-three years old and single. He was raised on a farm, but his folks sold it and retired to a condo on the outskirts of Dallas.

We talked about the Marines and the like and soon it was time for dinner. We stopped at a truck stop and went in and when we ordered, Brad looked at dad and said, 'Sir, this is on me.'

'Son, you're serving your country so we can stay free. You keep your money. I'm buying.'

We ate and returned to the road for a while when dad said his alloted time behind the wheel was up. We pulled off into a rest area.

Brad got a funny look on his face when we stepped into the sleeper. Dad noticed it and said, 'Don't worry Brad. That bed is big enough for all three of us.'

'I was kind of wondering. I see that I'm not going to be able to do what I do in the barracks.'

'And what's that?' I asked.

Brad blushed as he smiled and said, 'Sleep nude. A lot of us do it.'

'Do it here. We both sleep that way ourselves,' Dad replied.

'Damn, that's cool. I haven't slept in the same bed with another nude male since my brother and I used to go camping a few years ago before I signed up.'

'You both slept nude in the same bed?' I asked.

'Well, the same double sleeping bag. We'd camp out in a tent.'

'Fucking awesome.' I said. 'Can i get nosy and asked if you ran around like that during the day?'

'MARK!' dad snapped. 'That's none of your business.'

'I don't mind, sir. Yes Mark we did. We'd stay that way all weekend. Do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.'

'Man, could my imagination go wild with that statement,' I replied.

Brad smiled and said, 'And you'd probably be right.'

We let the subject drop and began to undress. Son, Brad and I were both naked and ready to climb into bed.

'You two go ahead. I'm going to head into the restroom and take a dump. Just put me on the outside in case I have to get up for any reason.'

Brad climbed in first ans went to the far side. That put me in the middle. We talked for a while before falling asleep. Dad still wasn't back. I had a hunch that he was with another driver in his rig having sex or in the restroom jerking off.

During the night I felt something and woke up. Brad was on his side facing me and his hand was resting on my lower stomach. I felt it move slightly. I didn't let on that I was awake.

I felt his hand move again, going lower. My cock began to stiffen. Soon, the head was touching the side of his hand. He raised his hand and laid it on my cock very gently grasping it. 'This fucking Marine plays,' I thought. I lay still and after a few minutes he released my cock and turned over toward the wall.

I waited and after a while I turned toward him and let my arm fall across his hips. My fingertips were at his cock and it was hard as steel. I eased my hand forward, knowing that he was still awake and gripped it and gave it a feel. Damn, was it nice. I released it and turned back over and went back to sleep with some difficulty.

The next morning as we dressed for breakfast, I noticed Brad look at me with a slight smile. I told dad to go ahead and get a table and we'd be there shortly.

'Will do,' he said. 'Don't forget to lock up.'

'I won't,' I replied and after he left I looked at Brad and said, 'Did you like what you felt last night?'

'Very much. Did you?'

'Yes I did. I was hoping you'd do more. Did you and your brother do that sort of thing when camping?'

'Yes we did. That was the reason for going camping. I wanted to do more but not with your dad here.'

'He's a sound sleeper. Besides, he wouldn't have cared.'


'Brad, are you gay?'

'Yes, I am.'

'Well, so are dad and I. We do each other and others.'

'Damn, man, you have sex with your dad? How long?'

'Only about two weeks now for me but I love it. How long you been at it?'

'Since I was fifteen and my brother was seventeen. He got me started although I was already curious.'

'Damn, is dad ever going to be shocked. Are you into three-ways?'

'Fuck yea. I've done them a few times with a couple of the other guys in the bvarracks when we'd go into town for a weekend.'

'Fucking hot. Hey, later, when we're on the road, I'll come back here and strip. You come back and strip also and we'll get it on and let dad turn around and see us.'

'What do you think he'll do?'

'First, nearly shit. Then probably try to find a place to pull off so he can join us.'

We both began laughing. He leaned toward me and kissed me. I kissed him back then told him that more could come later. We went in and joined dad at the table. Brad kept rubbing his knee against mine.

We finished eatine and returned to the road. Once we were going, Brad asked dad when he thought we'd get to Dallas.

'Probably day after tomorrow sometimes in the morning would be my best guess,' he said. I knew what Brad was wanting to know. How many night would we have together.

Close to eleven, I went to the back and stripped and lay on the bunk. A momemt later Brad came back with an excuse that he needed to get something out of his bag. He quickly stripped and we lay on the bed kissing and making out. When we got into a sixty-nine and began sucking each other and moaning, dad asked, 'Hey guys, what's going on back there?'

He glanced back and all he said was 'Holy shit!'

As predicted, he took the next exit and stopped on the access road and steped to the back.

'Well, I'll be damned. You two sure didn't take long to find out about each other.'

I stopped sucking long enough to say, 'I'll give you a taste, but the cream is mine.'

'Deal,' dad said as he bent forward and took Brad's cock into his mouth and began sucking. Brad reached up and felt dad's boner through his jeans. 'Ummm,' he said as he continued sucking me.

Dad returned to the wheel and began driving as Brad and I finished our sixty-nine. When we had both climaxed and swallowed, we slipped on just shorts and returned up front with dad.

'Well, how was it?' he asked.

'Fantastic,' we both said in unison and began laughing. We told dad the story about us feeling each other the night before.

'How did you and your brother start?' I asked Brad.

'One day whe I was fourteen, I saw my brother, Brian, come out of the house with a brown envelope. He slipped it under his shirt and headed for the barn, looking around nervously. I decided to follow and saw him hide it. It was a few days before I had a chance to go get it and see what it was. It was ome gay magazines he got from somewhere. I looked through them at the guys sucking and fucking and got a boner. Of course, I jerked off.'

'Every chance I got I'd go look at them and jerk off. well one day right after I turned fifteen, I headed out to the bard for my regular routine. I didn't know that his football practice for that day had been cancelled. When I got into the barn, I could hear voices coming from the loft and sneaked up the ladder.'

I saw Brian and his team mate Jim, kissing then get into a sixty-nine and start sucking each other. I got an instant boner. I watched and after a couple minutes, they stopped and Brian got on his knees with his head down and told Jim to fuck him. He did and that's when Brian spotted me. He made me come on up and begged me not to tell mom and dad. I said only if he sucked me while he was getting fucked. He agreed.'

'He started sucking me and I decided I wanted to try it and got under him and as Jim fucked his ass, Brian and I sucked each other. It didn't take me long to shoot and I noticed that Brian didn't spit. I knew he swallowed it. Just as Jim came up Brian's ass Brian came in my mouth. I decided that if he could do it so could I so I swallowed it. Brian and I started having daily sex after that. We started with just the sucking but it soon turned to sucking and fucking. We still do it when we're together.'

'That's fucking hot,' I said.

We stopped for lunch and before we hit the road again, Brad sucked dad off then he and I had another sixty-nine.

That night it was 'no holds barred.' We all sucked and fucked each other. Brad was really turned on watching dad and I have sex. Before we went to bed, Brad said he wanted to get double fucked. I lay down and Brad sat on my cock. After a couple of minutes, he leaned forward, giving dad access to his ass also. Dad eased his cock in with mine as Brad moaned and gritted his teath. Once dad was in, Brad kept saying how great it felt. Dad and I climaxed together, filling Brad with our hot loads.

The nect day was some sex, the last night together was another fuck fest. We again double fucked Brad, as well as having him suck us both off. He fucked both of us and we each gsucked him off.

The next day, shortly before we got to the drop off point for Brad, he again sucked us both off. and dad sucked him off. We wished him well on his deployment and gave him our phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

We dropped him off and as he climbed down he smiled and said, 'I'll remember this trip home always. Brian is definately not going to believe it.'

'Well, if he doesn't, have him call us. We'll verify it,' I said.

We returned to the road and that night we both slept, totally exhausted from the two previous nights activity.

Dad and I both wondered what would be next.




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