Dad had a look of total shock on his face when I asked him if he was gay.

'What makes you ask that?' he said.

'Oh, just something I saw.'

'Well, son, what is it you think you saw?'

'Last night as I headed back to the truck. I saw that the fence had been taken down behind our rig. I decided to do some exploring. I started down the path and heard some noises. I got closer and saw what was going on on those picnic tables.'

'Oh my God, he said, lowering his head. 'What exactly did you see?'

'I saw one driver that I had seen in the truck stop fucking another guy in the ass then suck him off. I also saw you with another guy at another table.'

'Mark, I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I never wanted you to find out and certainly not this way. Yes, I am gay. I should have sat you down and told you'

'Why didn't you?'

'I was afraid of what it might do to our relationship. I was afraid that you'd hate me and never want to see me again. I couldn't have lived with that.'

'Dad, I had gay friends in high school and I didn't hate them and I don't hate you. You're my dad and regardless of who you have sex with I'll always love you and respect you. It makes no difference to me if you're gay or straight or bi. I just wish you had told me.'

'I should have son. I'm sorry. Will you forgive me for being suck a coward?'

'Dad, there is nothing to forgive. If it was reversed, I'd probably have felt just as you did.'

'Son, I love you so fucking much it's unreal. It would have killed me if you hadn't accepted it.'

'Well, I do accept it and don't care one fucking bit. Now lets get back on the road.'

Dad pulled out of the rest area and as he got back up to cruising speed, he said, 'Son, if you have any questions, ask. I'll answer them all honestly.'

'Really? You don't mind talking about it?'

'No, I don't. I think it might even help our relationship. I know that there will always be questions in your mind and you deserve answers.'

'When did it start?' I asked.

'It was back in early high school. A couple of my buddies and I were out one night and horny as hell. We went to a stream and went skinny dipping and when we got out we all had boners. We began stroking and after a while switched and were stroking off one of the others. We called it a circle jerk. One of the guys stopped stroking and said he wanted to see what it was like to suck one. He started sucking the other guy and before we know it we each had a cock in our mouth.'

'Did you go all the way?'

'Yes, we did. Tommy gagged and spit but Larry Johnson and I both swallowed.'

'Mr. Johnson at the bank?'

'Yep. Don't you ever let on that you know.'

'Oh, I won't.'

'Well, Larry and I both kind of enjoyed it. We continued to do it on a regular basis. We started Kissing and making out when alone and naked and would suck each other off. Later we decided to try anal sex, and both enjoyed it. But back then, being gay wasn't as accepted as it is today. Your mom and I started dating and as you know she got pregnant with you before we finished school. I stopped for a long time but when I started driving, I'd run into guys at truck stops with 'glory holes' and it started back up again. Do you know what I mean by a 'glory hole'?'

'You mean the holes in the wall between two stalls in the restrooms?'

'Yea. That's them. I started sucking and getting sucked through the holes. Then began bringing guys back here to the truck where it was more private.'

'This week, when you've disappeared for a while after we eat, is that what you're doing? Going to some other drivers rig for sex?'

'Yes, it is.'

'I see. Did mom ever know?'

'Fuck no. I made sure of that. It would have distroyed her and she might have taken you away from me.'

'I'd would never have let that happen.'

He smiled at me, then said, 'May I ask you a question?'


'Have you done anything with your friends?'

'Male or female?' i answered with a grin.

'Well, both I guess.'

'Yes, I have. I've fucked a few of the girls at shcool several times but always used a condom. A few of the guys and I have jerked off together a few times and one of the guys on the football team almost sucked me one day.'


'Yea. It was after practice and he and I were the last two in the gym. We went in to shower and he kept looking at my dick and started getting hard. When I saw him getting hard, mine started getting hard. He asked if he could feel it and I said yes. He told me to feel his and I did. We started stroking each other and he bent over and licked the tip of mine. He was about to put it in his mouth when we heard coach's voice and stopped.'

'And nothing more than that?'

'No, sir. But on a few occasions last summer when I was with you and once this week, when I've been in the restroom stalls guys have tried to get me to stick mine through the hole, but I haven't.'

'Son, I know that if you'll be curious and want to possibly experiment. I can't blame you for that. It happens to most but not all males. But just be careful who you do it with. I get tested every month.'

'If I do it, I'll be careful dad, I promise.'

'One more question.'

'Shoot,' dad answered.

'Do you get fucked in the ass?'

'Yes, I do.'

'Doesn't it hurt?'

'That two questions, but I'll answer it. The first time it hurt like hell for a few minutes. Then as the rectum stretches and adjust, the pain subsides. Then when they start fucking, it really begins to feel great. If a person gets fucked regularly, there isn't much pain after a few times.'

'I was just curious,' I said.

Nothing more was said about the subject. Not then anyway.

We stopped for lunch and as we ate, I asked dad if he had any preference in the type man he went with.

'Yes Mark, I do. I prefer them to be from a few years older than me down. I like well built men that are in reasonable shape, nice looking, and believe it or not, hairy. I like facial hair and long hair. Cock size doesn't matter. It's not what you got but how you use it.' He began laughing.

'You see any here that interest you?'

He pointed out a couple and they were nice looking and built.

'Look dad, if you ever want the sleeper for a while, just let me know. I'll stay away and give you privacy.'

'I might ask you to do that sometime so I can jerk off.'

'Hey dad, listen. You do it and I do it. You've done it with others and so have I. So why do we have to do it in private. Let's agree that we'll do it whenever needed even in front of the other.'

'Mark, are you serious?'

'Sure. We're buddies aren't we?'

'Yes, we are. I'm game if you are.'

We returned to the road and when we stopped for the night, we showered and ate dinner. I headed for the game room and a few minutes later dad came in.

'Didn't find anything interesting?'

'One, but heard him say he was running behind. Besides, I'm not sure that he would have gone for it.'

After a while we headed back to the rig, closed the privacy curtain, stripped and got into bed. Dad turned on the TV and found an old John Wayne movie.

As we lay there side by side on top of the covers, I couldn't help but glance over at dad's cock. For some reason, I was wanting to take it in my hand and stroke it. The thought began having a reaction on me and my cock began to stiffen. Dad noticed but didn't say anything. I saw his begin to rise slightly.

I reached down and took mine in my hand and began stroking. I waited and a few seconds later dad did the same. Soon we were both pumping away. After a couple minutets, dad said, 'Oh fuck, I'm getting close.' 'So am I,' I replied.

Together we both shot our loads out onto our chest and stomachs. Dad looked over and said, 'Damn son, if you ever do let a guy blow you, you'll drown the bastard with a load that big.'

'Well, that's no small amount you have all over you,' I replied. We both began laughing as dad got up and tossed me a rag to wipe up with.

We finished the movie and when dad turned out the light and turned the TV off, I reachod over and raised his arm and put my head on his shoulder. he wrapped his arm around me and as i settled in next to him on my side facing him I lay my hand on his chest.

'I love you dad.'

'I love you too, Mark.'

We drifted off to sleep cuddled just that way. The next morning when I awoke, I was facing away from dad and he was up against my back, facing me with his arm over me. I loved the feel of his body next to mine. He began to stir and after a few minutes, he said, 'Good morning sport.'

'Morning,' I replied. He hugged me close and said, 'Did you sleep well?'

'Fuck yea, the best I have in a long time.'

'Me too,' he said.

'Uh, dad, Would you do something for me?'

'Sure, son, what ever you want.'

'Dad, would you give me a blow job?'




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