'Dad, I'd like that, especially after watching Greg fuck you that night.'

Dad took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom saying, 'Come with me for your first piece of man pussy.'

Dad retrieved the lube and after handing it to me lay on the bed on his back and raised his legs.

'Let's do it this way so I can see your face as you fuck me and we can kiss also.'

I lubed my cock and dad's ass and without any instruction, began my insertion. As the head popped through Dad looked at me and said, 'Oh, fuck yea. Your cock feels so good in me. Go all the way in.'

I slowly slid my cock in balls deep as dad moaned with pleasure saying how great it was to have his own son fucking his ass. 'This is a dream come true,' he said.

Once all the way in he asked how it felt to me.

'Fucking fantastic! It's so fucking hot in there. It won't take me long to cum.'

'Don't rush son. Make it last. I love having you up my ass.'

I fucked slowly and anytime I neared a climax, I would stop and lay still. Dad loved watching my face and kissing me. All this was bringing dad and I so much closer that we all ready were.

Finally I could hold back no longer.

'Dad, get ready. I can't hold back. I've got to cum.'

'Go ahead, son. Let me feel that hot load spray up my ass. Fill me with your load.'

I sped up my pace and soon my cock exploded in huge torrents of cum, coating dad's insides. As my cock exploded so did dad's, covering his chest and stomach with his own huge load.

I collapsed on dad, smearing his huge load on both our chest and stomachs as we kissed long and deep.

when be broke the kiss, Dad looked at me and said, ' Son, that was fantastic. You can fuck me any time you want to.'

We soon regained enough strength to get up and shower together. As we finished, Dad looked at me and said, 'With all that's been going on, we both forgot that today is Christmas. Merry Christmas son.'

'Merry Christmas to you dad. I think this is the best one I've ever had.'

'I know it is for me,' Dad replied. 'Let's go open the gifts, although I just received the best one ever.'

We both began laughing as we headed into the living room. We opened the gifts we had brought for each other and had a late snack. As we headed back to the bedroom, I looked at dad and said, 'Dad, I want one more gift for Christmas.'

'What's that son?'

'I want you to fuck me.'

'Are you sure? I have to warn you, the first time hurts like hell for a while.'

'I don't care. I want to feel you up inside me.'

'Okay, if you insist, but if you want me to stop at any point just say so. Promise me.'

'I promise.'

We got into bed with me on my back and legs raised as dad had done. dad had the lube and as he started putting some on my hole, he said, 'Son, first I need to open you up some with my fingers so it won't hurt so much.'

'Do what ever you need to do just as long as it ends up with you fucking me.'

Dad smiled as he inserted one finger into my virgin hole. 'Oh,' I said.

'That hurt?'

'No, it just feels strange. Just a little pressure. Keep going.'

After awhile of working his finger in and out of my ass he inserted a second finger, then later a third, then a fourth. He worked his four fingers in and out for a while then asked, 'You ready?'

'Yes. Do it.'

After getting into position, he slipped his fingers out and quickly placed the head of his cock against my closing hole. I felt him pushing against it with his hard cock and suddenly the head popped in.


'Want me to pull out?'

'Don't you dare! How long will it last?'

'It won't be too long. I'm going tostay just like this till the pain begins to subside.'

My ass felt like it was on fire and being torn apart. But after a few minuttes, the pain was subsiding and a strange feeling of pleasure was replacing it.

'Go on,' I said.

Ever so slowly, Dad began sliding in deeper, then pulling back a little then going a little deeper. He repeated this process for several minutes. At one point, I felt something to an electrical shock and my body shook.

'What was that?' I asked.

'Son, I just rubbed across your prostate. It's like the man's version of a woman's clit. You'll feel it again as the head of my cock rubs across it. It feel great.'

'Yes, it does.'

Dad continued his in and out procedure and after a couple of minutes I saw a smile on his face.

'Son, you've got it all.'

'You mean your entire cock is up my ass?'

'Yes, it is. How does it feel?'

'Dad, beside feeling stuffed which I am, it feels great.'

'Now, are you ready to get fucked?'

'Go for it. Show me what it's like.'

Dad began sliding in and out of my ass. With each thrust it felt better and better and I began to feel like I was in another world. And he was right. As his cock head rubbed my 'love button' I went into another demension. Before long dad began breathing heavy.

'Oh yea dad, fuck me. Oh shit, I love it. I want you to fuck me every day. Fuck this boy dad. Shoot that load.'

And that he did. I felt his hot cum spraying the insides of my gut and as it did, I shot mine out, with the first two volleys hitting me square in the mouth. Without hesitation, I quickly licked them off.

Watching me do that set dad off even more and his loads continued. With both our hearts beating rapidly, our climaxs subsided and he colappsed on my chest, kissing me.

'I've had two great Christmas presents today,' he said.

'So have I,' I answered.

'I assume from what you said, you enjoyed it.'

'You're fucking right I did. Dad, I liked getting fucked. Can we make it a regular event?'

'Son, we can do what ever you want any time you want. You don't even have to ask. Just do it.'

We showered again and soon were both asleep, spooned together.

The next morning we awoke and I immediately went into a sixty-nine. Without hesitation, dad and I hungrily sucked each other off. After breakfast, dad looked at me and said, 'Luke, get on your back and raise your legs.'

'You want my ass again?' I asked.

'Yes, but not with my cock. Let me show you.'

I had my legs pulled way back and my ass completely exposed. Dad leaned down and I ffelt his hot tongue begin to lick my hole then as he used his hands to open me up, his tongue began sliding into my hole. I thought I was in heaven. He did this for over half an hour before stopping.

'Let me try that,' I said. We changed positions and I began eating dad's ass and found that I loved that also. I knew without a doubt that I was gay. No straight man could enjoy the things I had done or had done to me.

We spent the dad sucking and fucking, kissing, rimming and cuddling. we began getting kinky and when one of us would cum from getting fucked the other would lick him clean.

At one point dad sucked me off then gave me a cum-kiss, feeding me my own cum. I did the same back to him.

The following day, I told dad that I'd like for him to invite Greg over for a three way. He smiled and said, 'Are you wanting to take on both of us?'

'Yes, I want to have both of you fuck me.'

Dad called Greg and invited him for dinner. Greg accepted, not knowing what was in store. He arrived and when he walked in, he found dad and I both naked, and in the kitchen.

Smiling he said, 'Another set-up?'

'No, we just like being comfortable,' I said, lieing.

'Feel free to join us,' Dad added.

Greg stripped and soon we were all totally naked. We soon ate and after all chipping in and cleaning up the kitchen we returned to the living room.

As we had planned ahead of time dad sat in his chair and I sat on the sofa with Greg. Without his knowledge, I had already lubbed my ass. Suddenly, I leaned over and began sucking Greg's cock.

'What the fuck?' he said.

'Greg, since he got started he's become an addict. There is nothing I can do.'

'In that case, I'm not sure if I should be jealous of you or pitty you,' he said with a laugh.

When his cock was completely hard, I retrieved the lube and put some on him. Quickly, I straddled his lap and began sitting on his cock.

'Oh shit! Am I really going to get to fuck his ass?'

'That's what it looks like to me,' Dad said, his cock stiffening as he watched Greg's cock disappear up my ass.

As I began to bounce on Greg's cock, Dad smiled and said, 'I never thought watching my own son get fucked would be such a turn on but man, it's fucking hot.'

I soon brought Greg to a climax and felt his big cock explode in my ass. It was wonderful, the warmth of his load filling my insides. I slipped off and immediately went to Dad and sat on his hard cock. Greg watched in awe. Soon, dad climaxed and added his load to Greg's. I was in ecstacy.

'I can't believe he took both of us like that,' Greg said, as I began swallowing his cock bringing him to a second climax. After swallowing the load, Greg quickly began sucking me, anxious for my load which I soon gave him. As the evening progressed, I fucked both dad and Greg and sucked dad as he sucked me. The evening was total sex.

The rest of the vacation was sex, sex, sex. We returned home and settled back into a regular routine, having sex whewnever we could. My friends that were gay were shocked when I invited them over after school one day and immediately began groping them and kissing them. They were even more shocked when I sucked and swallowed and let them fuck me.

I talked dad into inviting his state trooper friend over for a three way. That guy was hot and sex was fantastic. He joins us regularly and we return to the cabing a lot and have sexz with Greg.

Dad and I have even started cruising the rest areas and truck stops, having sex with hot young truckers. We both go out and pick up guys and bring them home for group sex. We love that.

Dad and I are much closer and I couldn't be happier. I'd love to have dad as my lover. I don't think he'd mind it either.




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