I stood by dad's bed looking at his muscular hairy body as he slept. I had made a decision and was going to follow through regardless of what might happen.

I stepped closer and gently sat on the edge of the bed next to dad's hip. Ever so gently I reached over and picked up his big soft cock. As i held it, it began to stiffen and dad stired slightly then returned to snoring. I leaned closer, taking in his manly aroma that I found to be intoxicating.

Slowly I lowered my head, bringing my mouth to within an inch of the stiffening cock. Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth and lowered my head, taking the cock head then the upper shaft into my mouth. After closing my lips, I began running my tongue around the mushroom head. It tasted fantastic, much better than I had expected. I began sucking the cock, raising and lowering my head, taking in as much as I could. Although I never thought I'd like it, I was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing. My own cock was now rock hard.

After a couple of minutes Dad stired and raised his head. Looking dazed he said, 'Wha..What's going on? Luke? What are you doing son?'

Looking at him in the moonlit room I said, 'You said if I decided to try it to do it with someone I could trust. I am, now lay back and let me finish.'

Dad lay his head back down saying, 'Oh, fuck, I'm not believing this. It has to be a dream.'

I returned to sucking my dad's cock as I listened to his moans of pleasure. Before long, his balls began to withdraw up into his body and his breathing began to get heavier. 'Get off of it son, I'm about to cum,' he said.

I continued sucking.

'Look out Luke, I'm about to cum.'

Still, I continued sucking. If dad could take a man's load so could I, I hoped.

Suddenly dad screamed out 'Oh, fuck! I'm cumming. AGHHHHHHHHHH.'

His body arced upward as huge ropes of thick cum filled my mouth and shot down my throat. I began swallowing the delicious nectar that I was being fed. To my surprise, I loved the taste.

When I had drained every drop from his cock I sat up and looked at him. 'Was that okay?' I asked.

'Okay? Son, that was fucking fantastic. What made you decide to do it?'

'Curiosity. I wanted to see what it was like. You had seemed to really enjoy it and I wanted to find out what it was all about.'

'What did you think?'

'Dad, I enjoyed it, and I'd like to do it more often.'

'Are you sure son? You're not just saying that for me are you?'

'No dad, I really did enjoy it. It was fucking hot.'

'Well, may I have the pleasure of returning the favor to you?'

'I was hoping you would.'

As dad sat up, I lay on the bed and spread my legs. Dad positioned himself between them and began stroking my rock hard cock.

'Son, this is a fucking dream come true for me,' he said as he lowered his mouth onto my virgin cock, virgin as far as a man was concerned.

I let out a moan as dad worked his tongue around the enlarged head. Before long, he was deep throating it. The room began to spin as i drew nearer to my climax. Before long I managed to say, 'Get ready dad. It's right there.'

My cock exploded as I screamed in ecstacy. Dad moaned in pleasure also as my load filled his mouth and he swallowed. After draining me he lay next to me and asked how I liked my first blow job.

'Dad, that was fantastic. I've never had a climax like that before.'

'That was your first blow job, right?' he asked with a chuckle.

'From a guy, yes. A couple of the girls I've dated have sucked onit some but not near that good or to completion.'

I lay my head on his shoulder and he turned to me and kissed me, giving me my first tongue-in-mouth kiss. I immediately reciprocated and loved it.

'Son, may I ask you a question?'


'Starting now, how would you like sharing my bed with me on a perminant basis.'

'I'd like that very much.'

'So would I,' he responded as he pulled me closer. We drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

When I awoke, Dad was propped up on one arm looking at me.

'Morning,' he said.

'Morning to you. Is something wrong?'

'No, not at all. I was just admiring yur magnificent body.'

'Well, yours is pretty damn nice also.' I said.

We kissed and immediately our hands reached for the other's cock. Dad quickly flipped around and we began our first of many sixty-nines. When it was over, Dad loked at me and ask, 'Still enjoy it?'

'Yep, even more.'

We got up and I looked at dad and said, 'Dad, can we stay nude today?'

'Son, we can live that way if you want to.'

'I want to. I love looking at your naked body.'

'And I love looking at yours.'

We prepared breakfast and as we ate dad asked if I had had any thoughts about having sex with a guy before.

'Not really,' I began, 'but thinking back, the last few months I have been noticing the guys cocks in the gym more. I didn't want to think I was gay and just assumed it was boyhood curiosity, But when I saw yu and Greg, I was turned on as hell. I damn near creamed my jeans just from watching.'

'Well, I have a hunch from what you say that sooner or later you would have experimented with another guy.'

'Probably so. Does anyone on the force know about you?'

'Just one sergeant that is on my shift.'

'How did you find out about each other?

'It was quite by accident,' Dad began. 'I was on patrol on the south side. There are a lot of prostitutes there, both male and female. I passed this alley and thought I saw a car parked up in it. I parked and began easing up on it. I had my gun drawn and flashlight in hand but didn't turn it on. As I got closer I could see that it was another highway patrol car and saw the back drivers door open and a guy on his knees. I could tell he was an officer by the stripe on his uniform pants. I figured he was there eating a whores cunt. I got closer and turned on my flashlight. He was sucking a young male prostitute. Just as the light came on the kid shot his load. The officer swallowed some but when he looked u[p some hit him in the face. they both were scared as shit.'

'What happened then?'

'I told the kid to get lost and when he said that the sergeant had't paid him I told him to consider it a free sample and get lost. He took off running. The sergeant began to say that he didn't know what came over him and that he'd never done anything like that on patrol before. He said that he'd resign the next day. I asked why he thought he should resign. He said that I'd have it in my report and that he'd be fired.

I reached for my radio and told dispatch that all was clear and that it was just a couple of teenagers making out. He looked at me and asked if that meant I wasn't going to report him. I said no I wasn't. He asked why. I asked him straight out if he was gay and he said yes. I looked at him and said 'So am I', and said that I couldn't report him for doing the same thing that I had done before. I just told him to find a more private spot.'

'Have you ever been with him?'

'Oh, yea, many times. The next night I called him on his cell phone and had him meet me at a vacant warehouse. We sucked each other there. We get together a couple times a week while on patrol.'

'That's fucking hot.'

We cleaned up the kitchen and as we sat watching the fire dad said, 'We said that we'd go nude, but what if we have to go outside?'

I laughed and said, 'You know it might be kind of wild to go out and run around out there naked. Want to try it?'

'Sure, why not. It will give us a good excuse to hop back into bed and warm each other up.'

We slipped on wool socks and our boots nd ran outside. We almost immediately got into a big snow ball fight. We stayed out about fifteen minutes then headed back inside. INto bed we went and began kissing and into another sixty-nine.

As we lay in bed afterward, I looked at dad and said, 'I want to suck Greg.'

'Well, I'm sure he wouldn't mind that. Want me to call and find out?'

'No. I think I'll drive down to the station and play it by ear. And don't you dare call him and warn him.'

'I promise but I'd love to watch his reaction.'

'Why don't yu follow me and watch through the window like I did.'

'You're a sneaky little bastard, you know that?'

'Yep,' I said with a laugh.

We dressed and headed out. Dad stopped around the curve and began hiking to the station. I pulled up in front and went in.

'Hi, Greg,' I said.

'Oh, hi Luke. Where's your dad?'

'He's up at the cabin. I'm going in for aa few suppliesa and wanted to stop and make sure all the roads were open.'

'Yea, all the main one that you'll need. I was about to have coffee. Would you care for some?'

'Sure.' I followed Greg to the kitchen both acting as if nothing had happened earlier when I saw he and dad.

Greg poured the coffee and stood at the kitchen counter leaning back. I sipped my coffee sat it down and walked up to him. As I did, I reached out and began rubbing his crotch.

Greg became nervous and asked, 'Luke, what are you doing? Stop that.'

'I want you Greg and I can see it in your eyes that you want me.'

He tried to move saying 'Luke what about your dad? This just isn't right.'

'What? You can have sex with my dad but not with me? He doesn't have to know.' I now had his shirt unbuttoned and open and was opening his pants. As I did so I leaned forward and kissed him. He reluctantly responded. His pants fell to the floor and I immediately dropped to my knees taking his hard cock into my mouth.

'Oh fuck Luke. Don't. Stop. This isn't right.'

I continued sucking his cock.

'Oh, Luke, don't. Fuck it, don't stop, don't stop.'

'Let's go to the bedroom,' I said. Greg led the way and as I followed I saw dad outside moving toward the bedroom window.

Greg and I stripped and lay on the bed kissing before ending up in a sixty-nine. Held Greg's cum in my mouth as we quickly dressed. Dad went to the front and came in saying 'Where is everyone?'

Greg hurried out to meet him saying that we were having coffee. I walked out and dad said, 'Well, from the look on your ffaces I think there was more going on. Was there?'

'No, Don, I swear,' Greg said.

I walked up to dad and kissed him sharing Greg's load with him. Greg stared wide eyed as dad said, 'Damn, that tasted just like your cum, Greg. You been feeding my boy.'

'Don, I swear. He came on to me. I just lost it. I'm sorry.'

Dad began laughing. 'Hell Greg, I knew he was coming down here to put the make on you. I watched the whole thing from utside. I just wish that I had had a camera to film your reaction.'

'Mother fuck, This was all planned?'

'Yep,' I said.

'I'll get even with you two,' Greg said as he began laughing. 'I will say this, he gives a hell of a blow job and feeds huge loads.'

'Yea, I know.' Dad told Greg about my coming out.

'I'd like you to join us sometime before we go home,' I said.

'I'd like that,' Greg replied.

Dad and I returned to our cabin and immediately stripped. We spent the afternoon watching movies and cuddling. AFter dinner as we headed to bed, Dad looked at me and ask, 'Son, would you like to fuck your old man?'




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