I'm Luke Thomas. My dad, Don, and I have been on our own since my mom took off and deserted us when I was nine. I'm now eighteen and a senior in high school. I play wide receiver on the school football team and my dad is a Captain with the Montana State Police. He and I work out regularly in our home gym and frequently see each other nude. We don't actually live in the nude but have on occasions after showering, stayed nude for the evening watching TV.

Dad had been working the graveyard shift from nine at night to six the next morning for the last three weeks. We had very little time to spend together. Since Dad was only sixteen when I was born, we were more like brothers rather that father and son. We told each other everything like brothers usually do. People didn't believe me when I said that my dad was only thirty-four.

Dad had scheduled a two week vacation during my Christmas break at school so we could go to our cabin in the mountains for the holidays. We were really looking forward to it.

The day finally arrived. It was the Friday before Christmas on Wednesday. Dad had said that he'd drive up Friday morning and I could drive up after I got out of classes that afternoon. My last class was physical education and coach let all the guys leave after roll call. I had received a text message from dad that read: 'Drive careful. Roads getting bad. Going to stop at ranger station and let Greg know that we'll be at cabin. Love, Dad.'

As I headed up to the cabin, I heard the weather report. They were saying that 'white out' conditions had existed since morning in the higher elevations. I tried to call dad to see if he had made it and what the roads were like. We both had put on the snow tires on our cars but depending on conditions, they were sometimes useless. When I called it went straight to voicemail. As I continued up to the cabin, driving continued to become more hazardous. After a while, I could barely see past the hood of my jeep. I had already gone to four-wheel drive but would still slip and slide at times.

I tried to call dad again and noticed that I was receiving no signal at all. The weather was making cell phones useless. I was taking it slow and knew the road and all it's curves and dips.

I was about a mile from the ranger station and decided that if I could make it that far, I'd stop and wait it out and try to call dad again.

Suddenly, The jeep went into a spin and before I knew it I was off the road and in a snow drift. I tried repeatedly to get out, even using the winch on the front but nothing worked. I headed out for the ranger station on foot after putting on my snow shoes.

After what seemed like an eternity I came upon the sign that said 'Ranger Station 1/2 mile'. I continued on and after another eternity I finally made it to the station. At some point after passing the sign I drifted off the road and was now approaching the ranger station from the side near the back.

I turned and began walking up the side of the building. The station was actually Greg's home. He was single and lived there. Behind the office area was a living room, kitchen, bath and bedroom.

I passed a window and glanced in. What I saw made me stop dead in my tracks. Dad and Greg were both totally naked. They were kissing. I stood and watched. After they kissed, dad squatted down and began sucking Greg's long hard cock. After a few minutes, Dad stood and Greg began sucking him. I stood with my mouth open, not believing what I saw.

Greg then stood and turned dad around and dad got on the bed on his hands and knees. Dad handed Greg something which he put on his cock and began pushing his cock into my dad's ass. Once in he began fucking him. Above the howl of the wind, I could make out my dad's voice saying, 'Oh, yes. Fuck me. That feels so damn good. Fuck me hard Greg.'

I slumped down and leaned against the building. Never had I thought that my dad was gay. I didn't care or think less of him. He was my dad and I'd love him regardless of his sexual preference. There were a couple of my best friends on the football team were gay and it didn't matter to me. They were still my best friends.

I finally stood and looked in again in time to see Greg pull out of my dad's ass and watched as dad quickly turned and opened his mouth as Greg's cock exploded, shooting his load into my dad's mouth. I watched in amazement as dad swallowed.

Stepping away from the window slightly, I yelled 'Greg. Hello?'

I saw them jump and began frantically dressing. I made my way to the front and up onto the porch. As I opened the door, I saw them coming out of the living area. They both looked like a deer caught in the headlights, panic in their faces.

'Luke, are you okay?' dad said rushing to me. Looking out for my jeep, he said, 'Where's your jeep?'

'Off the road about a mile or so back down the road. HOw come you're not at the cabin?'

'I barely made it this far before I had to stop. I tried to call you and tell you to wait until I called but I couldn't get a signal. At least you're okay.'

Greg spoke up sayinjg, 'Come on back and get by the fire and warm up. I'll fix you something hot to drink.'

I looked at Greg. I never would have dreamed that he was gay also. He was in his late twenties and built like a fucking bodybuilder. If anyone had told me about either dad or Greg, I'd had quickly called them a liar.

I finally warmed up and when time for bed, greg pulled out a couple of sleeping bags for dad and I to use. We spread them on the living room floor. Dad drifted off to sleep, but I lay awake, replaying over and over in my mind what I had seen.

I remembered that after Mom left and dad filed for divorce for abandonment, he dated a couple of years, but that stopped and once I was old enough to stay by myself for a while, dad would go out with some of his male buddies. I began to wonder if those times had been for sex.

As I lay there replaying the events of the evening, I became curious about what it was like to have sex with another man, I had fucked lots of cunt in high school, but never dreamed of doing anything with the guys. Now, for some reason, I was wondering what it would be like to have a guy suck me off or let me fuck his ass. What did dad find so enjoyable about having Greg's big cock up his ass?

I finally drifted off to sleep and when I awoke I heard Dad and Greg talking in the kitchen. I heard Dad say, 'Last night was close.'

'I thought you said you were going to tell him that you were gay?'

'I've wanted to but just can't get up the nerve. I don't have any idea how he would take it. I don't know if he'd accept it or tell me he never wanted to see me again.'

I made some noise so that they would hear me and strolled into the kitchen.

'Morning,' I said.

'Morning,' they both replied.

'Want some coffee?' Greg asked.

'Yea. That would be great. How's the weather?'

'The storm's passed,' Dad said. 'We hould be able to go get your jeep shortly and head on up to the cabin.'

As I drank my coffee, Dad and Greg prepared breakfast and after eating, Dad thanked Greg for letting us stay and we headed out to pull my jeep out of the ditch. Once that was done, I followed dad to the cabin. I acted as if I had seen nothing and we unpacked the cars and began settling in, putting up the Christmos tree.

That afternoon we collected fire wood and stacked it and went skating on the small lake next to the cabin. Sunday and monday were spent skiing and skating and just relaxing by the roaring fire.

Finally, Tuesday afternoon I could take it no more. I knew that I had to have a talk with dad about what I now knew about him; when it started, how it started, and what was it like.

As we sat by the fire on a large bear skin rug I said, 'Dad, can I have a heart to heart talk with you?'

'Son, you know that you can anytime and that you don't have to ask. What's on your mind?'

After a slight hesitation, I blurted out 'How long have you been gay?'

'Ugh, how ugh what?'

'How long have you been gay?' I repeated.

'What makes you ask that question? What makes you think I'm gay?'

'Come on dad, be honest with me please. When I came to the station the other night, I saw you and Greg in the bedroom.'

'Just what did you see?'

'Enough. I saw you suck him, him suck you and then fuck you in the ass and then shoot his load in your mouth.'

'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed. 'Son, I'm so sorry you saw that. I've wanted to tell you but just didn't know how. Please forgive me.'

'Dad, there is nothing to forgive. If that's the way you are, I have no problem with it. I still love you all the same. My feelings for you haven't changed and never will. You are my father. I'll always love you.'

'It doesn't bother you that your dad is queer?'

'Not at all, and let's use gay. I hate the word queer. In fact I have friends at school that are gay and I couldn't care less.'

'You don't know how releived I am to hear you say that. I was afraid that you'd hate me or never want to see me again.'

'No way. That will never happen. But I would like for you to answer a few questions?'

'Now that it's out in the open I'll answer anything you want to know. Ask away.'

'First when and how did it start?'

'After your mom left and the divorce was final I started dating some. I'd fuck them for my personal release but it never became anything serious. Then one weekend when you were staying with one of your friends I went to a bar and met a lady. I was horny and wanted to get off. She told me straight out that she wanted to get me in bed. Then her husband arrived. I figured that was the end of it until she told him that she wanted to get me in bed. He looked over and smiled and said that they were swingers and liked three ways with another guy and would I like to join them.'

'Did you?'

'Oh, yes. I followed them to their house and after a few more drinks, we went to the bed room and stripped. Hw and I were both eating her out and she was sucking on both of us. I fucked her a while and she sucked on him. Then he started fucking her and sucking me. After a few minutes, she took my cock out of her mouth and gave it to him. As he sucked me she said that she loved watching him suck another guy and have sex with other men.'

'What happened then?' I asked.

'It felt so good, better than she was doing, I let him continue. When we switched back and she was sucking him she offered it to me. I decided to try it. I began saucking him and found that it was a real turn on for me. After a while he and I were in a sixty-nine with her watching. I was ready to cum and tried to get him to stop but he said he wanted it. I came in his mouth while I was still sucking him. That set him off and suddenly without warning he came in my mouth. He had swallowed mine and not wanting to look like a wimp, I did the same with his. To my shock and surprise I liked it. Anyway we both fucked her later and he also introduced me to kissing another guy. That I liked also. I left after we had exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again.'

'Did you see them again?'

'Oh, yea but after he had called me wanting just me and him to get together. We met at a motel and just he and I had sex. We had a sixty-nine, then later he asked me to fuck him. I did and afterward he asked to fuck me. That's when I confessed to him that the night we met was my first experience with another man. He couldn't believe it. He began eating my ass and it was turning me on. Then he started finger fucking me and before long I agreed to try it. It hurt like hell at first but after a while it felt fantastic. After that when I'd get together with them not only would he and I fuck her but we'd suck and fuck each other. She loved watching that.'

'Dad, what's it like having sex with another man?'

'The only thing I can say is that with the exception of sucking another man the kissing, getting sucked and fucking is not much different than fucking a woman. But somehow, I find that men are more tender and loving and caring. I now go strictly with men.'

'Do you really enjoy it?'

'Completely, son. It's the most satisfying sex I've ever had.'

'How did it start with Greg? How did you two know the other was gay?'

'there are several indicators. Sometimes it might be a handshake that last longer than necessary, or something in the way a person looks at you, or even the casual way one man might slightly lick him lips when talking to another man.'

'What was it with Greg?'

'I came up one day to check on the cabin and stopped at the station. When we shook hands it lasted a little longer. I slightly licked my lips. He smiled and as we talked he stepped closer and at one point brushed his hand across my crotch very casually. I started getting hard but didn't hide it. He saw it and brushed against it again. I simply asked if he wanted it. He said yes so I said let's go. We went in back and sucked each other. On the way out, I stopped agin and we fucked each other.'

'I see.'

'Any more questions?'

'No, but you've got me curious what it would be like to be with a man.'

'Are you serious?'

'Yes, I am, at least just to try it and understand more about it and you.'

'Son, if you decide to try it, make sure it's with someone you can trust. If it is one of your school pals be sure that he won't go telling everyong that you're gay. It can ruin you.'

'I understand. I think I know who that person might be, if I try it.'

'Good, now, can dad have a hug if you're not to big for that?'

'I'll never be to big to give you a hug, here or out in public.'

We hugged and without thinking I kissed him lightly on the lips. He stared at me in total shock.

That night we went to bed and after a while I heard him on his phone talking to Greg.

'Hey, he knows, not just about me but about you also.' There was a short pause before dad said, 'No i didn't tell him. The other night when he showed up he had seen us going at it from outside. He saw it all, and I mean all.' Another pause then dad said, 'He seems to be cool with it. I'll talk to you later. Just wanted to let you know.'

I lay in my bed and pictured dad's muscular hairy chested body sucking Greg. I imagined it was me that dad was sucking. My cock got instantly hard. Then when I pictured Greg sucking dad I imagined it was me sucking him instead.

I lay there for over an hour and finally got up and went to the door of dad's room. As was normal, he was sleeping in the nude and was on his back on top of the covers legs spread apart. The cabin was nice and warm so it was what I expected. His big soft cock lay over his large ball sack as if trying to hide it. He was snoring softly as I slipped in and stood next to the bed. He was a fairly sound sleeper and as I watched him sleep i made my decision.




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