The doorbell rang.

Stunned, I sat on the floor, naked, trying to take it all in. Yesterday, I had gone over to my new neighbor's house and found that the son does rise. Tom, a healthy and strapping 18 year old was in contrast to my newly 18 year old body. I'm slender and toned with, may I say, a big dick and a pair of healthy here they are balls . . . he was bigger, probably a good head taller than my 5'5' and already needed to shave two times a day. Over the washing machine, he had taken my cock and pleasured it to full spurting completion.

When I got back home, his dad had come over telling me to leave his son alone, calling me a faggot and getting angrier by the second. That ended a mere few moments ago with me screaming out DADDY as he had put some spit soaked fingers in my needy hole and I jacked off to another geyser. His dad was in his early 40's and swarthy, with a need he just found he needed to explore. He had whispered to me that he wanted to hold me, explore me, fuck me and love me.

Processing that, splayed out on the floor, mind reeling, I was so confused. I was incredibly attracted to Tom and now I had just had sex with his dad.

THAT was when the doorbell rang.

Jumping up, I grabbed my bath towel, knotted it around my waist as Tom's dad got himself together.

Running to the door, I opened it to find out that I was eligible for an entire year of magazine subscriptions. Closing the door on the startled salesman, I turned back to see Tom's dad come towards me.

'I, uh, gotta go, my son's expecting me and I need to get home.' He stammered, not looking me in the eye.

WHAT, I thought. An hour ago, he'd been large and in charge, sticking fingers in my mouth, then my ass, encouragin me to come for 'daddy' and now he was suddenly shy?

'See you later.' He mumbled as he scooted around me, careful not to touch me as he scurried out the door, slamming it in my face. Now I know how the salesman felt.

I do not need this shit. Taking another shower, I thought hos weird that episode was - some straight guy acting out his fantasy and then retreating back into his safe little shell. Hell, even at 18, I knew I preferred men and that was fine as fuck for me.

Later that afternoon, I was doing some yardwork for my parents. They wouldn't be back for a few days but I wanted them to think their son was responsible. Tom was in his yard, mowing the lawn. Wearing cut offs and sneakers, his chest covered with a downy coating, I almost cut the top off a shrub. He had a light coating of sweat and I felt my cock jump.

'Hey neighbor,' he called, waving, 'my dad told me he came over to introduce himself.'

Laughing, I waved back, 'Yeah, he certainly has a way about him.' Thinking that if Tom knew his dad had finger fucked me, he might not be so glib.

'How about coming over later for pizza and a movie.' He said and I replied, 'Great, is a washer involved?'

We laughed and smiled in a way that said more is yet to come and promised to meet up at 8.

Dressed in cargo shorts, flip flops and a T shirt, I knocked on Tom's door at 8 and was admitted by Tom, dressed in the same outfit. We laughed at the obvious as he leaned in for a kiss.


He nuzzled my neck, kissed behind my ears and moved around to my face, taking my bottom lip and gently teasing it. Moving in, he sank his tongue into my mouth and rolled around, our lipes melding as our tongues wrestled. Pulling away, he said, 'I've missed you. There's something about you I really like.'

Nodding dumbly, I patted him on his chest, what a chest, and followed him into the family room. He'd rented a couple of movies and the pizza was sitting on the coffee table, smelling terrific. Great date night. One thought, though.

'Hey, where's your dad tonight?' I asked, innocently, I hoped.

'He's downtown at his office, working on a project, he said it would keep him busy for the night and it's due soon, so he's kinda worried about finishing.' Tom said, pouring us some pop, plopping down on the sofa and patting the cushion next to him. 'Come join me, neighbor.'

I sank next to him, grabbed some pizza, sipped some pop and we spent some time watching the movie he had rented - a great fim called The Thomas Crown Affair - one of my favorites.

'This is a great movie, I said, moving closer to him.

He reached his arm around me and drew me closer.

'You are a great guy and I'm really glad you came over.' He said, massaging my shoulder as he looked into my eyes.

Looking back up, I saw kindness in those brown puppy dog eyes and also something that was indefinable and very compelling.

'Tom, I know it's soon and I just wanted to say how much I like you already.' I looked up and touched his face as he smiled and bent in for a kiss.

Lips in lock, I moved down to nuzzle his neck as he purred and lifted me closer so I was sitting on his lap and lapping up his neck.

'I love your body, the feel of you, all that smooth skin.' He murmurred as he lifed my shirt off and tossed it aside. Taking one of my nipples into his mouth, he suckled as I gasped with pleasure.

'Oh, Tom, that feels so good.' I said as I arched back and looked down to see him feasting on my chest.

'Paul, this is just the beginning.' He continued licking my chest and I reached my arms around to cradle his head and neck.

Sitting on his lap, I could feel the stirrings in his pants, knowing he was responding as much to my feel as I was to his. Suddenly, he pushed my back so I was standing between his legs as he stretched back on the couch.

'What do you want?' He asked as he lifted his T shirt off his torso, revealing a lightly hairy chest with nicely defined abs and a trail of curly hair snaking down into his pants.

'You, that's what I want, that's all I want.' I whispered as I took one of his nipples between my fingers and watched his eyes close in pleasure.

After playing with both his nippples and rubbing that ribboned chest, I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He lifted up slightly so I could slide them off and saw his cock's imprint in his white boxers. Getting down on my knees, I pressed my face against the fabric and blew hot breath on the outline of his ever hardening cock.

'Damn, where did you learn that?' He tried to slide back but I held him by the hips and pressed my face closer to that erection.

'Tom, now it's my turn, so lay back, handsome.' I boldly said.

Reaching around him, I grabbed the boxers firmly and slid them down onto his hairy, hard thighs as his cock popped up like one of those jack in the box toys.

Nice. Mushroom head, slight curve and the tiniest of little drops leaking out of his slit. I kissed the head and licked off the pearl drop, causing him to lean back, moan, and take my head in his hands.

'Yea, yea, that feels so fucking good.' He moaned.

Taking about half his dick into my mouth, it was a perfect fit. Nothing I had done before compared to this. I grabbed the base of his dick as I sucked on the head and with my other hand felt his balls. Hairy. I rolled them around in my hands as I continued to take his penis into my warm, wet, willing mouth.

My own cock was straining in my pants but this was about him. Wanting him to enjoy it. And by all accounts he was.

His flanks were warm and muscled and so hairy. I moved down to lick his thighs and over to take his balls into my mouth, daring my hand to explore underneath in that musky region between his balls and ass.

Squirming, he mumbled, 'Let's go to my room.' We both got up, his erection pointing to the ceiling as he boxers slid down and we moved back to his bed.

In his room, I saw his trophies and wanted to become the biggest one. He kissed me as he unbuckled my pants and they fell around my ankles.

Boner poking up, he smiled. 'Oh, didn't wear any underwear, huh?' Knew you were going to get lucky?

Kicking off my pants and smiling back, 'I got lucky when I met you, this is just fate.' I pushed him back on the bed and admired his young body, with its hair and muscled definition.

'My turn, remember?' I croaked as I took his still hard cock in my mouth. 'I want your cum' I half mumbled as I rapidly went up and down on that sweet shaft.

As his hips bucked, he reached his hands over his head and pushed his dick into my mouth. Playing with his balls, lightly, I kept up my pistoning of his dick, taking it out of my mouth, licking the tip and then putting the length back between my lips.

A few seconds later, he gave a strangled groan - 'Paul, I'm gonna cum, gonna cum.'

I reached around and grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper into my mouth and was rewarded with a nice, thick flow of juice. He tried to push my head off his dick, but I kept on suckling, taking the last drop of his sweet and bitter semen into my throat, sucking him dry.

Collapsing onto him, I looked up and smiled.

'Now we're even.' I grinned, a dribble of his cum rolling down my the c oorner of my mouth.

Sitting up and grinning, too, he looked at me seriously, 'Cutie, we haven't even stared.'

He hopped off the bed and went to his closet. Turning around, I saw he had a jar of lube in his one hand along with a packet of condoms in his other.

'Uh, what are you doing?' I kinda was wondering, hoping and a little fearful.

'I'm going to see that ass up close and personal and I'm going to see what it feels like wrapped around my cock.' He smiled sweetly.

'But you just came!' I said, though my own dick was betraying me, jutting out seriously.

'Yea, babe, but in a few minutes, I'll be hard again and ready for your oh so sweet and smooth ass.' Again he smiled and kissed me gently.

'Now roll over' He whispered.

I did, pressing myself against his comforter, liking the friction between the fabric and my dick.

I felt him part my legs and the I felt his hands part my cheeks.

'Damn, what a sweet looking ass and your hole is so fucking pretty.' He bent down and gave it a kiss.

Whoa. I had never felt that before, even my own fingers couldn't match the sweetness of his lips kissing my hole. I writhed around on the bed as he probed his tonuge into my hole, fucking me with his spit soaked tongue - my cock was straining as I whimpered, 'What are you doing to me?'

'Getting you ready, cause I am almost there.' He continued his ministrations.

A few seconds later I could feel something big and hard rubbing up against the valley of my cheeks.

'You feel that, Paul, I'm hard and I'm hard for you.' He rubbed his erection against my ass as he ripped open the condom packet.

I felt him rear up as he applied the rubber and then I felt this liquid running down my crack.

'Just getting you nice and lubed up cause something tells me you haven't done this too much.' He said as he rubbed the lube, circular motions in my asshole, slipping his thumb in slightly to get lube there.

Scooting up, I said, 'Try never, so please go slow.' I whimpered, wanting it, needing it and somehow scared of it.

'Paul, I like you, I really do, and I'm glad to be your first, I want you to like it and want more of it so we'll take it nice and slow, babe.' He crooned as he pressed his weight onto me, rubbing his lubed, rubbered cock between my ass cheeks.

'What a pretty ass you have, smooth and so hot, tastes like soap, nice and clean and ready for a big, hard dick to make love to it.' He said this softly into my ear as he moved around, the tip of his dick finding my hole.

'We're going to let nature do the work, babe, so I want you to lean against me and take me in your own way.' He said.

Feeling the slight pressure at the ring of my anus, I reached up on my elbows, feeling the stubble of his beard graze my neck.

'That's right, back onto Tom's cock, slow and nice, my boner is going to fill you up and it may hurt a bit at first but I promise you it will turn into pleasure, so trust me, okay?' He continured nuzsling my neck as I pushed back against him.

Nothing. Then a slight pop and his head was in me. 'Good guy, now let's just take it slow.' He said as he pushed against me, another inch plumbing my virgin butt.

'Tom! This is hurting, please take it out.' I cried, muffled against the comforter.

'Shhhhh, honey, it's going to feel good, let Tom's cock inside, you need to relax.' He said softly but not taking his dick out of my hot ass.

Deep breath, I thought, as I exhaled and pushed back.

Sliding into me, I thought this is going to kill me as he pushed deeper to fill me full of his teenage cock.

'Babe, you are doing great, I'm all the way in, can you feel my hairy balls slap your ass?' He triumphantly said as he kissed the back of my neck.

Just as I was going to jump up, something changed. This warm feeling moved deep inside of me and suddenly his cock became my salvation.

'Ohhhhhh, Tom, you feel so good, move inside me and let me feel it, please.' I said, softly but firmly.

'Paul, you got it, you got whatever you want from me.' He pushed in and then I felt him draw his dick out and push it back in, gently at first then quicker, not rough but steady and I felt the friction build.

'Next time, we'll do it with you on your back but now I just want you to feel pleasure.' He said and he continued with the fucking, 'How does that feel?'

'Like I want you inside me all the time, like I want to carry your cock in me.' I said as he whispered to me to try squeezing my ass muscles together.

Obeying, I heard him gasp. 'Yea, that's it. Can you feel how hard my cock is for you?' He kept up slipping into me, pulling out, then pushing the full weight of his hard, slippery penis back into my ass.

Mindless, I reached around and felt his dick, in and out, in and out and this sent me into a frenzy, knowing it was his dick in my ass, making us one.

I arched up against him as he slammed against me.

'Oh, I want you, babe, I need that big dick, give me more.' I was crazed.

He obliged my burrowing even deeper into me, wrapping his arms around me as he plunged in one last time.

'Paul, squeeze me, milk me and make me cum in you.' His breath hot in my ear.

Wrapping my ass muscles around his dick, I squeezed the hardness as I felt him tense up.

'Oh, Paul, that's it, that ass is making me cum.' At this, he shuddered a bit and held me tighter, 'I'm shooting into you, Paul, into your ass, feel it, take it.' Tigher he held me as he emptied his spunk.

Rubbing against the comforter, the friction in my ass, the fabric on my cock, I felt myself starting to loosed up. As he pumped into me, I spent my jism onto his bedspread, held in his arms, trapped by his warm body and taking his seed.

He stayed in me, holding me and kissing my neck, 'You have taken my heart and my sperm.'

Feeling my own cum rubbing against me from the comforter and knowing that his was inside me, I felt content and complete.

We napped.

And then the doorbell rang.


Topper Chef


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