I half walked, half stumbled back home. After going to meet my new neighbor in a horned up mode, he had treated me to a blow job that took off the top of both my heads. Like me, he was 18 and off for the summer before starting school. Unlike my 5'5' and smooth bod, though, he was a few inches taller and growing into more of a hairy jock than he already was.

He was amazing. Kind, hot, kissed like a bandit and gave me a sense of heat I'd always wanted to feel. Both the sexual kind and the kind that I felt deep in my heart.

Upstairs, I sat in a daze. Paul and Tom. I liked the sound of that. I had no experience with guys and never had really thought about a boyfriend until now. Was I mental? Who cared, I liked this guy and wanted to see where it would lead.

I stripped down for a shower and looked at myself in the full length mirror. Not bad, I thought. Smooth and toned, a short compact package with a taut, smooth ass and a pretty big dick. My eyes were hazel, short black hair, nice smile and good sense of humor! Okay, I could grow a few inches but that would happen.

In the shower, I soaped up and lathered. Rubbing my hands over my chest, I moved down to my ever growing cock. Thinking of Tom, I pulled on my balls and bent forward as the tip of my cockhead bounced against the shower wall. Soaping it up, I moved it up and down against the wall as I reached behind me and pulled open my ass cheeks, one of my fingers reaching in to rub my button in small circular motions. My cock jumped as I pushed a little bit of the finger inside. Wow. I was tight and my cock loved it, soapy and rubbing against the tile, it lurched and bounced and erupted - high and thick, it left tracks on the wall as my legs buckled and I reached around to milk it dry.

Phew. Time for a nap.

That's when the doorbell rang. Being home alone, I had to answer it so I threw a towel around my waist and padded to the front door.

Opening it, I was in for a shock.

'You Paul?' The man asked. In his early 40's, I guessed, about 6 feet tall, with short salt and pepper hair, pug nose, cleft chin and the kind of stubble that made me weak, he was a dream at the door.

'Uh, yea, I'm Paul. Can I help you?' I stammered as I looked up at him.

'Yea, you can keep away from my son!' He pushed me back into the house and came in as I fell back on my ass.

Scrambling back, I looked up - I was terrified but not so much that I didn't notice his hairy legs disapperaing into his cargo pants that hugged his crotch. The tight tee shirt completed the deal, with bristly rough hairs peeking out of the collar. He was looking pissed and I was scared and really turned on and a little confused.

'Who are you?' I squeaked trying to get up with some dignity and failing miserably.

'Listen you little faggot, I saw you leave the house today when I came home and then I found my son naked in the utility room.' He turned around and his shoulders hunched over.

Furious or grief stricken, I didn't know and didn't care - I jumped up and ran towards the back of the house.

'Not so fast, you punk.' He tore after me, quick with a look of rage in his eyes.

Running fast on the hardwood floors, I turned the corner, tripped and went down in a heap as my towel flew off, leaving my naked, exposed, vulnerable.

He charged around the corner and froze. Looking down at me, his expression was hard to read.

'My son is not a faggot, you hear me?' He said, now a bit more unfocused as he saw my cock start to grow.

Laid out on the floor, I was still scared but seeing him loom over me, hot and pissed, got me in trouble as my dick betrayed me.

'Hey, sir, I didn't do anything with him, HE did it to me!' I protested.

'That's bullshit!' He thundered though he didn't sound like he believed it.

'No it's not! I am not lying to you.' I looked up and saw he wasn't looking at me but now at my hard as nails dick.

Not saying a word, he lifted his shirt over his head, exposing a hairy chest with big nipples tapering down to his now unzipped shorts.

'Maybe not, little man, but you are a faggot, aren't you? Look at that big hard dick, you got that from me, didn't you?' He practically whispered, his voice a caress.

'Yea, I did.' Soft whisper.

'Good, then beat it for daddy. Show daddy your love.' He moved forward, his pants slipping to his ankles, revealing a pair of fruit of the looms that barely contained his own erection.

I looked him in the eyes as I grabbed my dick with my hands and rubbed them up and down, getting even bigger. He smiled, winked, stepped out of his pants and moved between my legs.

'That's good. Keep on stroking that dick, daddy likes it a lot.' He kicked my legs apart, standing over me and nudged my ass with his foot.

I kept on pulling on my dick, legs splayed, hardly feeling the floor as I looked him in the eyes and yanked on my balls, a little smile playing in the corner of his mouth.

He knelt down, his hairy bod now in just in his undies and positioned himself between my legs.

'Such a good little man.' he said as he stuck a couple of his fingers in my mouth. 'Get those nice and wet for daddy.'

I sucked those fingers and I played with my cock, he forced them in and out of my mouth, finally pulling them out, dripping with my saliva.

'Let daddy help you, let daddy give you a good feeling.' He slipped his moist fingers between my ass cheeks and found my ass ring. Rubbing slowly but insistently, he pushed a fingertip into me as I tried to back up from the penetration. 'No little man, you need to relax into this, daddy won't hurt you.' He continued to push the finger and joined it with the other finger, making small motions in and out, rubbing the inside of my ass gently but firmly.

I was in heaven, my cock started dripping a little bit of precum that I massaged onto the head, rubbing it in as his two fingers moved further into my hole.

'Daddy loves his little man, doesn't he?' he cooed, both fingers in past the knuckle. 'Daddy wants to see you cum.' He pushed the two fingers in more, causing me to gasp.

'Give it to daddy, rub that big dick and make it cream.'

I was close and his next push with those fingers moving inside me, claiming me, sent me over the edge.

'I'm gonna cum, daddy, I'm gonna cum now!' I gasped as a bolt of sperm jetted from my dick and smacked me in the face, followed by blasts that covered me from neck to belly. White, rich, creamy -- he ran his fingers through a puddle of spunk and fed it to me as he slowly brought his other hands' fingers out of my ask, making a nice sound of release.

As I sucked my cum off of his fingers, he looked me in the eyes.

'Daddy wants more, is my little man going to give it me? Daddy wants to cum, wants to hold his boy and give him a nice long fuck. Does my little man want that from his daddy?'

Dumbly, I nodded.

And the doorbell rang again!


Topper Chef


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