High School graduation! I'm done, free for the summer until college starts in the fall. This morning I slept in and stretched like a contented cat. With short, dark hair and green eyes I kept hearing I was an attractive guty but at 5'5' I was waiting for my growth spurt. The one in my pants didn't need any waiting. I was slender but defined from swimming with a smooth chest, dime sized nipples that barked if you touched them and a thin trail of hair from my belly button to my groin. Not a lot of pubic hair and my ass was totally smooth - what surprised me, being kinda small, was my dick. It was almost 8 inches hard and my balls were two ping pong balls hanging right below.

Lazing around, dick hard, I slowly stroked as I thought of my new passion. . . men. Big, muscled, hairy, verbal men. I knew I had always liked guys but the couple I'd fooled around with had been novices, like me and the experiences just left me knowing there had to be more.

Grabbing my balls, I pulled on them as my other hand took some spit and rubbed on the head of my dick. I felt my hips ignite, balls tighten and my cock erupted in my hands - the first blast sent a shot of cum to my chin, the second and third up to my neck and then a flow that cascaded over my hand and onto my tummy. Wiping it up with my hands, I licked and tasted and savored my cum before swallowing. Nothing like a little protein for breakfast.

Beating off was something I did a lot of and I was ready, ready for more. I had sucked one cock, a swim buddy's,which came way too soon and I was now fantasizing about having a cock inside my ass. I had read enough to know it would hurt, then feel like heaven had moved in next door.

Little did I know it had.

Tom was around my age, a little taller and a lot stockier than me. I saw him as he and his family moved into the house next door to us. Giving him a half-hearted wave, we met at the yard's edge and I introduced myself. He and his dad had moved when his parent's divorced - his mom had run off with a co-worker and practically disappeared. He looked like a realy jock type but he had a politeness about him. Brown curly hair, you could tell he had to shave daily, a problem I did not have. In his shorts, his well defined muscled calves and hairy thighs gave me an immediate hard on. And he noticed.

He curled his lips into a smile. 'Are you the Welcome Wagon or just glad to see me?' he laughed.

Nervous as hell, I told him I was both.

Eyes narrowing, he told me to follow him.


We walked into the coolness of the house and he led me around to the laundry room. 'My dad's at the store so we have some time. Why don't you get that cute little body out of those clothes?' he teased.

I walked up to him and palmed his chest, he reached down to cup my face and brought his lips to mine. Tender, touch, razor burn, tongues meeting, I ran my hands over his chest as he brought his around to my ass.

'What a nice plump little ass on you, I bet it's smooth and ripe.' He kept rubbing. I thought my heart would stop when he unbuttoned my shorts, hoisted me up on the washing machine and then pulled my shorts off in one fluid motion.

Speaking of fluids, I was straining against my underwear, the outline of my dick leaking into the cotton.

'What a big boy you are. You always have to watch out for those little boys who pack em big.' He grinned and told me to lift me hips as he slid the underwear off and pressed it to his nose.

'Hmmmmm, nothing better than the smell of pre-cum.' He sighed as he turned his attention to my erection, pointing skyward.

Legs spread, back against the dials, atop a washing machine, no pants, a tank top and a big ass erection. He put his hands on my hairless thighs and told me he knew I hadn't done this much.

'Not really.' I stammered.

'Baby, let me make you feel really good.' he purred as he grasped my dick in his two hands and slowly stroked up and down. He reached down and kissed the head of my dick tenderly and popped it into his mouth.

I moaned as he took the top half of my cock into his mouth, sucking gently as one of his hands held the base and the other lightly stroked my balls.

Reaching inside my tank top, I gently pinched my nipples and my dick jumped in his mouth. Man that felt good. He continued to suck on my dick, stroking my balls and making little noises of pleasure. Moving down, his hand brushed in the valley of my ass and massaged the cheeks. His other hand was still making little circular motions on the base of my dick.

Looking me right in the eyes, he lifted his mouth of my cock and told me to come in his mouth, he wanted to taste the fresh, milky cum.

I could only nod as he went back and pushed his entire mouth down on my dick. I could feel his tongue on my shaft and I pinched my nipples and pushed my dick further into his throat. Up and down, faster, he moved wetly, pausing to lick the slit in my dickhead as he then took my dick deep into his warm, wet, willing mouth.

My balls were tightening and senstive, I reached down and took his head between my heads gently as I pushed one last time.

'I am going to come, I can't help it, I need it!' I panted as he refused to let go and I shot my first torrent deep in the back of his throat.

He kind of gagged a bit and lifted his mouth off my cock as the second blast hit him on his lips and dribbled off his chin. By this time, I put his lips back around my dick and drained me, humming with pleasure.

Super sensitive, I squirmed until he lifted his face, looked at me and smiled and stood up to kiss me deep, feeding me my own cum. I licked his chin clean and went back for one delicious thank you, good to meet you, can't wait to do this again kiss.

And he hadn't even come! But he does. . . .


Topper Chef


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